Saturday, January 24, 2009


What planned to be a peaceful CNY had been destroyed completely since yesterday...

Why lah like that...

Can't blog while I'm in Melaka coz the wireless hilang and the landline is like shit. :(



Blog once i'm back in KL...don't give up on me.

Friday, January 23, 2009

More eye candies...

Those who watches Ugly Betty might know Henry from Accountacy.

Don't you guys ever wonder who is this guy? I mean under those specs I bet Henry would be super good looking lor... Don't you guys think so?

So out of boredom, I googled "Henry from Ugly Betty" to find out who he is....yala yala, maybe some of you guys know already. I'm damn outdated mah...

And the results...

OMG!!! He is really damn good looking lor... Told you my "eye candy spoting" eyes are incredible. AHahahhahahahaahah~

Anyways, this cutie's name is Christopher Gorham.
Look at that smile. I think its the smile that melts me to jelly.
He has the same broad forehead like mine but how comes he looked so good without any fringe covering it while I need fringe my whole life???? Life is so unfair...
Well, I found out that other than Ugly Betty, Christopher also stars in this "star trek-ish" series called JAke 2.0.

Anybody heard about this?
Can tell me bout the storyline and maybe tell me where to download it...please please please, pretty please... :)
Oh another thing about Ugly Betty...
I love America Ferrera. I think she's gorgeous. Don't you guys think so?
I mean she is plump and everything but she carries herself so confidently. Will that ever happen to me? T____T
I guess that is true beauty lor... No matter how you look... its all about the confidence. I think confidence already kill half the fear of being looked down on. And I guess that is why those super gothic and some lala people dare to leave the house. I mean...don't they even look at the mirror? Sometimes they look so damn weird and scary lor.
I seriously look up to Ugly Betty lor... and that is why I love watching it. Coz she has that confidence that I am looking for. And I think that's the objective of the show. To let low-esteemed people to build confidence.
To those feeling they don't belong coz they looked ugly, cheers... coz I feel that way too. :) But one day we would find that confidence and I bet we would be the prettiest girls in our own rights.
Jiayou everyone....
p/s: Wah~~~~ I feel like a motivator pulak now. Hahahahahahaha~

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CNY shopping

Last Friday Sinren and I went to Times Square and Sg Wang to get our CNY clothes.

So early in the morning we had breakfast at Pudu then took bus to Times Square. Walked for a bit at Sg. Wang, got my dress and we went to lunch at Low Yat.

This stall here sells Okonomiyaki...kononnye from Daimon. Not sure how true it is.

We ordered this set meal which includes some cold dish, ice lemon tea and okonomiyaki.

This is the cold dish which I've forgotten what's its name. You know like those cold dish you had at people's wedding?
It was not bad lah... Helps to open up the appetite.
Actually I've been there once before with Li Shan. *link* I thought it was damn tasty so I decided to go there and let neney try it too.

We dug right into the okonomiyaki when it arrived. So no full picture of it. Hahhahahaha~
The seafood okonomiyaki has prawns and sotong in it. And the white thing on top of it is scallops. They gave 3 of it which was quite generous d lor.
Anyways, I was disappointed that the okonomiyaki was not as nice as expected. It was nice the first time I was there. Don't know what happened to eat. It was all flour-y and sweet sauce taste. And it was super overpriced.
Never going back again...
Then after walking around Times Square we went to have tea time in...
That day we seriously we ate a lot. No wonder I got sick and puked all over my bed on Saturday morning.

While waiting for our food to come....and my hair looked so long d... :)
Sorry I looked so exhausted coz I am.
My boyfriend kap-ing other girls....hahahaha~ no lah. He was on the phone.
Food came...
Sinren ordered this but it was way below under his expectation.
There was no sago in it like other sai mai lou. And I thought sai mai lou got lots of ice one?
He said not nice but I wouldn't know coz I didn't try.

