Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gohtong Jaya Camp Part 2

Damn blogger I already did half of this post and saved it but I couldn't find it. Have to do this post all over again. Grrrr~

Anyways, day 2 (day 1 *here*)

The night before we slept 2/3-ish coz we were stuffing ourselves with food and talk the night away. Paulie said that coz it was cold, we tend to get hungry real fast. The night was like mee cup and bread party for us. LOL~

The next morning we had to get up at 7am and got ready to be separated into our groups for bible study. FREAKING 7AM!!!
This is my group. I'm the one not facing the camera with the grey cardigan. I was in the same group as Jacy and Sheena coz we're in the 24-25 age group. Sinren was supposed to be in the same group but the administrator (whom we knew) didn't want the couples to be in the same group. So he had to join another group which was the 22-23 age group.

That morning we were incharge of the praise and worship. Lots of the people came to tell us that our p&w was the best :) Praise the Lord.

We had three sessions of talk by Dr. Tan Hann Tzuu for two days. It was awesome. I love listening to Dr. Tan's talk coz he always made a good point and it was easy to understand. Some speakers could say great stuff but it was too difficult to understand. Plus he's so humorous. I didn't fall asleep listening to him even though I was sleep deprived :p

After the talk, we took some group photos with everyone who came to the camp.
Spot me!

There were like 70-80 people who came for the camp. There were 15 of us from my church which was a big number coz usually only 5-6 people would sign up for camp like this.

All the people from my church with Pastor Phang (lady in light blue), Dr. Tan (<3 man in blue shirt) and Pastor William (man who is a little cute and chubby. LOL~)

These were supposed to be multi-shots. Didn't make it into a .gif file coz not many people did different things for all the shots.

I like this pic a lot. It was all of us from GPMelaka minus Paulie, Kelvin and Kenny. Oh and Everlyn who was taking this pic.

Don't bother Jacy and I. We act weird most of the time. LOL~ And I look like I have a bf and a gf. LOL~

This time with Everlyn :)

It was really cold that's why I had to wear so many layers. I wore a grey cardigan and my hooded jacket and that pink pachmina. Still a bit cold.

We decided to be lame and do some jumping shots.
I must be really glad that we were doing jumping shots coz in this pic I look like I was having lots of fun. And others were like: "Wow~ we should try it. She looks really happy doing it" wtf Hahhaahahahah`

Please pardon me I always look a little crazy doing jumping shots.

I was trying to act like some old chinese fairy. LOL~ Super fail!!!

The three guys upstairs were so bored that they took these two paparazzi shot of us =.= Damn effing lame.

Kenny also took some videos of us jumping. =.=

It was Raya that day. So we decided to act silly with our scarfs. I think Jacy and I worked the scarf!!! Since we're always mistaken for Malays. LOL~

After all that photo madness, we went separate ways for our different workshops. There were four workshops: Christians and the internet, Christians and marriage, Christians and work and Christians and finances.

Guess which one I went to?

Spot me!!!

If you can't spot me here, you fail!!!

Did you guys guessed it yet? Sinren and I attended the marriage workshop

We were the only dating couple there. Apart from that there's a few married couple and the rest are singles.

The workshop was alright I guess. Learned some stuff that might be good for use in the future. Things to do and not to do before and after marriage.

After the workshops, we had lunch and then we had like five-six hours of free time. We planned to go up to Genting so we asked Pastor Phang to bring us to the cable car station. But because the queue was too massive. It was said that we need to queue up for two hours before able to take the cable to Genting. Then another two hours to queue to come back. Which leaves us only one hour to walk around Genting -_- Some of us decided to drive up but were blocked by the police. They said that it was already full. So we couldn't go in anymore.

So from the cable car station we had to walk back to our hotel coz there were no cars to drive us back and we don't wanna spend money on taxis.

Paulie and Kenny took these pics while we were "hiking" (coz we were walking up hill. Super tiring). Paulie said: "OMG we're on a set of Twilight" wtf. Haaahhahhahahaha~

Went back and decided to go to the Strawberry farm again coz it was free and the only entertainment available.

After yumcha-ing in the Strawberry Cafe in the farm, we went back to eat rendang kambing (Mutton rendang) which Everlyn went to buy at the shops nearby. Then all of us took nap the whole afternoon till it was dinner time. LOL~ Bunch of pigs.

Will blog on the next part tomorrow. I'm damn tired now and I wanna go sleep. Haha~ Maybe coz I typed about sleeping and the weather now is just like Gohtong Jaya. AWESOME!!!

See you guys tomorrow la.

Sleeping time.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Camp at Gohtong Jaya Part 1

So I promised to post this up on Friday but I didn't :p Sorry la k? Bf was back. Needed to spend some time to you know...well, past few days had not been easy on our relationship. We need to sort things out. But its all good now.

Anyways, on 9-11 September I was away at this camp at Gohtong Jaya. I kept telling everyone that I was going to Genting but actually I was at Gohtong Jaya. I thought it was the same place but apparently its not. Gohtong Jaya is 10km away from Genting. Its so far I couldn't even walk there.

There were no much photos coz we didn't do much except for going to talks, gossiping in our rooms and sleeping like a pig. It sounded boring but actually it was really fun. Had a great fellowship with everyone especially those whom I shared the apartment with.

On the way to Gohtong Jaya I took some photos but my camera died :( As in really spoiled. It won't turn on and the lens had some probs. Will show you guys its condition soon. So I couldn't upload the photos in it. Will go find someone who has a xD card reader to extract it out. Sigh~ super duper sad. Now I have to work like a cow to buy my own camera. Not that the old one I didn't work hard la. But this time I wanna get a more expensive camera so had to work harder.

