Wednesday, April 28, 2010


First up some Project 365...

#167- 270310 Puff's birthday celebration

Read about it *here*

#168- 280310 This is not new but I'm having breakouts again =(

So anyways, on Monday (29/3) I decided to spend some time with Puff and countdown for her birthday with her.

I think we had dinner but I forgot what. Haha~

Then it was movies again...

#169- 290310 It was hunks fest on GG =)

We watched an episode of GG first.

For your info, I don't really like Nate. My fav is of course Chuck. But I can't seem to get a shot of Chuck. So Nate will do -_-

Next, we watched Shrek The Third and we nearly died laughing. So damn funny la wei.

Its my first time watching so its damn funny for me. I know I'm so damn out dated but whatever la. Shrek's my fav cartoon character after Stitch. Why are his movies so damn funny?

Then we sat around and talked...this time no sexy romantic ambience d. Haha~

The rest came and gave her a little surprise but I didn't take photos.

We had some McD and count-downed to Puff's birthday.

Don't know what nonsense all we were talking at the moment the clock struck 12, Puff was vomiting in the toilet coz she laughed too much.

Well, that's all~ Short one again.

As you all know, I'm going to a camping trip this weekend. So I won't be at home. But I'll put on some pre-scheduled posts in case you guys missed me. Haha~

So do check 'em out ya =)

See you guys when I get back from Gunung Ledang.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guess Freak

Hi people,

I'm down with flu and a lil cough right now. Dammit! I'm supposed to go to a hiking and camping trip this weekend and suddenly I'm sick. I hope I would get well asap coz I'm the leader for this trip. If I'm sick, how am I going to lead the whole yf?

So anyways, I think those who followed me on twitter/fb/my blog might know that I won a bid on Cheesie's Wardrobe. And you guys want me to blog about it as soon as I get the item. So yeap, here's the post.

I saw this item on Cheesie's Wardrobe then I thought I have to get it coz its GUESS. Well, the one brand that I have been obsessed since high school has got to be this. I mean now I'm obsessed with lots other brands like LV and Longchamp and Gucci...etc. But this GUESS obsession had been on for a very long time.

Those who knew me well enough might know that I like to collect stuff which I'm obsessed with. Like I collect lots of things that has Stitch on it. (Will show you guys the whole collection one day) Another collection now that I'm building is the GUESS stuff collection. So to add up to the collection would be this item that I bid from Cheesie's Wardrobe.

So I received this package on Wednesday afternoon after I came back from my piano lesson.

In the package was a box wrapped with a white paper

Cheesie wrapped it up really nicely. Just as what I had read in the wardrobe's testimonials.

HAha~ She used Blackberry's Charger's box to hold the item I've bought.

So there's the item =)

Yeap its the pink Swaroski (did I spell it correctly? Lazy to check la wei. Haha~) Guess ring =)

The pictures do no justice about the blingy-ness. Its so damn bling ok? When light shine on it, the light's reflection was so damn bright.

My photos aren't as nice as Cheesie's one on her wardrobe's site. If only I have a Olympus Pen.... =( When can I own it?

She also included another thing in it

So nice of her~

Its from RMK

I've heard a lot of good reviews on RMK's liquid foundation but not on the powder foundation. Not sure if the shade is right for me but I'll give it a try. If its good, I'm gonna try out the liquid foundation.

Looks really light lor... afraid it'll not suit me

So that's about the ring. I absolutely love it coz its GUESS and pink. =) Now I have a bag, a watch and a ring from GUESS. So damn little nie la my collection. The next thing that I'm planning to get from GUESS is the sunglasses. I don't have any good sunglasses right now. All my sunglasses are cheapo ones.

I've just gotten my violin exam's date which is on the 21/7/2010. I was over excited at first coz it means that I could sign up for the Korea Mission trip which I was planning to apply for. The mission trip is on 30/6-14/7. My mother had allowed me to go. But of course I could only apply but its up to the high authorities to approve my application.

Now I've actually died down on the excitement coz I don't think I'm ready enough for the exam. I want to get distinction so I must really work damn hard. At this moment, I'm still not ready for distinction yet. So I have to work extra harder. So I think I won't apply for the mission trip after all.

