Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm hooked~~~

Should have catch it on tv earlier coz its damn nice!!!!

Too bad I only downloaded till episode 7. T____T

Monday, September 29, 2008



This is not a pre-scheduled post. This is really the prinsezz herself blogging. Erm~those posts are also me posting but was damn stale punye stuff la. Hehe~

I'm blogging from my room coz apparently the only place in my house which could receive the wireless is in my room. So now I'm in the comfort of aircon and comfy Vono bed. Ahhhhh~ That's life.

Haven't really been feeling Melaka yet coz I'm stuck at home coz mama said that I'm still not well. Which is true coz I'm still sleeping more than I should. And my nose is freaking blocked and I can't breathe properly T____T Did I tell you guys that the blur bug had stung me and I'm super blur? I can't seem to understand people properly this few days. Its like I'm living in my own world. T____T But I'm getting better la. So stop calling me a blur sotong.

Umie, my high school best partner in crime, invited me over to her house for Hari RAya. OMG I'm so excited. Nobody ever invited me to their house for HAri Raya. I think that's coz I have less Malay friends. Hmmm~ What shall I wear???? I guess there will be more photos updates coming up soon. :)

Oh ya~ uncle had finally retrieved all my pass memories from my previous laptops. And all my photos are back. So damn happy can? Its like some photos I haven't take a good look at them and they are gone. Glad to see them again.

Tomorrow mama is taking a day off. Hopefully she will bring me shopping before the sales end. I wanna get more bras. :D And maybe some makeup remover coz mine habis already. How to remove makeup you tell me? And maybe some new clothes??? Hehehehehe~

MAma is the funniest soul on earth I tell you. She's always like telling me: "Your shoes are can open shop already you know? Don't buy d arh." But then when I see a nice pair of heels or whatever she'll say: "Better buy it. Its difficult to find nice shoes like these often" Like wth right? But then she doesn't really allow me to buy clothes that often. So I would usually get clothes on my own without her adknowlegement. Then when she finds out I'll think of stupid reasons to tell her. Hahahaahha~ But most of the time the reason "Sinren bought it." is always the best. :)

Haven't seen Sinren for a day. Maybe its because I had been seeing for the past few days and its like suddenly without him I'm so empty. Sigh~ Am I too clingy?

Do you know how difficult my position is right now? My laptop is on my legs while I'm sitting on the bed without anything to lean on. Damn tiring ok? I can't put the laptop down coz when I put it down, I lose connection. -______-

Cannot tahan d lah. Wanna go lie down and rest my poor back.

See you guys tomorrow if I had something to update. *kiss*


p/s: What's it like to have a sudden addition to your family?

He has got a new hair style... Whee~~~


Post no.2 while I'm in Melaka.

I don't know if I ever talked about this in my blog or anywhere else. The thing that bugs me the most about my boyfriend is when he doesn't wanna cut his hair. It frustrates me to the max. It totally turns me off.

So as a person who celebrates anything at all... here's to celebrate the boy's new haircut!!!
*throws confetti*

From the look of the webcam you could see how pleased I looked. Baby dear... please cut your hair often coz long hair really do you no justice. Plus it makes you looking extra fat.

Don't mind how he looked in the webcam coz he's at home so he can't possibly do his hair right?

Will post up nicer photos of his haircut once we go out for some sort of date.

Well, a short post today coz I was hoping that I would update something from home. But even if I didn't, you guys can wait for the post tomorrow aite?

Gotta go...


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chooi Yin's 22nd birthday surprise

Hey people~

When you guys read this post, I'm probably back in Melaka with trashy line. Bleh~~~~

YEs, you guessed it right. I scheduled my posts because I know I couldn't post no shit in Melaka. The other time I was back I think my neighbour was kind enough to let me use his/her wireless but this time I was afraid that he/she might not be that kind anymore. Hehe~ So in case of that, I pre-posted my posts. Am I a good blogger? Hehe~

Anyways, a week's holiday. What am I going to do? What am I going to do? Probably just gonna catch up with the gang and other good friends back home. And eat until I gain weight. Woots~ how fun is that. Hehe~

Back to the title of the post, on Thursday we, those living at UT, had a surprise birthday celebration for our housemate, Chooi Yin at midnight. Actually we pakat with her bf la... coz we are damn cheapskate just like that. Hahaha~

Here's the video of the beginning of the surprise:

She was not really surprised lo, I think or is it she hid it well?

