Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Moment With My Kakiis

This photo was taken during our Pusat Kebudayaan's SJ Nite 2008/2009. SJ Nite is an annual event that we have to introduce the juniors to their seniors and sort of had a icebreaking session mixing together. I must say this year's SJ Nite was at its worst but we, the 3rd years, had a little fun of our own. Treating this little uni event like our own little party and got high drinking orange juice. hahahhahhah~ Happy happy memories.

I had known these bunch of people for almost 3 years now. And every moment spent with them I must say was quite fun and always a fond memory. Some might not be very close to me but with their presence Pusat Kebudayaan was not as dull as it seems.

All of them came from different places. Few months from now, we will be going on our separate ways after graduation but I do hope I could still contact them and ask them out to meet up if possible or when I drop by

I found this new website called They said they could help me to keep in touch with everyone...

First, sign up as a Kakiis member and create a "Circle". Then...

Its like friendster and facebook but different from them is that I could contact them through Kakiis. I could easily send them a message from my mobile phone or computer and they could receive from both phones or computer as well.

I could even send them files, music, videos, photos....bla bla bla through this too. How convenient!!!

If you guys are interested and wanna find out more or terus wanna sign up as a member, here's the link >>>>>>>> KAKIIS <<<<<<<<<<
Anyways, with Nuffnang Malaysia had a contest called...

Its simple. First you gotta...

Yes, the photo above is just for this purpose.
Then, when you have the photos posted, write a new post about the photo and about kakiis.
Its just that simple. Don't you think so?
Well, a simple contest doesn't mean the prices are cheap.
Wouldn't you like to know what the prize is????
Those posted would be in the running to win...
Have you checked out these babies? Its damn beautiful k? I don't know bout u but I can't wait to get this baby on my hands. Erm... that is if I did win la...
Anyways, it doesn't end there. After posting a picture, you might be running to win an invitation to KAKIIS NITE OUT where you could win some other goodies on the exclusive one night event.
Check this out...
What are you waiting for? If you have a blog and also a nuffnanger, go dig up photos and join in the fun.
Here's all you wanna know about the photo contest and the other video contest. *link*
Fast fast check it out!!!

Too bad...

I guess the blog's here to stay...

Damn! I so fickle-minded... wakakakakakakaka~

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Some things happened recently. And I was so foolish to only found out about it 2 days ago. Can you believe that I didn't know that I hurt someone for so long till 2 days ago.

I guess my space on the blog is important but jeopardizing my friendship with someone I had known for 7 years was not worth it. Sometimes I used my butt as brain and act like a bitch but I never wanna lose somebody is close to the heart.

For her, I decided to take down the post. I can't promise that I would lie on the blog for anyone but I can promise that I would confront the person first before telling it to the world on the blog and hurt anyone.

And one more thing, I have no intention whatsoever to say that I hate Melaka or offend any Malaccans. I was talking about perverts and hamsap people and just because I met up with some on that day, so I took that as an example. I know there are hamsap people everywhere. I love Melaka and would not want to leave here even if paid to stay else where. (If the price is high...i would consider. Hahahahaahha~ :P).

If any of my post offended anyone or made anyone mad, please forgive me. I have no intention to do it. If I intended it... I'm sorry as well.

Well, I'm happy that I got it off my chest.

The line is like shit and the modem of the person i'm stealing wireless from is spoiled (I think) so I can't access to internet. Will blog whenever I can.

Don't miss me...


Friday, November 21, 2008

GP Melaka's 40th anniversary

My church's 40th anniversary celebration just passed. It was quite fun la... Sitting with those crazy bunch of people.

And the performance was not bad I guess. I heard that a lot of people said that the guy's voice cannot be heard.

You know what... I joined the performance last minute. Like seriously damn last minute. I joined one day before the performance. And I didn't even get to see the score of the song and I sang alto. DAmn geng right?

Too bad nobody recorded the performance. But have no fear, we're performing again this Sunday. I will get Fatty Pants to record it down for me. :)

Now photos time...

