Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Zyon: The First Month

As promised here's my monthly update on Zyon. This one is a bit late (when was I ever early right? 😅) but I'll try to keep the rest of the month right on the month he is in la ok?

Friday, June 2, 2017

Birth Story of Baby Z

Soooo in case you guys didn't know yet,
I gave birth to a human being (How I found out I was pregnant *here*)

Friday, April 21, 2017

Surprise Baby Shower

I always thought about how I wanted to have a baby shower before I got pregnant. Even when I got pregnant, I had briefly planned my baby shower as well. But then when I hit my third trimester, I decided not to have one. Reason was coz I was tired most of the time. I didn't wanna spend my energy on planning anything except preparing for Baby Z's arrival. So I decided to cancel my plan for the baby shower and just do some sort of celebration after my little one is born nie. (That didn't happen as well lol) But my friends, Puff and Nana weren't having it. They decided to throw me a simple surprise baby shower hidden as a normal dinner night.

OMG this is how I look like before I gave birth wtf


October last year, SR brought me out for a short babymoon. I was still in my first trimester so we couldn't go far. Our babymoon was at none other than our frequent visited place, Port Dickson lol.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hello 2017!!! (Two months late =.=)

I'm not gonna lie. I looked back to my last year's post *here* to see what the title was and then shamelessly copied the exact title. Please forgive the 9 months plus pregnant lady. Creative juices all given to Baby Z. Yes, that's the baby's name now. Can you guess what gender is the lil fella?

I know I'm two months late (or is it three?) to do this but better late than never no? (I feel like I say this all the time hehe 😁) It is that time of the year to review my 2016 resolutions and also reveal my 2017 ones. Honestly I am quite proud of myself for how well I did in last year's resolution. I didn't really tick off a lot of the resolutions but I made so much progress as compared to the years before where I barely did anything to make it work. I'm gonna give myself a big pat on the shoulder for being awesome last year 😊

Let's start of by talking about things I've done first...

OMG look at how thin I was pre-pregnancy!!!

I've finally taken my Grade 7 violin exam and passed it. Woohoooooooo~ no pic of results or certificate coz it's still with my tutor lol. Haven't been to her place since I got pregnant which is almost the same time I got my results.


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