Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We've all grown up

Sorry for missing blogging for so many days.

Saturday I went to movies with Jo, Joyce and Yu. Back at around 1am. Couldn't open my eyes after so I didn't online and went straight to bed. On Sunday, my google chrome crashes. So I went to watch TV. Yesterday, I was busy watching a Korean drama series :p

Ok, really gotta blog fast coz lots of pics pilling in.

Oh btw after one more day, I'll be on an one week break. Woots!!! Then one more week of work and I'm off to Taiwan. Woots!!! Life is great ^^

Okok~ now for the post.

On 28/11...which was ages ago, 10 of us from my church gang decided to go watch Rapunzel together. In case u wanna know who all that 10 people was, the 10 were John, Li Yee, Joyce, Jo, Jacy, Paulie, Kelvin, Kenny, my bf and moi. Basically the whole Ngs went except for their parents and Joey's family. LOL~

Loved Rapunzel. It was funny and nice story line. It got all 10 of us laughing. Which was rare coz most of the times the guys just smirk. -.-

Thank God it was not as touching as Toy Story 3 and I didn't cry. If I did, John Ng will never let my life go in peace. Hahahhahaha~

After the movie, we decided to go dinner together. But as we walked pass Dreambox, John suggested that we go for karaoke and eat buffet at Dreambox.

Camwhoring while the guys were dealing with the bookings

I was not wearing anything of my own that day. Coz I went to the Ngs after church and showered there. Joyce borrowed me her clothes. Love the pants!!! Its only RM15 from Bangkok. I so gonna ask Li Yee to bring me to Bangkok the next time she's going.

BTW, John and Li Yee opened an online store together with their relatives. Do check it out at *here* and please like their page on FB as well *here*. The stuff sold are authentic. They got their goods from a supplier from overseas. I think its like extra stock or something like that. I'm not too sure. But its really authentic. I'll get more details and blog about it again.

A pinkish hallway

Makan time

After makan, it was singing your lungs out time!!!


Who knows what song I'm singing?

Emo King #1, Kenny Liow

The guys love to sing like super emo break up song. And their faces must do the really kesian face. Hahahaha~

Emo king #2, Kelvin and Kenny again

Emo king #3, Jo and Kelvin again

Wanted to one shot take them three but they were sitting quite apart.

Aunty Li Yee :)

The rule of our church is whoever's married must be called aunty. So even though she's just a few months older than me, she's my aunty now. HAhahahahahah~

Joyce with John's big ass DSLR

Bestie and I :)

I just realized that both of us like to smile without showing our teeth. Haha~

My bf, the drama king. Hahahahahahhaha~

He took a week off to rest and also to accompany me (Rite ney rite???). Mwah~

After this its all our pics. If cannot stand looking at us, you can now leave.
He looked so cute here. *pinches* LOL~

I guess he's hungry again. LOL~


But he looks like a fish here. Hahahahahahah~

Hahahahaha~ banyak pattern la this fatty

We left Dreambox at 12am plus. We actually had the book till 1am. But we couldn't sing any longer. Plus the buffet ended at 10.30pm. So we decided to go back la.

And that ended the night.

This week I'm damn free. No more piano lessons and violin lessons stopped for a month. Woots!!! One more day of work and I'm the happiest woman alive.

Ok la. Me gotta go do some housework.

See you guys tomorrow or something :p


Friday, December 17, 2010


I wanted to blog yesterday but stupid computer crashed suddenly. So had to re-start. Lazy to blog after that :p

Anyways,today's another random post coz pics of some important events are not done edited and haven't collected from all sources. Especially Mr. John Ng who likes to keeps pics and only posts pics of his son. -.-

Ok, on today's random lameness...

One Sunday I was sitting down at church, minding my own business (like telling story pulak nie...hahahaha~) Jo turned around from his seat and asked me: "Eh got rubber band arh?" I'm like wtf is wrong with this guy. He went around asking and got it from one of the girls. Then turned around again. "Kie, tie my hair for me" Seriously wtf =.=

So I did...

Wahahahahahahahaha~ Cute-nye....

I felt like it was not enough so I added another two piggy tails.
Reminds me of a cartoon but don't know the name. LOL~

"V" sign for LIKE. LOL~

Sheerin was wearing this Lady Gaga-esque bow on her head. We asked her to put it on Jo. Hahahahah~ Now he looks like those princesses in HK dramas. LOL~

Ok this paid back all the bullying he did to me from the age of 10 till now. LOL~

After all this he said to me: "Tak senonoh betul" ("how inappropriate to do this") and handed me back the rubber bands. O.o He was the one who asked me to tie his hair and then I was to blamed??? Ish ish ish~

Even though he bullies me, he's the bestest friend of mine coz he always bakes stuff for me. Ok, I don't know if he baked the above cake coz sometimes its from his teacher (he's studying bakery and pastry at KL) sometimes its from him. But its the thought that counts.

