Friday, February 27, 2009

Help me decide...

Tell me where should I go for my vacation....

It has to be either one. Help me decide by commenting.
Have to book tickets soon.

Thursday, February 26, 2009



Today I'm going to Melaka after class. Whee~~~~~ which means what you see here is a pre-scheduled post. Coz you know how shitty line is like in Melaka and also I have too many photos not to update. To be frank the posts you guys saw lately are mostly pre-scheduled posts because I've been busy with my thesis so I've posted a few posts beforehand so that I can entertain you guys while I'm gone. Takut hit counter drop punye pasal. Haha~

So I'll be gone for around four days. Don't miss me...

Here are some backdated photos of me and lishan when we went to watch Bride Wars. I talked about it here.

I think we are the weirdest people who decide on watching movies out of the sudden and I think my eyes are slitty in this photo

Too free while waiting for the movie to start :)

I have no idea what kinda pose is this...hahahah~

BTWs li shan darling don't blame me for putting weird photos of you. I had enough paiseh-ness looking at weird photos of me in your blog. :P *here* and many more...


Another random movie moment is last wednesday when we decided to skip class and go for a movie instead. Tsk tsk tsk~~~~

We went to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. (Sorry neney... I was supposed to watch it with you...T____T) Yay for winning three Oscars!!! (the rest of the results here)

Courtesy to

There's not much photos taken coz I was having breakfast in the cinema.

You know the McD paperbag they give when you take away?

I think its a big waste coz...

One big paperbag and one small small and I mean tiny hashbrown in it. Tsk tsk tsk~ You know how many trees wasted just like that? Sigh~~~~

But who cares....

Hashbrown is super sedap so I forgot all about my enviroment loving thingy. HAhahahahahaha~ The paperbag was thrown away without even thinking about recycling.

Okok....enough crap.

Oh now its not crap coz I'm gonna talk about something serious.

You know most people who watched Benjamin Button talks about life. I mean how to look at life and how to appreciate life and the people in it. But after watching Benjamin Button, I had took few days pondering on love.

Those who watched may know how Benjamin felt for Daisy . It was as if he loved him since he was seven till the day he died eventhough he some how forgot her.

It makes me think of my grandparents: Grandpa Pang and Grandma Pang. I remembered Grandpa Pang always laughed at Grandma Pang forgot something and kept asking him a million times. She has amnesia. He was always patience with her and sometimes with a smile asking her how many times she wants to repeat the same thing. Yeah there were times when he was angry but it didn't stay long. You could see how grandpa loved her. And grandma did too coz during grandpa's funeral she was reminiscing about how grandpa never fought with her and always beside her. Thinking about it makes me want to cry. T_____T This is what 'til death do us part in the marriage recitation meant.
I hope that one I had that someone who I can spend the rest of my life with. And eventhough we do fight, I hope our marriage would be a sweet one. I would love to wake up to the one I love. Looking at him waiting for him to wake up and smile at him (unless he snores, I'm gonna smack the hell out of him...hahahahaha~) Cook meals for him. Wash his clothes. Bla bla blaa... I'm so housewifey wtf. But the point is when you love someone doing whatever for him is so lovely eventhough you hate it. Don't you guys agree?
Do you guys cry during weddings? I mean everytime I see the part they hold each other's hands and recite the vows and exchange the rings, I cry. That moment is so touching. I told my mother and she said that's because it was that special.
I don't understand why some people who had been married for years could get divorced. I mean if there was no love how can they live with each other so long? Is it all lie when they're together? If they fight constantly then I have nothing to say lah. But if they were always loving then out of the sudden, ten years of marriage just go down the drain like that? What happened to all the vows made?
It scares me what if I got married to a man like that? After ten years he comes and tell me that he doesn't love me (que "I don't love you" by MCR). I'm gonna die at that moment man.
But I don't wanna look at life that way lah... I know God is good and he prepares the best for me like he did for my grandparents. I'm sure my marriage was gonna be as wonderful as my grandparents :)
There's this song that I heard during somebody's wedding when I was younger and that song made me cried coz it was so right for weddings. Its "From this moment on". It was so touching right? I still cry to that song you know? I can imagine me singing it on my wedding to the one I love and crying like mad. My makeup's gonna run and I'll have the ugliest wedding ever wtf. Haha~ But its part of my wedding plan la to sing that song.
So here's the song to share it with you guys... to those who are in love and still going on strong, I hope you guys will continue this way till forever and to those who are not yet in love, I hope you do find the one and could recite these words (the lyrics) to him.

From this moment I have been blessed
I live only for your happiness
And for your love I'd give my last breath
From this moment on
I give my hand to you with all my heart
Can't wait to live my life with you, can't wait to start
You and I will never be apart
My dreams came true because of you
From this moment as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
There is nothing I wouldn't give
From this moment on
You're the reason I believe in love
And you're the answer to my prayers from up above
All we need is just the two of us
My dreams came true because of you
From this moment as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
There is nothing I wouldn't give
From this moment
I will love you as long as I live
From this moment on
Note: So cute how Shania got the idea to compose this song. Haha~~~~
K lah... head is so into weddings now coz there's so many weddings this year, I'm wondering when's mine. Haha~
See you guys soon.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm sick but not too sick to drool at hot guys...hahaha~

Recently I'm watching Flower Four which is the Korean version of Meteor Garden.
Its the exact storyline with the Taiwan one coz I think they are not creative enough. Hehe~ Joking lah... Coz its the original comic's story.

