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So like I said I would post this up real soon coz this weekend I'm going to Port Dickson which means more photos pouring in.

The few weeks back, one of my church friends, Jeff said there's a promo at Melaka Wonderland Theme Park. The tickets were going for half price. So my church gang decided to buy it and go since we haven't even set foot there.

Its very near to my house but I didn't have the time to go check it out yet. Plus there were many reviews saying that it was not fun and a waste of money to go. So I didn't bother to go check it out.

Anyways, last Sunday, after our Sunday Service, ten of us rushed away (coz scared people will start asking and wanting to join us. LOL~)to have lunch and sped of to Melaka Wonderland immediately. When I said sped off I meant Jo only. Coz the rest of us who were driving (Jacy and Kelvin), we were playing games among the two cars all the way from Malim to Air Keroh. One car even honked at us. Hahaha~

Reaching Melaka Wonderland :)

The guys were reluctant to take photos coz they just wanna go in and strip and start playing. WTH?!??!?!?! So excited for what?

Kenny took this which was a total fail coz he didn't take the whole "gerbang" (sorry forgot the word in English) properly. Plus he missed out Sinren. :(

From left to right: Yours truly, Fay, Sheene, Sheerin, Joyce, Jacy, gayass Jo and Kelvin

If you're wondering why we're all dressed up so nicely, its coz we went to church before this remember?

Please clap for the better camera person. Look at how awesome I captured this picture. Sigh~ He had got to learn from me to get better pics la *tak malu mode* :P

From left to right (again): Fay, Sheene, Sheerin, Joyce, Sinren (can u see him?), Jacy, Jo, Kenny and Kelvin

Getting ready to have fun :)

Lol~ it was too bright for us to open our eyes. But still wanna take a pic together :P

Random thingy we saw outside their souvenir store. I wanted to take a pic there but nobody wanted to take for me coz they said its too hot :(

This was the buggy that would send u around the park if you're lazy to walk but its effing RM2 per person. I would rather walk.

We went into the souvenir store for awhile coz we each got a voucher to get stuff from the store. If you buy things that are RM10 or above, you get a RM3 discount.

Jacy, Jo and I ended up buying this stick water gun (difficult to explain what it is without a pic illustration. But I'll post it up when I use it at PD this weekend) which was RM15 for one. We got a RM12 discount by combining four vouchers together. So after discount one was like RM11. Yay!!! Win~ Haha...

Oh this picture was taken coz we said this mannequin looked high and her lashes were so fabulous wtf. So we started singing: "睫毛弯弯" in the store. That song was singing about some lashes thingy. Super lame. Haha~

Went to the changing room and changed into our swimming gear :)

Group pic in the toilet :)

Sorry bout mine being senget coz I aimed it wrongly when I set it to timer. Shy~

This ding dong was super proud of his boxers wtf. It was from Bedford wtf. I knew he kept telling. Hahahahhaha~

Please ignore my fat bf's tummy and man boobs. Haahahahhaahahaha~

Don't know why the guys kept showing off their backs (except for Jo. Hahahahah~) Fay posted these photos and Jimmy, Jacy's bro said maybe coz they didn't wanna display the fats and packages wtf wtf. HAhahahahaha~

Rest of the time we were playing so no photos were taken. None of us brought any waterproof cameras. Apparently the one Fay had been using was her bro's. Argh~ me gotta go get one!!! So jealous seeing some people using it at the park that day.

But I've stolen pics off their website and fb so I could tell you a bit about it.

Oh before I get to that, if you're going, would have to rent the floats right? Remember to rent either the single or the double ones coz these two could be used for all rides. The others couldn't.

So the first thing we went to was the Lazy and Crazy river coz it was nearest to the float renting booth.
Pic courtesy of Melaka Wonderland Theme Park's official FB page

It was seriously the most wtf ride ever. If you guys went to Water World and Sunway Lagoon or any other water parks, you'll know the lazy river. Its a relaxing river for you to float on it and move around.

