Wednesday, December 31, 2008

RIP Grandpa Wong

I thought the year was going to end normally and without any special event coming up. But this morning I was woken by mama because I took her phone (hehe~ my handphone is out of credit :P). I asked her what happened and she said calmly that my maternal grandpa passed away.

Mama was able to be so calm coz few years back we hardly contact gong gong (what I called Grandpa Wong) because of some family issues I shall not reveal. And I hardly felt anything because of the same reason as well.

The memory that I could think of of Grandpa Wong is he put both me and Christine in his old Volkwagon Beetle to play in it when we were very young. I was sitting at the driver's seat while Christine was at the passenger's seat. I guess that was when I started loving Volkswagon Beetle. :D

Well, no matter what I know gong gong would be in a happier place now coz he had been suffering a lot this year. I prayed that God had mercy on him and bless his soul.

Gong gong, where ever you are.... Rest in peace....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rest of the photos from Carolling

Updated: Don't forget the contest is not over :) *click here*


I know carolling sudah lapuk one week ago. But here are the rest of the photos.

Anyways, its not what special photos lah... Just photos of me camwhoring. Don't continue if you are already tired of seeing my face.

Day 2 of Carolling- Dataran Pahlawan

This is what I wore on stage

Coz they wanted long sleeve black top which I don't have so I had to wear my black jacket. Which is a big torture coz its damn hot at those mall. Wonder what happened to all their air-cons.

And that pink scarf was given to all the members. I chose one of the nicer color.

My bangs are too long again. Another visit to Nika's house is needed before I get back to uni.
$$$ flying off again.... T____T
Sinren didn't come to support my carolling this week so I have no cameraman. T____T But thank god at Dataran Pahlawan some supporters came and I had my photos taken. :) *hugs*

Waiting for the violin performance to start
As you can see I'm surrounded by other kids and I'm the eldest violin player. T____T

Checking my tuning
Look at how Caleb is smiling...haha~ Like damn kelakar. Oh... he's the kid I circled with red on my right side.
THe other guy that I circled with red is the hottie that everyone is totally into in the choir. For me... ok lah good looking lah... but I think he's a bit show off.

Jacy's niece came to support her and seeing her for the first time excites me coz she's so damn cute...

Woops! She's not looking at the camera
Looks so damn cute right?
She looks more like Jacy than her own mother. Haha~ And she's so Korean right? Hahahahahaha~ Just like dear ol Jacy. I think she looked at Jacy too much when she's a baby that's why.

Those who came to support me
Thanks babes.... muaks muaks muaks
Day 3 of Carolling- Mahkota Parade
I sat in my mother's friend's car and was super boring so camwhore time.

Super cool wtf
Haha~ And that was all the photos for day 3 coz nobody came to support so no other photos taken. :P
Day 4 of Carolling-Mahkota Parade and Tesco
I was too sick to sing so I only played violin and became the page turner. :S But there are some photos I took of the rest of the choir lor.
The Bethlehem Choir
My mama
That's Jacy who looks super serious XD
The pianist which is my church's choir's conductor
Her daughter, the one wearing white, was suppposed to be the page turner but she pissed her mother off coz she kept asking her mum to buy her an ice cream. So I became the page turner. Haha~

And this is the little girl is the angel who recited bible verses
Super geng ok? She memorized all the verses and made no mistakes.
Well, that's all from the carolling lah...
I have so many videos that I wanna post up but the line is really not helping. So please wait till I get back to KL to post it. Which is next week lah... Can't wait coz I can get my freedom.
Not tat I don't love my home here but a girl needs her little freedom at times.
Gotta go.
See you guys in the next update.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas shopping and a present for you

Hello hello...

Christmas finally passed and I'm free to blog again. :)

Didn't take a lot pictures this year so I guess I won't be blogging about it la. I don't know what's wrong but the Christmas celebration this year was quite blah. Sigh~~~ super sien.

As promised this post is going to be a little bit of a fun and you guys could stand a chance to win a small gift from me.

No... I did not win any rotary but I just wanna thank you guys for reading my blog.

Anyways, last week I did my last minute Christmas shopping with mama but before going over to Dataran Pahlawan, we went to Portuguese settlement to check out the Christmas decorations.

Every year during Christmas the place most decorated in Melaka would be Portuguese Settlement. I must say that there's where the Christmassy thingy happening.

I wanna capture everything without flash but it became so blurry.
Anyways, all these photos were taken from one particular house that I found their decorations were super nice every year. Will go to Portuguese Settlement again to take more.

CAn you spot the santa? And also the train at the roof?

Ok now for the Christmas shopping.
We went back to Nichii and this time all the dresses I found there was damn nice. I didn't know which one to choose coz mama only allow me to get one.
Ugly faces of moi had been brightened out.
I like this dress eventhough it was quite OL lah... but like damn cool la. Especially the poofy top. But my tummy area was too emphasized lah.

This dress is super likey!!! And its that chifonny (is that a word?) material that let's your skin breathe so super nicely. But too bad there's only one of this left.

This is also very retro. My mum said she had something like this when she was younger. I like the flower print on the dress. But its a bit loose lah...