Mine coz I was not allowed to drink anything cold. Life with Sinren Liow is boring. Hahahahaha~
No lah. Coz he concerns of my health mah... Remember my resolution was to end all turmoil of menstrual pain. So I must not drink anything cold at this time of the month.
I'm sure I can tahan one...
Nice... coz not so sweet and not to tasteless....
Me love white fungus lots. How I wish they gave me a full bowl of it. ^ ^

I forgot what toast is this but it has lots of butter and condensed milk on it.
Fatty food for the fatty...hahahahhaha~ But he said he's gonna lose weight. Haahahahahaha~ Please believe the man. Hahahahahahahahah~
He said the bread's too thick. Not that nice.
Oooooh! My love mantaoS!!!!!
This is mantaos with sweet and sour sauce. DAmn nice. I could eat like a dozen of it.
But then again if I did, I would end up in PPUM. Hahahahahahahhahahah~
Digging in to our food.
Itu Sinren macam tak boleh tunggu lagi. Hahahahahahah~

Now for me buy. I only one dress from the RM25 shop. I know that the shop is super common coz all the clothes in these shops are the same. But... its how you wear it that differs you from another person. And also it depends on the person too. So I think I can wear a different flavor from everyone else. :)
My dress...
I don't know if you guys can see it coz I had to do lots of editting to it.
Paulie said that the room too messy. So to avoid embarassment and jatuhkan my roommates' maruah, I hitamkan dia. (Why am I using so much BM these days?) And I looked hideous so I brighten my face till can't see anything. Lol...
If you guys can't see the dress, wait for the CNY posts lah. Sure can see more properly one.
I also bought a beautiful bow hairband from Diva to match my dresses CNY this year. But didn't take a photo of it.
K lah... that's all nie.
Before I leave, here's a photo of the idiot whom I love so much...
HAhaahahahahaha~ Damn funny.
His face is better than mine. As in less pimples and not so uneven in skin tone. I hate/love you.
Going home tomorrow.
Packing, packing, packing.
So happy.
Your prinsezz is going back home deariez...
I'm still thinking whether to bring the laptop back or not. Will update if I did or else, wait for pre-scheduled posts.
Love ya all...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Estee Lauder Turbo Lash Launch Event

Last weekend, Yvonne, who I know from a forum for many years now, asked me for a favor. She won some online contest and was invited to Estee Lauder's Turbo Lash mascara Launch event/prize giving event. But she couldn't make it coz she had to work. So she asked me to go as an representative.

So, yea, today I went to KLCC to attend the event...ALONE!!!! Super ganjeong ok?

I'm not that type of person who is super brave. I am actually very timid in the inside. Many people thinks I'm super brave.

I reach there nie actually quite early lor. But I didn't read the email Yvonne sent me so I went straight to the Concourse to look for the Estee Lauder booth. But don't have wor... So I read the email properly and realized that its in Isetan. Hahahahahaha~ Blur sotong strikes!!!

Went there and got caught by the temptation of the 70% discount at Guess. Hahahahahahah~

Went to the Estee Lauder booth and saw everything was already set up. Everyone was in black and wear until damn nice. I thought they had a dresscode or something. I looked at myself. Wearing a stupid tee with jeans. So don't fit there. T_____T I wanted to run home that moment. Hahahahahah~

But after getting some boost of braveness from my mom, I marched straight to the counter to register and got myself to try out the new Turbo Lash mascara.

The mascara was fabulous. Will talk more about it at the end of the post.

The launching started at 2.30pm sharp. So unlikely of Malaysians. Bravo for once. ;P

Daphne Iking was the emcee for the event this afternoon. I saw her walking around but I didn't recognise her. But she looked really familiar lah...

And gosh!!! She's very beautiful lor. I love her a lot. I hope I can look like that when I'm a mother.

She wore a black dress till the knees and she had no more bangs. I prefered her with bangs lor... I love her killer heels. It was my favourite sorta red killer pumps. Woots~~~~

Saw some celebrities there...

Azura who wore from head to toe Nike... looking like she's off to gym or something.

Daphne said that she looks like some hip hop dancing chick. Super hot. Erm~~~ I don't think so. Just biasa nie lah. But I think she's cute lor... still couldn't shake off the impression of her as the children's show's host.