Sorry for the bad quality of the video. We were supposed to switch on the lights after bringing in the cake but no one bothered and sang in the dark.

There was a minor havoc in between which I've already cut it off. Hence, the mini break in between the clip.

Don't mind my irritating voice singing HAppy Birthday. Yucks~ wonder why my voice alwiz sounds damn weird in recordings.

Anyways, the surprise goes like this. We planned it way earlier since last Sunday. So while she is having class we went to Midvalley to get some stuff while Eddy, her boyfriend went to get cake. Then we planned the whole scenario like damn pro director and got ready for Eddy's que.

Around 12am, Jane who had been sleeping, woke up and sat in the sofa waiting for her que. Esther pretended to say she's hungry and started cooking up the food in the kitchen. Shiu li and I just act like our normal selves lah...

Then Eddy called. Shiu li pretended to go throw the trash and asked me to help her. We closed the front door which had been open since morning. I told everyone that it was late d so better don't let the cold air blow in or else we might get sick.

We lit up the candles and the rest was shown in the video lah...

The food we had and the cake Eddy bought

I was already having sorethroat on Wednesday night but I couldn't resist the food. I guess that is why I got even more sick.

Laicy cake

The same one I had for my 21st birthday from King's. But I didn't get to taste it then coz all the small kids were like begging to have more. True enough it was damn tasty. No wonder they like it so much.

Chooi Yin and her beau

Every one's in pajamas

How cute... AHahahahahahahah~

Cutting her cake

Where got people make wish with eyes wide open one?

HE's so excited to eat the food until whole body blurred out


A very sleepy Jane who couldn't eat anything because she already brushed her teeth

Do you guys see the "Happy Birthday" flags behind Jane? Its part of the surprise. We bought it so that we can use it for everybody's birthday. HAhahahahah~

I may look scary and not approachable but I'm actually very nice


A very happy Shiu Li coz she was already damn hungry waiting for the que from Eddy

The white colour bear is Eddy's birthday gift for Chooi Yin and she realized that the bear looked very alike with my BB. So that night they became sisters and BB had a new name...CURRY!

(-_____-;) Talking bout lameness.

WEll, that's all about the surprise. Nothing much la... But it was quite fun.

Anyways, happy birthday again Chooi Yin eventhough its way over. Hope you had a great one. And our present for you is on the stool of the dresser in our room.. Hope you saw it la... like damn blur man you. It was there for a few days already. (@____@)

Wait for post no.2 tomorrow ya...

Love you guys....


Saturday, September 27, 2008

I can't seem to upload any photos from anywhere.
DAmn frustrating!!!!
What is wrong????
Hate times like this!!!!

New neoprints

Last week Sinren and I went to Sunway and we took some neoprints. Yay!!! And it was damn fun.

This neoprint machine was really expensive. Its like the most expensive neopring machine that I had ever used. But for memory sake it was worth it.

And the most worth it thing was this machine had lots of feature which was really fun. Sinren and I had a crazy time just taking photos. Lemme show you the outcome. It was hilarious.

This is the most hilarious one which I can't stop looking and laughing at it.

This feature is that you can remove the heads of the person you original took the photo of and put in another head. So I erased my head and Sinren put in his head.

We call this the lookey alike couple but Li Shan said it looked like a pair of twins dating wtf. HAahhahaha~ Summore Sinren put in the words 初恋 which meant first love into the photo. Hahaha~

Not bad huh baby? You did the editting not bad after. *hugs*

This is just a normal looking one but I like it a lot coz Sinren editted as though we were under the sea. Don't you think so? And thanks baby for the crown. You remembered that I'm the prinsezz. Hehe~

What I love about neoprints, which I had been saying for a thousand times, is that without makeup, I still look so fabulous. And I think because of the great lighting the eyebags and dark eye circles are no where to be found. Whee~

Don't misunderstand that Sinren is that strong ok? I'm not that light eventhough I may seemed like very thin. He tried carrying me once but failed coz I was too heavy. This effect was done by me sitting up higher on the second level of the seat while Sinren was at one. Then he put his hands around me and tadaa~ the photo is created.

