Saturday, August 30, 2008

End of August


I'm back in Melaka again...

aiyo... This sem didn't come bak often mah so when got the chance had to come back lor.

I had lots to blog about last week but then you know la the line back at home is like shit and I didn't bring my laptop back so I couldn't blog at some cafes. So had to wait till I get back only can blog with photos d.

But this time I didn't forget to bring my camera charger back so there's no worries about taking photos.

Anyways, to those who are concerned about what I wrote about in the previous post, if you don't know who is that person I am talking about, please stop asking who is that person coz its non of your business. Its posted to tell you guys about what I feel about possessive boyfriends and also a message to the my zhi mui. Don't call me mean but its really got nothing to do with you. If I wanted the whole world to know about this thing I would have posted the whole story and stated the names.

And to that zhi mui, I'm gonna say the same thing to you, be strong and you can work it out just fine. You don't have to be sad coz we will be around you no matter what. You'll have our support no matter what decision you make. :)

Tomorrow is Merdeka Day...
Happy Birthday to our country
Cheers to the best country ever and boo to all the politics!!!!

Ok lah... Wanna go do other things already.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Crazy and Possessive BOyfriends

I had never had a boyfriend before Sinren. Erm... there's another guy but then I don't consider him as my boyfriend coz we never really had a real relationship. Anyways, is that I thank God that Sinren was not a possessive boyfriend like many other bfs I've seen.

I don't know what is up with some guys when they hog on to the gf and doesn't treat her right? If you can't treat them right, why keep them by your side? Makes the girl suffer only. These bastard are so selfish and only thought of their own benefits. When they want some love they grab the girl and sayang like mad. But when they get crazy, things get pretty ugly.

I have lots of friends who had crazy possessive boyfriends. I mean come on guys, don't hate me coz I'm telling the truth. Most of you guys' bf are trash and you guys deserved better. If he is controlling you like a mad freak right now, it would be even worst when you guys ever get married.

Last night was one of the worst night I ever had. My two other housemates and I had not slept well thanks to one crazy possessive boyfriend who had made our life miserable. Of course its not my bf la.

I really hate all these crazy possessive bfs lah. Your life is pathetic then too bad lah. Why come and drag us down together? You think you control us girls like that you will get our 100% love is it? We actually hate you to the core but had to stay because we were not able to break through the chains that you had bound us in. But I can tell you once we are brave enough no matter what stupid tactics you are trying to pull won't have any effect on us.

I think girls should be more brave and stand hold on your beliefs. If you think your bf is trash, just dump him without any hesitation. If he deserves another chance, you could give him but when that chance is give more than enough, i think you should deserve to be left single. I know Jesus said to forgive people for 70th 7 times but if the relationship is unhealthy, I think Jesus would want you to leave him too. This is not call love but he is just treating you like something he owns. Just an object but not as a person.

I hope all my friends would get up from their possessive bf's trance and... sorry I had to say this... GET A LIFE!!!! Everyone deserves better and nobody should ever control you of your own human rights.

To my dear little zhi mui who is suffering to get away from him,

Be strong and don't let his tactics fool you again. You know he won't do what he said he would do. I believe you'll know how to handle him now.

You are better off without him. Why hang on to it when there's no more feelings between the both of you. Even if you still had feelings for him, this is not love. He doesn't have the right to do this to you.

No matter what we will always be on your side. Be there to comfort, even if we are scared like hell. Hehehe~ Be there to let you cry quietly in the dark. So cry and let everything out. We will be there to wipe the tears away and make you ten times happier than before.

Again I wanna say be strong. WE SUPPORT YOU!!!!

hugs and kisses....


All in favor say "Right On!!" in my tagbox. wtf. HAhaahhahaha~

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shopaholic and Food maniac...

Uni starts and it marks the beginning of my shopping spree. Whoopee!!!

The other day Li Shan asked Esther, Shiu Li and myself to accompany her to buy something at Jusco, MV. But instead of her going on a shopping frenzy like usual, it was the rest of us who bought more stuff than her. Heheh~~~~

I tried lots of clothes at FOS but of course didn't buy of them lah... But still can take camwhore pics one right?

