Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Resolution 2010

So I do this every year (*2009's*). Usually at the beginning of the year but because I'm lacking post to post up so I've decided to do this first.

First is to review my 2009's resolution.

Well, 2009 is technically not over but what more can I do in one day la right? So yeap am gonna review them now.

1. Continue hitting 3.0 for my CGPA
Well, most people tried to hit 4.0 while I just try to hit 3.0. LOL~ Coz I know that I'm like not that hardworking compared with anyone else. So in my own ability I think hitting 3.0 is sufficient la. And I did hit it =) Not really a high 3.0 but I think I'm really satisfied with it. The thing that I'm most proud of is getting an A- for my dissertation. You guys have no idea how hard I worked on it and all the sweat and tears were all paid of with the A-. Super happy. =)

2. Finish reading the bible in approximately 3 years
In a very slow process due to my very very lazy self. LOL. Will work harder this year. Ganbatte Dorcas Pang!!!

3. Stop my bad habits completely
Failed dot com. =(

4. Gain weight to hit 50kg
Dumbest resolution ever!!! But I did complete it. Haha~ And I was nearly over weight. Can you believe it? Now I'm trying very hard to maintain it coz I don't wanna go over weight. But the plus side is that people think I looked better with a lil meat on my face =)

5. Save up to RM3000

6. Take good care of my own health
Fail super terribly. When I do my 2009's event review you will get to know how many times I was sick. =(

7. Visit a foreign country
Didn't even go to Singapore =( coz when I started working I just forget about time. And also coz I didn't save enough money to go anywhere. But I did go to three trips this year. Twice to Genting and once to Port Dickson. Oh and I also went on a road trip with my ex-house mates. So yea, not bad considering that I hardly went on a holiday years before.

8. End the turmoil of menstrual pain
Didn't end it but it got better. Thank God! I think the most important to control the pain is self-control. I need to learn that a lot!!!

9.Exercise everyday
Did a lil more exercise than I used to but didn't do it on a regular basis. Also started some cycling which I abandoned during December due to all the rehearsals and other stuff.

10.Graduate and get a job
Of course I graduated. The job that I got was a big favor done by my senior, Cindy and her mother. Without their kick start, I don't think I have a place to start my music teaching. The pay that I earn now is not really and is not steady every month. But I liked it a lot except for the part that I had to work 6 days per week. O_o. Not planning to change the environment anytime soon. Maybe I'll do this till I get sick of it la.

Well, out of 10 resolutions I had achieved 3 of them. Not bad huh? Some are half way done and its considered not bad right?

Anyways, so this year I'm not gonna dream big and do 10 resolutions like I did for few years now. I've decided to just limit myself to only 5. So check 'em out...

1. Finish reading the bible in approximately two years

This is taking too long. Seriously have to work harder lor. Its not that difficult right? Many people had done it so can I!!!

2. Maintain a steady amount of savings every month

Seriously need to save more. Coz I've been planning to take some extra music courses (ie: JMC, Musikgarten) by the end of 2010 or 2011. Plan to take them so that I can get the license to teach those courses so that I can earn more in the future.

And also I wanna go on vacations more often la. So money is needed. A LOT OF IT is need!!!

Money is also needed for the future Mr. & Mrs. Liow, if you know what I mean ^///^ Yea, we're saving for it too. Ganbatte to you too Sinren Liow. *muaks*

3. Do exercise everyday

Gotta lose that fat bum!!!! Haha~

4. Visit a foreign country for a vacation

Determined to get on a plane this year. This year my travel buddy is going to be Deepa Chandra. So babe, save up ya!!! Don't spend so much at Etude please. Haha~

5. Take my piano's ATCL and violin's Grade 6 exams and pass with satisfaction results.

Hopefully I can get really good results and make my old people and teachers proud. So I have to work harder than what I am doing now which is like nothing coz I'm slacking like a dog wtf. Gotta get a distinction for my violin or else the kids who's grade is higher than me will look down on me like I'm a piece of dirt. Die also must get it!!!