Me love love love this dress a lot coz I like clothings that are 'V' at the chest area. Yaya... i know i've got nothing to show but I like la. Cannot is it?
Don't know why all the dresses had some parts that I dislike. This one neh... the top is a bit weird at the back. Forgot to take it down and show you guys.

This one looks so good on the mannequin so I decided to try it too. And it looks good on me too. :P The only prob with it is... I don't think I can find any. Hahahahaah~
Alrighty, now comes the moment where I ask the question and you guys do the guessing and winning the ultimate prize.
The question is... Which dress did you guys think I bought for Christmas?
Its up to your judgement to guess which dress I wore for the Christmas celebration and no... Parveen, you can't bribe to tell you the answer.
The first one who answered the correct answer will be given a present picked up by me especially for you. Those who leave the answer in the tagbox will not be entertained.
All you have to do is to leave your answer in the comment box and that's it. If I don't know you personally, please leave your url or email address so I can contact you some way or the other.
But I doubt anyone I don't know would participate lah...
So start guessing now and the due date is on 31st Dec where I would post the photo of the correct answer up.
So are you up for it?
K lah.. Gotta go.
Photos from some event needed to be edited.
p/s: those who saw me on 24th Dec does not entitle to join :P
p/p/s: those who don't know how to leave a comment can go and die can ask me how to do it on the tagbox.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Birthday presents 2008

Hello hello hello~

The birthday had been over for a week and I've collected quite a few presents from all my lovely people.

First of all, thanks so much to everyone and I love all the presents that you guys gave.


I gotta mention my first present that I received long before my birthday coz I haven't posted any photos of it.
Look at how big the plastic and the present is :)

Next present from Lee Ying...

A set of Adidas Fruity Rhythm's Eau de Toilette and Perfumed Deodorant

From The Gang...

A pair of heels :)
From Fay the 大姐姐... hahahahaha~
Blue chiffon dress
Me love love love you so much, Fay 大姐姐.
Last but not least, from the dumb blonde, Anusha...
A top from ALI
Anu knows the best that I love ALI's stuff coz we loved to shop at ALI, BUM City everytime we go lepak in MP. Love love love~
I have no idea what ALI stands for. Does anyone know?
Not only the top is pink, it also has musical elements in it... Anu knew me too well. :)
Well, that's all the presents I've got. And I seriously like them a lot a lot.
Am still waiting for one final present from the boyfriend and this week is the week that I will get it. Wheee~~~~
Oh ya, I forgot to post one more present which was given my parents. Mama and Papa bought me a new pair of spectacles from Solviet Titus coz my old one senget until cannot senget d. But I seldom wears it coz I don't wanna spoil it again and also coz I wore contact lenses to most places.
K lah... gotta go.
One last thing before I leave, I've decided to give my blog's supporter a small gift for their support in reading my blog for a year. So for the next post there's a small contest which might entitle you to win something.
Not that I've won Toto or something. Just a small give as a token of thank you.
So wait for it k?

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Hello jello lovely people who reads my blog,

The performances for Bethlehem Choirs ended last night. Thank goodness coz I am about to collapse soon if it doesn't end anytime sooner.

On Saturday, halfway through the performance I couldn't sing anymore. Coz I couldn't stop coughing and sneezing. So I rested. On Sunday, I didn't sing at all coz my voice changed altogether. And the sickness just gets worst. What terrible monsoon season is this?

Hopefully I get well fast coz tomorrow's Buvie and Peili's birthday celebration. I wanna wear my new black bikini!!!

Anyways, for today's post. Pictures from our birthday/anniversary's dinner. It was to celebrate both mum and my birthdays and mum and dad's wedding anniversary dinner.

I wore this

Woots! I found the good use of photoshop. Now my messy room will not be visible. Hehe~

Top: From FOS
Bottom: Also from FOS
Belt: Jonker Street
Bag: Guess by Marciano

We went to this Western Food chain called...
Coz we had coupons for buy one free one

Hehe~ So cheapskate la my family.

IS it a chinaman thing not to look at the camera when your photo is being taken?
Most of the time I ask him to pose he will not look at the camera.

Please excuse my dry hair
I lazy wanna put the serum coz was already late. XD

Orange and pineapple juice
Tasteless like hell.

Not bad la the soup...normal Campbell soup only. But I would prefer if the fried the bread a bit.
We ordered Ostrich steak coz we had not eaten Ostrich ever.

Ostrich meat tasted like a mixture of chicken and beef
I don't know if its the cook was not that good at Windmill coz I didn't really like the ostrich steak. It was like nothing special. =___=
Didn't mean to boast but I can make better potato salad than this
Li shan and my boyfriend can prove it. Hehe~

The other thing that we ordered was fish and chips with rice
This so-called pineapple rice is just fried rice with pineapples thrown in
It came to the conclusion that Windmill's food was not that good. I don't know about its branch in Melaka Raya la but I think this one in Jusco Melaka sucks.
Its not that my taste bud are super geng or what but there's really no decent Western Food chain in MElaka nowadays.
Oh ya, there's still this Amigo. Haven't been there for a long time so don't know how's the food. Will have to try it to know it.
Ok lah... gotta go take a nap coz I'm stil not feeling all well yet.
Recently most of my posts are about food. Will post something more interesting soon.
See ya...
p/s: Any idea where to buy white tights? I'm looking for one.


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