Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sadness strikes!!!

When I found the site to the item above...

When neney told me that the price of the item is reasonable...

When I happily decided that I would order that item as my first item pre-ordered online...

When I finally sent the order form to the admin at angelfac3...

When I almost jump up and hit the ceiling of my room when received the reply from the admin...

When I open up the mail...

I was devastated!!!


I don't wanna talk to anyone until I find the same jacket and buys it. So if anyone found the similar thing anywhere and is cheaper than RM60, holler at ya girl. You wouldn't wanna a cheerful girl to lose her smile right???

I'm damn sad I'm gonna go drown in my tears right now.


p/s: dammit!!! I so drama even after leaving high school. somebody crown me the drama queen!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kena Saman by Clair

Person who tagged u is:Clair Leong

Your 5 impressions of him/her:Hmm~ Lemme think...cute, funny, should be gila like me, studies very hard, star-crazy???

Most memorable things he/she has done for u:Came to and approach me at the Rain's concert

The most memorable words he/she said to u:You're Dorcas right?

If he/she becomes ur lover, u will:become a lesbian

If he/she becomes ur enemy, the reason will be:I've gone mad

List out the Top 5 presents u wish for:
1. Nintendo DS Lite-pink
2. More dresses
3. a brand new pink colour laptop
4. a violin
5. a branded bag

Pass the quiz to 10 ppl that u wish to know how they feel about u:
1. Li shan
2. Steffanie
3. Pam
4. Mel
5. Lei Yoon
6. Mich
7. Sharon
8. Queannie
9. Tricia
10. Er.... Sinren??? Hahahahah~

Who is no.7 having a relationship with?
Don't know leh... who ar?

Who is no.9 having a relationship with?
I know she has a bf but don't know the name. LOLZ~

If no.9 and no.1 are 2gether, will it be a good thing?
No lesbianism is allowed!!!

Wad about no.1 and no.5?
No lesbianism lor...

Wad is no.3 studying?
Er... she told me but I forgot. Damn it! I'm a lousy friend

When was the last time u chatted with no.6?
Damn long d lah wei. She's always busy. So I didn't chat with her.

Does no.4 work?
Yeah... part-time only la

Does no.8 have any cousin(s) in his/her skool?

Will u woo no.8?
no lah... I got neney d mah...

How about no.5?
No lah... How many times you wanna ask???

Does no.2 have any siblings?
Yes. A brother.

How did u get to know about no.3?
Were classmates

From uni ler

Where does no.1 live at?
Puchong lor

How did u get to know no.2?

Is no.5 the sexiest person in the world?
Memang sexy....

Monday, January 28, 2008

Online Shopping and Lunch with Mama


Been quite er... should I say that I'm free? I mean there are some assignments to be done. One summary is dued yesterday but its not done. Three essays not done. One composition dued long ago, not done. And one more composition added to day which is obviously not done. I guess I am not free lah. But since I got tired of stalking blogs and facebooking, I brought up a new hobby lately.

I had been window shopping online recently. I used to go to some stores overseas such as ANAP, Harajuku Lovers, Papergirlshop and Piggy Paradise. All of these obviously were impossible to be bought coz of the price and also some doesn't ship to Malaysia. Recently I found a couple of sites which are based in Malaysia. And their clothes are not bad wor...

I had my eyes on a couple of the clothes and planned to buy them. But I had to wait till I get my pocket money and also ang pow money. Hehehehehehe~ Can't wait!!!

Anyways, here are a few of the things I found on these sites that are nice and some of which I would wanna buy.

I like this jacket like gila!!! Why so nice??? Somemore got hood lagi!!! So gonna get it. This jacket comes in black also. The price also quite reasonable. But I forgot how much was it 'tho. hahahahahaha~ Gotta check the site later.

Another hood jacket. But this one is more like a sweater. So nice also right? Wanna get this too. But I don't really like the dog printed in the middle of the sweater. Why the heck wanna put that in the middle? Not nice also. Isk!!!!

Anyways, this comes in blue and white. Forgot about the price too. And what's worst? I even forgot the sites url. The clothes there all quite nice. Shit!!!! How to buy like that you tell me???