Ok that's my five. Let's see how many I'm manage to achieve this year (2010 I mean).

Oh, apart from all the resolutions, I also hope that I will be able to manage my church's youth fellowship properly as the chairlady. Its my first time but I'm sure I'll be able to do it just fine. Hopefully I don't earn enemies from being the chairlady. As if I had not enough. Haha~

Tonight Sinren's coming back and unlike how I always planned to go to fabulous countdown spots, this year we're staying indoors to the comfort of my new Milan sofa, drinking cold milk and watching Taiwan's countdown event on tv.

So see you guys tomorrow or 2010. ;)

Happy New Year everyone....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hello... I still haven't get all of the Christmas pictures yet so I've decided to do a filler post.

I bet those who are into fashion are aware that leggings are quite popular recently. I was not a big fan but recently when I playfully tried on one of the ripped leggings at Nichii, I felt in love with it.
Don't you think its so damn cool??? (credits to

I've already thought of what top to go with the ripped leggings that I'm gonna get. =D

Can't wait to get my hands on this baby the next time I'm shopping =) (Credits to

Another leggings that I think that is quite awesome (but not as cool as the ripped leggings) is the shiny black pvc-ish leggings.
Its like you're wearing a pvc woman style. Haha~ (credits to

(Credits to

I have doubts about getting this coz its like too "showy" don't you think? I mean who wears pvc clothing and walk around. Erm... I think got la. But I don't think I would.

Its still cool to me but I don't have the guts to try it. As for the ripped leggings, I think I'm up for it coz it looks "approachable" wtf. Haha~

K la... I'm not really feeling well right now. Having a massive headache and my tummy is rumbling like mad. Going to call it a day soon.

Will post soon. So check in often ya.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Tiring-ness is over

Well, all is done today but I'm very very very tired right now.

I felt asleep on the sofa after dinner and just woke up right now (2130). Gonna post this up and go back to sleep.

Today is not much interesting la actually coz I haven't collect all the Christmas photos from everyone coz I didn't take much coz I was really busy. Will post it up when I get it all.

Today is just to update on my Project 365...

#72- 211209 Went for a meeting at church...super ganjeong coz it was my first official YF meeting

I had not talk about this but I've been elected as next year's Youth Fellowship's chairlady. Nothing much to talk about it la... Just hope I could do my best to help out as the chairlady.

#73- 221209 Painted my nails plum colour...nice?

Then decided to add some nail art to it.

Used my nail art brush to draw some flowers. I think its hibiscus la...simply draw one. It looked quite nice lor in real life. The bad megapixel of my BB's camera did no justice to the awesomeness.

Also did my toes.

Deepa said it looked like Christmas tree's baubles. Haha~

Ok so I had this hairstyle since forever. I can't even remember the last time I had it restyled. It looks the bloody same.

So I decided to get it professionally done at a high end saloon. After checking out a few, I decided to do go to Backstage at MP...I told him (the hairstylist) about how I wanted my hair to look like and let him do his thing...

#74- 231209 Getting my hair done at Backstage

Nice decorated christmassy.

So basically he straighten my fringe and the sides of my hair and then snip it up a bit. He told me that its going to be one hour. But it turned out to be three gruesome hours. And I was nearly late for the Christmas celebration's rehearsal.

The biggest disappointment was my hairstyle still looked the same from the last time. Just that the bangs are cuter. =(

Spent RM150 on it and it still looked the same with my old hairstyle which I only pay for like RM50. T_T Super sigh~~~~~

Sinren asked me to get it cut probably will go get it done soon. I love him for sponsoring it ^^.

Well, will be posting on christmas soon k?

So wait for it ;D


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sampat Sunday...

So on Sunday (20/12) we had our church's annual Sunday School celebration. We're no longer in Sunday School so we just erm...sit around and do nothing. But after the whole celebration...we started our usual nie. People finish everything d nie we start to sampat.