This Lazy and Crazy river at Wonderland is so damn short. Like a walk around my whole row of houses and back. Seriously damn short. We didn't know it was so short coz we just jump into it and started floating away. Then we started racing to see who is the fastest to reach to the next slide/ride. Manatau we raced and suddenly we're back to place we first started. Everybody screamed: "这样短吧了啊!!!" (So short?!?!) I think maybe they didn't have enough money to build it around the park la. Poor thing~~~~

But poor Sinren knocked his leg at the bottom of the Lazy and Crazy river coz when losing Jo and Kelvin went to pushed our float and made it upside down. Sinren felt and knocked his leg. Poor boy had a swollen and painful leg the whole day :(

The second thing we went to was The Pendulum.
Pic from Melaka Wonderland Theme Park's website

This thing was super duper scary. I did not try it coz I was chickened out by the looks of it. Climbed all the way four storeys up and climbed down again. Haha~

This slide comes down in 45 degrees down. Sinren said it was like free falling and looked as if you will bang right into the slide *scary*. Then after coming down it goes up again in the same 45 degrees manner. Super awesome but I didn't dare to try it. This is a total must try when u guys go there.

The next was our favorite slide of all~
Kamikaze Slide

This slide is the most awesome thing I've ever tried. I heard that they had the exact same one in Sentosa, SG.

The thing is you get this carpet like thingy then u push urself down the slide. It doesn't sound as thrill but it is. If you're pro enough like Jo did (he mastered the thing by playing it the whole afternoon), you could bounce up and fly out a bit at the second curves. But if you're stupid like me and a few other girls, you might get stuck in the middle of the slide. Hahahahaha~ I think I'm more stupid coz I got stuck at the top. The instructor laughed his ass off at me. :(

I didn't fly out but I did manage not to get stuck after a few times ;P

This slide was not really scary la. Just that the speed coming down was so fast you don't know what happened. Plus it was so dark inside you cannot even see yourself. But it was awesome just the same.

You actually can't feel the twist. All you felt was falling down really fast.

The rest of these were not as thrill and to the extend of boring.

After the whole afternoon trying to master the Kamikaze, Fay, Jacy, Sheene, Sheerin, Sinren and I got tired (signs of old age lol~). So we went to the Kiddy Island Adventure
Pic from

It's for kids but we went to play still. Hahahaha~ But the slide was too low and the water was too shallow we kept hitting out butts at the bottom. Damn pain.

But the most fun thing was this bucket thingy.
The  bucket get filled up slowly at the top and then when its filled up full, the bucket pours down. Looking at the picture you can see that the bucket had poured down.

Super mad ok? We stood beneath the bucket just like the people did in the pic. The force of the water coming down on u is like something really heavy falling on u. I fell down immediately when the water hit me. But it felt awesome. I played like a thousand times.

After that we decided to hit back to the changing room and get dressed for dinner. But we haven't been into the wave pool. So few of us went in.

Sheene being the tiang lampu. Hahahahahaha~

Floating corpse XD

Done with swimming and fun :)

The wave pool was probably the reason why I had sunburn. I decided to take off my top to do some tanning. Instead of letting the sun tan my front, I let it tan my back. That's why its like burnt right now. LOL~

 Neney off from the pool too

Bro Kenny

Sheerin and her legs. LOL~

Went to shower then sat down for awhile to chill while waiting some others to shower.
View from where we sat to chill. Spot me in the pic.

Magnum is awesome!!!

Man with man boobs and kiwi ice cream. LOL~



Kenny showing his back again~

Kelvin Mok who can't take candid shots. Seriously!!! All his candid shots look like shit~

Jojo eating like a pig




My bf and his new glasses :) Nice right? Its been like six years he had his old specs. Finally he decided to get new ones coz he can't really see very well with the old one d.

A date to remember :)

Well, that was the post on Wonderland. It was fun but I was quite disappointed the slides were so limited. They should build more la. Or else its not worth the RM26.

Me gotta go now. Too damn tired. See you guys in the next post.



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