Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Did you guys check out the new Harry Potter 7?

Well I did :)

I couldn't remember the rest of the Harry Potter series but this one is the best that I've ever watched. Super duper awesome. It was really exciting and kept me at the edge of my seat. The only thing that bothers me was  my seat was too near to the screen and also the air con was too effing cold. LOL~

So anyways, I was on youtube the other day and this youtube makeup guru that I love a lot had done a series of makeup tutorial on the color theme of the different houses of Hogwarts (if you don't watch HP you have no idea what Hogwarts is). I loved it!!!

So the other day I've decided to try out one of the looks. I've decided on trying the Gryffindor look.

This is how it was supposed to look like (via xsparkage.com)

This is what it looks like on me

Seriously felt like photoshopping all my blemishes. This camera is not kind on me :(

Of course there's no use comparing coz my eyes and her eyes are way different. Plus the products that she uses are different from mine.

But I just wanna show you guys how hers looked like and how mine turn out to be.

Clearly mine look nothing like hers. LOL~

Mine looks so different from hers mainly coz her gold eyeshadow is yellow gold-ish while mine is like a bronzy gold. My red eyeshadow is a pain in the ass coz its too easy to blend. So it looked like so washed out.

Oh, please ignore my messy brows. Didn't have time to make them look nice for the moment. Too busy with other stuff.

It was fun trying out this look coz I love xsparkage a lot. She's the first makeup guru I subscribed on youtube coz I love her looks so so much. She's always using various daring and bright colors and they had different themes. You guys can check her out on youtube on her channel right *here*. She does makeup and nails tutorials. Subscribe to her if you like her.

Anyways, here's the post on her blog where I took all the photos *click here*. There's the video on how to do this look in that post. Check it out. Check out the other Hogwarts Houses looks as well. I'm gonna try the others when I'm free.

Just a short filler post. Will post more stuff the next time I'm free.

See you guys soon.

Exam's in 15 days. Ahhhhh!!!

I'm dead.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Deepavali 2010

At the beginning of the month it was Deepavali and the annual visiting time.

Last year I was working on Deepavali for some replacement. Super duper sad that I couldn't join them for visiting. I've only been to Puff's house last year for her open house.

This year I had to work but only at night. So I could go for the visiting. Woots!!!

Anyways, this year we went two houses. The first was Deepa's
I did not wear any makeup becoz of some stupid thing la. Hahahahahaha~ Some misread of sms. So please bare with the ugliness of my face through out the whole post.

But then again I think in this pic I looked sweet *insert vomit sound effect* I think coz it was pre-sitting in Nana's car for the long journey. Coz I looked like crap at Anu's house. LOL~

Please ignore that high slit of my dress. Terlupa to put properly. Hahaha~

Wearing (wanted to show u guys what I wore coz I think this coordination looked nice :)):
Tank top: FOS
Floral tube dress: Bangkok
Hairband: Jonker Street
Bangles: FOS
Bag: Longchamp

Me acting like a spastic kid and my new bf beside me. Hhahaahahahahahahahahaha~

No la. That's Jo who tagged along coz his bro left him and went to Johor when he didn't wake up on time.

Why la my mouth like that?!?

Twins wore the same floral print <3

Was this candid? Looked so nice!!! Me likey~

BTW Joseph Ng looks so damn obscene. Tsk tsk tsk~


All the girls

That's June at far left. She tagged along to come to Deep's house. Haven't seen her for ages. Good to have a small reunion :)

Group pic with everyone

From left to right: Eric (June's bf), June, Nana, Deepa, My gorgeous self wtf, Jo, Ann and Kelvin (Ann's bf)

Was trying sarees to borrow one from Deepa for Vila's wedding next month. Had to camwhore. LOL~

Sorry my eyes looked unnatural coz I didn't photoshop for a long time. Forgot how to do it naturally. LOL~ Well, at least I had some mascara on now. :p

After getting the saree I wanted, we left Deepa's house and went to the next house.

