Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Famosa: Water World


So I'm finally posting about A Famosa but I've decided to cut it into a few parts coz there's quite lots of photos. Plus I need posts to make my blog more colorful. More parts makes more posts right? Haha~

So on Saturday, The Gang and I went to A Famosa together. We dropped our stuff at the check-in place and then went straight to Water World.

No photos of us playing at the waterpark coz my camera is not waterproof. Sigh~ Planning to get a waterproof one but I think I would rather get a DSLR for the moment.

Anyways, just let you guys know, it was effing fun!!! We had some mad fun playing sampat and childish games. Fun and super tiring. All of us ended up with muscle pain...not all la. Most. Hehe~

This is the view from where we had our snacks

The food in A Famosa is super overpriced. The shop we bought our snacks from was cheap but super not nice. The fried chicken had a few parts which was not cooked. Super yucky!!!

Happy makan time...

Who is the beauty?


I think Ann is obsessed with me coz there's like thousands of pics of me in her camera. =_= Haha~

Playing with Ann's camera's various mode

I looked like a monkey don't I?

Group photos which we took a lot coz I said that I looked fat. Which is TRUE. I have no idea why I looked so bloated that day.

Siew Han was smiling nicely in the first pic, the second he smiled a bit then the last one no more. Haha~ Must be bored of taking the same same photos nie. Wahahahahaha~

The girls and a half dude...waahhahahahaha~

We left Water World but before we left, we bumped into the mascot and decided to take photos with it. Actually I suggested la. Coz how often can you see mascots right?

The mascot is like super poser lor. Better than any of us. Hahahahaha~

I call this picture- A camel, a pony and a dwarf

Hahahahha~ The pony looks almost as tall as Ann. Its a pony you know...not horse.

Failed shots of us while waiting for Siew Han to come get us at the Water World's entrance. Can't seem to fit of us in it.

Better coz finally managed to fit Buvy in. Haha~

We're actually not allowed to take photos with the animals there. So we sneakily took photos from afar. But it pretty much failed la. Can't even see the elephant.

Zoomed like super kao kao so that can get this pic of the elephant.

Not much photos for the first part la. Coz we didn't get to take any fun photos at the waterpark.

So wait up for the second part ye.

See you guys in the next post.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Please help out...

If anyone at all can help.....please contact us. We are worried sick for the children.

On January 24th, 2010, my niece and nephew Eva Anjali and Alexander Siddharth (aged 2 years and 9 months) were abducted from Malaysia to Frankfurt, Germany. We are currently looking for any help that we can get in trying to locate them as well as bringing them home safely.

There has been an on-going custody battle for the children since January 2009. The Malaysian court had appointed the twins’ grandmother as the sole guardian. They have been living with her and have been under her care since the demise of their mother in August 2008.

According to the decision made by the court, the children are not allowed to leave the country while the case was still in the works.

On January 24th, 2010, Ralf Hobelsberger, the other party in the custody battle violated the terms of the court order and abducted Anjali and Alexander. He brazenly went against the court order and utilized illegal and sneaky measures to take the children out of the country. Ralf Hobelsberger illegally took the children out of Malaysia via Singapore and they are now believed to be in Frankfurt, Germany.
We are very worried for the safety and welfare of the children as they have never been apart from their grandmother and to be suddenly uprooted like this is definitely very distressing and traumatizing.

How can you help?

1. We are looking for lawyers who specialize in child abduction cases in Germany or Europe.

2. If you know of any organization that works on child abduction cases in Germany please give us their contact information.

3. If you have any information at all about child abduction cases like this and suggestions or measures that we could take to bring Anjali and Alexander home safely, please let us know.

4. Please spread this email to as many people as you can.

5. Please pray for the safe return of Anjali and Alexander.

Please pass this on to as many people as you can. We are very worried for the safety of the children.If you are able to help, or if you know of anyone who is able to help please contact us at

Thank you.


Links to newspaper articles:
Dated: 28th January 2010
Fathers abduct own kids to foreign countries, authorities indifferent

Source: The Sun
Dated: 28th January 2010
Two women lose babies despite legal custody

Eva Anjali
Alexander Siddharth

Please do help out if you could. Comment to let me know if you could help

Help appreciated.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Famosa Trip was awesome!!!

Hello!!! I'm back from my awesome weekend at A Famosa Resort which is actually in Melaka (for those who didn't know that).

I became slightly darker (not tanned but darker!!!) but it was alright coz we had a crazy good time in Water World. I had a lifetime of workout at the wave pool playing silly games with the gang. Who knew a piece of rope, three tubes and five people could be so much fun? Haha~ Oh its a workout coz I ended up with muscle pain the next day and it nearly killed me. My legs were also filled with bruises and scratches which I didn't know how it got there.

Story will be up soon when I get all the pics.

On the same day, at 6.45am I went to do field work for my part time job.
I looked pretty awake and beautiful (wahahahahaha~) for someone who's sleep deprived =p

This was on the way to the field (those who did thesis would understand what is field right?).