Oh, i think there was this time when they had a rumour about Azura going out with Ean from You know what? I was once out with Sinren at Sect 14. And guess who came down the road walking side by side? WAhaahahha~ Azura and Ean. I was like "Oh my... so the rumour is true?" But then again, it could be like they went to have supper together with all the other crew right? Hyek hyek hyek~

Lynn, who is a ex-pageant queen. I forgot the name of the beauty contest lah... But if you had Astro at home, you'll know who is this.

She wore a black dress as well. I told you it was as if they had a dresscode. And like Daphne, she also wore killer pumps but hers was purple. And she was holding an LV!!!! I love her...hahahaha~ I love anyone with an LV.

There's also Jojo Struys but I don't like her so I didn't take a photo of her. Haha~ That and also she kept moving about so I can't get a good shot.

Daphne started introducing the new product, Turbo Lash mascara and then proceed to trying the mascara on the spot.

Favourite quote of what she said: "I like everything that vibrates" Hahahahahaha~ Sounds so wrong. XD

I love Daphne's hair. So nice... why my hair not like hers arh?
I would imagine mama saying this at the back: "Coz you don't have her hairstylist lor..." AHahahahahah~ Which is very true lah...
I was standing at the side of the stage but I couldn't get a good shot of anything. Always blocked by some media. So I went to the middle and stood where the media stood. So daring suddenly. Hahahahaha~
And now I get clearer and better photos.

Like this of Daphne Iking...So close I can touch her nose. Hahaahhahaha~
She's so pretty.
Sorry if I sound like I'm obssessed with her. But she is pretty.
Oh... I did take photos of Jojo Struys, the not so pretty...

She looked constipated when Daphne interviewed her. Wahahahahahaha~

I don't like her. Coz I don't know why. I just don't like. Hahahahahahaha~
You know after doing her lashes right? The press wanted to take her photo. People wanna see her makeup not her. She posing like some sort of hot model. People was like just focusing on her face nie. So much for the pose. Hahahahahahaha~

Azura getting her eyes done.
I think the mascara damn good lor. Coz look at Azura's lashes. Damn nice. *click on the photo to enlarge* Hehe~ mine also looked damn nice after the touched up on my eyes. Will show you guys later lah...

Azura's hair looks like mine before I straighten it. I miss that tangly hair sometimes. Still contemplating whether or not to curl my hair back to its original style.

Lynn who just gave birth to a baby boy. Still looking so pretty and so elegant. Me likey her too...
Me likey all mamas who looked damn pretty and hot after giving birth. So jealous.
Did I tell you that Daphne's waist was super slim. So so so unbelieveable!!!
Anyways, I was taking photos of Lynn when she suddenly looked my way. I bet my camera was super AA (attracts attention) coz she did this...
So damn cute right?
i love my super bling camera lah... I think everyone loved bling stuff too. :)

I was just standing there looking around when sunddenly this Jojo Struys was right in front of me. I thought wanna take decent photo of her but her butt was facing me half the time. So no chance lah...
The above was taken when Daphne was asking her some questions.
I don't like her accessories. Like don't match nie... Bleh~~~~ I just don't really like her lah...
The event ends at 3 something and I collected Yvonne's prize and left. Oh, I also snatched some cocktails and refreshments.
I also got myself...

What's so special about this mascara?
First of all, its the first vibrating mascara in the MAlaysia (I think if not heard wrongly). Its also a four in one mascara. Four in one as in? It lengthens, curls, volumize and fan out your lashes. Giving you long, thick, super curl and fan-like lashes.
I have no idea why does it vibrates but I heard on one Taiwan beauty show says that it safes your hand from doing the zig-zag action.
You wanna listen to the vibration?

