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Zyon: The First Month

As promised here's my monthly update on Zyon. This one is a bit late (when was I ever early right? 😅) but I'll try to keep the rest of the month right on the month he is in la ok?

Project Pan 2017

10:00| Good morning ☀️

Zyon didn't wanna sleep again last night and as usual was screaming all night long. Mum and I took turns to calm him down with all sorts of tactics. Finally fell asleep at around 2am 😪

I wonder when nie will he get better at sleeping. Some nights he's good, while some nights he's not. Both mum and I really felt like we wanna pengsan d dealing with his night patterns.

That aside, today I'm thinking to talk about my Project Pan. I think I've not update anything about it for a very long time. I can't even find the initial post where I talk about it (or maybe I'm just lazy hehe). So I think I'll start fresh today and re-introduce each product in my Project Pan.

Let's get it started 😊

14:10| But first, lunch.
Made some teokguk or rice cake soup for the first time. Verdict: not salty enough and needed some meat. I've only put in some prawns and squid. Not flavorful enough. Lack of that "sweetness" of meat. Go…

Birth Story of Baby Z

Soooo in case you guys didn't know yet,
I gave birth to a human being (How I found out I was pregnant *here*)