So anyways, we reached Gohtong Jaya and because we're the earliest to reach (Jacy took a wrong turning and poor boy Paul's car broke down on the way up). Those of us who reached first decided to waste sometime going to the strawberry park which was opposite from where we stayed.
I didn't there's a strawberry park near Genting until that day. I know there's this leisure park somewhere (not the theme park) coz I've been there.

Once you enter you will see this obscene looking fountain with strawberries spiting out water. LOL~ Well, its only obscene to the dirty minded. If you're innocent like Jacy, you say "Huh? What's so funny?" LOL~

The strawberries were not as big as the ones you guys would see at Cameron Highlands. These are probably sour coz small strawberries are usually much more sour than big ones.

There's a small botanic farm in the strawberry farm which includes a orchid farm, a mushroom farm and a market place selling miscellaneous stuff. There's also a stall selling vegetables.

Guess what this is...
I don't know if anyone seen these before. But it was my first time. So had to take a pic of it.

Anyways, these are actually Japanese cucumber.

Yeap, you guys must be think "Don't Japanese cucumber look like this..."
Yes, it does but the yellow one is another species of Japanese cucumber. I wonder how it taste like. Apparently the seller told me that the green one could be eaten raw but the yellow one needs to be cooked first before eating. Its usually cooked in soups or stir fried with vege.

Another thing which I had not seen ever in my life. This is called the Golden Cat plant. Yeap, its a plant which grows fur like thingy instead of greens. Weird... The fur thingy really felt like fur.

The orchids at the orchid farm were gorgeous. I've decided that my second fav flowers are orchids :)

The mushroom farm was too dark for me to take photos. I was using my BB so no flash to assist. So there's not much photos of mushrooms.

Oyster/Abalone fav

There were also black fungus but couldn't take photos coz it was really too dark and the black fungus was black. It was also not a good sight. You won't wanna know how it looked like pre-process if you like black fungus.. Super digusting.

Before leaving the strawberry farm, there's a stall selling seasoned potatoes.
So Jacy bought us some :)

My seasoned potatoes with spicy powder

This was in original flavor

Tasted like we're eating salt...blurgh~ Not nice at all.

After we checked in and stuff, we stayed in the room to watch tv till it was time to eat dinner and go for talks.

And that was day 1. LOL~ Seriously not much photos.

To end this not much photos post, Imma put a pic of me playing the keyboard looking awesome
LOL~ Ok la I didn't look awesome but I always like pics of me playing the piano/keyboard/violin. It was as if I was awesome wtf.

This was me helping the people from PJ Logos to play the keyboard for their praise and worship. They didn't take a pic of how I was standing. Kelvin said he felt like slapping me coz I was standing crossed legged. Erm... don't know how to explain but it was damn funny. I always get scolding from my violin teacher for standing like that :P But I like. Haha~

Ok la. That's all for today.

See you guys when I post up the next part.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Life was never not complicated

Lately I had been really down. Nope its not because of the monthly thingy...just really down because I've been thinking a lot. Actually most of the time I think a lot too. But this time I just..think too much. Thinks too much plus emo plus insensitive arsehole equals to fight/cold war. So I guess you get the picture.

Which couples had not faced any troubles ever? Its a matter of being able to solve the problem. Once its solved the bond between the couples become stronger. I know that coz it had happen for like Nth times.

Thanks to those who cared and wanting to help. It was not a big deal but you guys make it like its the end of the world. We did not break up for God's sake. I just changed my status to Its Complicated and the whole world is asking me to be strong. Its just COMPLICATED guys. No biggie. If I put I'm single, that's when you should start worrying. And all those calls...thinking about it now its so damn funny. I didn't wanna pick up coz I was in a bad mood and didn't wanna talk. But like I said what's with all these calls? LOL~ I didn't mean to not answer ur sms-es 'tho. My phone barred.

Anyways, we're on the verge of patching up la... I'm trying to stop to be such a bitch to him and he's trying to be less insensitive. But I'm not gonna forgive him until he does something to make it up to me. That's the price for being insensitive and working in KL wtf.

I've been down and no mood for a few days so didn't get to post up anything new. So here's photos from a sing K session that we had last month on Merdeka Eve.

Jacy, insensitive dude and Ah Teck, whose as blind as a mouse

四大才子……我呸!wtf. You have to be a chinese and also read chinese characters to understand what I just wrote. BTW, its Paul, a shaking non-stop Kelvin, Jo and Kenny

Took lots of pics of (future) bro-in-law coz he's always loaning his camera for me to take pics and camwhore. In the near future I gotta borrow it even more coz mine's dead :(

Sheerin in the spotlight :)

Ma ladies: Joyce, Sheerin, Sheene and Jacy

I was not in it coz I was taking the picture

Damn you Jo Ng!!!

They asked me to put on timer so I could also be in the pic but the arse had to do this to spoil the pic.

Gosh! Jacy and I looked so damn tanned among the fair people. We should just stick to taking pics with dark people ie: Paul and Kelvin wtf.

No matter how I edit this I still can't make it look nice :(

I was trying to choose songs to sing when Jacy took this of me. So unglam. LOL~

I love the effect of this photo. It was not edited. I don't know how I did this. But its freaking awesome!!!

Sigh~ Now without my camera I'm feeling so aimless in life. I don't know what to do when I'm bored. Coz I can't camwhore. Even if I camwhore with my phone's camera, its not the same. Seriously I can't live without a camera. Either I suffer till the end of December or I go get a cheapo one to satisfy my needs to take photos. Which to choose?

Well, there's another option really. Pay a bomb to repair the old one.

Tomorrow Imma blog about Genting's camp coz I'm damn free tomorrow. Only working at 7pm. Waahahahahah~ Awesome right?

K la. Gotta go get ready for work.



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