So sweet lah this dress. I guess you guys already know that I am crazy bout dresses lately right? See dress sure gila one. But this dress' colour like a bit too sweet for me. I think it will make me look darker in it. But nice lah this dress. Should I get it??? Somebody tell me lah!!!

I'm not looking at the top lah. Hahahahahaha~ But I think it looked not bad also lah. I'm eyeing on the pants. Saw this lookalike back in Melaka. But its damn shitass expensive. RM80++. For a short pants and two piece of cloth extra??? Not worth it lah. This one is RM30++ if not mistaken lah.

The model looked so funny lah. Hahahahahha~ The whole site the model just pose like that know... Damn hilarious. Hahahahahaah~

I love this like hell!!! So nice right??? It looked like a corset but its not. And its cheaper than a corset. I wanna get this but tell me where can I wear this to? Takkan I wear to class right? So inappropriate. Then I don't club as much. So no point buying. But I still wanna buy lah. shit!!!!

Last but not least, I found a site which sells one of the love of my life:

Got this site all sell branded bags. Don't know if it genuine or fake lah. They say nie genuine manatau its fake and I buy it. And I would be ashamed all my life coz I bought a fake branded goods.

The price somehow looks genuine and it comes with those casing and all. Looks real. Hmmm~ any expert on genuine branded goods? Come and tell me how to see whether its real or fake in photos.

Well, that's all bout shopping. Will be still doing more window shopping and search for the site to the hooded jackets above. I really want it lah. I lost my jacket. I mean the hooded one. And I have to have one hooded jacket. I don't care. I gotta get it before going to genting with neney.

Ok, enough drama. Photos time.


Going out with mama means good food and great shopping time. That's why I love going out with Mama. *hug hug*

Anyways, we wanted to try the Sibaraku buffet which everyone is talking about. But because of my tummy ache. We delayed to go to the shop and it was closed when we reached there. Dammit lah. The toilet and the shop bukan nye jauh sangat. I guess we were meant not to get in that store. T____T

So we decided to go to the shop beside Sibaraku which was Kenny rogers Roasters. Had not been there for like N centuries. Eh... wait! I think I went with Esther when I first got paid for teaching Wei Xian.

Mama arranged it this way coz she thinks it'll look nicer in photos. Hahahahahah~ She knows that I blog. So she make sure I take nice photos of her things. Hahahahahaha~ What la... Food only what...

Oh... That's her muffin and her cappucino or whatever lah. Couldn't remember.

My Esprit

Nice, nice. Hadn't drank this like for years. Last time was when I was in high school.

Mama's chicken garden salad

Mama's on diet again. She's not fat lah I think. But she says she can't get into some clothes so she has to stick to the 2 meals per day thing.
This is what I ordered

Its a promotional set where you have a choice of pasta with quarter of a chicken and a side dish. I think promotion ends d. Coz the last time Esther, Li shan and I wanted to go eat don't have this set d.
Thank God mama doesn't read the blog. Hahahahahahaha~ But at least I choose the better looking one lor. The other one lagi ugly. Hhahahahahahahahha~

I also don't look as good lah right? Ooooo~ And I'm wearing my Mashi Maro tee. How cute.... Lolz~

Well, after that, like I said, Mama brought me shopping and bought a couple of things for uni. YEah, now people know that I ponteng one week of uni and spent it shopping. Hahahahahahah~ Actually I was still sick. But was much better so ma brought me to buy some stuff for uni lor.

Anyways, here are the things I bought that day...
I forgot where I bought this but it was damn cheap. If bought it from Sasa, its about RM40++. I bought this less than RM10. Don't know whether quality same or not lah. But seeing that my toenail's beads still not removeable yet. I guess my glue is strong enough for anything lah.

Talking bout my toenails, somebody please teach me what to do to remove those beads lah. I wanna do new stuff for CNY lah. Now can't do no shits on it. -_-lll
Then Mama brought me to Popular to get what dad promised to get me for my birthday...
Well, if its from Besta, there's only one thing possible right?

