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Sadness strikes!!!

When I found the site to the item above...
When neney told me that the price of the item is reasonable...
When I happily decided that I would order that item as my first item pre-ordered online...
When I finally sent the order form to the admin at angelfac3...
When I almost jump up and hit the ceiling of my room when received the reply from the admin...
When I open up the mail...
I was devastated!!!

I don't wanna talk to anyone until I find the same jacket and buys it. So if anyone found the similar thing anywhere and is cheaper than RM60, holler at ya girl. You wouldn't wanna a cheerful girl to lose her smile right???
I'm damn sad I'm gonna go drown in my tears right now.
p/s: dammit!!! I so drama even after leaving high school. somebody crown me the drama queen!!!

Kena Saman by Clair

Person who tagged u is: Clair Leong

Your 5 impressions of him/her: Hmm~ Lemme think...cute, funny, should be gila like me, studies very hard, star-crazy???

Most memorable things he/she has done for u: Came and approach me at the Rain's concert

The most memorable words he/she said to u: You're Dorcas right?

If he/she becomes ur lover, u will: become a lesbian

If he/she becomes ur enemy, the reason will be: I've gone mad

List out the Top 5 presents u wish for:
1. Nintendo DS Lite-pink
2. More dresses
3. a brand new pink colour laptop
4. a violin
5. a branded bag

Pass the quiz to 10 ppl that u wish to know how they feel about u:
1. Li shan
2. Steffanie
3. Pam
4. Mel
5. Lei Yoon
6. Mich
7. Sharon
8. Queannie
9. Tricia
10. Er.... Sinren??? Hahahahah~

Who is no.7 having a relationship with?
Don't know leh... who ar?

Who is no.9 having a relationship with?
I know she has a bf but don't know the name. LOLZ~

If no.9 and no.1 are 2gether, will it be a good thing?
No lesbianism is allowe…

Online Shopping and Lunch with Mama

Been quite er... should I say that I'm free? I mean there are some assignments to be done. One summary is due yesterday but its not done. Three essays not done. One composition due long ago, not done. And one more composition added today which is obviously not done. I guess I am not free lah. But since I got tired of stalking blogs and facebooking, I brought up a new hobby lately.
I had been window shopping online recently. I used to go to some stores overseas such as ANAP, Harajuku Lovers, Papergirlshop and Piggy Paradise. All of these obviously were impossible to be bought coz of the price and also some doesn't ship to Malaysia. Recently I found a couple of sites which are based in Malaysia. And their clothes are not bad wor...
I had my eyes on a couple of the clothes and planned to buy them. But I had to wait till I get my pocket money and also ang pow money. Hehehehehehe~ Can't wait!!!
Anyways, here are a few of the things I found on these sites that are nice…

period and being sick in December

yes, finally the big P had hit me. Period had come and it did not hurt so badly this time. Well, it did hurt and was not able to sleep and also the loya feeling did hit me. But it was way better compared to last time.
I don't know how to end the pain completely. Some people had never had period pain. Can you believe that? And they lead a normal life. I mean to not have period pain I had to eat some Chinese meds and not drink cold drinks. But these people can do anything they like and have no period pain. How lucky is that??? But still I should thank god that I can get period coz some people only get it once a year. Sounds scary to me, doesn't it?
Anyways, here are the photos I took when I was sick during December...
I had bad skin coz I was too sick to wake up to wash my face. Hahahahaha~ don't ask me what stupid reason is that. Summore I didn't have the strength to apply any moisturizer and those other stuff i put on my face regularly.
Dark circle leh... coz…

Melaka Trip Day 1 Part 3

Despite what is said in the post above, I was able to upload all the photos. So here is Day 1 Part 3...
After spending some time at home, we went over to Jonker Street, which was the best place to get cheap souvenirs and some other stuff.
Mel trying to force some necklace on me
Hahahahah~ she didn't force lah. But this photo taken by Li Shan made it looked like it.
Jane at the same necklace stall
Then we had some dim sum. And this is the damn stall that made me go sick for a few days. I don't know whether it is or not lah. Coz nobody got sick 'tho. I was the only one who got sick after eating there.
Anyways, I ate three sticks of century egg. Hahahahahaha~ Not surprising to get sick also lah.
Moi and one of the three sticks of the century egg
Jane and hers
Damn poser lah my roommate
Li Shan and her multiple shots of her dim sums
She took so many that I got so sien-ted and did this... Hahahahahahahahahaha~
Why I looked so stupid??? I am a lenglui leh!!!

Then we had a shopping g…