This was taken last week during the 40th anniversary dinner's rehearsal. I didn't know I was going to perform so I was just there to play around.

My brat god daughter

DAmn cute right???? So damn cute her smile.

DAmn cute but damn naughty. Sometimes I seriously felt like pinching her hard when she's naughty. Actually I did la. Then she will do it back. Then we will start fighting. Like serious catfight ok... ER~~~~~ don't call me childish. Hahahahaah~

That time I haven't done my make over so hair sucks.

Ah Wei and I without makeup

Glad that I'm not the only one who looks super different with/without makeup. Ahwei has double eyelids when she puts on falsies. But now she didn't put so her eyes like super small. Hahahahaha~

The three of us

This Joyce (my god daughter's name) damn cute I tell u... I was like: "Come, let's take photo of three of us." Then she instantly put her arms round Sheene's and my shoulders and said, "Let's do it." HAhahaha~

She looked as if she was crushed by us. But actually she hugged us so tightly it kinda hurt.

This one she pushed our head downwards and look up and go "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy~~~~". HAhahahahaha~

My tongue pose looks like I'm in pain

I think the fringe is my kawaii-ness cause. Without it I can't seem to pose cute cute. Thank God I got it back.

That night Auntie Yeow Hao was distributing some sweets she bought from Korea. The chocolate she gave me was super nice. Its not the sweet type but the dark type. Its 62% cacao type. Those recommended by Pop Models to eat if you're losing weight. Who said diet food tasted horrible? It was damn tasty ok?

Auntie Yeow Hao also gave me this damn cute Hello Kitty lollipop.

Its strawberry flavour. I love to eat strawberries but not a big fan of stuff made from strawberries. I chose this one because its pink and its damn cute.

Lolli also can camwhore

I wanted to keep this lollipop as a souvenir lo. Erm... ya, I collect lollipops since young. But all of my collection get lost very easily. Not that I eat them but I think mama gave it to kids who come to house.

Same fate for this one. I gave it to this girl who wouldn't stop bugging me. I literally stuff it in her mouth to shut her up.

Then, photos from the 40th anniversary celebration day itself.

In the afternoon we had our Thanksgiving service. Choir performed that day....that song that I was supposed to be singing solo. T____T Never mind la... got other chance one...

Jacy and I

My dear godsis who is always there for me no matter what... ^____^ Happy that she stayed in Melaka to serve the church after graduation. I'm sure that Youth Fellowship and Praise & Worship will rock under her influence.

Oh ya... we're wearing our choir robes while waiting for our entrance.

The waiting room has damn nice ligthing. Shall take more photos here next time. HAahahahaha~
Wei wei and I again but with makeup

Compare the difference with the photo above la... Damn different right?

That's all the photos we took in the afternoon. Nobody took our photos during choir's performance so no photos to show off. No video also.

Don't know why that afternoon damn ganjeong during our choir's performance lo. Its a weekly thingy but this time damn ganjeong. Sweating all the way. Maybe the audiences are different la...

After the service, we went straight to the dinner at LTP to do final rehearsals. No photos of rehearsal because we were busy rehearsing (duh!) and right after that we have to dress up and do makeup.

Here are the photos taken by Tze Hong during our performance...
Girls singing alto parts

From front to back: Joyce Ng, Nancy, Moi, Eva and Sheene

I wanted to wear dress but I scared its a bit too formal and also scared that I'm the only one wearing it. Manatau Eva also wore dress. Geram betul...

I posted this photo because I think I look pretty in this photo

Biasa la kan... coz blurness hides ugly flaws. Hahahhhahahaahah~

Ah Hong took a lot of photos of our side. So I had lots of photo to grab from him... Heheheheh~ I didn't bother to ask people to take photos for me coz I'm lazy just like that . Haha~

Why all of us terkangkang together so ngam one?

Hahahahahah~ DAmn hilarious la this photo.

No photos of other performances coz we were doing crazy things at our table and eating food like bunch of pigs.