Now those who asked why I wore makeup to Water World, please take note. I really went to work in the morning ok. Stop calling me vain!!! I didn't have time to remove the makeup before leaving that's why.

Was supposed to do a shot in front of the dim sum shop with me pointing towards the sign but the wind was too strong and my skirt kept flying up. So lots of failed photos =(

But I think I look nice in this picture. HAha~

The yellow shirt guy is Aunty Lydia's brother which is also one of the owners of this shop. I know like 90% of the owners and workers in the shop. Its like my own shop wtf. No la. I just feel so at home here.

Packed some dim sum but ended up in the trash in the end coz it went bad on the way to A famosa. =(

Will update soon.

But now I had to get on to my review (for my other job which I had not talked about yet =p) which is so damn difficult to do if compared to blogging. I had to think of the right words to say and stuff. Here I just blabber along. Haha~

Please give me the powers to write smoothly and stop this writer's block right not, God. Its so darn irritating.

Sigh~ better get to it right now.

See you guys soon.


Friday, January 22, 2010

A Package I Wasn't Expecting

Last week after work on Wednesday, dad passed me a package that came on that day.
I wasn't expecting any packages because I did not buy anything and nobody said they would send me anything. So I'm sort of puzzled to receive this.

When I saw the writing, it was some what familiar. Must be someone who's very close to me for me to recognize this.

But when I saw this signature I knew exactly who sent me this. Awwwwww~~~

Darling Esther, did you expect me to remember your signature? =p

Anyways, she actually did tell me that she was going to send me something but I totally forgot. Its was supposed to be my birthday present. One month late but its ok. Its the thought that counts =)

So now let's see what's in the package...
There's two plastic in total.

The smaller plastic contains this...
A faux leather handphone strap

What's so special about it is this la of course. Hahahahahahahahhaa~

Thanks so much for this embossed (or is it engraved?) handphone strap Esthie. Now everyone knows I'm the princess. Hehe~

I didn't dare to tie it onto my handphone coz I tend to lose them very easily that way. So I tied it onto my handphone pouch which was much safer. =)

Next is this pair of earrings.

Haha~ Crown for the princess huh?


But please ignore my skin's ugly condition.

On to the bigger package...

A denim high waist skirt

She said she didn't know if its my style and worried that I might not wear it. Apa nie... don't need worry la. I don't have any particular style so anything suits me. Of course I will wear. Unless I can't fit la.

Apparently I could fit in it and I love it!!!!

Am gonna wear this on CNY to Sinren's house to dine with the parents ^///^. Er... with a different top of course. Haven't decide what shoes to wear coz many of my shoes died T_T

Now I just want my Crocs. Faster come to me.

K la...

See you guys on Monday coz I'll be away tomorrow. If I had time today, I will do pre-scheduled posts.

Bubbye people...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm going to A Famosa this weekend

Yes!!!! First vacation of the year!!!! But of course later I had to replace my Saturday classes. =(

On the bad side, my boss' mother passed away yesterday. My deepest condolences to their family. I don't know if Cindy reads this blog but I just decided to post it up here. I'm kinda sad coz ah mah (my boss' mother) was one of the people I look forward to when I go to work. Even though she shouts at me whenever she sees me (coz she has no idea who I, I felt welcomed to her shouting wtf. Seriously!

Anyways update on Project 365 as usual...
#93- 110110 Sambal fried I an awesome cook or what =p

#94- 120110 Did a inspired look and will be posting this up real soon.

#95- 130110 Best cream puffs in Melaka!!!

#96- 140110 Fat cat running away when I tried to take a photo of it. Freaking fat I tell you. Like real life Garfield.


So on Friday, John's niece, Bernice had a birthday party. So I bought her a present and had to wrap it up.

Bought her this pink dress/top with black polka dots which looks super awesome. I can imagine her wearing this right now.

Wanted to get her a pair of cute leggings as well but didn't see one that I like.

Love shopping for kids...don't know why.

Instead of a wrapping paper I bought this packaging bag from Daiso which looked so damn cute.

Look at the cute lil deer on it and the colours. So damn cute!!!!

Its actually more eco-friendly to use packaging bags than wrapping paper coz you can re-use them as a lunch box bag or something coz of this pull string up here. Even Bernice's mum, Joey said the same thing when she saw the bag. *thumbs up*

Had to fold and roll the dress/top to a small thingy coz the packaging bag was kinda small.

Done and so damn cute right????

#97- 150110 Gave her the present and asked her to take a photo with me and this came out. Haha~ FML Looks like she seriously didn't wanna take photos with me.

The funniest thing was after giving her the present and taking this picture, she held out her hand and said: "生日快乐" (Happy birthday) wtf with super serious face summore. I laughed like mad. I told her that she should be saying thank you and not happy birthday. People should be saying that to her. She nodded and ran off.

Then the next time I saw her, I told her Happy Birthday again and she held out her hand and said Happy birthday too. Haha~ DAmn funny la her.