Well, now that I'm sick I have to rest more. Or else I might not be well enough for the camping trip this weekend.

Will try to blog again tomorrow or soon when I'm better.

See you guys then.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Princess Beach

15 April was Melaka, my hometown's Historical Day. Well, for those who didn't know about this holiday, it is a day to remember our state as the Historical City of Malaysia. So the point is...we get a day off.

I don't have to work that day so I decided to go to the beach with my church's Sunday School kids. Plus I don't have other plans.

A day before I started to look for clothes to wear and what to go with the clothings.

Found this straw hat and decided that its the best accessory to bring to the beach since its going to be effing hot.

Those who read Popteen, Vivi...etc and even Cheeserland might know that in Spring/this season one of the most fashionable item is straw hat/can can hat. Honestly I can't find any nice straw hat/can can hat in Melaka. Erm~ acutally I didn't find la. Haha~ I was just too cheap to get one. Coz most of it are so damn expensive coz its in fashion right now.

So guess where did I get my straw hat?

You'll be surprised seriously. Haha~

So... I got my straw hat from my dad's hardware store. Hahahahahahaha~ Like wth right?

But yea, you can actually get the most fashionable item from a hardware store. I wonder if those immigrant workers read Popteen/Vivi? They can be so fashionable while working at the construction area. Hahaha~

Even though its cheap (I have of course got it for free la wtf), there are downsides of it. For example, the above picture.

There's UTAMAKAN KESELAMATAN (Safety First) written around the straw hat. -_-

But not to worry. I've been reading Violet's blog (check her out coz she's awesome!!!) so often that I've got so inspired to DIY to change its look.
The materials I've used are simple


Don't you think it looks like something out of Vivi/Popteen right now?

I had only secure the black satin ribbon onto the hat with some sewing pins and safety pins. It looked so awesome that I'm so proud of myself. *pats self on the back* wtf. Hahahahaa~

Time to camwhore...

Alaaaa~ Cannot see the black ribbon at all. Hahahaha~

So on the day itself. I had to wake up at 7am coz we had to meet up at church at 7.30am.

It was dreadful!!! I can never wake up early. Every Thursday, when I had to wake up at 7am to work at Pei Daw, I had to drag my sleepy ass to the toilet like super hard. I wonder how I used to do this in high school. I mean I used to wake up at 6am. But then, before I had a bf, I used to be lifeless and slept at 10pm. Haha~

Oh and I only need 15 minutes to get ready and leave the house coz I didn't have any makeup on. Haha~ Well, I did put on BB Cream and some mascara. But that was easy la right?
What I wore to the beach that day =)

My mother asked me: "Why you wearing a dress to the beach now?" Hahahaha~ Its not a dress la wth.

Top: White top with ruffles (?)- given to me by Shiu Li, my ex house mate
Pants: Black shorts- too old to remember where I got it
Straw Hat: Perniagaan Sin Ee Hong (dad's store)
Necklaces: Be@rbrick- Jonkers, Giraffe- Sg Wang
Straw Bag: One of my aunt's old bags that she gave to me =)

BTW, straw bags are super in right now too. You can get straw bags from Aeon Melaka for RM49.90. I had forgotten the shop's name. But its one of the shops that I love to shop in. Easy to spot on the 2nd Floor. Its pink. =p They said that its imported.

Oh just a reminder. I don't think its safe to buy cosmetics from that shop. It don't look authentic to me. I mean those so called Japanese/Korean cosmetics. Don't sue me coz I didn't mention the shop's name.

Another place to get straw bags is Jonker Street for handmade ones and if you're looking for an online shopping website to buy straw bags imported from Taiwan go to My Dream Cottage. They also sell straw hats/can can hats and anything very fashionable right now.

So we left from church at around 8am. The place that we're heading to is Pantai Puteri which translates Princess Beach in English. Hahaha~ Maybe its meant to be. Prinsezz going to Princess Beach.

