Monday, July 19, 2010

Youth Fellowship Makan Nite

On 3rd July (same day as Anu's birthday celebration *link*) Youth Fellowship had a  small dinner celebrating our 5th Youth Sunday a success. It was an unofficial celebration la of course. But thinking that its a good way to gather all yf members together, so I've decided to organize it.

After much consideration on where to eat, we've decided to go to Amigo coz the place was big enough to accommodate 20+ of us and also its kind of affordable.

During dinner...erm~ actually is after dinner la. During dinner I was too busy mem-babi-ing so no time to take any pics.
小Teck Teck and Cindy

Paulie and Cindy

Cindy's the typical Asian girl with all the "peace" sign and Vivi dressing. LOL~

Fay and Chai Ying, who is the new member of the YF clan. She's currently studying at Yayasan College. ^^ Nice girl. Sweet and really nice to chat with.

Scrappy Coco, Jacko and Genghis Khan

Kelvin put on his FB status that he had a new hairstyle. So I asked what he did to his hair (his hair was originally wavy/curly like the rest of the dark skin clan: Me, Jacy, Paulie). He replied: "Its now smooth and silky just like Scrappy Coco" Hahahahaha~ If you watch Zohan, you would understand.

We call Tze Khan Genghis Khan just coz his name has "Khan" lol~

Kenny and Tze Hong

Awkward -_-

He wanted to take pic with me but manatau all tak jadi. Sigh~ I think I've lost the touch of camwhoring eversince I had that ugly forehead. -_-


Taken by Chai Ying ^^

Sheene, Sheerin and Iris who looked like they are sisters. LOL~

William, David, Gilbert and Jennifer

William: "I don't want to be in this pic" =( Hahahahahhaah~

Gilbert's eyes are either too slitty or he's really tired till he couldn't keep his eyes open. Check every pic of him and you'll see his eyes being like that.

The last one is the nicest ^^

Thanks to Nana who took so many pics of us ^^.

After dinner, we've decided to hang out together summore. Since we didn't wanna spend any more money (sial Amigo is so expensive and not delicious at all), we went to Portuguese to hang out at the jetty/bridge area.

The guys were super duper high that day. Making super lots of noise. So damn shy ok? Some couples who were there to have some sort of romantic evening surely felt potong stim.

Like some sort of boy band pic. Hahahaha~

There's this ladder thingy that leads to the sea. And the guys were super excited over it.

Look at David!!! Hahahahaahahah~

Sinren and Paulie tried to pull up the ladder. I told them its connected to a steel/metal thingy so its impossible to lift it up. But they didn't wanna believe. Paulie even tried walking down the ladder to see where it leads to

Lots of pics of the guys coz don't know why they are so into photos taking that day. LOL~

And when you thought they became normal, they start doing something stupid again. -_-lll And very digsuting too. LOL~

Awww... love thy brother. LOL~

Lovely couple ^^

Ugly pic of bf doing some exercise. LOL~

This photo looks like a pimp with two chicks. LOL~

I think its the smile. Hahahahahaha~

This one is much better


The whole gang decided to sit down and chat the night away...which was awesome coz the whole ambiance there was just right for chatting.

Testing my camera's flash which was seriously a big crap. Can't even see Sinren clearly.

David asked me to use the Red Eye flash (which is the one with the eye symbol thingy on ur cameras). So I've decided to try it out. It was better but still blurry.

My, grandpa. What big mouth you have. LOL~

Guess whose legs are these

Funniest shit ever. I guess no one will go and guess whose legs are these anyways. So Imma tell you guys whose are these.

Well, both legs are Paulie's. LOL~ And the heels were Cindy's. Super gross sial. His leg looked so much like a girl's. Hahahahahah~


Nice blur pic of Jennifer

The black and white Stupid inside joke

Why Ah Wei so emo momo???

At 11 plus we had to leave coz Chai Ying's hostel doesn't allow her to be back too late. Or else the guards will not let her it. So we took a group pic using the glorious timer. LOL~

The top one which looked like we were at Genting was taken by Kenny's camera. Don't know what's up with it. LOL~

Oh and Jack was taking these pics will on the phone. Geng arh. Hahahaha~

That night many had fun coz I've got lots of good feedback. It was great to know that people had fun since I organized it. Or else I would have regret organizing it.

This weekend we're gonna go to Yong Peng and Batu Pahat for a one day trip. Yay!!! Awesome!!!

Will take lots of pics and post it up.

See you guys in the next post.



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