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Photo Dump 2018 #3

Brand new week, brand new photo dump 😊

On June 20th, I think I ate something bad and got sick
I was out watching movie with Jacy. On the way back (I drove to the cinema alone), I got super dizzy and nauseous that I couldn't drive. Rested by the roadside for awhile then drove super slowly back home. I had never prayed so much driving home. I was literally crying while praying that God will take the wheel for me.

This pic was taken to tell SR that I got home safely. He wanted to call his brother to come save me but I refused. He was super worried and wanted to be on the phone with me while I drove. I told him I couldn't concentrate if I did that. So he made me take a pic the moment I reached home.

I slept for almost 24 hours and got better after that. Didn't see the doctor but I did take like four paracetamols coz I had a crazy pounding headache.

Bought some cupcakes to help out some charity drive
These are super good I tell you...especially the chocolate ones. I plan to o…

Throwback Thursday: Christmas Carol 2017

I was planning to do a Christmas celebration post but these photos seem out of place for that post. So I decided to do a throwback post instead.

I don't even remember when we had our Christmas Carol anymore lol. But it's definitely during December lah wtf

This year we didn't perform at shopping centers but instead we performed at hospitals. I didn't go for any practices actually. So I thought of just bring Zyon to watch the performance but got asked to perform together coz I'm one of the OG Christmas Carol members *not shy* hahahaha.

I just straighten my hair or just went for a wash and blow dry. That explains the super nice hair 😂

I kept thinking that kid is Shane but it's actually Isabelle. She and Shane look too alike d lah.

Stupid ass photobombed me lolol. I realized she's there the money I pressed on the shutter button 😂😂😂

Zyon is so chubbs chubbs back in December. So damn cuteeeeeeee
I think it was his first time seeing Zong Yang (the dude holdin…

Zyon's First Birthday Part One: Photoshoot

Birthday post is finally here!!!!


Well part of it lah. I'll have to cut it into possibly two or three parts coz this part here already has too many photos in one. I'll try to post one part per week lah. Busy week is about to be over anyways so I'll have the time.

For those who didn't know that I had a baby, *here* is where we find out we're having a baby and *here* is the story of how I gave birth to him.

We didn't have a massive birthday celebration for him coz SR and I think that nobody really remembers their first birthday anyways. So what's the point of having a big party? Might as well save the money to go traveling as a family.

So we had a small family dinner, cut cake and then did a lil "photo shoot" for him on the eve of his birthday.

We had a pizza party but we were too hungry to take any pics lol. So no photos of our little pizza mam mam. Zyon had his first taste of pizza that night. Now I regret not taking pics lah coz he didn&#…