This is opera cake. Its a chocolatey sponge cake. Love it. Had not tried it ever. But I love it. Thank God I was quick to snap a pic of it before I finish the whole thing in one day. Hahahahahah~

Seriously damn awesome la. So damn chocolatey ok? Its more like a chocolate cake than a sponge cake. Next year I'm ask him to bake this cake for me for my birthday. :p

Well, that's about it.

After the exams, I've been downloading lots of dramas to watch. You guys will get to see what I'm watching at the sidebar when I'm done updating it. Mostly asian dramas la. I've been not watching US dramas for awhile d. Will catch up on it later.

Now I have to go feed my empty stomach. Catch you guys tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm back~~~~

Wassup people? I'm back!!! Well, I'm not really gone. Just that I was busy preparing my ATCL exam before this that I sort of abandoned this blog.

I'm done with it. Now I can blog every day again. Woots!!!!

Today I'm gonna post some random photos and caption them.

I love my new hair color :) Definitely gonna use Liese hair dye the next time I wanna dye my hair. Awesomeness~

I like this photo a lot :))))

BTW I've already cut my hair. No more long long hair. I missed it seeing all these photos but the ends are too damaged. I had to chop it off. Plus its too high maintenance la.

But I'm gonna grow it out again la I think. LOL~ Coz I wanna try to grow my hair till my waist for once.

It was good hair and makeup day. Awesome-ness~ :)

Ok~ enough of me :p

One of mummy <3

This is my friend, Shan shan's baby, Ker Yin. She looks so much alike with Aunty Karen's daughters when they were young. Shan shan must have looked at them too much when she was pregnant. LOL~

That cow toy is her favorite toy. She always smile when she sees it.

Difficult to take pics of her with her eyes open. She's sleeping 24/7

Today just post these few first. There's few more random photos to post.

Gotta go to my room and do some cleaning. I've decided to start packing for Taiwan d. 3 more weeks to go. Woots!!!

See you guys tomorrow. Will definitely blog tomorrow.


Friday, December 10, 2010

My birthday wishlist

Yeap, tomorrow is my birthday and I'm only doing this right now. Already quite late la kan? LOL~ But its an annual thingy so I make sure no matter how late also must do!!!

Sorry la... I'm really busy for the past few days. Today is the only day I had time to breathe out all the stress I'm facing right now.

ATCL is 4 days away!!! Scary~~~~

Ok anyways, before I start talking crap, here's this year's guide to buying me presents.

1) Stitch/ Scrump

You could get me either a soft toy of Stitch or Scrump. But anything with these two cuties on top is ok as well.

Ya, I know I had like a thousand stuff with Stitch and also four Stitch soft toys. Mana cukup wei? I want to fill my whole room with it. :p

For those who don't know where to get these stuff, u can either go to Disneyland (wtf) or just go over to Mini Toons. There's lots of Stitch/Scrump stuff.

2) Anything with Tiger/D/欣

These stuff I have no idea what photo illustration to give u guys. LOL~

As you guys know I'm born in the year of Tiger (according to Chinese Zodiac). So I tend to like stuff with Tiger a lot. Actually I only like Tiger soft toy la. Other than that...not really.

D and 欣 is of course my name (Dorcas and that Chinese character is my Chinese name, for those who didn't know)!!! Apart from Stitch stuff, I also like to collect stuff with my name on it. Keychains, earrings, pendant, chopsticks...etc. As long as it has my name on it... I'll take it.

3) Floral fragrance
No, it doesn't mean I want a Vera Wang Flower Princess perfume. Anything that smells like a bouquet of flowers will do. Even a soap or a sheet of paper with some floral smell. LOL~

4) Japanese/ Drugstore makeup
Eyeshadow, blush, mascara, lipstick, lipgloss....etc. Anything at all.

5) Junkfood t-shirts
Or any other t-shirts at FOS. Coz they are so damn cool~

Well, that's all that I wished to get for this year. I've already received one birthday gift. And I loved it a lot <3. It has Stitch on it. Thank you Mr. Liow <3

Sorry if it seems like this post is half-hearted if compared with the rest of my birthday wishlists from other years. I'm really busy now and all I could think of is my ATCL exam and how do I do well in it. Sigh~~~ I do not have much high expectations except to pass it.

Ok la I gotta go teach and then make mash potatoes.

See you guys soon.



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