I love this tube. So summer right? I always wanted to get a tube like this but hardly find the one with the price I can afford.

This one is only RM17 y'all. But then its too loose and I don't wanna walk until half, my boobs (or the lack of it. HAhaah~) to make its appearance to the world.

Anybody the same tube in any other FOS???? Can tell me got size S or XS or not??? I want it badly. OR if anyone saw any tube looking like this in any other shops cheaper than RM30? Please holla at your girl.

Nice not? I've never had any orange top. Do I look dark wearing orange?

Shit! I think my tummy is showing. T___T I've became fatter.

Look at the print on the t shirt... Its a cross-over of tokidoki and hello kitty. Damn nice!!!!

I wanted to buy it but then its RM30. Not that I can't afford but I don't think it worth the RM30 coz its texture is quite thin.

But I had decided to buy it. Hahahahahaah~ Maybe next week. Hahahahahaha~ Now I'm contemplating which colour to buy. Coz it comes in orange and white. Orange or white???? Hmmmm....

Ok now for the only thing I've bought...

Its a knee length jeans!!!!

Finally I've found the only knee length pants that fits me. Erm... actually it didn't fit me perfectly. I don't know what's my size so I took a size 2. But then its a bit loose. There's no size 0. So I just buy it lor coz there's suspenders which can make it stay. Hopefully I can become fatter and fit perfectly.

ITs half priced. So instead of RM60+. I only paid RM30+. Woots!!!!


Now for some backdated that were not posted before this.

Remember before the break I had the thesis proposal presentation?

On that morning, I made myself a nutrious breakfast which is...

Hehe~~~ Its counted as nutricious coz usually I don't have any breakfast. Compared with that this is already very nutricious.

But then judging from this...

That's the oil from the bacon

Its really is not nutricious at all. HAhahahahahahaha~

Happy morning and happy breakfast for an important day

Anyways, about my presentation... it went quite well. I mean I presented it well but then the lecturers think that my title is too common and people come up with the same conclusion everytime. So I either continue with that boring title or... come up with something fresh. Sigh~~~ I have not decided yet. WHat to do.... What to do...


That day back in Melaka I was being a brat again and was making a lot of noise wanting to eat something. And guess what mama brought back the other day...

What's inside? What's inside?

This is what I had been craving for

See... my mother's so good lah... I say only I wanna eat egg tart and she went to bought it. So terharu ok? I mean I wasn't serious about it. I just have the tendency to crave and ask for food during my PMS. Like pregnant like that. HAhahahaahahha~

Yum yum~~~

Tart also can camwhore. Hehehehehe~

Eat until like that sure damn delicious lah....

This week will be back in MElaka again. Yay!!!!

K lah... Wanna go d.

Actually wanna tell you guys about lots of things but then kinda busy. Will be back to tell once I have less work la.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lilies, my love...

On our 2 years and 11 months anniversary Sinren and I spent the day at my place watching The Cronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, which is damn outdated for a movie. HAhahahaah~

In the midst of the movie, Sinren saw my facial headband and did this...
So handsome my boyfriend...


Love <3

On the same day, he went to Jaya 33 and bought this for his lady...

My favourite flower

I tried to camwhore with it but...

Failed miserably

CAn see the flower but not my face.

This one can see my face but can't see the flower properly

This one ok lah... but like the flower is kissing me and not facing the front. :P

Not bad but can see my camera's pouch. -_-lll

This is getting restless.

See how big the flower is

This is taken after I got sick of the failure of camwhoring with the lily.

Best photo of the lot

I think i look best in photos when i have no makeup on is when my face is less visible. Haha~

During the break, I took the flower back coz I don't want it to die alone. Summore got two more buds that were yet to bloom.

MAma put it in a blue wine bottle. DAmn nice right? Match so well with the table cloth and the whole surrounding.

ANyways, I said I took photos of the flower's process right?

These are the times when the other two buds had not open...

And below are the process of the flowers opening...