The guys asked me to take photos for them so I did...

In case you didn't know who is who: from left to right: Kelvin, Paulie and Jo.

When asked to take photos for us girls, this happened...
Where the hell are we you asked? We were not even on the stage yet and the stupid cameraman took this. WTFish?!?

Stupid cameraman...wasted memory space nie. Haha~ But quite funny la right? HAhahahaha~

If you wonder whats on our heads (the twirly balloon thingy), its a door gift for all kids who came. We stole a few. Wakakakkakaa~

The better one...but I looked so damn old among these little gurls. T_T

Will pastor William and the clown

The Sunday School teachers hired a clown for this celebration. I find it quite boring but kids love it. Guess I'm no more a kid huh?

More family photos...inspired by the night before.

But this is a gay family wth. Haha~

Why Joyce eyes terbeliak like that? Haha~

Another gay family with two partners wth?!? HAha~ Chris and I are twins coz we have the same pose.

So boob grabbing action from the gay partners. HAhahahahahahaha~ Kelvin actually stuffed two bottles into his baju to create boobs.

Now the lesbian family...

Take too much until sien d. Now think back...its not that funny after all. HAha~

Then we went downstairs to the library to play with all the colourful balloons the clown left behind.

BTWs, all photos are highly photoshopped coz the guys are very vain/gay.
Oh I forgot to mention that I'm gonna put Christmassy frames for all the Christmas posts. So'll see nice, colorful frames from this day on till end of December.

Erm... this is a photo of me and a rat-look-alike Kelvin. Haha~

His bling!?

My beloved Grace...who came in to see what we were doing and grabbed her for a pic. She was pretty reluctant...but who cares? HAha~

I also photoshopped Jo coz he had really uneven skintone after he returned from the beach trip he went to.

#72- 201209 Avatar inspired wtf. Hahahahahahaha~

Super lame la my friends. HAha~ Kind of think of it...all my guy friends are super lame. WHY?!? WHY ME?!?!?!?!?!?!

OMG!!!! A cock is growing out from his max!!!

Gayness to the max!!!

I don't know why my church guys are trying to out-gayed each other. Haha~ Super gross. Please stop this shit right now.

After much craziness I followed Jo and Joyce back to their house to chill for a bit. Kena con one. Coz Jo said he'll be teaching me how to ride the mini bike. But reach his house he said the floor is too wet. =_=
Then Jo died...hahahahahhahaha~

Where got people watch tv like that one you tell me. Hahahahahahaha~


And Joyce is heavily photoshopped coz she said its unfair that she had no makeup on and I had makeup on. So I promised to photoshop her kao kao. Even did her nails sekali. HAha~

Tonight is the Christmas Eve Celebration. Please wish me luck that I don't forget my lines for the drama or trip and fall or something. =_=

Well then, shall see you guys the next time I have photos to post.

See ya~

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Carol at John's house 191209

After work and showering and helping mama with the salad, I went over to The Ngs to help out for their open house. I'm officially a part of Ngs...their dog...hahaahahahaha~Inside joke with Joyce and Jo. My new doggie name is Dookie Ng...thank you very much. Haha~

Anyways, no pictures of the caroling part coz I was busy singing and playing violin and stuff. But my church friend recorded me playing violin and had posted up on FB. Will link it for you guys to see it at the end...

So the party starts after all is done and when everyone is gone... Paul, Kelvin and some of the rest of the crazy people come over after singing at Soh's open house. We had a crazy night of singing, laughing lots of sampat photos...

We were pretty normal at this time...just taking photos together and stuff...normal la kan?

My owner...Joyce Ng...woof woof. HAhaha~

Taken by Bernice, Joyce's niece. Not bad huh? Hahahahhahahaha~

OK that's the whole lot of normal the craziness begins...

