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Photo Dump #4 2019

Back to photo dumping 😬

Last weekend I had a Retreat Camp with the rest of my Youth Fellowship's committee members. First day I didn't bring Zyon along coz it was a full day of back to back meetings. But on the second day since it's half day, I brought him (and SR) to the meeting.

He sure had a lot of fun with all his younger dongsaengs (brothers). From left: Jared, Joshua and Zyon. I missed out the memo to name our sons with something starting with letter J lol.

They played and ate together all morning until Zyon left for Sunday School. I think he had a great time being the big brother for that few hours lah... since he likes to boss people around kan 😐

Speaking of Sunday School, here he is in recent class activity. There were making invitation cards to give to their friends. The invitation cards were to invite their friends to come to the Sunday School's Christmas celebration this year.

This is the card that Zyon did. I'm sure the teachers did most of it buttt…

Empties 2019

It's been a long, long time since I posted one of these. I need to clean some trash in my room so I'll better post this up so that I clear up all these empties. Some of these are so old I might not be able to give a very good review. So sorry in advance.

Alright let's go straight into it...

This is my hair treatment spray. This is the second bottle that I've emptied so far. It's awesome coz it makes my hair so soft and healthy after it dries down. I would repurchase this again and again. But for now I'm trying to finish all unnecessary hair products in my room before purchasing new ones. So I'll stop buying this for now. I'll get back to it after I clear off all those.

I have forgotten about this!!! Can't even remember when I finished this mannn. Anyways, I really like this essence a lot. It's watery and easy to work with on the face. Doesn't break me out at all. I might consider getting this again the next time I need a new essence.

I also…

Photo Dump #3 2019

More photo dumps yo!

But, before I start dumping those pics in my phone, I want to talk about something.

I've decided to stop using Dayre... like officially. Coz they have totally changed from what they used to be. Being a cheap aunty, I won't want to pay for an app that I don't use that often. So I guess I have no place to do daily blogging from now on. I'll only be relying on IG stories then. For all those stalkers out there, just follow me at dookikiekookie to see what I do on daily basis.

Okay back to photo dumping 😬

Last week had an audition for the school's new Dance Club. These two are the last two candidates. We were making some notes about their dance and made them cover their ears before we talk to them. Would you just look at Chen Fung's (the dude on the left) face? 😆😆😆😆 He's always hilarious btw. Makes me laugh all the time. He is one of the many reasons I love my job so much.

Celebrated Mr. Gilbert, my colleague's birthday with a Texa…

Photo Dump 2019 #2

Somebody actually told me that they look forward to reading my blogpost. Sooooo thankful gurl. I'll try to blog more just for you.

So today we have another Photo Dump coz that's what I can do for now.

Random video of Zyon coz who doesn't love watching Zyon doing random stuff lol
I don't know what he is doing as well. He is probably copying what garbage collectors do coz that's his favorite thing in the world right now.

Sorry that my Photo Dump are all pics of Zyon. I try to take lots of pics of him when I'm back from work/not working so that I don't miss out on pics of him as he grow up.

Oh and from the pic you can see that I've dyed my hair red recently. I'll talk about it later coz it has to do with my school's prom/ball. Wanna compile everything and blog at the same time.

I found this really good lala noodles shop in Kota recently called Mi Siang. I also found out yesterday that you can ask for just lala without the noodles. It'll be the same p…