Don't know why the flowers are different from the one opened when he bought. Why got the red red thing one? What's it call arh? Anybody knows can tell me? I think most lilies got that but why the one opened before this didn't have????

So nice right? So terharu to see all the flowers bloom until so nice.

But then after all the flowers bloom, the one who opened since the day he bought starts to wither... And by the Sunday before I return to KL, it died. T___T

The rest of the flowers were left at home coz mama likes them a lot. By the time, i go back again this weekend, i think all would have died. T___T

Honey dear... bila wanna buy me new lily again...?heheheheehhe~

Well, that's about the flower.

Mum asked me why did I asked him to get me lilies instead of roses. 1st of all i did not ASK him to get me lilies. He GAVE me. Then, I just prefer lilies coz it looked more serene, pure and... I don't know la. I just like them. :)

What flowers do you guys like?

Anyways, I'll be going for an interview soon. So please pray that I get the job coz the shopaholic needs money. HAhahahaha~

Ok lah... Wanna go finish my German homework.


Its bye in German la....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Coz Life's Like That


Its your boring blogger again.

Apart from being over-relaxed at home, I had been doing almost nothing at home.

Here's how my life is like in a day:
  • wake up at 10-ish but continue to turn around the bed until i turn into a spring roll with my comforter as the spring roll skin.
  • finally get out of bed at 11-ish after a few morning calls from mama.
  • drink a few sips of water while staring at my lilies. (whee~ the other two flowers had bloomed)
  • sat down on the sofa and re-read this LBD book that I had read last semester.
  • read some pages on Performance Studies.
  • stare at my proposal and tries to figure out what to do with it.
  • Whee~ its 12pm. Online time!
  • Cook lunch. (Yes, its the porridge diet again.)
  • Nap for awhile.
  • watch tv.
  • talk alot over dinner coz had not been talking to real humans while mum and dad's at work.
  • watch more tv.
  • watch a little of Olympic.
  • goes to my room.
  • read a new book that I borrowed from the library.
  • Turn around the bed while talking to my dolls.
  • finally sleep off.

Haha~ As you can see there's not much life during the holidays for me. Or is it not much life in Melaka?

Oh no! Which means this is what will happen to me after I graduate. Noooooooo!!!! I DON'T WANNA BE A BORING BLOGGER!!!! CANNOT!!!! I DON'T ALLOW THAT!!!! TELL ME WHAT TO DO????

But then again its true la. What is there to blog about once I start working? Takkan I blog about my students right? I can't possibly be camwhoring with my students right? Or take photos of my working place? Gosh! Really nothing lor. Summore when start working will less go out and have outings right? So lagi no photos lor. Shit lah... How???

I wonder if there is any working ladies that blogs. I would love to read about what they write in the blogs lor. Then maybe I could get inspired and know what to blog after I start working.

Damn lah... Think about it also wanna cry. T____T

Ok lah... enough of the drama.

I used to love borrowing books from the library. Especially fictions and occasionally non-fiction. As I grew older or should i say after i leave school, I don't go to library anymore and the only time i go to the library at UM is for my thesis purpose.

Last few weeks, I went to the library with Li Shan. As I walk through the unfriendly looking shelfs, I found this book and immediately decided to borrow it...

Sorry that its so small coz I can't find a bigger photo of it. (Courtesy from

Its Lydia Teh's Life's Like This btws.

Anyone who doesn't know Lydia Teh, erm... is ok. Coz I just got to know her recently when i read a book review about her other book called Honk! If You're A Malaysian. *HONK!* haha~ So I don't blame you if you don't know her.

Anyways, this book is about a typical life of a Malaysian from her point of view. She writes about Malaysian's scene of restaurants, jams, festivals, markets...etc. Almost everything under the Malaysian sun. It got me hooked to it once I started reading it.

