Thursday, February 25, 2010

CNY: Day 2

Day 2 of CNY went visiting with my gang. =)

So I planned to wear this for the visiting. The top is from Dees, which I bought for CNY. The skirt is a birthday present from Esther *link*

But after a month, I've put on so much weight I couldn't fit the skirt. -_-

Very satisfied with my makeup on that day. The best that I've ever done. But the lashes are a bit of a nuisance coz they were too long and kept getting in the way of my bangs. Haha~

The first house the gang started the visiting from was my house. As usual everyone was late. Including my neney. =_=

Awwwww~ I miss neney so much

BTW, my hair was so nice that day as well. That day was like the good hair and make up day. Super duper happy.

The only sad thing was my hair colour. I tried diy dyeing few days before cny and it failed. Haha~ So you'll see like my lower half of hair is light brown while the top is dark brown/black-ish. So damn unglam. Haha~

Everything so perfect except for the hair -_-

I now know the secret to fabulous puffy bangs. Its not blow drying. Its curling it with a curler. Super awesome. I've been doing it ever since CNY and I now have really nice puffy bangs. *like*

With my twin, Ann

Taken by Umie who tak tahan us taking photos for so damn long and so many times. Wahahahaha~

My laptop was switched on then Buvy decided to play Family Fued. Haha~ So damn lame. That's us playing Family Fued on the computer.

Neney and I rushing for the group photo but was too late. Haha~

Neney looked so damn funny.

Ish! I spoiled the group pic with my sour face. HAah~

This is nice but something is wrong with the exposure. Sigh~ Time to get a new camera coz this had happen for like a thousand of times d.

Took one group photo with my dad

The one with the exposure problem is of course from my camera =_=

Next house was Lizzie's house. Had to follow Bu's car coz we were not sure of the way. Even though we've been there for so many times d =p

Its rare that I look so pretty so much capture the moment...a lot of it. HAha~

The lashes was too long that I couldn't even wear my sunglasses properly. Haha~ Not amused so had to do this expression.

My cute lil driver =)

Kacau him while he drove. Hehe~

Haha~ Aim wrongly and didn't take his face but took his fat tummy. LOL~

HAha~ Look at his face. Tak tahan I wanna laugh

Finally reached Liz's house. The pics taken in the car were as if her house was damn far. Actually her house was like 10 mins from my house. HAha~

We always celebrate Liz's birthday on CNY. This year was no different.

Seen here Puff and Umie getting ready the cake to surprise her while she went to get water for us.

The cake refuse to stand upright. Super pain in the ass. So we just put one candle there and call it a day wtf.

I told them this stupid thing: "You want to make the cake stand, you have to get a female cake" -_- Stupid quote of the day. Haha~

Blowing the "male" cake...hahhahahahaha~ Sounds quite wrong when you put the word male in the middle.

Us again =)

Haha~ Him trying on my hairband the bohemian style. HAhaahahahahah~ So damn cute.

I tied his hair with a scrunchie but I think you guys can't see it. HAha~ Love to bully my darling la. He's so damn cute.

I love love love this photo so so much =)

If you see my lashes being a little droopy , my bangs are weighing them down that's why.

The eyes which I felt in love with. Hahahahahahahaha~

My Sassy Girl 我的野蛮女友

Me teaching him how to play my favourite childhood game, September. Haha~

He still didn't get it. Sigh~ Mong mong betul.

Ann took this of him. So damn cute.

Awesome couple...hahaha~

Ann adjusted her camera to some stretch mode thingy and took our pic. Hahaahhahahahah~ Only people like me and neney would do something stupid like this.

Buvy getting bored or getting emo nie???? HAha~

Buvy being sarcastic

Buvy being sexy wtf. Haha~

This is a NG photo but my hair looked nice in it so decided to post it anyways. Haha~

Imitating our "best friends" on FB

It never gets boring imitating them. =p

Vinodh, Anu and Vignesh

Ini muka mak neneks tengah bergossiping =p

See how reluctant my bf is to take photo with Buvy. Haha~

No la... he likes to take pics with everyone.

Must say like that or else Buvy will get emo again. =p You drama queen, I miss you so much *hugs*

They asked me to take a pic of them. Being a bitch I zoomed in and focus on my bf's fingers. HAhahahahahah~

This one I zoomed right on to Liz's face. Hahahahaahaha~

Too much photo for me to caption so some are left uncaptioned. The pictures will speak for itself.

More gossip folks

Must be some interesting gossips la

Eh now happy pulak

We are seriously a bunch of mad gossip folks sial. Every time we had reunion like this there's bound to have a few stories to gossip about. Haha~ I love my gang.

Sial Ann kacau me while I camwhored!!!

So I kacau-ed her while she camwhored. Spot me. Haha~

I like this pic of me =)

Nice!!! =)

I look like a monkey here but I have no idea why I love this photo so much. HAha~

Group photos are love =)

Next house we went to was Ann's house and I'm in love with her bitch. Yes, the female dog. Haha~
Me communicating with Princess. Haha~

It felt so weird to have some one who had the same name as you. *Tak malu betul* Whenever they called her, I turned as well. WTF?!?!?!?!?!? I think I serious need a doctor. I'm turning delusional too. HAha~

I had to leave early with NEney coz we had to go to his house for dinner. So quickly took photos and left.

My dearest friends which I would not trade anything for =)

I think this pic is gorgeous even though there's only half of Ann.

Maybe that's the reason why its gorgeous. HAha~

Awwwww~ Look at Princess. So damn cute!!!

You can see she's in love with me. =p

After dinner with Neney and his family, we went to Aeon for awhile coz Ney had not been there yet. No photos coz we were busy berdua-duaan-ing.

Went back and removed all traces of makeup and awesome-ness. I'm back to plain Jane/Dorcas. HAha~

Well, that's second day and also part 1 of our gang's visiting will continue the next part soon k?

Sorry I've been busy...not busy working but busy watching Taiwan drama. Haha~

K la. See you guys real soon k?

Sorry for all the delay.

Love you all.



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