This feature is the one I've been looking in a lot of neoprint machines but failed. You can take more than one of yourselves in one photo. In this case we took only 2 pairs of us coz we didn't know which to choose. Nice right?

This last one is my favourite of all. Its quite common and I had extremely cacat eyes in this photo but I like it. It looked so happy.

In case you are wondering how this photo is done, I sat on the second level and he sat at first. Its not that I could float right?

I love taking neoprints. Seems like guys don't like it. Coz most of the blogs I visit, girls had been complaining that they had to drag their bfs to take neoprints with them. Same here with me.

But then again if I asked him once in a bluemoon he won't mind taking la. As long as his hair is nice. Hahahah~ So vain this fella.

I've seen those JApanese girls who done real nice makeup just to take neoprints. Like so kua zheong like that. But the outcome damn nice also quite happy lo. Baba... one day lets do what the Japanese girls did want? It'll be fun. :)

Ok lah... Gotta sleep.

For those who concerned, my flu is getting better. Had fever yesterday morning but had lots of sleep and it went away.

No honey weekend coz Sinren is buzy moving and finding a job. Plus his busuk brother is here. HE doesn't stink but coz he kacau my honey weekend so I call him busuk. :P

Ok lah... Really gotta go before sinren nags.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

New makeup and new hobby


I've got so tired of tags to put for the posts so I've decided not to put anymore tags for the future posts.

Yay!!! Less brain cells to be used. (-___-;)

Anyways, the other day Auntie Michelle came back from Singapore and she brought me some gifts.

Which were my favourite things in the world...

She works as an beautician and oftens give me samples and sometimes a whole new box of makeup.

A large amount of my makeup collection is from her. :)

This time the makeup she brought back was a brand called...
I had never heard of it. How bout you guys?

Its either a new brand or some brands from China. She used to give me quite popular and expensive brands like Estee Lauder and M.A.C. What happened?

Eye shadow

Seems like I have a lot of eyeshadow in these shades of colour. Maybe I should start buying purple, red or orange.

The colour of the eye shadow was quite nice but then it seemed very light. As in the colour texture. I had yet to try it so not sure if it will look nice on my eyes or not.

The mirror at the lid can be used to camwhore :)


Lip Gloss

I don't usually put on lipgloss or lipstick unless its something grand like a wedding dinner. But I like this colour la... Will try to wear it to see if the colour is nice on the lips and nice texture or not.

Lately, I have no idea why but I'm obsessed with bras. I've decided to start a new hobby which is collecting bras. Hahahahahahhaha~

FYI, I have less bras than my panties. Don't know why. And my bras are mostly boring shades of grey. Zzzzz~

The other day I went to this place to get my collection started...

I know you guys might think that bras are very personal stuff and I should not post it up. But then I think that bras are a part of your clothing so its also a part of fashion and beauty. And I'm a big fan of those stuff. So I decided to post it up.

Its not like I'm wearing them right? Its just gonna be posted like this...

Nice right???

Who said bras should be boring? It could be as happy as can be. And some people think that what's the point of wearing so nice bra if its going to be inside. Well, I think that everyone gotta look nice inside and outside even if nobody can see. It sorta makes you feel good and more beautiful don't you think so?

To safe embarassment, I censored my boob size. Haha~ No need to guess la. Its not that its humongous. Those who know me well will tell you how "glorious" looking are my boobs. HAha~

Look at the every small detail of the bra. DAmn nice right?

I especially like the little bows and I love it because its petak-petak. <3

Its my first time getting a bra from La Senza and I must say that I'm very impressed with the bra's comfort. ITs like wearing nothing. And the price is actually quite reasonable lor. I think its even cheaper than Triumph. Am I right?

ONe tip: Get the RM159 for 3 bras promotion. Coz its damn worth it.

