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You guys remember my "overdressed" Motorola V3?

Apparently after I put on all the bling on it, it decided to fail on me. The battery had been having lots of problems since I don't know how long. I can't really call people coz the battery dies damn quick. So many people have problem contacting me most of the time including mama... one of which the period thing was one of the consequence to the phone's lousy batt. *click*

So people start telling me to get a new battery or get a new charger. Thanks guys but I did all of it already but its still not working. So I have decided to get a new phone. I had some phone in my mind a few months ago but I totally forgot the model now. Hahah~ But recently I fell in love with this particular phone and its this...
This colour is known as Mysterious Green

I don't know why its called Mysterious Green coz there's more black than green.
Damn cun right? I love it so much. Summore its a slide phone. What I love more than a flip phone is a slide phone. Woots!!! So this is the phone Imma gonna get.
But then again... my friends said that this colour is so guy-ish. My last phone was quite guy-ish and was the reason why I decided to bling it up. So they said that I should go for something more ladylike or should I say something more feminine coz I'm no more the tomboy I was before. So I went to the Sony Ericsson store at Dataran Pahlawan and saw the other option of this phone.
Nicer and more feminine right?

It doesn't look yellow actually. More like green. Isk~ this Sony Ericsson people all colour blind is it? Haha~
Anyways, I had decided to get this phone no matter what... I know its not a new model or what lah... But I'm more into designs than to price. New models had nice designs but then too expensive lor. This phone is similar to the shake shake phone, the one you shake to change songs one? But that one thousand over ok? I don't have that much money with me and my dad will not spend money on a phone for me coz he thinks its not important. :S
Here's how the phone looked like once slide open

Imma gonna get it soon... Either by the end of this month or when uni starts. Woots!!! Can't wait to show it off. Hehe~

In KL today coz of popo's birthday party. Will be back by evening. Felt like going for shopping or meeting up with Sinren or something. T___T I miss him... one more week before I can hug and kiss him.

Most of the gang are doing industrial training while I'm hanging around alone. Jacy will be going to Hong Kong, Paulie starts schooling and Alex is staying too far to hang out. T___T I'm all alone. Damn sad.

Genting plan cancelled. T___T

I hate this...

I rather be in KL....


I miss you fatty pants...

Bye lah...

No mood d...