#98- 160110 Dad's fake IPhone which he bought from his friend for RM200.

Looks kinda real if you haven't seen the real one. Only on the outlook of course. Apart from it, its super lousy. My dad decided to give the man back the phone by the end of the weekend coz apparently its not new.

#99- 170110 Don't think you guys could see but this is what I wore on Sunday coz it was effing cold that day.


On Monday, I had lots of stuff to go deal with coz I think everyone knows that I had break on Mondays so they decided to ask me to go settle things on that day.

Early in the morning I went to the Education Department to assist my violin teacher to sign all her students for the upcoming exam.

Then in the afternoon I went to meet up with my new job's BOSS to do some discussion so I can get started asap.

Good morning!!!

My face is like that coz I was eating something sour. Haha~

That something is Skittles...yummy!!!

I love Skittles a lot and it makes me really happy. =)

I parked behind my primary school on purpose so that I can take a look at it. It brings back lots of childhood memories. But it looked slightly different if compared when I was still studying there 'tho.

Saw "my car" while crossing the road.

When will my dream ever come true????

Later in the evening (after I was broke from shopping) I went to Auntie Nika's place to get my hair done.

She cut my hair first to make sure there's a certain shape to it before straightening.

Then the straightening process which took about four hours. I nearly died sitting down the whole day on the stool. Thank God it was comfortable.

The final product.

I know it looks like nothing was done to my hair. But its slightly short and more layered right now. Super awesome coz its not so heavy anymore. My hair was so effing thick that its irritating.


On the way to violin lesson at Taman Merdeka on Saturday

Saw monkeys on the tree nearby after lesson so I've decided to go "flirt" with the monkeys. Haha~

They super tak layan me. I sat in the car like stupid whistling at them. They must think: "What is that thing doing there? Dah lah ugly. Dare to flirt with us summore" Haha~

I don't know how many people read my tweets but on Tuesday I said:

Should I keep thousand or keep searching for another one?

So anyways thousand is this violin that I'm holding in the picture. Its a RM1400 second hand violin that my teacher wanted to sell me. Its so much different from my own 200 (which hinted how much my violin is =s). The sound is so damn nice. My 200 sounded like a frog croaking next to 1000's sound. I was so in love with the sound that I didn't wanna give it back.

Why did I had to give it back? Coz my dad said its not worth buying coz its very old and not well kept (second hand- used for about a year or two). I didn't want to agree with dad at first but seriously. This guy didn't really take good care of his violin lor. Super gross. There's like green moss on the neck piece and bow. Super duper yuck! And the strings are all rusted. Even the case was super spoiled. Tell me if you think its worth RM1400. So I decided to bare the pain and let it go.

I guess I won't be keeping thousand. 200 shall not be abandoned.
#101- 190110 But I used it to practice the whole afternoon. Awesome betul!!!

If you're wondering where I'm at with all the boxes hill at the back, I'm at my dad's shop.

Suddenly so hardworking because...
My teacher told me somebody I know told her that my violin playing was terrible. Thanks very much. You've just motivated the bitch in me.

So my teacher told me this aunty said my playing was terrible (and some unkind things which I didn't care to remember). My teacher didn't wanna tell me who coz she didn't want me to hold a grudge on her. I sort of know who it was coz not many people had hear me play the violin.

Of course I was mad. Coz eventhough it is true that I'm terrible, the things she said was unkind. Like I was no match for her son/daughter. Please la... this two nominated aunties that I had in mind's children are no better than me. All of them can't count. If you are a musician, you will know how important counting is in music. Every time I had to perform with them I had to help them count. One even don't know if their violin is out of tune. Once that person played a whole song with out of tune violin without knowing it went out of tune.

Since they read bible so much don't they know that they should take out the plank in your eyes if you wanna remove the thorn in other people's eyes? I've totally lost my respect for this aunty. I will never perform with her kid ever again. If the child is so awesome, then go on and solo la.


This is random but I went to Planetarium while waiting for time to pass so that I can go visit Puff at the hospital. Wasted RM12 for a lousy place.

Didn't take photos coz its not worth my memory card's space. SERIOUSLY!

#102- 200110 Visited Puff at the hospital

Sorry I can't talk about what happened here. So please ask me personally.

The bitch saw me and the first thing she said "Please don't make me laugh. I'm in pain" and she laughed. =_=

Do I look like a clown now? Sim is the clown ok? Or should I say lame clown. =p

Sorry Puff, my BB camera can't focus. I hope ur bro took one for you.

Anyways, for those who knew about it and didn't read my updates on fb or twitter. She's back at home and no more in pain. Yay!!!

Ok last update before I go pack my stuff for my trip this weekend.
Dinner yesterday: honey chicken with corn soup.

My House Steak is my fave place to dine during working days coz its just beside my working place. Its super duper yummy and cheap. This whole set also comes with a honey lemon tea. So so worth it.

Ok la... gotta go.

Will be updating tomorrow or do a post on a contest I wanna join.

See you guys soon.


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