I told my parents how my English went down the drain and how difficult it is for me to translate English or Chinese to BM to write my proposal. I also told them that bringing heavy dictionaries around is not so convenient. I told them (which was quite a lie) that everyone is bringing a electronic dictionary around. Then thinking that if they wanna get me a electronic dictionary, why not terus get me a DS Lite right? Hahahahaha~

So dad asked mum to bring me to get it lor. At first we went to Jusco to see another brand. er... can't remember the brand's name lah. That brand not that good lah. The sound of the narrator was terrible. Sound so mechanic. Then summore they don't include any memory cards. Have to separately get the memory cards.

Then we went to Popular. Besta to me is like the best lah. Esther is using it. And some other people I know are using it. So I know lah. Ah Hong kor kor recommended this model which has a lot of languages one. I mean dictionary lah. Got chinese, english, malay, japanese and korean. Its built-in and no need to buy extra memory cards.
So that's what I got lah. And due to promotional season. They gave us 3 free memory cards. One is the latest BM-Chinese-English dictionary. Which I need a lot. The other two is a dunno what dictionary and Britannica Encyclopedia.

Now I'm using it not only as my dictionary. Its almost like a PDA. And got games to play summore. Oh... and I can learn some simple Japanese and Korean in it. And what's more... I'm like addicted to the Free Cells game that I need to play it before going to sleep. Play d terus can sleep. Hahahahahahah~

Nice not?
Oops~ didn't blur out my bulu kaki. Damn digusting right? Hahahahahaahha~
Ney, you have to live with my bulu kaki whether you like it or not. HAhahahahahaha~ Coz I can live with yours and its more digusting compared to mine.

Ok lah... that's all for today.

I guess it was not easy living with people whom you have not know all your life or different background from yours. Ever since leaving my comfort zone, I had learn to do just that. Its hard but I know its not easy living me either. For those who have lived with other people will know.

Gotta go get my assignments done.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

period and being sick in December


yes, finally the big P had hit me. Period had come and it did not hurt so badly this time. Well, it did hurt and was not able to sleep and also the loya feeling did hit me. But it was way better compared to last time.

I don't know how to end the pain completely. Some people had never had period pain. Can you believe that? And they lead a normal life. I mean to not have period pain I had to eat some Chinese meds and not drink cold drinks. But these people can do anything they like and have no period pain. How lucky is that??? But still I should thank god that I can get period coz some people only get it once a year. Sounds scary to me, doesn't it?

Anyways, here are the photos I took when I was sick during December...
I had bad skin coz I was too sick to wake up to wash my face. Hahahahaha~ don't ask me what stupid reason is that. Summore I didn't have the strength to apply any moisturizer and those other stuff i put on my face regularly.

Dark circle leh... coz I didn't sleep lah at night. Cough too much.

Here are the medicines I take...
Taste like crap

Why lah cough syrup or any other medicine cannot taste better arh? Hate it lah...

Anyways, this is one of the many cough cyrup I took. Don't know how many bottles I had gulp down my throat. This one (in the photo) which I took it from Klinik Kesihatan Air Keroh, itself, I drank 2 bottles.

Urgh~ I never wanna get sick ever!!!!


I think the doctor knows that I like pink. Check out the beautiful pills...

I said they were pretty doesn't mean that i like them k? They may look pretty but still taste like crap.

After that last time I got sick, I told myself I will never get sick ever again. I will be Wonder Woman. Wahahahahahahahahah~ Sick's very tiring and its really hard to bear. Don't wanna go through that ever again. Tapi I still like flu lah. Hahahahahaha~

K lah. That's all for today.

Before I go, here's another scary photo of me...
Its that not amused pose again...

Scary right??? Pastor said everyone wanted to look cute on their blog. WEll, I guess not me. HAhaahhahaha~


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl

Does any of you like to watch reality shows?

How bout reality shows bout models? Like American Next Top Model and Janice Dickson Modelling Agency?

Well, I adore them. Coz I like to see behind-the-scenes to how a model is in the making and how a photoshoot is going on and how beautiful photos models are taken.

And thanks to the people at Capxion Media Production, we have a Malaysian version of that show.


