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[From Dayre] Thai Food Gathering

Last night had a gathering with the besties to give each other our souvenirs/Christmas gifts.
Guess where we went for dinner?

A Thai restaurant πŸ˜‚
I don’t know why we chose that even though Nana’s level of spicy tolerance is close to 0 hahahah.

Anyways here’s what we had...
 Clear soup tom yam
I still prefers creamy Tom yam lah tbh.

 Green curry coz I missed it so much
In Bangkok, the green curries that we had were always spicy and the tom yam were thick and creamy but not spicy at all. Back in Malaysia, it’s the opposite. The tom yam was spicy af while this was just some thick and creamy soup. So weird.

Tbh the food there is pretty meh except for this crispy omelet. I’ll probably come here, pack this for dinner and leave.

I’ll share what I got from my girls when I get back home. Out to run some errands right now.

Oh forgotten about this cha yen. Nothing close to any cha yens I had in Bangkok πŸ˜‘
Is it obvious that I’m never returning to this Thai restaurant? Hahaha.

Christmas gift/S…

[From Dayre] Dookie x SR jokes

This just happened...

πŸ‘©(me): 冷吗?(are you cold?) *while covering hubby with blanket*
πŸ‘¨(hubby): Novotelε₯½εƒζ―”θΎƒε₯½ (Novotel seems like a better choice)
~he’s sleep talking πŸ˜‚ ~
πŸ‘©: ε₯½δΈ‹δΈ€ζ¬‘ζˆ‘δ»¬δ½Novotel。ζˆ‘εŽ»Platinum ζ›΄ζ–ΉδΎΏ (ok, next time we’ll stay in Novotel. It’ll be easier for me to go to Platinum)
πŸ‘¨: ε—―~ (Hmmm...)


Bangkok Day 1: KL to BKK

Gonna start posting about my Bangkok (+Hua Hin) trip ASAP coz I think there are going to be a few parts coming up...including posts on what's in my bag and stuff like that. I've actually begin some posts already so here's some links for you guys if interested:
Trip HighlightsBangkok Beauty Haul

Random Haul

Got these mini NYX lippies from Puff.
Her sis got her a NYX advent calendar. She opened it all in one day without waiting hahahah. She gave these to me coz they are all nude colors which is totally my jam muahahaha.

These are the shades. The top three are Lip Lingeries while the bottom one is intense butter gloss. I don’t use gloss but that butter gloss’ pigmentation is crazy good that I want to try it out.

 Swatches with some snow flake coz of Christmas spirit wtf
I always wanted to try Embellishment so it’s good that I have a mini size of it to try. Apparently the Tres Leches gloss is a dupe for Koko K gloss. Not sure I’ll like it but I’m gonna try lah.

 Fml these are so difficult to remove. Don’t know if I can swatch other stuff on this hand d.
 I’ve mentioned that I got buncha liquid lippies for my jimuis for Christmas. After picking out the ones for my jimuis, I’m left with a few for myself 😬 
 Velvet Vanity x Cleo one I got it for myself while the bottom two are leftov…

Bangkok Beauty Haul

Gonna do another Bangkok trip related post. Today imma talk about all the beauty products that I got from Bangkok. Gonna start with this coz there are less stuff and also coz I’ve not done rinsing all my new clothing yet. Might take awhile so you’ll probably see that next year lol.

[From Dayre] Bangkok + Hua Hin trip highlights

My data returned on the day that I’m flying off πŸ˜…


So excited to finally fly again after three years πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
Two years we were trying to get a baby so we didn’t fly. How stupid. Could have made a baby anywhere in the world kan? πŸ˜‚ Then I was pregnant so I couldn’t travel for another year.

I’m glad to finally travel to Bangkok. I’ve been there before but that was when I was two πŸ˜… am super excited to finally explore Bangkok as an adult. As for Hua Hin (heading there tomorrow from Bangkok), can’t wait to take a million pics from all the Instagram worthy places.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to update le Dayre. I’ll try my best to IG story everything so if you guys are curious of what’s going on in Bangkok with my gang and I, follow me on IG at dookikiekookie.

 Leaving for the airport now 😊
Feel like peeing the moment I got into our airport transfer fml 😝
Reunited with my love 😍
We are at the boarding area now. Supposed to board but we don’t wanna board yet. So rebelliou…