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Update Update Update *edited*

I haven't much photos to post coz I haven't been goin out. But there are a couple of random updates that had been going on.

(i) A cat came to my house and gave birth to two kittens. One orange and one black. Now they don't wanna leave the house coz I think its too comfy here. Mama put a box with soft rug in it for them. They sleep in the box when its cold and on typical hot days they sleep in the dustpan, curl up together. We feed them with fish bones, fish heads and milk almost everyday. Mother cat growls at me angrily whenever I goes close to them. Aiyo~ not that I wanna steal her kittens also. Wanna bring food to her mah... Oh... I gave the names too. The mother's name is Mimi and the two kittens are Jiji and Blackie. Hahah~ *edited* Blackie came and smell my toes. Haha~ Damn cute.

(ii) I bumped my head into the wall. Hahahaha~ Now I got a big "pau" on my head. Why? Coz I was looking at the cats out at the sliding door. Erm~ I looked out on them every nigh…



You guys remember my "overdressed" Motorola V3?

Apparently after I put on all the bling on it, it decided to fail on me. The battery had been having lots of problems since I don't know how long. I can't really call people coz the battery dies damn quick. So many people have problem contacting me most of the time including mama... one of which the period thing was one of the consequence to the phone's lousy batt. *click*

So people start telling me to get a new battery or get a new charger. Thanks guys but I did all of it already but its still not working. So I have decided to get a new phone. I had some phone in my mind a few months ago but I totally forgot the model now. Hahah~ But recently I fell in love with this particular phone and its this...
This colour is known as Mysterious Green
I don't know why its called Mysterious Green coz there's more black than green. Damn cun right? I love it so much. Summore its a slide phone. What I love more than…

Go Go Karaoke at Jetty~

Hello!!! (^*^)/

I recently went to Auntie Nika's and got my hair trimmed.

Coz it was looking like shit already coz I had not trimmed it for ages...

The fringe super long huh?
I told Auntie Nika that I wanna grow out my hair in layers. Coz my hair is freaking thick so if its cut evenly, it will make my head looking enormous.
I didn't straightened it. Auntie Mika blew dry it straight for me. But I planned to straighten it some day during June and highlight it. I couldn't possibly be a curly head for the moment coz I had no time to take care of it. Straight hair is more manageable.
Anyways, last Wednesday we had another gathering again. This time we went to sing K at Gogo Karaoke at Jetty.
Thought of being funky so I wore this~~
While waiting for Nana to come fetch me, I camwhored. HAhahaahah~
I experimented to see whether my fringe looked better either... ...swept to the sides or...
... straight bangs?
What do you think? I personally prefer straight bangs, which is what I had …