This show is pretty much like ANTM where 12 girls would be living together, competing in exciting challenges, expressing their inner and outer beauty while trying to win over your votes to win the first ever Malaysian Dreamgirl. But the different thing about this reality show is you wouldn't be able to watch in a the tv anytime. Coz it will be only broadcasted on the net.

So if you are very interested, starting from March, go over to this site: Malaysian Dreamgirl

Anyways, here are more info about the show if you are still not convinced that the shows gonna be a bomb.

The host of the show is Sazzy Falak. I guess she would be like Tyra Banks in ANTM. But she's a model meh? Erm... maybe she is lah. But I'm not sure. Haha~ Those who don't know who the hell is's a photo of her.

The next interesting bout this show is the judges. I was kinda shocked to see who the judges are. I mean not all of the judges lah. Only one of them. I think you guys would be shocked too.

Who do you usually expect to be the judge for model reality shows like this? Maybe a model? A fashion mag editor? Or maybe a fashion designer? Or a makeup artist????

Ok ok... I'll quit the suspense and tell you who the judges.

Judge #1

Did you expect this? I mean he has nothing to do with models and fashion right?? Why did they find him to be a judge anyways?

Ok ok... I didn't mean to say that he knows nothing. I am not condemning him ok? I read Kenny's blog everyday. And finds his post very very interesting. He's like my blogging hero. And that is why I searched for a bigger photo of him over the net. I respect him k? *salutes at Kenny's photo*

Anyways, I think he'll make a interesting judge. He'll be the reason I will keep myself tuned to the show. Can't wait to hear his comments about the participants.

So those who like reading Kenny's blog should watch this show as well. I bet the show's gonna be as interesting as his blog.

Judge #2

Beats me who this is. Apparently he is a stylist. Should be well-known I guess.

Judge #3
Miss Elaine Daly
I bet lots of you will know who she is right? A model and an actress. Well-known as well

Is it interesting enough??? It is for me!!!

Anyways, for those who are interested and wants to find out more bout the show, go here: INFO

I bet there are also those who are not only interested in watching the show but also dying to join it? I mean who don't wana be the first Malaysian Dreamgirl la wei??? You'll be the first Dreamgirl among all the beautiful girls in Malaysia. And you could win...
  • Nissan Latio 1.8Ti (A)
  • RM10,000 AmBank NexG Prepaid MasterCard
  • RM3,000 Wella Professionals Hamper
  • RM1,000 Escada Fragrance Hamper
  • an exclusive coverspread in NewMan magazine

Isn't it exciting???? All the things I want except for the last one. Hahahahahhaha~ I'm not exactly model material la. And its not what I wanna do at all. I just like to watch models strud their stuff.

Those who are totally the opposite of me and walking on the runway or being on the front page of something is what you crave for, get yourself to this audition:

~16-17 February ~10am till 5pm ~Selangor Room, PWTC, Kuala Lumpur

Here's the registration form: FORM

Anyways, for a quicker way to get infos and to view the show, just click on the ad on my sidebar. The one with Sazzy Falak on it.

Well, that's all for today...

See you guys in next post.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

What the hell is wrong?

I can't seem to upload any damn photos. Damn angry. I wanna post up the last part of day 1 of Melaka trip but can't do it. Bahs!!!! Damn damn damn angry.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Melaka Trip Day 1 Part 3

Despite what is said in the post above, I was able to upload all the photos. So here is Day 1 Part 3...

After spending some time at home, we went over to Jonker Street, which was the best place to get cheap souvenirs and some other stuff.

Mel trying to force some necklace on me

Hahahahah~ she didn't force lah. But this photo taken by Li Shan made it looked like it.

Jane at the same necklace stall

Then we had some dim sum. And this is the damn stall that made me go sick for a few days. I don't know whether it is or not lah. Coz nobody got sick 'tho. I was the only one who got sick after eating there.

Anyways, I ate three sticks of century egg. Hahahahahaha~ Not suprising to get sick also lah.

