Monday, June 28, 2010

Toy Story

Who had watched Toy Story 3?
Well I had. =)

Last Thursday I went to watch it with a bunch of friends. Even though before the movie, some stupid stuff had spoiled my mood a little but the moment the movie started everything went away. =)

I think Toy Story 3 is the best among the trilogy. Seriously don't know why its so much funnier and much more touching than the other two.

You guys who watched know the part where Andy passed the toys to Bonnie? And what he said to Bonnie when he was about to give away Woody? OMG I tell you... I cried ok. So damn touching. Even now, thinking back on the scene I would wanna cry.

After the movie, I went back and personally hugged all my beloved toys and tell them how much I love them.

Ok, laugh all you want but yes, at my age I'm still keeping lots of my toys including some from childhood. They are too precious to be given away. Some had already been given away but these were not coz they hold a big part of my life. Can never let them go.

So the night, I was insomniac (I think its the teh tarik I had during the yam cha session). I've decided to do this post just to show you guys my toys.

Those who are not interested, can now click on the cross up on the right top. =)

This is one of my oldest toy

My cousin, Coco and Joan who might be reading right now must be screaming coz they know her too.

I call her Wei Qing 维琴 but I have no idea why I called her this. I think I bought this at Singapore years back. I think its almost 10 years old or older.

She lost her nose...which I remembered looking like a pea. But how she lost it I can't remember.

She's like my real best friend for 10 over years =)

Dammit, she's fairer than me. HAhahahahahahaha~

This hippo is another of my oldest toy. I named him/her Blue blue. I had no idea whether its a he or she. But erm... most probably a she la coz most of my toys are girls. LOL~

For those who didn't know, I loved PIGGYs as much as I love Stitch. These are my piggy soft toys... Super duper love.

Say hello to my Stitch Collection...

As you can see there's 5 Stitch soft toys. Two of which were presents from my bf and one bought by myself and one more given by Buvy. =)

The two at the side are actually the same doll. Sinren didn't know that I had that one and bought it for me. Hahahaha~ They both had the same hooded jacket but I didn't let the one Sinren gave me, wear his hoodie just to differentiate which is which.

This bear was given by my bro, Alex for my 20th birthday. Its the first and the last time he ever gave me a present -_- Super duper kiamsiap.

This was the first birthday gift that Sinren ever gave to me ^^ At that time, he didn't have much but he saved some money just to buy a present for me. Awwww~ super duper love.

Another bear that he bought for me ^^

Mousey the Also a very old toy from childhood.

Ok, this doll actually kind of scares me but I still keep it. HAha~

Some bears from McD which I thought is the most fashionable bears I had ever had. Love their attire.

 A random Pooh Bear that I got from McD

This was another birthday gift at my 20th birthday. It was given by my besties.

Note the words on the candy the bear is holding. They said it was a message to me. LOL~

Random star beanie that I got from Mini Toons. Great to scream into when you're angry. Hhahahahaha~

Another of my bed buddy, Tuki which was given by my unimates and housemates for my birthday.

Twin mini Tuki which I got myself.

I don't know why but everytime I look at these Tuki doys I felt really happy. I think its because of their smiles la. So cute... Hahahaha~

The happy flower which was given to me by my ex-house mate, Esther during graduation. Good thinking huh? If she had given real flowers, I've probably forgot that she gave me a flower. ^^

Figurines of my dream cars: Volkswagon Beetle and Chevrolet Camaro. Now all I'm lacking is a mini cooper figurine =)

Yeap, the Camaro does turn into Bumblebee and that's the reason why I bought it. HEhe~

招财猫to end the post wtf. Hahahahahaha~

So, that's all.

These are just a part of my toys. I still have a few which are kept away coz my room will be super full if I put all out.

Well, hope you guys like this post.

See you guys in the next post.


Friday, June 25, 2010


Hello people,

Time for boring photos.

Check it out...

010610- I guess all of my close friends realized that I have the EXACT same dress. Hahahahahaha~ Found this photo in Vivi Magazine. Forgot which month d.

Seems like I've a few fake/lookalike dresses and clothes from Vivi. Haha~ My taste ain't that bad after all.

020610- Jia En on a bike. She can't really ride the bike coz she's too small. I had to push her around while she sat there. Like one big bratty princess. But so damn cute la she. ^^

She came down and asked me to sit on the bike so that she could push me. But, obviously, I was too heavy for her. So I let her push the bike herself. She spent the whole evening doing just that. Haha~

030610- One of my cutest 4 year old student. He's name is Daniel. Here's he's showing off his Ben 10 watch. LOL~ Kids are the cutest being ever!!!

The weirdest thing is the amount of hair he is lacking. Why arh? I haven't seen a kid at this age with so little hair lor.