Its light and hilarious. And I felt like what she wrote is close to the heart. For example, she talked about the scene at a very packed restaurant. Its almost impossible for any conversation with the waiter/waitress to take place. So what do you do? You use sign language. Like, when you see an empty table and its dirty but its the only table you could choose from the other not vacant one, you couldn't possibly be shouting: "Oy! Clean the table! I wanna sit" to the waiter/waitress right? So what does a typical Malaysian will do? You would look at the waiter/waitress from afar and point at the table while doing a circular movement over the table. Right??? Ain't that right? Isn't that what you do??? Don't tell me you don't do that. You are so not Malaysian if you don't do that. Hahahahahaahaha~ There's more to this in the book. So I would recommend that you guys go and find this book and go read it coz its damn good.

Its lunch time now. And today I'm having chicken rice coz mum prepared a drumstick for me. Yay! No porridge today!!!!

Tonight will be having a choir practice at some place which I don't know. Our church will be performing in Dataran Pahlawan during Christmas. I forgot the exact date will keep you guys posted. Do come and support me and shout my name the loudest. Hahahahh~

Sinren is back and so is my red red wallet. But won't be seeing him anytime sooner. T__T Miss his chubby cheeks. \(^*^)/

Ok lah... Will blog tomorrow if i had something i wanna talk about.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back at home again...


I finally got the break that I wanted. Yay!!!

Had been doing a lot of sleeping and resting for two days. Actually had been sleeping more that needed. Hehe~

And I get to pamper myself as well. Did some facial on my own and massages. Oooo~ This is life.

But then tomorrow gotta start working a bit. My thesis proposal presentation didn't go that well that day. The lecturers said that my title was too often written. In one and a half years there's already three thesis on the almost the same topic. They suggested me to change the aspect. That's why I'm pretty troubled now. Coz I don't know what aspect to write. My mind is blank. Maybe I should change the whole thing and not write about Christian music. But change to wat? T___T I gotta think of a brand new title or change my aspect by Monday so that I could go see my advisor as soon as possible.

Sigh... its not really a break after all. I still gotta work like a cow.

Anyways, I've become a dumb and forgetful person. I forgot to bring my camera cable and charger back. So i can't upload any photos or use too much of the camera. T___T

Sinren gave me some lilies for our 2 years and 11th month anniversary but I couldn't show you guys coz i couldn't upload them. Its damn big ok? Got 1 big lily with 2 buds. And one of it had started to bloom. But I couldn't show you guys the progress coz of the stupid cable.

Another thing that I forgotten is my wallet. O___O. How could I even forget that? All my important things are inside. Ic, driving license, ATMs...etc. Now I can't drive and I can't go out at night because mum wouldn't let me go out without my IC. T___T

Thank God Sinren is coming back tomorrow. He said he would go get it for me. (^*^)/ I Love You Neney... Later make you something nice to eat ya.

Sigh... Can't go out so sien.

Have to wait until Sinren comes back only can be free. T___T

Thank God I didn't forget my contact lense and makeup. I would die if I didn't. How to face the world like that?


Sigh... another useless post.

See you guys when I'm more interesting. Hehe~


Saturday, August 16, 2008


I don't know why but I had so much emotions that I figured I need to share it out to people. Maybe its because Sinren is not here right now and I had no one to speak to about it.

I'm troubled.

I don't know why I have this weird thing going on. Whenever I see that someone (close to the heart) is living their life badly or hurting themselves, I choose to move myself away from them.

I know there is nothing I can do to change the situation. I can't talk to them about it coz they won't listen to the suggestions I had for them. It hurts my heart but I just take myself off from the picture of their lives.

I had this friend who was friends with me for years. This friend was there when no one even wanna talk to me and when I had no friends. But I pulled myself away from this friend coz I could not bear to see her living her life that way. And it ruined our friendship. I don't know if this friend is happy now but I would wish this friend all the best whole-heartedly.

Then, there's this person whom is very precious to me. It hurts to see this person failing in life. It hurts even more to see this person hurting herself.

Anyways, if you know who you are, please try to listen to the voice of my heart.

I know how difficult it is for you to grow up. I know coz I've seen it all. Not all but sufficient to see how scarred your heart is.

I believe life is how you chose it to be. If you choose to lead a good life, the path would be cleared all the way. If you choose to let the worst get into you, you will hurt yourself even more. I am not in the position to ask you how to choose it. But I hoped that you would choose for the best.