I told ma about bras and she thinks that I'm lacking of bras too. And she's gonna bring me bra shopping next week during the break. Yay!!! More bras added to the collection. :)

I'm very sick now. Flu and headache and sorethroat. And felt asleep easily.

Today my dearest came over to take care of me. And I felt asleep a few times without him noticing. Once while waiting for him to do the dishes (he cooked lunch and dinner for me :)) and a couple of times when we were watching Superman Returns. Super tired don't know why.

Thanks ney for cooking lunch and dinner, doing the dishes, taking care of me the whole day and giving me some vit c and strepsils to make me feel better. I really felt better and less sorethroat. But the flu is not getting any better. The nose won't stop dripping. I'm like making "wantans" now. Haha~

A picture I drew of him sleeping. HAhahahaha~

Ok la... WAnna go hit the sack now.


Happy happy birthday~~~

Cute Purikura Online

~~~Have a great one~~~

~~~Hope you liked the celebration~~~

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One of my sleepless nights

I bought a card last week...
Obviously you guys know who it was supposed to be given to.
The inside
It was a love letter for Sinren.
As you can see its damn a lot of words. I think its more like an essay than a love letter. But he loves reading my love letter more than anything else. Right neney???? (^_-)
Wait for it coz you can only get it on Friday. Hehe~~~
After writing the letter, I couldn't sleep off (this was yesterday) so I decided to watch School of Rock. But after finishing the movie at 4 something I still couldn't sleep. So I went to the balcony to look at the night view and took so photos of it.

This got me so inspired to move to a condominium next time coz the view is always unbelievable. And its so soothing.

Sorry too dark

Then I got even more bored and started camwhoring in the toilet...

Bare in mind that all my other housemates have already slept like a baby coz its 4 am remember? They'll probably think that I'm crazy doing this in the toilet in my pajamas. HEhe~

In case you guys are wondering, I'm not camwhoring on the sofa. I'm gonna sleep on the sofa actually.

I sleep on the couch about twice a week. Haha~ Why? Coz its windier there and I don't have to disturb my room mates who sleep way earlier than me.

Its like my second bed and most of my pillows, blanket and plush toys are there.

Ok enough camwhoring. Got something special coming up in awhile. Gotta go get ready.

Before I go... I love you sepet~~~~

Sepet got a new haircut. Yay!!!!

I think I've been bitten by the sick bug. T___T Flu and sore throat attacking. T____T I hate it. And addition to that period came. How sueh can anyone get. T____T

K lah... Gotta go coz its 15 minutes more.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Time for lamest photo of the month...
The monk and the ninja

Seems like I love acting ninja most of the time. Haha~

Look at Mel's stoned face. WAkakakakakakakakkaak~

In times of stress like these, I tend to open my "Pictures" folder and look at these lame photos and smile (or even laugh) to myself. What a nice way to destress. Haha~

Hopefully you guys felt the same too...


cheers to all those who are stressed :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cupcakes and our 3rd year annie-wear-saree celebration


Thanks everyone for the wishes. Its so nice of all of you to wish us the best. I really appreciate it and will remember forever. *hugs*

*Caution: This post is going to filled with food. Not advisable for people on the diet and extremely hungry. And also lots of photos of Sinren and I. If you hate us, please leave the blog now*

Anyways, remember the preview?

Last week, I decided that I would bake some cupcakes for Sinren since the first time I made them he did not had to taste them.

He said he would eat anything that I made. Even if they are burnt. (coz the first time I burnt the cupcakes. Read the post linked to find out.)

Since he was so sweet, I decided not to let him down. I was damn tired on Saturday due to our church's Youth Sunday preparation. Reached home at around 7pm. But I didn't care of the tireness and got down to work to make those cupcakes.

What is this utensil called arh?

I remembered last time I had this sampat tuition teacher who whacked me with that coz I marked somebody else's mock test paper wrongly. HEllo!!!! I am a student ok? I'm supposed to go there to learn from you but not help you do your work.

Mum found out about how sampat she was and stopped me from the tuition right away.

