Thursday, October 29, 2009

I need more attention span!!!

I have no photos to post up today so I stole some from FB. Hahha~

OMG I looked so bimbo in this photo. And only the guys were ready for the photo. All the girls are like doing everything else other that taking the photo. Haha~

Nice...but I looked as if I'm forcing Neney into the photo. Haha~ But still very nice =)

I like the background in this photo. Don't know why.

My favourite photo of me girls. And no, I'm not playing favouritism by enlarging the size of the photo. I forgot to resize.

Nana, I don't think its bad for having three cameras la. At least I have spare photos in case mine look like ass. Thank god for you guys at least I could have these perfect girls photo. =)

Close up of the neoprints taken by nana...
Peace to the aliens yo!!!

These two are seriously my favourite. Love the background.


Lately I've been trying to do more piano practicing coz the Beethoven piece that I'm playing is quite technical. I need to focus a lot. But then my attention span is terrible. Its like the attention span of a five year old. Haha~

I can't sit still even for 30 mins. Every five minutes I'll get not focus and would run about to do other stuff other than playing the piano.

Sigh~ Can anyone suggest a way on how to expand my attention span?

I really need a way to focus. Coz the Beethoven's progress is too too slow.

Stressful things aside... I'm really excited bout tomorrow and Saturday. Can't wait for BB's arrival and also the Halloween party.

Check in soon to read about the party. It'll be great...i hope. =)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Preparing for Halloween party

#17- 261009 Rollers got stuck on Buvy's head. Hahahahahahahahahaha~ That looks so gay Buvy. Even for a girl. Hahahahahahahaha~

Went to Dataran Pahlawan to get some stuff for this Sat's party and had dinner with the gang *love*

Saw this new pet shop. New for me la at least. Coz I seldom goes to Phase 2 except to Daiso and FOS.

There's kittehs outside. And these two are too adorable coz they kept snuggling together.

But look at the thing I circled. Moron owner! Its a kitteh not a dog. And the "Adorable" lack an "e". Moron betul.

Went to take Neoprints as well. Melaka's neoprints are different from those expensive ones in KL. Not as nice as those but ok la... Just remind me to put on makeup before taking these.

When's the next time? It was fun taking with you guys.

This is one of my favourite!!!

Haha~ Funny naked aliens...

The other favourite

Didn't take lots of photos this time coz my camera was dying that day. Forgot to charge. Hehe~

Now for the buys...all things bought are for this Saturday. So could be quite boring.
Er...this is not for Saturday la... I just wanted to buy pink eyeshadow.

Got this from Daiso coz its cheap. Haha~ RM5 only mah...

But the eyeshadow is actually very good. The texture is creamy and long lasting (I know coz I started using d).
The swatches

Bought rollers to volumize my hair coz the top is too flat now that my hair's quite long d.

Rollers are good for camwhoring as well. Hahahhahahahahaha~

Went to Etude House again!!!!

Did you know that Lee Min Ho came to Malaysia to promote Etude? T^T I couldn't go. T^T So damn sad. But I heard on the news that he was acting like so snob. So didn't go also never mind. Hmph! But all this gossip where can trust right?

Bought this tribal nail art sticker coz lazy wanna learn how to draw. Haha~

Alicia from Bullet Witch is quite into tribal. At least that's what I observed la...

New nail colour. Its a blue-ish/ green-ish black colour. The name's hologram black. Super nice. Saw in on the website and decided to buy it. Gonna get the hologram purple as well. Coz its freaking nice also.

Bought this 4 packets for RM10. Cheap right? This is for decorating the porch on Sat.

Now i still need snow spray, tea candles and some stuff that I must DIY tomorrow.

Can't wait for this Saturday. But before that I've been having weird dreams lately. Yesterday I dreamt that my BB was not colour screen but black and white. WTH? So many weird dreams ler...

Before I leave, here's one makeup tutorial I did recently. First attempt oh! Its the makeup that I'll be doing for this Saturday to look like Alicia. Tell me what you guys think k?

Here goes...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The 500th post

This coming Saturday I'm gonna host a halloween potluck (I think I mentioned this 2 thousand times here LOL) at home. Since its Halloween, we're gonna dress up a little.

I was thinking about either dressing up as a vampire (Twilight fever) or a witch. Coz both are very dangerous but yet so beautiful and also I don't wanna dress as something ugly. Haha~

In the end, I've decided to dress up as a...
Witch...yes this is a witch. Its from the game, Bullet Witch.

I've never played Bullet Witch but I've got the idea googling "beautiful witches". Coz when you google "witch", ugly witches with ugly nose came out. HAha~

Anyways, I've studied her look for quite awhile d. So I'm ready to re-create her look on this Saturday. Not exactly alike but taking in some of the important points.

Basically, I'm gonna wear a black top and black skirt. And put this silver thing in my hair. And shimmery smokey eyes is needed.

What are the rest of you dressing up as, gang? Leave a comment or if you have no idea I could give you some suggestions. =)


My godma's wedding is coming next month. Its the other wedding of the year that I've been participating the whole time.

