Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mama's Day

Hello people,

I've been slacking from blogging for quite awhile huh? Its coz I have nothing to blog about apart from Project 365 and maybe rant about work. I don't wanna bore you guys so decided not to blog.

Last week I was also busy trying to get 0 fare tickets from Air Asia which was a massive fail coz I didn't get any. But the good news is...if you had been following me on twitter, you might already know. Look at the side bar and you might get a hint.

YES, PEOPLE WHO READ MY BLOG =) I'M GOING TO TAIWAN ON JAN 2011. =)))) I'm really happy coz finally I could go for a trip overseas. I've always been jealous of Li Shan, Eevon, Esther and Fay coz they're always going to some where out of Malaysia while I'm always stuck here. I wanna go see the world too. Going to Taiwan is a huge stepping stone for me. From next year onwards, I will earn as hard as I could just so that I could go travelling. =)

Another thing is about this blog. By next week, this blog's url will be changed from to Prinznprinsezz was started coz Sinren and I wanted to start blogging together but now that he's too busy with work and blogging is not something he has passion for so I'll be the only one blogging. Well, its not that he blogged a lot before this. -_- So I've decided to change the url to something that is more me. So remember to change your link to next week ya.

Ok enough of announcements and now for photos from Mother's Day. Sorry I'm always posting up things late. Hehe~

After work, I quickly showered and got ready before my mum starts screaming at my face. I'm usually the slowest to get ready coz I need to makeup and coordinate my clothes and curl my fringe and blah blah blah...yea, so I'm the slowest. Haha~

Scary close up.... and my brows needed trimming back then. LOL~

Got ready =)

Ooh~ I love the nude lipstick that I bought last month which was the Rimmel's Nude Delight. I just wanted to try it out and turns out I love nude lipsticks a lot.

So I got ready and mum got ready but dad was not home yet. He was out playing golf -_-. Then he came back super late. Both mum and I lost our excitement bcoz of that. Well, its not like something new in the family. He always spoils our excitement. Sigh~

We finally decided to go to Aeon's Papa John Pizza.

Mum and I =)

Dad and I

Stupid fringe had an ugly gap that night. Spoiled so many pics. Stupid betul!!!

Bread stix

All the sauces that came: From bottom to top; tomato paste, garlic butter and some pepper which I've forgotten the name.

Potato wedges which didn't taste as good as KFC's cheesy wedges. Its way too hard.

The pepper which I thought was going to be super spicy

The pepper was supposed to be in the pic. Haha~

It was not really that spicy. Dad said I didn't eat the spicy part which was the middle part that's why it was not spicy. :p It tasted like typical green chilly.

BBQ chicken and beef pizza which tasted ok only la

I still think shakey's pizza was the best. But why all the branches in Melaka closed down? Damn sad.

All beef baked rice

I don't know what's with me. I ordered so much beef that night. Haha~

Went home after walking around for a bit with my family. It was a simple dinner but everyone was happy even though dad nearly spoiled all of our moods. Stupid dad ;p

Well, that was how I celebrated mother's day.

Will blog whenever I have something interesting k?

See you guys round.


Friday, May 21, 2010

sometimes I tend to forget how I look with makeup on

Hey, whaddup?

Work is like crazy for right now. I've counted and I work about 40 hours per week. Almost like a typical office worker. Thursday is the most tiring day for me coz I work from morning (as in 9am) till night (around 9pm). Everyone told me like: "Its ok. You're still young. You should work hard at the beginning and have a good life at the end" Well, those who told me those are lying. Who wouldn't want money to come right into their hands without working hard? Who doesn't wish that they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth? Who doesn't wish the richest man in the world would swept them off their feet and ask them to marry him?

Anyways, about the title... After I graduated, I swore to myself that when I go to work, I must doll myself up and dress to the best every day. But due to my laziness and all this rushing to work place and class and other stuff, I had failed to do so. Sometimes I get so lazy that I just simply throw on a combination of clothes and go off to work without caring whether my hair is nice or my face is clean wtf. And due to my work, I have 0 social life now. Its like a have no chance to even to put on a little foundation.

