Thursday, October 28, 2010

IJC 150th anniversary celebration


You have no idea how many days I've took to edit all these pics. Phew~~~ thank God its all done. Now its time to post. See also wanna pengsan.

All photos grabbed from my friends coz my camera died :(

So, my high school IJC (Infant Jesus Convent) is 150 years old and the PPA (Past Pupil Association) decided to come up with this grand celebration. My whole gang decided to go since it'll be fun to see how are the rest of the ex-students. Are they crazy like us? Or all are decent like nuns...since its a convent la kan?

My look that night...from before makeup to after

Now nie I realized my brows so awesomely done :P

BTW it was highly photoshopped so I didn't have any blemishes. Did face smoothing and changed my eyes color only.

I've stopped wearing colored lense for awhile now. Seeing these edited photos...make me feels like buying them again... ^^

What I wore

Before leaving the house I've changed the bag to my Victoria's Secret coz the Guess one's too small to put in anything.

I reached the venue quite late coz I rushed back from work at 6pm (The thing starts at 7pm). Had to do everything fast and prayed that my mum would drive like lightning.

Reached the last :P

The book that I was holding is the souvenir book that they gave to all who attend. Valuable info inside. After leaving school for 5 years nie I know the school's history. Buat malu jer. Haha~

Sorry bout the different colors of the pics. I couldn't balance up all the pics to the same tone (the color of the pics). BTW the above one is a edited Polaroid. Not real one.

Here are those who came to the dinner:

Why la only one pic of Vila la wei?

This budak had another pic but I forgot to edit it in :P

Dear fans, u can save this pic and put it as ur wallpaper for ur laptop. LOL~

Two nice pic of me and one which supposed to be nice but destroyed by my evil twin.

The menu for the food we're having during the celebration

Which we didn't really care coz we just wanna take photos and be crazy with each other. ^^

My babe <3<3<3

My twin and I <3<3<3

Bubu and moi

Don't we all wanna slap that photobombing fingers which seems to appear all nite. *rawr* *bites on the fingers*

Now she has no more fingers to do that damn asian peace sign :P

I think Ann loves headbanging. I had millions pics of her looking like this :P

I look so pretty (even without the photoshop) that day I was so proud of my mother for giving birth to me wtf.

Even while I was eating and forced to take pics also so pretty. Sigh~~~~ I think I'm in love with myself.

I know you guys don't wanna hear it anymore but why do I look so pretty even when I was acting all crazy. Hahahahhahahaha~

I've officially gone mad.

Sorry yer. I probably didn't know you guys were taking pics. I didn't plan to photobomb

This one I think I was photobombing. Hahaahhahahaha~

Gorgeous Nana~

Mr. Dennis came to kepoh at our table

Group pic taken by the waiters and some people who was kind :)

We were the youngest batch that night I think. All around us was old people. Like seriously old ok? 1979 batch ftw. So far away from us sial.

Met some teachers and took some pics with them...
The lady between us is Ms. Rosie who was my art teacher through form 1 to 3. The only memory of hers is that she taught me for the whole period how to do block letters coz she found out I wasn't paying any attention. :P

The man is Mr. Hee who was my science teacher for form 2 and 3. Couldn't remember if he taught me in form 1. He's one of my fav lower form teachers whom taught me well. I loved Science all thanks to him. I will never forget the funniest thing he said to me once.

I woke up from my nap during Science class and he was walked by...
Mr. Hee: Dorcas, Dorcas. What am I going to do with you? Can you at least try to pay attention during science and sleep during other classes?


Well, at least I've got an A for Science in PMR ok?

The lady was my ex-headmistress whom is the best headmistress I've ever known (other than my primary school's one). The other one I had when I was in form 6 was...not as nice.

The man is Mr. Dennis, our fav teacher of all time.

Drank too much orange juice that all of us had to go to the toilet

The journey to toilet and back was extra long because of these photos taking. Sigh~~~ girls... LOL~

Buvy making friends coz she's bored. Tak tahan all the ladies talk. Zzzz~

Lizzie stealin' e jelly when no one was watching. No wonder I ate so little of it la u bitch :P

There was a lucky draw. We won nothing but this. -.-

We gave it to Vila, who's getting married soon. She might need it la kan?

The dinner ended with Auld Lang Syne and then they put the twist song...don't know the title...for us to twist. Nana recorded the thing *sayang*.

More photos after the night ended...

Group photo again and some group photos with another two girls from our batch: Ruth and Virgillia (I hope I didn't spell her name wrongly. LOL~)

The Gang with Mr. Dennis <3

My God!!! Why do I look so slutty. I wanna slap myself rite now. :S

Ohai! Iz me acting sampat again~

Last group pic of the night <3<3<3

Pics of me with Vila before she left

I don't  know why I was standing so straight. Looks so darn weird. There's nothing to show off about also. I'm a flat-chested person. No matter how straight I stand also won't see the little bumps. HahaHAHHAHAhaahahha~

The rest of them left for an after party for Deepa's graduation. I couldn't go coz mum wants me to go home and sleep coz next day gotta go to church. So I was left alone waiting for mum at Mahkota Hotel's lobby :(

And that was all 52 photos of the night.

Not a lot u say? If I didn't put all the photos together like that, I have no idea how long this post is going to be man...

I have another hundreds more of photos to edit coz last Saturday we had Vila's hen's night. Almost 400+ photos. Gotta start editing before more photos come in.

Will take a rest from blogging for awhile to edit all those photos.

See you guys soon ya.

Till then don't miss me.



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