040610- Baby, my student's dog

060610- Shane boy sucking on his dad's shirt. Must taste good huh? Haha~

080610- Cut my ankle

Guess how I cut it? 

My right foot's big toe's nail was too long d. So while walking, I tripped on my right foot and the toe nail pierced right into my left foot. Super duper ouch I tell u. Tears run down automatic like tap water. Haha~

This is something that happen very regularly since I was little. Don't know what's wrong with me. Walk also can trip on own foot. Hahahahahaha~

090610-Saw this at the traffic lights while going to dinner. Hahaha~ See where the little boy was lying down in the car. So damn funny.

120610- Big ass pic of me while working at Jasin. Counting down the days till I don't have to go more week. ^^

130610- On the way to church with Mama

140610- Day 1 working at City Music. Boring but thank God there's free wifi. Wahahahahahh~

Extra photo: DURIAN season!!! AWESOME!!!

That's all for this week's photo of the day.

See you guys next week.

Not so boring post next week k?


Friday, June 18, 2010

Visit from Arizona

Last Tuesday (8/6) my long distant cousin, Rebecca came to Melaka to visit. She's from JB but she left for America since 1987. She had never been to Melaka or any other place in Malaysia. So my another cousin, Wan Ling brought Rebecca and her family over for a visit.

Dad and I was assigned as tour guide of the day.

I had to wake up at 7am!!! Coz they were reaching at 8am.

I looked cheerful but I'm not!!!

We went for  breakfast at Zhong Wah Chicken Rice Ball before starting our little historical visit.

After breakfast we hike up the St. Paul's hill

These are the backs of my cousin's husband, Robert (the blue shirt one); their daughter, Ariel (the pink one of course -_-) and their son, Adley. Yes, my cousin's much older than me. My dad's youngest in his family and his cousins are mostly much older than him as well.

Its weird to hear teens calling you, 阿姨(aunty) but the Teochew have this strict thing about different ranks in the family. So they had to call me that even if I didn't want to. Stupid strict Chinese tradition!!!

The children didn't like the hike. LOL~ I wouldn't like it if I were their age. Haha~

The view from the top of the damn nice. If only I have DSLR or Olympus Pen to take this super duper awesome view. But my dear Myumyu did a good job d la rite?

Can also see Mahkota Parade =)

Passed the police station and took this coz there's lots of police...don't know doing what. Enlarge to see if you wanna look clearly.

St. Paul and his church

Hike down the other side and came to the famous but awfully stinky Fort A Famosa

Spot dad and Robert. LOL~

With my cousins and niece and nephew... (from left to right) Wan Ling, me (who looked like a big slouchy blah wth), Adley, Ariel, Rebecca and Robert.

Dad was taking the pic.

There's lot other photos of me with them but its with them. I left early to go to work so I didn't manage to get their FB (T^T) Will have to call Wan Ling to ask for it soon.

Reminds me of Port Dickson =)

Oh, we might be going to PD again. Our YF might be going to either PD or Genting or Kota Tinggi Waterfall for our next outing. Whose interested to join? Contact me =)

Took pic of the Tunku Abdul Rahman car coz its a Chevrolet

One of my dream car is Chevrolet. This...
Chevrolet Camaro

Yes, you cars expert, its Bumblebee...and that is why I like it. I have a miniature Camaro car figurine. Super awesome. Its by my bed right now.

Excuse my fat arms... I'm working very hard to slim it down recently. Please wish me luck...

Went to Jonker after that

Jonker is so much more busy in the morning. So damn tak sangka. During the weekdays, congested with cars. Weekends pulak congested with sweaty sticky hoomans...

My fav chendol stall in the whole Melaka

Anyone tried this yet? I've like recommended ten thousand times. Its seriously super awesome.

I don't know why I like it so much.  Maybe its the Gula Melaka.

Seriously you guys!!! Go try it!!!

Went to this store and found this kaleidescope which was awesomely cool. I wanted to buy it but didn't let me to.

Without letting the boss notice, I took some pics. Seriously look awesome lor...

Nice right????

So wanna buy it. But buy don't know for what. Hahahahaha~

Try on a cheongsam but it was too tight for me. I nearly died trying to stuff myself into it. Sigh~~~ it is really true. I am fat.

Am gonna loose some fats and then go back to the store to get the cheong sam. Please wait for me cheongsam. I will be back (Y^Y)

That was all the time I spent with Rebecca and her family. I had to leave for work and didn't even had lunch with them. Sigh~ If they were here a little longer, I might get to know them better right?

This week I assure you there will be lots of post coz I've just uploaded lots of photos on to the lappie. So you guys won't be bored for a week.

Keep coming back for a new post.

See you guys soon.



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