Thursday, July 30, 2009

Road Trip- Perak Last Day


Today is the last day of posting up the road trip photos coz its already our last day in Ipoh and also the last day of the whole road trip.

We were supposed to get up at 8 to eat dimsum but we couldn't wakeup. Chooiyin's mum came to our room twice but none of us got up until she shouted. Haha~

On the way to the dimsum shop

The dimsum was heavenly... much better than the one I love in KL near PJ Logos. Had not found any good one in Melaka yet. Any to recommend?

Everyone had something in their plate but me. Coz I took the fishballs plate and before I could take my picture the balls fell to ground. T_____T

After brunch, it was souvenir time. Aunty bought these Ipoh delicacies for me. Thanks so much.

Chooiyin's mother said there's this place with heavenly egg tarts (my fave) but manatau its closed so we went to this one which is few blocks away.

The oven to bake 'em egg tarts. Super old school right?

Then we were on our way back to KL without Shiu Li. T_T

Forgot my sunglasses for the trip so I played with Esther's

Last look at the mountains before leaving Ipoh for good.

Some intimate moment with Esther wtf. Hahahahahaha~

My Chooi Yin strapped to the back...kesian~~~

I heard that we don't have to put seat belt anymore. Is it true???

Esther's turn to play with the sunglasses...

Didn't play la... she really needed it.

We saw a lorry which flipped outside down on the way back... so scary~~~~

K lah... That's all.

The end of it....phew~~~~

I miss 'em even more these few days when I saw these piccies. Can't wait to see them again soon.

See ya people...


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Grandma Pang and some photos from when I was sick


Thanks for all who send me messages and comments on the blog and twitter. Its much appreciated.

Grandma was actually healthier than Grandpa. She had not any serious illness apart from her leg problems and amnesia. By the end of her time she had lots of frustration and was not really happy. She's already very old so naturally its her time to leave.

Maybe we were not as close as I was with Grandpa, I was not really that sad. Or maybe I knew she had suffered enough so I'm actually glad that God has taken her.

I know she'll be super happy to be with Grandpa up there with God.


Two weeks ago I was super sick and had terrible diarrhoea. Remember?

Here's some photos from that time...

The oral salt that the doctor gave me

I don't like the taste of it... Sprite with salt was much much better.

After I became better, I had to do the house chores like usual again. Monday, Thursday and Friday were laundry days. After a week of no laundry, this is my over flowing laundry basket.

This is half of what is in the laundry basket. Scary ain't it? Hahahahhahaha~

My hair ends are looking like dry grass. Time to chop chop chop 'em off.

That's all for today...

Off to cook lunch.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Grandma Pang passed away this morning...

She died in her sleep without any suffering. Thank God.

She had suffered long enough so its better that God brought her back.

Maybe I'm not back to JB yet but I haven't felt anything.

Leaving for JB in awhile.

We will miss you ah mah... RIP

Road Trip- Perak Day 1


Its back to those backdated photos of the road trip.

Not gonna talk much and let the photos do the talking.

If you're wondering what I'm doing, I'm trying to take photos of my beer rash.

Do you see the red spots? Its super terrible... I cursed wtf

Before leaving for Perak from Langkap, Esther realized that her wiper was gone. Haha~ So we went over to get a new one. Damn hilarious. Suddenly nie hilang.

Tuki, my companion for the whole road trip... =) So nice to hug!!! Thanks you guys for giving it to me.

Camwhore tak habis-habis...

The rashes faded. Yay!!!

The highway was filled with mountains on the both side... That's what I love about Perak. So mountain-y

We stopped by Kampar for a bit and went to this Egg Tart stall to get some mini egg tarts.

Chooi yin and Shiu Li went down to buy them and then the owner got a shock when I took this photo. She was like: "Eh!为什么拍照?" (Eh! Why take photos?). Then Chooi Yin explained that I was a tourist. Hahaha~

So small... one bite can finish kan?

Chooi Yin had 叉烧酥 (char siew sou = char siew puff) instead of mini tarts.

Is it obvious that we reached Ipoh???

Went to this place called 大树脚 (dai shu giok = foot of the big tree) to have brunch. And they served laksa/curry with yong tau hu.

The variety of yong tau hu you can choose from.

炖蛋 (dun dan) which is acually caramel egg if I had not forgotten.

At first I thought they ordered Milo Ais coz its my fave drink of all time but when I tried it...its actually red bean drink. Yummy!!!

They call this place 大树脚 because of this tree is it? Don't look very big to me 'tho.

My laksa bihun... God I miss it so much!!!

They call this 腐皮 (fu pei = tofu skin) in Ipoh. In Melaka we simply call this tau kie.

After that we went to Ipoh Parade to meet up with chooiyin's sis, ChooiLian.

Suddenly nie she wanted to shape her eyebrows. Haha~

We were bored so we camwhored =)

My white flip flops which got dirty on the first day I wore it. =S Now its even dirtier. Paulie kept asking me to wash it but I'm damn lazy. Haha~

Better buy black ones next time.

Went to yumcha after our shopping spree...

Then we went to Chooiyin's house. And this is her front gate.

We just went there to say hi to the mother and also to get the keys to the place we're staying in.

The place we're staying at.

This is actually a place own by chooilian's bf. Its like a homestay for people who are visiting Ipoh. Cheap but very comfy and nice.

Check it out.

The rooms are damn clean and the beds are very comfortable. Seriously like hotel. They had everything. Air con, hairdryer...etc.

The toilet with hot water... most important criteria I find in places I stay.

The spacious living area...with Shiu Li taking the remote control. And they had Astro ok??? Damn good. Some hotels only have TV1, Tv2 and TV3 nie...

The stairs

The dining area and the TV with Astro.

If you're interested, save this photo up and call Mr. Lim if you need a homestay during you trip in Ipoh. Don't mention my name coz I don't think he knows me. Haha~

OMG!!! My face so damn fat!!!

My buys no.1: Stitch Handphone strap which is on my camera pouch now.

The Stitch's head is a bell.

My buys no.2 : Handphone strap which is now my camera's strap.

My buys no.3: My pressed powder from Body Shop

My buys no.4: Tigi Head saves my hair!!! I love it so so much!!!

We went back to Chooiyin's house and crash into her room

Look at our young Chooi Yin so so cute....

AFter that we went to sing K.

Some parts were mosaic-ed coz those parts are meant for their respective significant other to see. Hahahahaha~

Kena cap!!!

So sorry Esther but your expressions all damn funny la... Sing until so expressive.

Gosh!!! They look super alike in one way...

We went back to our homestay and showered. Sat down to chat awhile.

Don't know what's her prob suddenly act so auntie...

We were taking self timer shots and Esther was not ready yet. I was trying to ask her to faster come over. Hahahahahha~ Damn hilarious.

My tummy was bloated that night so it was damn big. I got bored and put Stitch's head in my belly button. Hahahahahahah~

Look! Stitch's drowning. Hahahahahah~

Last photo before we went to sleep =)

Oh... the road trip posts are coming to an end. Thank god. Hahhahahahaha~

K la... gotta go.



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