Sunday, January 16, 2011


I'm back from Taiwan!!!

I have around 900+ which was actually not a lot. Why coz? I spoiled my camera at Taiwan on the 3rd day. T.T. My gloves were slippery. So when I was taking it out from its pouch, it slipped and fell. Sigh~ now its in repair. Wonder how long and how expensive lor...sigh~

Anyways, I'm here today to talk about something quite serious.

When I was in Taiwan, one of my best friends at church, Tze Yu (or better known as yuyu) lost his dad. It shocked us coz his dad was only 55 years old. Much younger than my dad. He was really healthy but had some heart attack symptoms.

He was doing some renovation to their new house's fish pond when he had a heart attack and fell into the pond. Nobody was there with him. He fell into the pond in the afternoon. Yuyu's mum only found him at night. He was already gone T.T

Uncle Ang was a close family friend. He was my Sunday School's teacher back when I first came to GPM. It was weird and shocking to lose him like that. It was almost unbelievable.

You have no idea when you will lose someone close to you or when you will leave this earth. One fall and you're no more in this world. Sigh~~~ got me is really the truth how important to treasure all your loved ones.

I've experienced death of my grandpa and it still brings tears when I think of him. I hope Aunty and the rest of the Angs will be fine and find courage to move on. I know its hard but at least they know Uncle will be in heaven (with my grandpa!!! yay~ they can be friends :)).

Treasure everyone that are dear to you. You don't wanna start regretting when they're gone.

See you guys when I'm ready to post Taiwan pics k?


Friday, January 7, 2011

freaking cold

Tumblr in my phone is not working in Taipei :( So I won't be posting up updates.

So sorry.

Wait for me to be back k?

Its freaking 12 degrees right now. But I love it here!!!

Friends, please check updates on FB ya. I will post up photos whenever I'm in the hostel(the line here is awesome!!!) or anywhere with wifi.

See u guys when I'm back.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane

I'm leaving in 12 hours.

I will update as soon as I touch down. If my BB is compatible with the wifi there :p.

Please check my tumblr for the latest updates. Either click on the "dookiekookie v2" button on top of the blog right here...
Click to enlarge to know where to click to read my tumblr.

OR you could go straight to my tumblr...*here*

See you guys in a week.

Oh btw, I won't be posting up 2010 posts. Too tired la to post overdue stuff. All photos will be posted on FB only.

See you guys when I'm back.



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