Actually the story is so lapuk that I already know the story before the next scene comes up. But why do I watch it?????

Because of this guy...

So good-looking I wanna die!!!

He's Gu Jun Byo....I mean that's his character's name lah... He's the main character in the series lah... You'll know who if you ever watch any version of Meteor Garden or Hana Yori Dango. The big bully whom the main female character loved??? You get the idea lah...

And he is so so funny ok...there's this scene his butler asked why did he woke up early. He was actually wanting to go to school early to see his love subject but he told the butler...

For those who doesn't read chinese he said: "Worms that wake up early die early" which has no connection with waking up early. Hahahahahahhaha~

The correct peribahasa he meant was “早起的鸟儿有虫吃”which means the early bird gets its worm. Hahahahahahaha~ Like serious damn funny lor. If you get what I mean lah...

The guy who acted as Gu Jun Byo is called Lee Min Ho. And he is compared to Jerry Yan because they looked alike and acted as the same role.

But I don't think they look alike you think so???? Jerry Yan is not good looking at all lor. Sorry la to all his fans. I'm not a big fan of his.

Anyways, not here to Lee Min Ho lah... Will do another post on him soon. HAhahahahahah~

The series is nothing special la if you watched Meteor Garden (I think Hana Yori Dango is better although I'm still waiting for the dvd from someone....*hint hint*)but basically is filled with over-plastic surgeried, over-perfect looking female actress.

From young squeaky voice girls....

to old ah mahs who looks like some witch
I know they looked beautiful but its like not natural lor. Like fake. I think mannequins look better than them.
But if you guys are big fan of Korean series, can try to catch them on KBS World (Astro) or download them lah.... I recommend tom365.
K lah...short one again.
Thesis time...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Its all about food again...

This post is gonna be filled with food again. So if you're really hungry. Please don't view it.

But if you insist on viewing, don't blame me. :P

Anyways, these photos are quite backdated lah. Hehe~

On 11 Feb, after class, the UT housemates went to have lunch together. Erm...minus Shiu li lah...

We went to this shop in ss2 selling Dimsum. Erm... I forgot the name in English but in Chinese the shop is called 甜心点心. So anyone who reads chinese can go try it lah... I'll find out about the English name one day lah... haha~

No photos of humans coz my roomie doesn't allow me to take photos of her. So to be fair I didn't take anyone else's photo. And also coz I looked ugly lah.. haha~

Food time...

I forgot how both drinks tasted like coz its damn long ago d. Haha~

This is called 流沙包in chinese which is actually salted egg bao
I was finding for this bao like forever. Coz I heard it was damn good. But its not sold in every dim sum shop. So I was so lucky this shop had them :)

流沙means flowing sand (direct translation) and as you can see the salted egg flows out when you open it. So excited... ahaha~
It was not that nice lah actually. The inside was nice lah... salty and everything. But the bao skin is not that nice. And it sticks to the paper at the bottom. So like half the bao already gone. :(

Didn't try both of this coz I shy wanna ask from CY. Haha~
Then there's two fried rice which were ordered by Jane and Esther. No pictures coz my set lunch was already there. I was busy eating.
My set lunch consists of...

All this for only RM9.90
Super "dai" lor don't you think? Eat until damn full can.
The fried fuzhuk would be my favourite I must say. Very crispy. The soup also not bad lah. That type of soup that I love. Erm... actually I think I love all types of soup. But the shark fin shiu mai was just normal lor. No shark fin also.
Then at later that day at night for dinner we went to Gardens. This time its just Esther, Shiu li and I.

We went to the new foodcourt in Gardens which was called Food Garden. The decors attracted us from far. So we thought we could go in and have a try.
There's quite a big variety of food to choose from. Esther ordered Thai food, Shiu Li ordered Korean and I had Japanese.
This is Esther's Thai set dinner...

I saw the pandan chicken on the menu as pondan chicken. And I was like: "Huh? How is pondan chicken like?" Haha~ But there is pondan chicken you know? Like sexless chicken. Mutated sorta chicken. My teacher back in form 5 told me. Wonder if she lied. HAha~
Anyways, I didn't try the chicken la... I don't know what it tasted like. But the mango salad was super sour. Nice...

Extremely spicy. I choked like everytime I take a sip. But it was good also lah...just that its a bit too oily on the top.
Shiu Li's Korean food. Actually I shared with her lah...coz I'm a big eater. *shy*

Not as good as the one I had in Sg Wang which is like the best I tried
This Korean stall in Food Garden is owned by a real Korean (wtf real Korean...haha~). He's not all that good looking but looked really cute. As in ugly but adorable. Haha~ I had a hard time talking to him 'tho. I just wanted a plastic and it took about 5 mins for him to get what I wanted.

