Monday, March 29, 2010

Updates for my readers


Yeap its the boring outdated Project 365 again. Wait for updates at the back.

#134- 210210 Its me with specs and my fabulous bangs which I miss like mad.

#135- 220210 All the angpows that I've collected for 2010

#136- 230210 My purple nails which I added flower nail stickers and some beads on top. My bf calls this the yam ice cream with sprinkles.

#137- 240210 Some of the exercise which I've started doing. It didn't last long 'tho. I've stopped after one week of every day exercising. Hahaha~

#138- 250210 One of the days when I had to work and the student was late. So I camwhored. Muahahahahaha~


So on 26 February, we went out with our ex-school teacher, Mr Dennis for a dinner and some hang out.

Mr. Dennis is the coolest teacher in the whole IJC (that we know of la). We were the closest to him and even after graduating for so many years we still hang out. The reason why we still visit school is because of him.

After dinner and walking across the crazy congested Jonker Street we decided to take some photos.
"Hello" He's probably saying hi to the fishes in the fountain thingy at the back. HAha~

He's lame like that. Trust me.

Sorry I looked like crap coz I was having the monthly thingy. I basically was not in the mood to dress or look nice that day.

They said I looked like a beggar. Haha~ I couldn't agree more.

How can I leave the house looking like that? Super horrifying lor.

Look at how sampat he can get. Hahahahahaha~

Tak kenal siot!!!

# 139- 260210


Time for updates.

1) Another change in the Taiwan trip dates. I'm back to going to Taiwan in December. Its a loooooooooooooooong story. Long story short: September is when the typhoon is terrible and its supposed to be quite warm in September. I wanna experience coldness not go there for another hot weather ok? So I'm gonna recruit new people for the trip coz apparently my friend is making a lot of fuss about going to December. I'm gonna give her a take it or leave it option. She wanna come, then come. Or else I'm gonna go on my own. Don't understand what she meant by there's nothing to do in the Winter. I've read so many blogs about people going to Taiwan during winter and had the time of their life. So its impossible there's nothing to do.

2) I seriously cannot stand my stupid boss anymore. Suka-suka she add in new students without going thru with me. You think I sit around and do nothing is it? She had no idea how pack my schedule is right now and she kept putting on more and more students in at whatever time that is fine with her. The worst was Sunday. I had to work from 5pm- 9.45pm. WTF?!?!?!?! I mean its not that long but I had been awake since 7am in the morning. There's non-stop stuff to be done until 9.45pm (with church and this effing job). Why kind of life is this? This Thursday I'm planning to tell her I'm gonna quit soon. She better go find another replacement teacher. I don't care how FHL (fuck her life) she's gonna be. Coz if I care, I'm gonna FML.

3) Having a mad headache right now. I just wanna lie down the whole day but I have a review to hand in today. So will have to finish up and sleep. Don't even feel like cooking lunch today. So damn painful.

4) I love my job at Pei Daw. Its so easy and the kids are not as difficult to control as I thought they would be. If they are too out of control, all I had to do is switch of their computer screen. Like super automatic, tears will flow and everything is under my hands. Muahahahahhaha~ The only bad thing is I hate waking up at 7am!!!

Well, I think that's all.

There's so much photos to post still. And the Project 365 is still very backdated. LOL~ Gotta post up all asap.

K la. Gotta go rest coz the pain is killing me. Maybe I'll finish up the review when I get up.


Friday, March 26, 2010

A little evening with bestie

Since I missed Puff's convo, I had to make it up to her. On Monday, I asked her to go over to her new house and we spent some time together there.

Getting ready for our lil romantic dinner wtf

So I bought KFC over to her house and we're gonna watch a movie together. Seriously damn romantic lor. Coz we had the whole house to ourselves and I created the whole ambiance that is so romantic I think the whole neighborhood could feel the love wtf.

So romantic kan?


I switched off all the lights and then switched on these light balls to create the whole romantic feel. HAhahahahah~ Puff got a shock when she came out from the kitchen. She said: "Alamak romantic nye" HAhahahahahaha~

Our dinner...

So romantic ambiance but not so romantic food and drinks.

Stupid bug is everywhere

I hate and fear bugs like mad. Super traumatic to be in a room filled with bugs.

You know what's worst? One went into my cup and I nearly drink it. I wanted to puke for real. Super geli sial.

Started our dinner =)

We were watching Precious

Ok only la. Not like its super touching like it was said to be.

Like gonna cry only Puff nie

Ended the night with some pics

It was a lovely night Puff. We should do this again.

And maybe a sleepover next time k? I promise.


K la. Gotta go.

p/s: Sorry the promised updates will be up next time. Hehe~

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Estee Lauder's Makeup Remover

So I've been wanting to review this for a long time but didn't do it until Simmy reminded me lately.

Anyways, for one of my birthday presents last year, I've got a Estee Lauder Makeup Remover. I was pretty excited about it coz I've been wanting to find the best makeup remover that suits me. But unfortunately this makeup remover doesn't work for me.

This is the makeup remover: Estee Lauder Take It Away Gentle Eye and Lip LongWear Make Up Remover.

Kadamai long the name. Haha~

So let's talk about it.
The outlook of the bottle's actually quite nice. Blue and gold goes together quite nice huh? I forgot how many ml it was 'tho. So sorry. I don't really care about these details.