Moi and one of the three sticks of the century egg

Jane and hers
Damn poser lah my roommate

Li Shan and her multiple shots of her dim sums

She took so many that I got so sien-ted and did this...

Why I looked so stupid??? I am a lenglui leh!!!

Then we had a shopping good time. I didn't buy lots. In fact I only bought a castanet. I editted the photo but don't know where it vanished.

Anyways, it is damn cute k? Its pink and has a bee drawn by hand on it. Shall show you guys next time lah k???

Mel bought a handphone hanger and Li Shan bought a thousand of stuff. Why lah she doesn't blog??? At least she can show you all right???? Esther bought a castanet like mine but its red and with different thing drawn on it. Er... And I think she got a handphone cover too.

This is what Jane bought...
Look at the face also you know how happy she was lah right?

She wanted to get a pig like this for a long time. We searched for it with her in Midvalley for a couple of hours but couldn't find it. Or is it too expensive???

When she saw this, she instantly insisted of buying it no matter what. And she did lah of course...

Then we went around and take photos as though we were some tourist from other place. We usually imitate China tourists. Hahahahahah~ Damn lame right?

Some buildings at Jonker Street:

Damn good lah the shots taken by Li Shan. Can be photographer d girl.

Then the most anticipated moment came...


Man... I miss Melaka. Have not been back for weeks d. Gotta go get some chendol as soon as I get back next week.

Jade green chendol and crimson red red beans

Yum factor is 123456789 out of 10. LOLz~~~~

Anyways, I didn't eat any on the day of the visit coz remember... I got sick coz of the century eggs I stuffed into my mouth. Damn sad...


Our being cute names. Hahahahahaha~ Damn 'er' right??? Like so -_-lll
Janie nice until Janie drink until like that.

this Jane arh... Her expression shows everything that she feels. Damn easy to see how she feels one.


Hard to get candid shots of her lah. She's always damn aware. HAahahahhhahahhaahah~

No photos of me mana boleh???
Me being half-dead at that selipar stall

All da pretty ladies
The last shot before leaving

After going to Jonker Street, we went to have Satay Celup which is this...

For those who don't know, you have to put those ingredients in the first set of photos into the hot pot in the second set of photos. Then when its cooked, pop it in you mouth.

But before that you must wait for the hot pot to get boiled. Here are the photos of us waiting for the pot to get boiled...
Waiting with patience

She's not sure what is she doing as well

Candid shot!!!

I did it yo!!! Hahahahahahaha~

Like some sort of achievement konon.

While waiting, Jane got ready for her daily routine...

... getting calls from her 'friend'

Not well d still mati-mati wanna camwhore

If you didn't realized it, I was already wearing jacket in this shot. Don't know why suddenly felt that it was damn cold.

I got bored and took photos of the walls. The walls are filled with photos of celebrities that had come to the shop. Quite nice actually. But look at the ugly Mickey Mouse.

Should be the pride of the boss. Coz it looks damn old but he didn't get rid of it.

The hot pot got boiled and we could start soaking and eating...
Its fun to take photos of Li Shan eating. Hahahahahaha~

So happy Esther Niak

Then quiet down pulak...
Mood change like weather this girl. Hahahahhahaahahaha~

Pork Liver
Me love pork liver. Totally a 100% pork lover. Totally cannot no pork at all.
Pork Liver and I

Besarnye mulut

Another camwhore shot
Because of me being sick, I only ate about 4 sticks that day. Usually I could eat up to 30 sticks. Don't ever underestimate a skinny pot o!!!
Jane on the phone again and Melisa talking with somebody
After eating satay celup, Melisa who heard that the famous pork rice with curry was just opposite the satay celup shop, asked us to go there and have a try. I heard of it but have not tried it. I wanted to try but was too sick and had not appetite. So only they ate. They only ordered one plate and shared among four.
Look so yummy ler...
Ney... I wanna eat... Bring me go eat lah!!!!
That's all for day 1. Day 2 will be up soon. It'll be a little interesting for those who likes animals coz we went to this place with animals. And its not a zoo.
So do stay tune for it.
Just had supper and felt like sleeping d. Hahahahahahah~ K lah. see ya all...


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