Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Road Trip- Melaka Part 2

Internet just habis credit. Super unlucky. Tu lah... too poor to get streamyx. T___T

So bila I can online I'll post photos la k?

Today I'm at Jacy's. Thanks Jacycy...wtf. Haha~

Day 2 of road trip at Melaka and we went shopping in town. Woots!
I love my make up and how I looked on that day. Its was nice make up, nice hair and nice face day. Such a wonderful day... lalala~

美女Esthie...hehe~ must ampu or else next time she doesn't wanna fetch me to other road trips.

But yea...when I'm daring enough to drive, i promise Penang.

Lili who 24/7 looked so tired. No idea why.

Chooiyin in her sailor-ish look.

Everybody is into sailor-ish look. I want to but no shopping till i'm financially stable. T____T

We went shopping in two malls. No pictures coz we were too crazy at that time.

The truth is we only went into a couple of shops. We spent like an hour in DFO choosing tees. Haha~ Then another hour in Daiso which was like madness. I love Daiso and everything so Jap in it. Its like my fave store now.

After buying stuff, we went to yam cha in Pearl.
Chooiyin and the cap she bought for her sis at Roxy. It was 50% off and damn nice...

Without the cap

I let her to take so many photos of herself in my camera coz I'm gonna miss her like mad so I need her face in it. Hahahahahaah~ Happy not?

The other two whom I also miss a lot lot

With me. Yay!!!

After yamcha-ing and shopping a little more, we went to the Portuguese Settlement to have dinner with my parents.

If you have not been to Portuguese Settlement, you might know how scary are the food hawkers are. Once you stop your engine, they will rush right over to your car and as if you were so super important, they will welcome you to their stalls.

We were attacked but we pretended as though we were just there to take photos.

but they still bug us ok? Damn susah to take photos.

This dog was super cute. But when I wanna take a photo of it, it showed me its butt. Sial betul!!!

Our photographer working very hard. 辛苦你了! Hehe~

She was not ready. Haha~

Much nicer...

Sorry Esther, its not ugly la... Its funny. Hahahahahaha~ Tak tahan I see it.

After my parents came, we went to eat our food.

I freaking love this photo of me and mama. Thanks Esther.

All this taken before leaving the settlement.

Then we went to the jetty to yam cha summore and chat about life and other stuff.

Don't know why we posed in front of Holiday Inn. Haha~ So touristy.

While waiting for the buggy ride into the jetty

The security was damn lame i tell u. we were not standing in one stupid line thing they drew on the floor and he was like: "masuk masuk (enter enter)", shooing us into the line.

On the buggy ride

So sorry for Esther coz I forgot to take my camera out and take her. So sorry... no photos of u.

View of the Eye on Malaysia from Jetty. So nice. Like out of a postcard or something.

We asked some girl to take our group photo but it sucked. She's like dumb. Haha~

Reaching Jetty's cafe...

We went back and everybody got into their business of talking on the phone with the bfs. T____T

Er... lili was not on the phone. She just bathed and was wearing a very "seductive" pyjamas. Hahahahha~

The lazy queen who had not bathed and removed makeup. Too nice to remove la. Tak tahan. Hahahahaa~

Now for the things I bought for the day.

This stupid RM35 bag chooiyin, shiu li and I bought from this stupid auntie who refused to give us discount.

But nice la... coz its one of a kind. One pattern only has one. So the three of us had the same bag but different pattern.

Magic boo hair treatment that Esther recommended. Damn nice la the smell. Love it.

A very nice dress from DFO which I love. But sial the thing fade colour the first time I washed it.

Taken in the fitting room

The awesome crotchet design that I like a lot

K la... That's all for Melaka Part 2.

Next up is Kuala Lumpur.

Please wait patiently ya...

I'll update whenever I can come online.

Gotta go sleep now.



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