I'm going to get a new dress for the wedding and tried looking thru Mahkota Parade and Dataran Pahlawan.

There's this new awesome clothing store in Dataran Pahlawan called Ming Concept and I felt in love with all the dresses there. They are very nice and good in quality as well. And the most important is the prices are quite reasonable.

I found this peplum dress that looks something like the one above but in black. It was gorgeous I tell you. I didn't try it coz I was contemplating whether its a good idea to get a low back dress. Coz I have lots of acne on my back. (T^T) Sigh~ gonna try it the next time I'm there la.

Anyways, yesterday I passed by Ming Concept again and there's new awesome-ness stock. But I did not go in to the shop coz I was too hungry to function. And by the time I finished eating, the gang and I had to rush to Brands Outlet to help Buvy choose some clothes.

Sigh~~~~ Will get there the next time I'm at DP.

There's another thing that I saw on somebody's blog and wants to get recently and its...

OMG!!!! Super awesome right? Can anybody tell me where to get this? How come there's no Lilo and Stitch edition. I wanna get it sial. Seriously.

Ok this is also just a short post coz I'm feeling terrible today. I fought with the bf. For nothing. Haha~

Before I end the post, here's a few photos I took on Sunday when I went swimming. No photos of me. Just my dear lil Bernice, the new posing queen. HAha~

So damn cute right? Hahhahahahahahahahaha~

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jonker Street is my favourite old street in Melaka

#13- 221009

My dad's sleeping pose. Hahahhahahahahahahahahah~

He usually starts to sleep from 9pm and the pose changes ofter. LOL

Don't blame me... who asked you to sleep like this? Hahhahahahahahahahahahha~

NExt time I'll record a video of him snoring. LOL.


Work, work, work...

Wore my striped "jailbird" jacket to work coz the rooms are so freaking cold. The jacket didn't really help. =s

Mugshot. Haha~

There's something pretty funny happening at work that day. Its something the student did. Please ask me in person so that I can show you the action. Freaking hilarious.

I was angry at that moment but now its all joke for me.

On last Saturday the gang, Sinren and myself went to Jonker Street to get some stuff for our party on this coming Saturday.

I love Jonker Street. Have I told anyone this? Its the best place to shop for really interesting stuff in a very cheap price in Melaka.

Wore the colourful long tank top that I got from FOS. Its my favourite top for the moment =)

Was having breakouts coz its nearly the time of the month. So no heavy makeup. Just some loose powder and mascara. =)

#15-241009 Neney's back =) The happiest thing that happen after working like a dog for a whole day is to see his dorky smile. Hehe~

Bought three cream puffs at Jonkers. Tasted blah. Regretted buying so many.

The one at Patisfrance is still the best!!!

Also tried the sushi stall nearby which everyone told me about.

The sushi was mediocre but it filled my craving for Japanese food. =) Still am craving actually. Hehe~

Hang out with The Gang at Geographer for some drinks and to chat.
Ordered a margarita coz its my favourite cocktail~~~

Not really nice la... Had better ones. The best that I had in Melaka was at X-tract. But it closed down d. =(

Sinren asked me why did I finish the margarita so quickly. And I told him drinks like this should be down immediately. Or else its not nice. He said: "Aren't alcoholic drinks supposed to be enjoyed slowly?" "No silly. That is for wine." Then he did the fake faint. Hehe~

Hello! I'm not really a fast drinker ok? Look at Deepa and Sim. Hahahahhhahahahaha~

Anyways, I love cocktails. But I'm a lousy drinker. I get high just by drinking a bit (or not drinking at all. LOL). Once a drank one small glass of Martell and ended up walking as though I'm floating in the air. Hahahahahhaha~ Even swinging side to side when I was trying to stand still.

Everyone who came. Minus Nana and Soon coz they were somewhere else =)

Didn't realize that my hair has grown so long d. I always thought that they were only shoulder length. Now its touching my bra strap level. =D Hopefully it will reach the bottom of my bra soon.

Wanted to take something emo for my fb's profile pic but failed. Sigh~ Stupid camera acting like a bitch that night.

This one was supposed to be pretty decent but some ghost barged in. Bloody fool. Haha~ Can you spot the ghost? Can you spot yourself, ghost?

Supposed to take all girls photo but my camera was like a stupid bitch. Sigh~ Thank god others took it as well.

The nicest one is the bottom one where everyone was not ready. Haha~

Bought these cute maracas

Damn cute right?

Couldn't get two same ones coz there were no alike ones. Good also la. Special la kan?

Me wuff me long hair...

I know people with long face should grow their hair too long. But I just want to try for once to see how do I look if I had long hair till my waist. Girls dreamt of looking like rapunzel right?

#16- 251009 Aftermath of the margarita. Hahahahahhaahhaha~ Weird that its not itchy anymore but so damn red. Like kena burn sial.

K la... That was my weekend.

Can't wait for this weekend for our Halloween potluck party.

Check in for the next update.


p/s: My baby's arriving on Friday. Are you guys excited to know about it?!? I'm super excited!!!


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