Monday, December 28, 2015

Charlene & Alvin's Wedding in KL and Melaka

In October one of SR's colleague, Charlene got married. I got to know her coz every year she will invite SR to her house for Christmas and I will be invited too. So during her wedding, she also invited me to her wedding celebrations at both KL and Melaka. Her husband, Alvin, who is also SR's ex-colleague, is from KL while Charlene is from Melaka. So they had wedding celebrations at both places.

Went to D'Fino to get my nails done as usual. My manicurist, Joan is awesome

This manicure is still on my nails after two months (> . >) I seriously have no time for things like this these days. Replacements are no joke. Apart from my nails, my hair also looks like ten types of shit =(

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

CNY 2015: Gathering With The Church Gang

This is the last post for this year's Chinese New Year...which is like finally. Next year's Chinese New Year is approaching and we've already started planning for it. No more not enough money for angpows =P

So this post is a round-up of the gathering that we have with our church friends. I can't remember the dates of all the gathering or most of the details but I'll try my best to blog what I do remember la.

We went out for a lot of food gathering. That's why I put on so much weight after CNY lolol.

This has go nothing to do with church people but I'll just post it still. Hubby and I went to try Arab food for the first time at Dima, a Arab restaurant at Bukit Beruang.

The portions are huge so both of us didn't order anything extra except for these two mains. Can't remember the names of the dishes but the one on the left is like a roti canai with honey drizzled all over while the one on the right is something like our nasi beryani with mutton. It was generally good but I must say Arab food are kinda too dry for my liking. Not that I don't like it 'tho. I won't mind going for Arab food if invited.

Monday, December 14, 2015

What I love about In A World Like This Tour 2015 in Malaysia

Earlier in May this year, I've attended Backstreet Boys' In A World Like This concert. I can't remember when exactly I found the announcement of Backstreet Boys (BSB) saying that their tour will be stopping by Malaysia. I quickly shared it with my BSB crazy friend, Trina. We planned on attending it no matter what. So Nana got us the tickets the moment the ticket started selling and we all attended the concert together.

I can't remember much of the concert because it is like more than six months since the concert (> . >) So I can't like give you guys a full report of the concert. But instead I put up the highlights of what I do remember alright? I decided to name the highlights...

"What I Love About In A World Like This Tour 2015 In Malaysia"

This is probably stupid but the first reason why I love the concert is that this is the first concert that I've attended with my besties. Can you believe 10+ years of friendship but we've never gone to any concerts together? Probably coz the singers/groups that we like had never came to Malaysia or when they did we didn't have the money to attend.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Annie Wears Saree To Penang Day 2 Part 2: Toy Museum Heritage Garden


I took so many photos of this place that I need to do one post on this place itself. But seriously this place needed one post on its own coz it's effing awesome. Okay la maybe awesome for me coz I love toys and figurines.

I've heard about Penang's Toy Museum before coming to Penang. It was one the highest recommended place to visit in Penang when I was researching on where to go to. I was thinking to drop by if we had the time. SR and I actually thought it was going to be lame and not worth visiting. So even if we didn't go, it'll be okay.

When we were at Penang Hill earlier (post about Penang Hill *here*), one dude was standing at the entrance and he gave us a flyer advertising the Toy Museum. If this is not a sign asking us to visit Toy Museum, I don't know what is.

But when we wanted to leave Air Itam to head there, we found out that it will be closing soon. The journey is quite far from Air Itam. Takes about 30 minutes. We were not sure if we could make it. But since we are heading that area anyways, we just tried our luck la.

Thank God they were not closed yet but the caretaker switched off all the lights and air con d =/ when we reached. The kind lady said she'll switch everything back on for us. So paiseh but later more people came after so I think it was worth it to switch it back on for us right?

The ticket was RM15 + RM1 for heritage fee. I don't know what is the heritage fee for but we didn't question la coz in Melaka, some places you have to pay for that as well. BTW there is not much info on their website so I won't be linking them here.

As you enter, you will see some life size figurines on your left. It was claimed to be wax figurines but I'm not sure if it is coz I didn't get to touch them. Whatever they are they looked damn cool la.

I'll separate them according to different display groups that they belong to.

Link from Legend of Zelda

I am not a gamer but I know these game characters from 9gag lolol.

Friday, December 4, 2015



After three months of hiatus, I'm finally back. Well, I was never really gone coz I was still blogging on my Dayre *here*.

So I'm just here today to tell you guys that I am back. Lappie is alive again and faster than ever. As for the internet connection, I'm not sure if it improved coz I haven't upgraded it yet. I haven't start uploading any pics yet so that's why. We'll find out when I start uploading la. Anyways, whether the internet connection is better or not, imma start blogging more often here.

I've also started vlogging and uploading it on my YouTube channel. Here's a snake peek of the vlog...
This is the latest one btw. While I'm typing on this post, I'm editing another which I think will be up today.

If you guys wanna watch moving version of my life, please subscribe to my channel, dookikiekookie. I ideally upload a vlog up every week. When it's not ideal, I take a few weeks to upload one hahaha.

Alright la. That's all for today's update. If you guys don't see me update over here, remember to check out my Dayre. I'm currently doing a BLOGMAS thingy which I was supposed to blog every day up until Christmas. But I'm actually slacking on it (> . >). Here's the two posts that I've done if you guys are interested:

Catch you guys soon. Bubbye~


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