Beach shots which didn't look as nice as the ones I took in Port Dickson


Taken by Fay =)

Baby Joyce wrote her own name on the sand. So damn clever. *love*

Grace found a stick on the floor and wrote this on the sand

BTW it means Private Property: Do not Enter. LOL~

Then Jo (Joseph Fu) drew a square around the beach for his sister to indicate the space which was their property. Hahahaha~

I remembered my bunch of church gang used to do this type of lame ass thingy when we were younger. Now that we were older we just sit around and talk. Haha~

This kid asked another kid to bury him and the kid left him there alone. Hahahaha~

I have no idea whether he's taking a nap there or the sun was too bright for him to look at me.

Sze Yin being buried

They put a stick at the back of her head and called her the weird grave coz nobody buries the dead with their head sticking out. Hahahaha~

Cutie Joyce =)

The guys building a sand castle

Remembered years back when Jacy, Miss C, John, this guy and I built this awesome big sand castle. Took so many photos with it. Sigh~ memories...

Girls digging hole...ok that sounds very wrong to the dirty minded. Hahaha~

Look at Joyce's awesome Zebra print bikini. I want!!!! I wonder if it has my size.

Kids these days... their bikinis are even sexier than us adults. Tsk tsk tsk~

Kids on the beach

Pastor William on the guitar, leading the Praise and Worship

Happy nye~

Aunty Karen showing us the dance...

Mum and Fay

Love of my life ♥ Jia En

Why is she so damn cute? I hope my future child will be as cute as la... I think its possible since Sinrena and I were both really cute babies. Hahahahaha~

She used to be so afraid of me. The moment she sees me she'll scream in cries. Now she smiles at me and talks baby talk to me. Even though I don't get what she says I just nod my head and talks to her back. Haha~ Her vocabs are very limited and half the time her sentences don't make sense but its so damn funny and cute. She would say: "不要,不要,不要。妈妈。妹妹. mum mum mum" (don't want, don't want, don't want, mama, sister, mum mum mum) LOL~ Most of the time she would just say 不要,不要,不要.

After that I brought her into the sea. She was kinda afraid at first but slowly she grew accustomed to the sea and started to have fun. She was making this weird "Whoooooo~" sound every time I move around the sea with her in my arms. Hahaha~ Then when water splashes on her face, I would tell her: "没有事,没有事" (Its ok, its ok) in case she starts crying. Later on she followed me by repeating 没有事 like super fast. Hahahaha~ Damn funny.

How I looked after I came out of the sea

Hair became super dry and tangled like mad. Don't like!!!

I was so damn soaked. I totally forgot that I didn't bring any clean and dry lingerie to change into. Super die shit. HAhahahaa~

Mummy asking me to drink water the moment I came out of the water. Sigh~ she will never change. ♥♥♥

♥♥♥ My mother ♥♥♥

Decided to dig a hole to look for water just for fun -_-

Found water =)

Samuel came and join me

I was sort of tanning and drying up my clothes in the sun. And yes, I manage to get a lil darker =)

Asked Joyce to the jump shots but failed =( She nearly fell into the sea. Hahahaha~

Hair dried up and looked better but it was still tangled up =S

Lunch time

I had mee siam, otak otak, steamed chicken, egg and chicken in black sauce and some sambal.

They were like having buffet at the beach. Brought stove all to cook there. Hahaha~ PEngsan betul all these aunties.

Fay and moi

Its Jia En ♥ again...and she just showered and is super clean right now

So damn cute

Hahaha~ Wearing my straw hat

After lunch and pretty much dried up, we left coz I had to go to Deepa's house for lunch

But I didn't turn up coz I was too tired after showering and stuff. So I slept right after showering.

Had some super angry stuff after I woke up coz my boss is an ass. Super angry with her. Some parent was complaining that it was not fair that I'm setting the four classes per month policy. As in four classes in one month and if the month has five weeks, one class will be a holiday. She doesn't know how to explain to the parent. So she had to call to ask me how to do it. WTH?!?!?! If you can't handle all this calls, how can you handle the whole center? I cannot wait to stop working there man. Three more month, three more months left, Dookie. you can do it!!!

Ok la. That's all for this post.

Tonight I'm gonna go for a talk in Renaissance Hotel. Then tomorrow hopefully I'm gonna go to Sinren's house for dinner then off to catch a movie.

So I'll probably bloggin on Monday.

See you guys then.



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