Seeing you hurt yourself hurts me even more. One scar on your skin creates 10 stabs into my heart. You may think that I am exaggerating but its true. You are really precious to me and these words cannot prove anything about it.

Many things I wanna talk to you about. About how have you been? What have you been doing after the last trip? How's school? How's the place you are at now? How's life? I just wanna know everything about you coz we had lost a lot of time together. I remembered how we used to talk about everything on earth when we were younger.

I couldn't get myself to look at you and talk to you that day. I don't know what to do to make you feel better about life. I want you to have a good life. I want you to be like me coz that's what you always told me when we were younger. But I just don't know how to tell you.

I thought it was better off if you stayed with me instead of them. At least, I could change what is to happen right now and we could still be the best friends/sisters like we were when we were younger.

But all these things are to be reminisce. We couldn't go back to the time when you would cry everytime I tried to wake you up and taking bathes together coz I had no power to turn back time.

I really wished things were better for you coz like a sister it makes me happy to see you happy and sad when you hated life.

Please stop hurting yourself and spoil your health with unnessesary things. What you do hurt not only yourself. Its hurting me too.

If you still think of me as a sister like you always did when you were younger, please listen to me and rearrange your life. I'm always here to help.

Hugs and kisses....

I don't know it will get to her how I'm feeling but I would try every chance I could.

I'm so emotional these days I think I'm gonna flood my room soon.


Bye lah...

Too emotional to continue.

I love LV!!!!

Hello~~~~ how was the video? Why nobody gave me comments or leave message at the tagbox. You all damn mean la... So unfriendly one?

Anyways, last week mum and dad came to KL to visit me coz I haven't gone back for about one month plus. I mean its not like we're damn far but I had lots of things to do lor...

Because all my roommates didn't go back to their respective hometowns so mum and dad had to go to stay at Aunt Michelle's place at ss2. I tagged along since I had nothing important to do at home also. Somemore follow my parents sure got kebaikan one. Hehe~ ^_^

Aunt Michelle moved to Singapore and her house was left with a few things in it coz she still comes back everyweek to settle some business she had here. So we were not actually left with an empty house. Its fully furnished and got air con and hot water to bathe summore. Its just that she unsubscribed from Astro and we had no tv to watch so all of us slept damn early. HAha~

Sunday morning, mama was digging thru Aunt Michelle's clothes to wear coz she said her own clothes are quite ugly. Apa penyakit nie? Patut lah i like to dig people's clothes to wear la... Its from the mother. HAhahaahah~ Then I was standing behind her and I saw this...
WAhahahahahah~ CAn you see it?

It was like love at first sight. My first love happened once again. (HAha~) I picked it up and camwhore with it like gila.

I asked mama if I could borrow it. MAma allowed me but then she remembered that we're not coming back to her house later so she asked me not to use it.

She even said this: "Shen me lai de? Hen mei meh?" (What is this? VEry nice meh?).

Hello~~~~ of course its nice. ITs LV. Freaking Louis Vuittion. Something that I may never own this lifetime. Its freaking awesome just to carry on my shoulder for just a moment.

I didn't wanna part with the bag but had to coz mama was pratically screaming for me to leave. T___T

I made a promise to myself that I must own a LV at the age of 25. If not, I would be a disgrace to myself. wtf??? HAhahahahahah~ But then again I can own it even now. All I have to do is go to Petaling Street and get the exactly same one. Hahhahahahaha~

Mind you Aunt Michelle's one is of course genuine. I know how to tell the fake from the real ok?

After leaving my beloved dream bag, we went to fetch Sinren to have breakfast together.

No pictures of Sinren coz he was in the toilet when I was taking these photos.

Taken in the car

Good hair and nice makeup...what more could I ask for??? (^V^)

That morning was the Logos church 45th anniversary. So we went to Sentul for a combine worship. Not much photos taken coz its not really interesting. n(~v<)

THe choir and praise and worship was quite grand that day. But compared to the Presbyterian 120th anniversary this was far beyond grand.