Nana's car didn't have air con so we had to open the windows while driving. The wind was super duper strong that I couldn't my eyes.
You know you have true friends when u see pics like these. One captured you looking like shit, one found your lookalike on the internet and the first one decided to put this together. LOL~

Next we went to Anu's house...
Met Puff there. LOL~

I forgot when but when we saw this at Anu's house, it reminded us of Puff straightaway. LOL~

Puff met her friend LOL~

Ann having a conversation with Puff about some pics I think

Taking a profile pic for Puff wtf

This time's photoshopped photo look a little more natural d :)

Guess who is this?

Nana Tay

AnnJoKie...but in this case it was AnnKieJo

Group pic with Anu

Me likey this pic :)

Mother came to fetch me coz I didn't drive

That ended the Deepavali visiting but on the next day we went out again.But limited photos...here's all of it...
The real Puff lol~

Artsy pic somebody took wtf

Love this...will definitely go back to have this if the place wasn't such a crap

Story too long to talk about lol~ Anyone wants to know can ask me personally.

Ending this post with Puff being high. LOL~

That's all la for this post. Now I gotta go wash some clothes.

See you guys in the next post.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back to my hometown Part 3

OMG I just finished watching my sister's keeper and I just cried buckets. So sad~~~ Imma go buy the book the next time I'm at Popular. Must be a darn good book. But first I have to finish the two books I'm currently reading. Taking ten thousand years to finish it.

Ok, now back to the JB trip.

We went to church in the morning. Then after went to my second aunty's house to meet up with her, my uncle and cousin, Coco. We went to lunch right after.

Went to this place I've always gone to when I was a kid. Forgot to take a pic of the shop. Sorry~

Johor Laksa

I don't know what's the difference of this and other laksa. But I love this a lot. Its a must to eat this every time I'm back at JB.

This is the most important must have food when I'm back in JB

Apparently my cousins, Karen and Coco also said that this is the most important food they must have when they're back in JB. Hahahahaha~

This kway teow kia. I think I had blogged about it but never mind... I'll talk about it again. Its actually a bowl of thin flat noodles cooked in black-ish soup. It is to be eaten with some small dishes which are like the ones above. Most of the dishes are parts of a pig. Sounds gross but lemme tell u it taste heavenly.

Top: Lean pork meat, eggs and some pig's innards
Bottom: Pig's intestine and tofu, pig's skin and the noodles

Within minutes everything was gone. LOL~ Seriously all was that hungry

I ate two bowls of kway teow kia and a little bit of the laksa. Was super full until I couldn't sit straight. Hahahaha~

My super duper cute nephew and niece :)

After dinner, we left JB town so that we could meet up with the violin seller that we made an appointment with.

Camwhoring while waiting for the guy

Dad checking some sms he received from his golf kaki *rolls eyes*

Mum on the phone with the guy

He's gonna be late for another half hour. Out of boredom, I took some pics of mum. LOL~

I think my mother need a FB account so that I could post all these pics of her. LOL~

Anyways, after the wait, the guy finally came and he recommended violins to us. And after much consideration, we got one that all of us was satisfied with. :)

I don't know what to talk about it. Its a great violin...erm~ in my opinion la. Coz mine before sucks to the max. The sound quality is great. Other than that I don't know what to say.

We left Johor at around 4pm.

It was raining cats and dogs when we were driving back. Super duper scary.

I think I had phobia of highways d. Coz I kept thinking of Sinren's accident all the way. Kept praying that everything's gonna be safe.

Anyone who's travelling on the road, please be really careful. Its raining very heavily and the roads can be slightly more dangerous than usual. So please please be more careful.

Camwhored for a bit then felt asleep the whole way back to Melaka LOL~

And that's the end of my JB trip...er~ not a trip la. Just a short "going home" thingy. LOL~

I'll blog about Deepavali soon and some other stuff. Now I gotta go practice piano for my exam.

Exam in 25 days. Please pray that I could play my best and also the examiner is kind.

Ok la see you guys around.



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