The only time I look forward to putting up makeup is when Sinren is back.

On a normal day, this is how I look like. Of course on a normal day, my hair would be up in a ponytail or in a bun.

Please do ignore the top two photos. I did not highlight a chunk of my hair purple. That was a colored hair extension I bought few years back when I was so into Avril Lavigne. LOL~ Bought a short hair extension coz my hair was really short back then. *psst* I still like Avril Lavigne and still wanna highlight one streak of pink hair like her LOL~ *guilty look* Hahahahahhahhaa~

Circle lenses are the best thing invented!!!

I don't know why I took this picture. LOL~ Probably to promote my pre-makeup sebum. Hahaha~

After dolling up =)

Its really been a long time since I last put on make up so I forgot how I look with makeup on. I even got a shock at my own reflection after putting up all the makeup. Its like looking at somebody else who is so damn cute wtf. But seriously, when you tend to be too busy for yourself, you tend to forget how good you can look.

Wanted to show you guys this low back top that I'm wearing but failed. Haha~

Its also not often that I get to wear revealing/sexy clothes. Who teaches with a sexy back top or halter neck right?

So that day Sinren came back and we went to this newly open (not so new d coz this was so long passed. LOL~) restaurant at Aeon called Garden Recipe.
The Garden Recipe reminds me a lot of Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe at Ara Damansara coz of the decorations.

We sat outside coz they decorated it like a garden cafe (sorry no photos of the decorations coz they were so many people. Shy to take photos) with garden stool, birds, fence and some flowers. Looks really awesome but then it was not as romantic as I thought it would be coz there were so many passersby. Like so damn potong steam. We kept meeting people that we knew and had to say hi like 239104347812 times. So damn sien. Hahaha~

#181- 100410

Some words on the chair

Well, not gonna talk about the food in case I had to do it for my other job. ^ ^. But all I can say is the price is way to expensive. Its not like the food is super high class (or tasty) or the place is super high end. The price is just not suitable la... Wonder how long it can stand? Sinren said give it five months. Hahahahahaha~

For those who saw my nonstop ranting on twitter about AirAsia and my Taiwan trip tickets, well, sorry coz I'm really stressed about it coz I really wanna get the tickets now. Coz if I don't the price will just go up and up. Even though, I can't get the 0 fare tix (coz ppl are you know that there's no more 0 fare tix to Taipei left?) I'm contended with the price right now. Hopefully by tonight I could get the tix. Seriously. Tonight MUST be the night. Please pray and keep your fingers crossed for me.

So till then. I will update whenever I could.

See you guys.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Failed Pudding


I wanted to give up on my Project 365 d but I must matter how difficult. I will try my best to finish it no matter what...

#179- 080410 Marine Scene on my nails~

Anyways after being all proud making my superb oreo truffles, I've decided to venture greater things. So I've decided to try making creme brulee.

#180- 090410 Prinsezz starts cooking again...

Basically the whole experience was a failure. I did something wrong in between and the top of the creme brulee tasted like shit. I threw all away.

Not much photos but all I had a did a summary photo log of it...
Picture #1, #2 and #3 was when the process was going fine. Starting from #4 and #5, prob started. Why? Coz I over cooked the sugar and it was seriously burned. I guess I took the "brulee" part too literally. LOL~

The rest of the process was going fine. But thanks to the over-burned sugar spoiled everything. (T^T)

The end product was no where to be found coz I threw it off after it tasted like shit. Hahaha~

I was damn sad that it failed and didn't wanna try cooking or baking again. But now the fire is burning again. I wanna bake and cook up a storm ler. I miss the time back in Uni where I cook for my housemates and my bf. It was awesome.

Found an apple crumble cheesecake recipe which looked kinda easy to do. I think I'm gonna try baking it when Jack shows me where to buy whipping cream and some other stuff.

Does anybody know whether Secret Recipe still sells apple crumble cheesecake? I can find it anymore. Its my fav cake there. So sad that I couldn't find it anywhere in Melaka.

Ok la... that's all for today. See you guys in the next post.



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