This cute little baby is my church's pastor's son. DAmn cute right? He looks like someone jumping out of anime. So damn cute. But he's not really approachable coz he just love to stick to his mother. Quite sien lor babies like that. So unfriendly. Hmpf~~~

Met up with CY and Alex (miss him like crazy coz haven't seen him since he went to study T___T) but didn't have the chance to take photos coz had to leave early.

Later in the afternoon went to meet up with Viv who was in KL again. But no photos coz i didn't my camera. How stupid I turned into. >_<

This is something random lah... The sticker was given by my room mate, Chooi Yin coz I helped her to print her proposal. Hahahahahah~ The sticker looked so cheerful right? Managed to change my mood better everytime I looked at it. :)

Its that time of the month again....

Happy 2 years and 11 months dear....

One more month to our 3rd year~~~

Love love love <3<3<3

We are both so busy that had not taken any recent photos together. REsort to finding old photos and editting them. T____T

I don't care how busy you are next month. We must celebrate it!!!!

Anyways, I've done with all the slides for presentation. But had not officially practice the whole presentation. I bit gan jeong right now.

Wish me for the best for Monday's presentation.

After that I can rest for awhile before working like a train again...

K lah... Wanna go watch more Honey and Clover. Hehehehehe~


Friday, August 15, 2008

College Night

I had not been posting a lot of photos since, the SJ Nite. Are there still people reading me???? Hello????

Sigh~~~ presentation is in 4 days. I THINK I am prepared but then again, my title had not been officially approved by Prof Anis. So I'm like quite nervous. Coz I'm afraid that those ass lecturers are out there to get me. T___T Seriously lah... Can't wait to get out of there. I know the memories at there is sweet but then its the whole uni thing that makes me hate it very very much.

But then going back to Melaka (after graduating) means no Midvalley T___T, no Gardens T____T and no Sg Wang T____T. And what's worse??? No more College Night and Ladies Night with Li Shan... T____T

How to live in MElaka without La Senza, without Topshop, without Borders, without Sushi Zanmai, without decent photosticker booth??? T___T

Anyways, yesterday, when everybody in my house is busy with their preparation for presentation, Li Shan and I went out partying at Scarlet. Hehe~~~~ Sorry yer... I know people probably feel like throwing knives at me now coz I had been complaining about being worried of my presentation and shits but here I am going to clubs.

I felt I'm the most geng person on the earth lor.. Coz the next day I had to perform for forum and still can party. HAhahahahaha~ I only practised 2 times ok? HOw geng is that?

In the car on the way to Scarlet

Chose this blur photo coz I looked the best in these kind of photos. Wahahahahahaha~

Another thing that I'm damn proud of is I can remember the way to Cineleisure using the shortcut. Most of the time I slept in the car going there but tak sangke I can still remember the road there. Wahahhahahaha~ Call me no. 1!!!

Reaching Cineleisure, Li Shan told me that she was hungry. So we went to McD to let her grab a bite.

Fish O Fillet

This Li Shan arh... At my house I told her to eat dinner with us and she whined that she's damn full but then reach Cineleisure d she pulak hungry. ISk isk isk~~~~ Eat earlier kan baik? Eat full full then where can dance???

We finally entered Scarlet and much to our disappointment, it was quite empty. It was incontrast with the scene we had the last time we were there. *point your cursor here*

It was no makeup day for Li Shan and minimal makeup day for me

Yer... why people's hair look so nice but mine like dry grass like that? Must be that stupid shampoo punye fault la. Gotta go buy Amway's shampoo d lah... Are you proud of me ney? I'm promoting ur shampoo...

The club was more like a cafe that night. Coz we sat there talking (almost shouting over the loud music) and drinking. The songs were awesome but we didn't felt like dancing coz the mood was not there.

Complimentary drinks for college ladies. Woots!!!

But then there was a quite funny thing happening that night. There was this group of people playing truth or dare near our table. It seemed fun lor. This girl had to "borrow" another girl's bf and dance with him.

Then in that gang got this fat guy who enjoys the night a lot. He was probably the only guy who dance the night away. And the way he danced was not like the clubbing sorta dance. He was like doing aerobic. Hahahahahahhahaah~ Li shan and I was laughing and talking bout him when suddenly he waved at us. I think his friend told him that we looked at him.