Can you hear it? Its the small little buzzing hum at the back. Can you hear it????
And the results...
I think my lashes touched my fringe. Wahahhahahahahahaah~

Oh, and the vibrating also reduces clumping (?) So you see no clumping on my lashes.
I hate clumping lor. Coz my other mascaras all would clump up. :S
Well, this mascara last for about 6 months and don't worry about the battery coz it lasts about 9 months.
People thinks that I'm crazy to get it but hey, if you're applying it on your face, why not get something good right? Not that others are not good. I just wanna give the high end brands some try mah...
I used to get Estee Lauder products all the time coz my auntie works there. But now I've no more. T_____T OR else I could have get this for free...
And Yvonne, remember to get your present from me after CNY. Hehe~
Ok lah... Wanna go sleep d. Tomorrow got class at 8am.
German ZZZZzzzzz~ So difficult ok?
And I'm sticking to this skin for the blog for the moment.
Its not ugly la. Just simple that's all.
Will try to spice it up soon.
Gotta go for real.
Bubbye people...

Monday, January 19, 2009

This blog is ugly for the moment

Sorry... I messed up the html and lost the skin.

So now using a basic skin.

Will work on finding a nice one soon.

Sorry ya...
Don't know why I'm super emo right now.

Maybe its because the weekend just ended. It came and went so fast. T_____T

I used to be some literature wannabe freak who writes like artsy literature stuff coz I wanna be with that type of people coz i'm like desperate.

I wrote this coupld of years ago...

"Love is like soup.
You must cook it slowly.
Not too much heat and not too much stirring.
Then the most nutricious soup is produced."

Cehwah~ what do I know about love back then? All I know was staring at good looking boys and drool at them. I haven't even met Sinren back then.

But kinda think of it...eventhough what I wrote was kinda childish, it was true don't you think so?

I mean how do you cook soup? Do you use like super strong fire/gas/heat to cook it? You could do it coz its faster but you stand a risk of burning the whole pot up. How bout too small or weak fire? The fire might be blown by the wind and left with no fire. Then your soup will never be cooked.

Same as love. Take the soup as your relationship. And the fire/gas/heat as passion. You do need passion to make your relationship work right? So think about it. If the passion is too strong all the time, don't you think you risk of drying up everything? And everything just go by and end? How bout if you had no passion? Your relationship won't work. And nothing would happen and its no point going on.

Soup must be cooked at different temperature at different times. Sometimes I even put the heat to 'mid' mode. When putting some extra seasonings or ingredients, I would turn it up high and when its boiling too much, I put it on low. Love needs different level of passion at different times too... Sometimes passion must be in full gear and at sometimes its also good to go low on the passion as well. How I wish there was a 'mid' mode for passion...hahahhahaha~

As for stirring, you can't stir the soup too often and you cannot not stir the soup at all. Like stirring, relationships needed conflicts. I must say that I have not seen any couples that I know without any conflict. No matter big or small. Conflicts occur. But if the conflict comes too often, its not healthy for the relationship.

Sinren and I had been "cooking our soup" for 3 years and 4 months now. I must say at times "our soup" must have tasted terrible. But we are learning and its a long process till our "soup" would be "tasty and nutricious".

Sinren dear, I love making this "soup" with you and I never want this "soup" to ever dry up or finished. I just wanna continue to cook this wonderful "soup" with you all my life...

I love you...

HAPPY 3 YEARS AND 4 MONTHS...slightly late but tak aper kan? Hehe~

p/s: speaking bout soup. I missed mama's ABC soup. 4 days till I'm back home again. :)

p/p/s: sorry if you don't get the "soup-thology" wtf. I'm so emo right now i'm crappin'.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jane's get together birthday lunch :)

Hello hello~

Gosh! you have no idea how tired i am this week. But tak sangka I so tired still can blog huh? Hehehe~

Tell you why I'm so tired....

Monday...times square and sg wang with paulie
tuesday...1u with Esther and chooiyin
wednesday...1u with mel, esther, jane and li shan
thursday...midvalley with mel, esther and li shan
friday...times square and sg wang with sinren coz was sick
sunday...midvalley with sinren

Tell me who won't be exhausted wei? CAnnot lah... shopaholic also needs a rest. I shall not go any malls next week. Like seriously. Or else I think I would really lose my legs....