Frankly, I did not eat a lot and was not full at the end. Because my table got lots of gluttony kings. T____T DAmn sad.... But LTP's food damn nice la... Will go there and try another time.

Starting from the middle of the dinner, we started to take lots of photos with each other.

Here's me taking photos with buncha people.
With Jeon Min

This is my Korean friend people and he is just 13. So stop asking me to introduce to you guys. Hahahahaha~

Jeon Min performed that night. He plays the flute since 7 years old.

He's wearing Korean traditional clothes. Damn cute right?

He's a very nice person lor... And smiles at everything we said. I don't know whether he understands or not but he just smiles away. Hhahaha~

He went back to Korea for his holiday, will only come back next year. No more Korean lesson from him for the moment.

Oh ya... I just learned what's monkey and pig in Korean from him. Monkey is Wan Si Mi...something like that. And pig is Teji.

Jacy and Jeon Min

Don't they look alike? Hahahhaahahha~ I think its the eyes. Now they can form and group called the Sepet Kuasa Dua. Hahahahahaha~ Or Sepet2.

Jacy and I again

Kelvin and I

Thank God this time he looks at the camera and not at else where like last time. (His photo was at the back of the post)

Nancy and I

I did her makeup and made her look damn hot that night. Hahahahah~ DAmn proud of myself.

Sorry arh... like cannot see nie her makeup. Don't know why.

Eva the boobie and I

DAmn jealous of her big boobs. How come I'm not blessed with those? T___T

And yes, girl... I miss the good old times too. *hugs*

The other Esther in my life

You know once I wanted to call my housemate, Esther Niak and I called her instead. And when she picked up the phone I realized I made I mistake. I even said hi to her you know... Then without telling her that I got the wrong number, I cancelled the call. Hahahahaha~ Damn mean.

PAul and I

The bloody fool said why must pose nice nice for photos so he made me do ugly face for this photo.

His ugly face like no expression nie. :P
Eva, Sheene and I
Stop staring at her boobs, boys...

John's very pretty wife, Lai Yee; Eva; Sheene and I...
and few other blurred faces at the back.
Can't wait for the wedding of the year May next year... I called it the Beauty and the Beast wedding. Hahahahaha~
Jeon Min and his brother, Jeon Chan was super popular that night. Everyone was grabbing them for photos.
I mean who wouldn't right? He's like damn special among us.
Don't look at me... look at Jacy's super sepet eyes!!!
That small boy in green shirt is Jeon Chan. See how he and Jacy had the same smily sepet eyes. Hahahahaha~ I think Jacy was Korean in her past life.
I realised everyone at church had the kawaii bangs. Zzzz~ So boring right? How can I make myself special among them you tell me?
This was supposed to be a nice group photo with Jeon Min and Jeon Chan but mama spoiled it by placing her fingers on the flash. T____T Never going to trust her with the camera ever. T____T

Now this one is just disastrous T_____T
Almost everyone is cut off. Thank God I was in the middle or else she might cut me off the photo too. Haha~
Here's another superstar of that night...
Say HI to Bernice...
Actually she did the 'peace' sign as well but it was too low.
Usually she doesn't allow me to carry her coz she's not familiar with me. Tu la... study in KL caused this. But yesterday she let me carry her around because my camera was so pretty. Seriously!!!! That's what she said.
I was taking photo with other people and she kept pointing at my camera. Even if other people wanted to take photos with her, she didn't look at their camera. I had to bait her to look at other people's camera using my camera. -____-
Ha! Told you my camera attracts attention. :P
Look how she's like mesmerized by my camera
Hahahahahaha~ Its like she couldn't her eyes off it.