The kimchi was super spicy but it was all good. Love it!!!
In fact I love it so much that I had it for 3 meals. I brought it home coz couldn't finish it and ate it with 3 meals at home. Haha~
Then it was my lame Japanese food. I only ordered like something small or else I couldn't finish both the Korean and Japanese right?

Both tasted like shit
Like seriously lor. The flour they used to fry the tempura does not taste like tempura flour at all. Just like any other flour you get in stores. And the prawn is freaking small.
Then chawanmushi...let's just say the one I made is better. Hehe~
Well, that's all lah...
So hungry now. But got nothing to cook. ISk isk isk~ Gotta go Midvalley for some groceries shopping soon.
K lah... back to thesis...
See ya...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Say yes...

The Dior Oui Ring so damn nice lah... Its white gold band with the letters also in white gold plus the dot on the 'I' has a tiny diamond in it. So damn cute.

Wonders if its sold in Malaysia. Love to get it coz I love quirky rings. But of course I don't think I could afford it lah. So perhaps I should go to dad's shop and steal his thin metal wire and start to shape myself a fake oui ring. Haha~

Wonders if there's like a "no in french" ring? That'll be cool too.

p/s: image courtesy of kaboodle.dom

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who is Victoria anyways?

I'm very happy today. Because it rained very heavily and the fan in my room at UT is finally clean. Its so windy right now. I am no more grumpy when I wake up from naps or whenever I sleep.

But then again, I saw a news that was quite sad. Look at Rihanna's injuries man. That Chris Brown is really inhuman lor. How can he do this to her? He even tried to strangled her. What the hell is his prob????


OKok enough of all that...

Today I'm going to talk about my Victoria's Secret's bags which I promised that I was going to talk about the last time.

Last week when I was doing something (which I forgot what) the guard called our intercom and asked us to go down to get a package. So I went down la...
Have no idea what it was and who is it for

Wah~ damn big right the box. Wonder what's inside.

ACtually I was expecting a package la but didn't know it'll be so big.

The other day I was discussing with my friend about bags and I told I wanna get a bag from a particular brand. But she said it was like "ah mah's" (as in grandmother) bag. So she showed me a few from Victoria's Secret lah... which was quite nice.

I didn't know that Victoria's Secret had bags coz all this while I only visit the site to see lingeries and bikinis. Haha~

Then she showed me this bag that I thought was damn nice. She said she's gonna get it for me coz she had not get me a birthday present for years.

She told me the package will reach in a month's time but manatau it came early and it was like so humongous.

And much to my surprise (and to Esther's, who came to kepoh...haha~) there was three bags in the big big box.

I don't know if Esther saw it but I was like almost in tears. I didn't expect to receive three bags lor. I was already excited to hear that she was sending me a bag but three came.

Two black ones and one pink

HAha~ Victoria's Secret...the sexiest on earth
Like I asked on my title...who is Victoria anyways? Anybody knows who is the creator of VS? Coz I'm so curious its gonna kill me (coz i'm a cat wtf).

The first bag is a tote bag which is in my favourite shade of pink :)

Dear friend said this bag is for work/school

So happy until can't stop camwhoring with the bag. HAha~

The second bag which is the bag that I took with me to my Valentine's day's shopping. Its a sort of like boston bag sorta thingy which is my favourite sort of bag. :)

The last bag is the humongous weekender bag which is like a luggage bag. Damn big ok?

I don't if my dear friend reads my blog or not but you have no idea how thankful I am for all the bags that you sent. I wished I could do the same to you but...sigh~ I will find a way to make that up ok? Muaks~~~~
Ok lah... quite a short one today.
Back to thesis.

Friday, February 20, 2009

9th day of CNY

Sorry darlings...

I was in a bad mood and had a minor fight that I did not blog yesterday. And recently I was super tired so I slept a lot. Plus my thesis' dateline is...ah!!!! Its just freaking scary lah... HAha~

Okok today's the last CNY post and on the 9th day, I was back in UT already and the housemates had our little CNY dinner...

While everybody was so ganjeong eating, she was doing her thesis. Sigh~ Why am I not like her? HAha~ She' gonna kill me btw for posting this up.

But hey, I'm kind enough not to take from up front. HAha~

It shows how hardworking she is...are you happy my dear roomie. Wakakakakakakaka~

What we ate???

锅贴, which is called stickies sometimes I think but I called it dumplings lah...

Esther's mum made this and Esther brought it here to share with us. Damn nice. Always loved Esther's mum's food ;)

Honey chicken which Esther invented

I love it a lot...always wanted to learn from her but forever forgetting to ask her.

Our steamboat, using my slow cooker

The soup had chinese herbs brought by Shiu Li I think.

The little things we contributed for the steamboat


If you wondered where I was the whole time....

I was busy taking photos and savouring on my favourite honey chicken...yum yum yum~
WEll, that's all.
And finally the CNY posts are done. I can now go on with other things. Yay!!! HAhahahaha~
Ok lah... Gotta go.
Time to wash clothes. Zzz~~~~


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