So it got hotter coz we were laughing so much. So I tied up my hair and clip up my fringe and they said that they wanna take a group photo. So I set up the timer and sat there. But non was ready. So this came out...
Hahahahahahahaha~ I was like sitting there damn straight up. They saw the pic and was like "Eh! 你很象我们的阿婆咧" (Eh! You looked like our grandmother leh...) SEriously I admit that I do look like a grandma/ancestor in this pic. Like those behind are my grandchildren. Hahahahah~

So we decided to take more family photo...
I was supposed to look serious but I cannot tahan and ter-smile...haha~

Now this is good. Dookie, the serious grandma and JAck, the grumpy grandpa...with the grandchildren. HAhahahahahaha~

Joey (Jo and Joyce's sister) kept making fun of me and their male domestic help from Nepal. Damn effing shy can.. I was just joking about him being cute and they started pulling him over to take photos with me. WTH!!!!!!
That's him I circled...very good looking la now?? HAHAHA~ Everyone was laughing coz they thought I was really going to take a pic with him. T____T Everyone is so mean...

Instead of running to sit with him after setting up the timer...I ran and stood at the back. Make me scared of him only la you all. Hahahahahahaha~

Check out where he put his hand on JAck's leg....ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~ Thank god I was not sitting there!!!

Anyways, he's married and had a kid la k? And he's no where near good looking for me k? WTFish betul.

Oh there's this girl that Jo likes in this photo...its the girl on the far right...pretty right???? I also think so.

More group photos taking...
I asked everyone to act cute...manatau the guys can act cuter than we girls...was quite surprised. Look at Jo and pro nie. HAha~

Notice Jo's new hairstyle. Nice right!!!!! Compare with this post *here*.

Supposed to act cute but it looks so plain nie...

I asked everyone to look scared....sial Kelvin had to look at me for inspiration. Hahahahahahaha~

And Jo was like making this weird sound while taking photo...haha~ DAmn stupid. I had to tahan not to laugh.

This is "saw lengchai/lenglui (good looking guys/girls) across the street" pose.

Phewitt~~~~ Weiwei looked so cute. That's how she looks like if she sees a lengchai. HAha~

And Jo is pointing at me coz he said there's only one lenglui here which is me. WTFish?!? I thought its the other one?!?

I wanted to pretend to kiss Jo without him noticing...but Wei got a shock when she saw me doing the kissy kissy and started laughing. So I started laughing too. Spoil d the plan. Haha~

So Wei and I planned properly making sure that he doesn't know this time to make it work. Thought that we made it but manatau he knew our plan and turned and looked at me. I opened my eyes and saw him smirking at me, seriously gave me a shock. HAha~

He said he wanted to laugh d but tahan. He said my kissy face really damn funny. Haha~

Still attempting to kiss him. HAhahahahahaa~

We decided to do the family photo again coz it was so funny.
Wanted to pull a straight face like Jo but failed coz it was too funny. Look how sampat he looks la. Summore button up his shirt. HAhahahahahahahaah~

I think I look funny too. Hahahaahahahaha~

#71- 191209 Happy grumpy family. Hahahahahahah~

Sampat betul all my church friends.

You see all the repeating people in the photos but they are others. Some of them are singing with Jack on the guitar. Wanted to record videos of all the songs they sang but was busy sampating so didn't. Only took one.

Jo paying for the show wtf...hahahahahahahahah~

At 12am, my parents came over to shoo me back home coz I was begging them to let me stay but they didn't allow. T_T They wanna make sure I don't "keke" say wanna stay longer then at last tired d terus sleep there. Wahahahaa~ They knew me so well. That was my plan. Wakakakakaka~

REached home and camwhored a bit before falling into a blackout state....hahahahaha~ Too tired punye pasal.
Hello broad forehead...

The weekend was extra tiring coz I had to juggle between work and play and lots of craziness. Really felt like I haven't slept for a week was only two days. But it was all good coz Decembers are like that and I love it!!!

More photos coming up tomorrow.

See you guys...


p/s: I nearly's the link of the video of me playing the violin with Caleb *here*
Please do comment ya =)


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