Anyways, before making the cupcakes, I went to Giant to get some ingredients and got some new utensils for making cakes/cookies.

That thing in my hand is an icing pipe. Which use is to pipe out icing frosting la of course. It comes with different nozzle to create different pattern of icing on your cakes/cookies.

Actually Eevon told me that to save cost, I could alternatively use a plastic bag and cut a small at the bottom. It works the same. But mama said if really wanna do then just get it. Some more we love the enviroment so gotta cut down the usage of plastic bags.

BTWs, do you guys see the blue colour thing on my t-shirt? Its an apron. Damn weird right? Why does my apron looked like tube geh? HAha~

For those who wanna know how to do should look into the post linked coz its posted quite detail at that post. But if you all wanna know more about how to do, could email me or ask me personally la. :)

Stop staring at the burnt part

Its better than the first time I baked ok?

The ugly ones

Don't judge a book by its cover or in this case don't judge a cupcake by its ugliness. Its quite tasty actually. Really! You could ask those who ate it. They loved it. So its impossible that it tasted bad right?

I forgot to post up the cupcakes after I decorated it with icing frosting. Its ugly anyway. HAha~ Oh ya! Thanks to Eevon who taught me how to make the icing. :)

Yesterday we went out for our celebration at Midvalley. Esther, my lovely car rental owner (HAha~) had to use the car so we couldn't borrow it. So we could only go to the nearest place on bus. Hence, Midvalley. But it was better than our last year's celebration lah... we only went to the Pizza Hut near his place.

Oh ya~ in case you guys are wondering what is annie-wear-saree, puff wished me "happy annie-wear-saree" on msn that day and I thought it was damn funny (and lame at the same time) so I decided to steal her word. Wakakakakaka~

Senget specs and weird looking eye brows plus super broad forehead with no fringe covering

NOw you guys know why I need fringe all the time.

I haven't been putting makeup for a long time (coz no special events happening) that I nearly forgot how to put them on.

I risked my life putting on contact lense ok? Coz I had eye infection last week and my eyes were super red and itchy. I was not allowed to put on contact lense for a week. But I mati-mati also wanna put on for this date coz its damn special ok? Wanna look pretty mah... Plus my eyes no more red right? So should be recover d lah.

Now for the suspense of our anniversary presents...

My lovely bag which I love to bits

Its actually a quite old collection from Guess but its nice right? Summore its pink. :) *smooch*

NOw we have matching scent

Now I love smelling him even more. Don't you dare tell me not to do it, Sinren Liow. I have my rights!!!

After much consideration, we decided to dine at... Actually we wanted to eat at Tony Roma's but then I didn't feel like eating meat coz of some weird PMS thing that I have every month. Since Sushi Zanmai gave us good impression the first time we were there, so we decided to dine there again.

Great ambience

Whee~ my English had improved. I can use geng words like "ambience" wtf.

Did I tell you guys that the sushis at Sushi Zanmai are fabulous? Coz they really are. And cheaper too. I mean compared to Sushi King lah.

This is like the best inari ever

Different from the normal inari is that apart from having the sweet beancurb skin and rice, the top has melted cheese, some spring onions and mayonaise. I tell you... its damn nice ok? If you see this at the kaiten belt at Sushi Zanmai better grab and try it. You won't regret.

I love yellow lighting :)

Unagi sushi

Erm... this one quite biasa only. I think the unagi made by the auntie at my old house tasted better.

The normal inari


This sushi caught my eyes coz its so colourful. :) Anything colourful makes me very happy. Plus it tasted good too. :)

Its actually a rice ball wrapped in thin-sliced prawn with one small blob of mayonaise and fish roe. One small ball fit which is bite size :)

I don't know why I'm so happy. I can't stop putting this ":)" emoticon. :)

Oh ya! The sushi is damn cheap. Did I repeat it? But I couldn't help it coz I can't get Sushi Zanmai in Melaka. I hate stupid Sushi King which is not so nice and charge people with sky high price. :S

Jellyfish and radish streaks

The happy couple


Too bored while waiting for our ala carte.