Joyce, my god daughter can kiss her popularity goodbye since the birth of Bernice. No wonder Joyce doesn't like her much. Hahahahaha~
She was like a model wei that night. Standing among the bushes and letting people take photos of her. Damn cute~
After the celebration dinner end, I finally had time for myself. Coz if you guys realised, I had not camwhored.
Was damn tired that day. Does my face show it???
Well, that's all about it.
Was damn worried that day coz my camera was on low battery mode and so is dearest SAmsung. So I didn't dare to take unneccessary photos.
I just realized why my photo limit for blogger is so low. Coz I got it wrongly. Its not low at all. It can host more photos than photobucket.
Anyways, I'm back uploading using blogger so its faster. More photos to come. Wheeee~~~ Well, that's if I went out la...
K la... Wanna go download more movies before I get back to Melaka for good.

Holidays are the best....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hair make over...DONE!!!

Hey ya folks~

Sorry for the MIA again. The wireless that I usually stole from was not switched on for a few days. I am guessing that they went on a holiday or something like that. Coz its the hols for the school kids d mah~~~ And of course the land line is still like ass.

I got to come online today because I'm in KL. I'm in KL because I did not finish my assignment earlier on so I had to come back and do it. DAmn sien but still had to do it coz I don't wanna re-take this damn subject.

I've went for my makeover and I'm damn satisfied. Actually not much done la. I just straighten the fringe and the top. So its not much difference. I've decided to keep long, straight, black hair until the end of next year. That's for now la... don't know when I might change my mind. Hehe~

Photos time...
After the hairstylist auntie applied the straightening cream on my hair

I had 20-30 mins to spare so why not camwhore right? Hehe~

One last look at my ugly side parting and bare forehead
Ugly view of the top of my head
DAmn lame coz too bored and too much time to spare. Wakakakaka~
After washing of the cream, she pulled my the crap out of my hair with the straightener.
Okok... I made that up.
After she straightened my hair but before she trimmed it
I looked like Ju-on right? Hahahahaha~ Like damn scary. Like faceless ghost of some sort.
Ghost with a camera on her hand
Actually I brought my camera to the hairstylist auntie's house but I shy wanna take it out. Coz of the whole bling bling thing, it tends to catch a lot of unwanted attention. So I decided not to use it and used my Samsung.
Are you ready to see my new hairstyle?
Erm... well, its not that new la. Its just straightening nie.
So are you ready???
Don't so ganjeong la... Show you some other photos first. Haha~
That's Mama on the top and the hairstylist auntie, Nika
Nika is a Thai who got married with a local Chinese. She used to work in a saloon in Bukit Beruang but gave up work to take care of her children. So she opened one small saloon in my taman to earn some money la.
She's not a bad hairstylist la... not as good as my old hairstylist Evon but ok la... I like the stuff she did with my hair since last year.
Okok... here's the outcome...
I really preferred myself with bangs, I don't know why. I really think I look damn ugly baring my forehead. Maybe side parting is ok lah. But must at least cover half of my forehead. My forehead is just plain ugly. For kids it might looked cute but for me... NAH~~~~~
People said i look like cleopatra. Hahahahah~ I bet my skin colour was the reason why they said that la... and the hair maybe. I'm not even close to her beauty la.... Some people just said I looked normal. But I think I like this lor...
What do you guys think?
K lah... just a short one for now. Damn free so might update if i had time later.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The amazing dance

PussyCat Dolls When i grow up Dance.
Well this is not the original PCD mv. So you all can check it out. The 1st video is practice session the 2nd is performance session.

Practice session

Performance session

Actually the guys really brave, and make me felt funny all the way. So i decide to share it here.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bored to the core~~~

Back since Tuesday and its nothing but boredom. Zzzz~ Not much of going out so not much photos. But there are a few la. Taken with the samsung so a bit not so nice.

On Tuesday before coming back to Melaka I went to Midvalley for awhile. Like less than an hour i think. Su Pheen dear's birthday is coming so gotta go get her a gift.

As usual, a trip to FOS was a must. Haha~

I miss camwhoring in the fitting room

HAven't been doing it since study break starts.

Don't mind my bad skin. Haven't been sleeping well that's why its looks like shit.

I know 50% of my clothes are from FOS but I just can't get enough of it.

This time I tried their sleeping gowns which looked so cute. I wanna buy them all.

