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Yun Ying and Yiing Siing's birthday celebration

Fui~ Uploading photos for this post is damn tiring. I had been doing it the whole day ok? There's like 100+ photos man... Damn tiring.

Just gonna show photos and captions.

On the way to Mel mel's houseI like this photo coz I think I looked gorgeous
Wahahahaaha~ shameless me...
Li Shan, a don't know why looking so sepet me and YY, who doesn't know that we were having a birthday celebration for her
Yiing Siing and her thought that we were having an after exam gathering.

Mel's house This is how I look when I sleep
And of course this is a fake... One of the many faces i do to entertain people. @_@

Mel's dog

99 Steaks and Chops
Blogged about the food there before *click* . The other time I forgot the name of the shop but now I remember d. Wahahahahaha~ And its situated at TTDI, behind KFC.
Those who went:

The birthday girls


She just dyed her hair
Yer... make me wanna dye my hair also. Can't wait to go highlight my hair!!!
Sorry I looked awful. Coz I didn&#…