We decided to order something special and never ordered before for our ala carte just to try something different

Ocha Cold Soba with Tempura

I heard my coursemate Huey Ching said that Ocha Cold Soba is better than the original Cold Soba coz they have got the tea scent and taste from green tea (Ocha=GReen Tea). So decided to give it a try.

Its still tasteless

But I found out the secret to tasty cold soba from a kind Japanese lady at Penang. She told me in sign language (she can't speak English) that cold soba must be soaked in the special sauce (seen in the above picture in the black bowl) that was served together for a few moments then eat it.

True enough it tasted way better than eating cold, flour tasting soba.

The tempura looks pathetic

I must say that Sushi King has better side tempura than Sushi Zanmai. At least I could eat almost everything. This tempura platter...half the thing I don't like to eat. Summore everything so small. (-____-;)

We also tried the sukiyaki which is beef steamboat, recommended by Puiji...

The soup with beancurd, enoki mushroom, shiitake mushroom and some other things that I don't know what

Its my favourite soup coz I always made soup like this at home. Erm~~~~ of course theirs tasted better than mine lah.

The beef and the raw egg

The idea is to soak the beef in the egg then put it in the soup to cook. Or the alternative way is put the meat into the soup and when its done, soak it in the egg.

I must say... its damn nice!!!! Will definitely order this the next time I'm there. :)

After eating all that we nearly stuffed up to our head, we decided to order dessert to continue to stuff ourselves full.

Ocha wafer with ocha ice cream with brown sugar

Is it obvious that I love ocha???

Its damn damn damn nice. Vielen vielen vielen nice. HAhaahahahahahahhaahah~ The ocha is not very bitter and the brown sugar in the ocha ice cream is like the best match in heaven. :)

Lemme feed you...

After dinner, I was really damn stuffed and tummy was so packed that I need to empty it right away. Go figure what I meant.

Then we went walking around Gardens and Midvalley and did a little shopping.

Haha~ Look at his spastic face!!!

After shopping for awhile and getting the things that I need, we left. Actually we wanted to go take neoprints to remember the anniversary but then the machine spoiled d. :( Spoiled for so long d ok? Nobody wanna repair is it??? Sien... Zzzzz...

We came back to UT and ate the cupcakes which he said he love a lot. Don't worry I'll bake more for you the next time. (^*^)

Look at the bottom photo of him. Like damn tak layan like that nie the face. HAhahahahahaha~

He wrote me a love letter.... <3<3<3

...in a card with cheesy words at the cover

*put on sexy voice* I love you... I want you... I need you... I miss you... *end of sexy voice*

His "lovely" handwritting

His love letter is more to comedy than romantic genre. But I still love it lah... Coz its about how he feels. ANd I appreciate that he took the time to write it down in midst of his finals. :)

He left after eating the cupcakes and hanging around. T____T Why cannot stay longer????

What is shopping without anything bought? Wahahahahahah~ Didn't buy a lot la this time. I just bought the things needed desperately. REally!!!

a pink crunchie

Coz my black one is lost. And other rubber bands couldn't hold my hair up nicely.

Thumbs up to Present4Them for selling the best strong-holding scrunchies.

I tell you!!!! Isetan sells lots of Lilo and Stitch and many other Disney characters' stationary. I can't resist it.

New addition to my collection :) Wanted to get other stationary but my "reality check" bf was there to stop me. :( He said things like : "The notepad so small what could be written inside?", "you don't need it lah...." and "This time of pen not nice to use one lah..." :(

Woots!!! Popteen is out!!! Have to get it coz its like oxigen to my vain self.

The whiteboard that I needed to write reminders

ITs cheap and comes with a black marker. If it comes with a duster would be great :)

Well, that's about it.

Tak sangke three years already. It seems like so unreal. Like him asking me to be his girfriend was not long ago.

But at the same time it reminds me of a past which I never wanna go back. Being overpowered by somebody which I called my best friend. Its not a fond memory and I hope it will never happen again.

K lah... Gotta go do other stuff d. The sem is getting busier. Sigh~~~~

SEe u guys when I have more updates. Tata~

I love you sinrenliow....



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