Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mooncake Festival BBQ

So last Sunday, secara impromptu The Ngs decided to have a BBQ to celebrate Mooncake Festival. The original plan was me going over to their house for ping pong, cycling and lantern playing with Bernice. THen it became drink tea under the moonlight with some of the YF members. At last it became a full BBQ event.

Joseph and Joey was the main cook of the night. And the middle two, Kelvin and Eric was there to kepoh nie.

People cook, they eat only...

The sweet married couple again...

All those who came. Spot me!!!

The pregnant auntie eating non-stop

Gembiranye auntie kita

Jacy and her new hairstyle. Sorry... too dark can't see. You'll get to see in other pics I guess.

Its some sort of motorcycle that Han bought to go around the villas area. Didn't try it coz I heard that the engine makes the seat very hot.

Self timer shot of us girls. Was supposed to be a nice one until Joey's husband, Kang came out and spoiled the perfect pic.

He volunteered to take the photo for us but it was all disaster...

Haha~ All tak menjadi but its quite funny la right?

This one was taken by Jeff from another angle and stupid Joseph ruined it for us. =s

Sorry don't know what happened to the lighting again

Paulie's face looked stim so I censored it. Haha~

Pendatang-pendatang asing

Michelle, Bernice and moi

Jeff caught us camwhoring. Hehe~

Bernice's lantern (actually it was mine and she took it. T____T) burned and she was freaking sad. She kept pulling me to the "crime scene" and telling me her poor lanterns cannot be used anymore. Paulie asked her to take photos with him after awhile and clearly she had not get over with the lanterns. HAha~

So kesian her face. Hahahahahahahaha~

Awwwwww~ Bernice and Xuanxuan reminds me so much of myself and cousin Christine. We used to take photos like this when we were much younger.

Went home at about 12am and was dead tired. But it was all fun. Let's do it again some other time. At my house maybe?

So before I end the post there's this video that Han posted on his FB and I think I would like to share it with you guys over here.

Its Han/John who made his debut on tv (I have no idea when was this coz he was freaking fat in this video. HAha~) talking about his goats. So check it out.

I think he had some Indian accent or something. Hahahahahahahahah~

Anyways, if you guys are interesting in buying goats (Whatever for?) or visiting the farm, you can give me a buzz. I could direct you right to him or be your tour guide. Its a nice place to hang out coz I've been there for quite a number of times.

Ok la...

Gotta go.

See you guys soon.



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