Anyways that day I went to 1u and bought this top...

Umbrella ella ella hooded top from FOS. I think its gonna look damn good with jeans and suitable to wear to uni.

My yellow colour hooded top had stains of blue on it coz my bra from la senza freaking fades colour. :( Not very amused lor... so expensive summore will fade. So low class meh? So anyways, I've to replace my hooded top lor. Plus the yellow one is too tight d. This one is loose enough and the material is thin and breatheable. :)

On the same day, we also went to buy Jane's birthday cake...

...which consists of a few different mini cakes.

I can't remember all the cakes but there's brownie with walnut, marble cheese cake, chocolate fudge and bla bla bla...

We wanted to do a surprise mini celebration for her at 12am actually. With "Happy Birthday" banner even. But manatau she came back late and all of us was super tired already. Hehehehe~ So I was incharge of showing her her cake and giving her the present. Hope you liked it gal.... :)

Then on her bday itself we pay backed la for the lost. Right after class we went to 1u's Seoul Garden to celebrate her birthday over lunch. We wanted to go to karaoke actually coz that's what we did last year but she couldn't coz she had some recordings to prepare for. So we went to Seoul Garden which was better coz I've not been there ever. Not even Melaka's.

In case some who doesn't know or haven't been to Seoul Garden, its a Korean restaurant which serves BBQ stuff. Like they give you a hot plate then you can BBQ meat or whatever at all on top of it and also there's this small pot of soup for you to cook your stuff in it.
Something like those steamboat with soup and hot plate la. But this one no oil provided at all. Its a miracle nothing burnt. Hahaahhahaahah~

Because its a korean there's a variety of kimchi to choose from. My favourite has got to be the cabbage kimchi coz the others looked weird to me.
Wanted to try the carrot kimchi but don't know why didn't.
OMG!!!! Can anyone teach me how to make kimchi. I love them to the bits. So so nice!!! My mother's friend's neighbour who are koreans made mum a bottle of kimchi. I fiinished the whole bottle during the break. Wakakakakakak~ Maybe I should go to their house and ask them how to make.

So much fun lor... I love this type of restaurants. Got lots of variety of food to choose from and can play masak masak for real summore.
My friends took masak-masak seriously and started frying rice on the hotplate...

Without oil how to fry you tell me lah... Funny la these people all...
Some more add kimchi sauce into the fried rice. Hahahaahahah~ so creative arh...
Apparently they said it tasted good wor. I don't know true or not lah. Coz I didn't try mah...
Hey maybe next time we can fry mee ker or other stuff thr. Hahahahahah~ Fried ice cream maybe?

I was wearing "The happiest girl in the world" shirt and I certainly am the happiest girl that day coz eating's my passion. Ahahahhahahahahahah~
Here's me enjoying my mantao with ice cream...


I downed so many until my tummy nearly burst man I tell you. Fried mantao is the best shit in the world yo!!!
The best thing was we could make our own desserts. Coz there's this ice cream stall and some ice shavings making machine. DAmn nice woi!!!!

My creation...with ice, yam ice cream and nuts and this shit...

which looked like embryo of something or is it sperm. Hahahahahahah~
What is that exactly? CAn anyone tell me?
Anyways, my creation was super tasteless. Only the ice cream had taste. Haha~ I didn't eat anything else when I finished the ice cream.

The something out from stampede. Lolol.
Before we left, we took a group photo...

See... I told you i was obsessed with the mantao. Must pose with it summore.
But it was damn good la. Seriously.

Anyways, I saw this cake at 1u the other day. My god!!! Ain't it lovely. Like seriously. I didn't google it k? I seriously took it from a bakery.
Somebody get me a pretty cake like this for my 23rd birthday lah... I would love love love you so so so much.
Of course pretty is not enough la... I want the cake to be edible as well la...
Ok lah... gotta go...
Wanna go eat supper d. Hormones problem before period. That's why so easily hungry *excuse* HAhahahahaha~


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