He came over to over table and told me in Cantonese "My name is Kent. K-E-N-T". I was tahan-ing not bursting into laughter. But I smiled politely and waved at him. Then he asked whether he could dance with me. So I said OK.

And Li SHan, I dance mediorce only lah... All I can say is that my gang had trained me well over the years in high school. Hahahha~ We were our high school's dancing queen.

After that he asked me: "How? Happy or not?" I nodded and hoped that he would go over after dancing. He did but came back I couple of times to talk to us and asking lots of question.

One of the most funny conversation we had was...

Kent: Are you single?

Me: Married (wtf)

Kent: Where's your husband?

Me: Working

Kent: He's not worried that his beautiful wife is here?

Me: He loves me a lot


LAter more of his people came and Li Shan and I got free Heineken. Woohoo~~~ no need to pay can get free drinks. Life is good!!!!

This KEnt guy kept emphasizing that he's not drunk and said lots of nonsence with me and Li Shan. We got scared of him and everytime he looked our way, Li Shan and I started doing weird signs to each other as though we're talking about something important. HAahahhahahaha~

You know one time when the DJ was playing "When I Grow Up" by The Pussycat Dolls, Li SHan and I wanted to dance but he was there talking non-stop. He left right after the song ended. Ahhhhh!!!! BLoody fool betul!!!!

There's this two couple who were so sexually active behind Li Shan. They hugged and danced together the whole night and making out almost 5minutes once. HAhahahahahahha~ Everytime I told Li Shan to look they finished their "affection". Sigh~~~

Then there's another couple beside us who danced damn aggresively. They were doing the "rub cock" dance. HAhahaahahha~ I don't know what's it call but Deepa told me that its called "rub cock" dance once when we were watching Sean Paul's music video together. Anyways, don't know why they were "rubbing" damn aggresively. Like wanna "rub" until come out fire wtf. HAhahahaha~ So aggresive until they kept hitting Li Shan. Poor Li Shan had to "siam" them the whole night. Not only did they bugged us. THey blocked the walking passage for the workers and a lot of the workers had to walk the long way to pass through. Wanna be so aggressive try la take a bigger space where you don't block people or knock people.... isk~~~

But it was quite fun looking at how people party. Maybe people must be thinking why this two girls come clubbing just sit there and nod their head and then only dance to some songs arh? OR are they lesbians arh? Duduk seorang-orang nie... Hahahahahaha~ MIght be other people's laughing stock now.

I was quite tipsy and kinda "wing wing" when I got out. But then I had to make sure that Li Shan was ok so I tahan all the way. I was sorta seeing stars above my head lor.

The flash spoiled the shot but I think its quite nice lor right?

THis was taken after we left. THe toilet stinks of people's puke.

Why my upper arms so big???? T___T

Both of us reached UT at around 2 something. I was sorta wide awake but I didn't bother to shower. Talked to Sinren on the phone for awhile and both of us slept on the sofa in the living room.

I love partying with Li Shan and also Mel. Why la she must study for her German? Or else we can go together-gether and go crazy.

Like I said, the next morning I had to play during forum. So I had to wake up at 7.30am to go to fac to practice piano at 8am.

Looking pretty sober :)

THose who didn't know me well enough, I get beer rash everytime I drink something with alcohol. That morning my neck was looking like this...

The top left photo damn scary right? IT was red like hell. As though kena burn. But thank god it was not itchy this time. THe last time I was scratching like crazy. And the weird thing is that the rash only comes out around my neck. NOthing happens to the rest of the body. Don't know why...

Not amused face

The forum performance was ok. Not good but ok lah... Will load the video later on.

We also celebrated a surprise birthday party during forum for Huey CHing. Video later too.

Before I go lie down on the bed, photo taken with the birthday girl...

My neck was extremely red. Click to see it.

Tutor class tomorrow at 9am. Sien~~~~~

Better sleep or else cannot wake up sure kena belasah by Miss Yong.



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