This looks more like a LBD than a sleeping gown right? DAmn nice. If I bought it, I would have use it as a dress than a sleeping gown. Not that anyone would appreciate if I wore so nice to sleep also. Hehe~

This one is a bit too childish looking la. Plus pink is not my thing. I mean for clothings la... I only use pink colour stuff but not wear them.

I accidentally deleted this dress in full's photo. So only this is left. Hehe~ But its the same style as the black one but with those little flowers. Damn nice also.
So what do you guys think? Should I buy the sleeping gown and convert it into a dress?
I think I said about this but I will repeat it as a reason why I wanna get the sleeping gown/dress. I have dresses but most of it are suitable for dinners and special events. I need dresses for casual wear. So ya... its a good reason to get it right?
So the other question is which design should I get it in? The LBD, pink one or the black and white little flowers one? I couldn't get all coz its not that cheap.
Come on and give me comments. Don't be mean ok? I love you guys... Hahahaha~
Ok end of that.
My bestie and housemates got me my early birthday present and its....
Its a rabbit doll that I had been eyeing the whole sem
Everytime I go to Sungei Wang or Gardens I will get into the shop selling these babies and stare at them. That got Shiu Li the idea to buy this for me. So terharu. Thanks babes.... *muaks*
Thanks Shiu Li
Thanks Esther
Thanks Chooi Yin
Thanks Jane
Thanks Yeba
Thanks Mel
Erm... did I miss out anyone?
Just thanks damn a lot coz I love it a lot. Its with me 24/7 at home. I even brought it to Midvalley that day. Hahahahah~
I initially called it Lili coz Shiu Li was the one who told me that she was going to get me it. But I couldn't be so unfair to the others right? So I decided to call it Pinko or Piko coz its pink. But it sounded lame.
The other day I was out rehearsing at LTP and Cheong Ming (don't know if its the right spelling), the Korean was with me. I suddenly asked him, "Erm...what's rabbit in Korean?". He looked at me puzzled. "Tuki. Why?" Hahahahahah~ I said thanks and went off smiling.
So now the rabbit is called Tuki. :)
I'm so crazy about Tuki now that I bought the same rabbit for my Samsung. Now hanging on the phone is...
Tuki Jr. wtf
Haha~ Don't worry I'm still a big fan of Stitch. Samsung is still in my Stitchie pouch.
Well, thanks again to my dearest friends. Its my favourite birthday present so far. Erm~~~ also the only one la. Hahahah~
Dad got lost at Abdullah Hukum on the way from KLIA to fetch me. Hahahahaha~ So supposedly I was to go back at 5.30pm, end up going back at 7pm. -_____-
I know many people don't get it why I take so long to pack my things to and fro KL/Melaka everytime break and school re-open.
Here's why...
That's how much things I bring to and fro each time during break and school reopens
The reasons are simple. I don't have of clothes so I have to bring back to Melaka so that I can dress nicely during the break. Then there's no bags in Melaka that I can use so I have to bring back my whatever bags back. As for food, there's no snacks at home coz nobody eats them, so I have to bring snacks back.
For those who think its little stuff, let me tell you about the amount.
  • One bagpack of magazines
  • One bagpack of books
  • Two bags of clothes
  • Two bags of food
  • One bag of bags/handbags
  • One bag of toiletteries/makeup/accessories
  • One bag of shoes
  • Laptop
  • One box of cables/charger/camera/handphone/mp3
  • violin

Hahahaaahahah~ Now you know the real crazy me.

Will update about the stuff I bring back to KL by the end of the break. I think more stuff will be added to those above.

Last thing before I leave, I'm in love Chris Daughtry's songs. I mean all the songs only had his voice right? So its his songs lor...

My fave for the moment is What about now? Check out the video. Super meaningful.

Heart Chris Daughtry
Ok lah... Gotta go.
Currently cleaning up the closet. Old clothes gotta go so that new stuff could get a place. Heheheheh~
Hair makeover tomorrow. Uber excited.
Wait for it.


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