Like most makeup removers, this also have two layers of liquid that you'll need to shake it for them to mix.

For the moment you don't think it was that bad. At least that's what I think. A makeup remover from a quite popular brand should be ok right?

Then the negative part start. First thing, its the cover.
So the cover came with instructions on how you're supposed to open it. Hmmm... maybe I was stupid or what but I didn't get to open it at all for the first few times. Ok, maybe not first few times. I think for about a week la.

It was like locked super tight lor. No matter how hard you turn it, it will not open. Well, unless if you follow the instructions la.

So I finally know how to open it. It was damn "ma fan" lor. Everytime I wanna remove my makeup I'll be like...aiyo, have to open that darn thing again.

I mean its good la coz it will keep the product inside air tight and won't have any spills if you bring out travelling. But I'm not always travelling so its like a big fuss for me if I wanna open it up.

Here's a video to show you guys how to open the fussy thingy:
Please excuse my messy hair and makeup coz it was like midnight or something I was about to go to sleep at that time. Haha~ And my face was having breakout at that time. So so ugly.

So by the time its open I'm already tired and going to sleep off wtf. Haha~

But seriously its so inconvenient. What if people are in a hurry and stuff?

Ok so remember to shake the product up before you open it. I keep forgetting this step before opening the bottle. And when I wanna use it then I was like...Shit! I need to close it and shake it and open it up again. -_-

The next thing that I don't like about it is the "mulut" (mouth) of the bottle. Its so damn big. I don't have a pic of my Fasio makeup remover but that one is big too but they had this cap over it that made it smaller, which is better. Coz if the "mulut" (is it called the mouth of the bottle? Slip my mind what its called) is too big, when you pour out the product, you might accidentally pour extra out. It will then be a big waste.

I hate it when the extra product is poured out. It not only messes up my table but also there's another reason which I'll tell you guys later on.

Ok so after all the messi-ness, you'll have the product on your cotton pad still. So now let's remove the makeup.

So in this pic, you could see that it removes awesomely. This is one of the plus point for it la.

Plus this product does not sting my eyes like some other makeup remover does. Its really gentle on the eye.

The last bad point about it...or should I say the most important reason why I am not going to get it the next time is that the product is so damn oily.
You might not see it in the pic coz the camera can't catch the oiliness. My face is filled with a layer of oil like. Super thick ok? Its like this product is made out of oil and you applied that oil on to your face.

When you want to wash your face, you splatter water onto your face right? This is the most yucky part. When I splatter water on my face, the water doesn't get onto my face. -_- You know how water and oil don't mix? Yea... so my face was not exactly wet after that just like some of the water "floats" on my face. Super -_- So when I apply facial wash, the facial wash doesn't bubble up.

Just now I said that I'm going to talk about why I hate it when the product spills on my table? Well, because of its oiliness, my table becomes super oily and its so difficult to wipe. I get so angry when it gets spilled. If it spills on my finger, I get even more angry because my hand becomes so damn oily as well.

So yea there. I've done the review on this makeup remover. Even though I hate it but I'm still using it and didn't get another one. One reason because its a birthday present from my friend. Anything given by anyone is precious to me. So no matter how bad it is I will use it still. Unless f its like health and life hazardous la. The other reason its because I'm saving money -_- TAIWAN!!!!

Its finishing anyways. This time I'm gonna go get that awesome Mandom makeup remover that I've been talking about but didn't get to try it. Nothing's gonna stop me right now wtf. If I'm not meant for Mandom (which is not gonna happen I hope) I'm gonna stick to Fasio till the day I depart wtf.

Ok la. Just a post to talk about this nie.

See you guys in the next post.


p/s: Lots to update in the next post.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More updates

As promised, today is all about Project 365.

Too long didn't update d. A lot x100 to update.

#124- 110210 An odd couple: a dog and a cat walking hand in hand. Hahaha~

Bonus pic of the day

Saw this pic of my mum (and dad) in their room and realized that mum's lashes was drawn on to the pic. Hahaha~ I asked mum who drew it. She said in the olden days there's no photoshop or whatever meitu xiu xiu. So the photo studio people drew lashes on her eyes. Hahahahaha~ Seriously damn funny.

#125- 120210 I love to look at the sky while waiting in a jam or at a red light. Look at the fluffy clouds. Make me wanna eat cotton candy nie. =)

#127- 140210 Celebrated Valentine's day with my babes *heart* *read bout it here*

#130- 170210 YF visiting

#131- 180210 Washed my makeup brushes which I had been using for a week. This is how I dry them. I put blue tac on the brushes and stuck them on the wall. Hahahaha... Don't know where I got this idea.

#132- 190210 YF CNY Open House at my house =)

#133- 200210 Nothing much. After CNY decided to just camwhore for fun.

Get ready for a lot of them...

Sigh~ Miss my bangs. Now too long d. Can't put like this anymore. Lazy wanna go cut and wanna save money. But straight bangs is so awesome on me!!! Maybe I'll go cut it next month or May la.

Hahaha~ Like don't cut bangs can save a lot money nie.

K la. Gotta go.

Have to wake up at 7am tomorrow.



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