Sunday, February 13, 2011


I fell in love with a Korean

I love Asian guys with eyeliner ^^

Don't you think he's so damn cute!!!

Now listen to his song...

Now I'll go search for his videos on youtube. Fangirl mode. :P

Friday, February 11, 2011

Past tense: 2010

Let's take a break from the Taiwan trip's posts.

Every year I would do a review of what I did last year. This year I've done it a little late coz lots of things were going on January. I've linked some of the posts where you could read about the event. ^^

Here goes:

January 2010
5th- Received first cheque from Nuffnang
15th- Bernice's 3rd birthday @her house
19th-Gang's gathering @Puff's house
20th-Puff's surgery
22nd-Received package from Esther ^^
23rd-24th-A Famosa trip with The Gang *part 1* *part 2* *part 3* *part 4*
23rd-Got drunk for the first time

February 2010
6th-Spring cleaning
8th-Preparing for CNY
9th-Jetty with The Gang
13th-Family reunion dinner
14th-First day of CNY
14th-Valentine's Day celebration with The Gang
15th-16th-Gang's CNY visiting *day 1* *day 2*
17th-Youth Fellowship's CNY visiting
19th-Youth Fellowship annual CNY celebration @my house
26th-Dinner with Mr. Dennis

March 2010
7th-Jonkers with The Gang
13th-14th-KL trip with The Gang
15th-Hanging out with Puff
19th-Prank Call from "Bukit Aman"
20th-Hang out with Paul and Sheene
25th-Started working at Pei Daw Kindergarten
26th-Charity concert @Holiday Inn
27th-Celebrated Puff's birthday @Sim's
29th-Hanging out with Puff 2
31st-Making Oreo truffles for the first time

April 2010
9th-First time making pudding but FAILED!!!
9th-Youth Fellowship Healthy Food Competition
15th-Pantai Puteri trip with Sunday School
18th-Visited Grandpa Wong's grave for Cheng Beng
28th-The birth of a cute lil prince, Shane Ng ^^

May 2010
1st-2nd-Gunung Ledang trip with YF members
7th-Uncle Mok's birthday celebration
8th-Mother's Day celebration
28th-Met an accident

June 2010
8th-Cousin Rebecca from Arizona came to visit
14th-Started working at City Music
18th-Combined fellowship with Junior Youth Fellowship
25h-Eve's Night @YF
26th-Dad's birthday celebration
27th-Youth Sunday
27th-Popo's birthday celebration
Stopped working at Yamaha Jasin

July 2010
3rd-Started working at Pedal Music
3rd-YF Dinner
3rd-Anu's birthday celebration
17th-Buffet dinner with church friends @Holiday Inn
21st-Violin Grade 6 exam
22nd-first accompanying for people for their violin exam
24th-YF Batu Pahat trip
First time making Cheese cake

August 2010
8th-Nana's birthday celebration
10th-Paul's birthday celebration
13th-Combined fellowship with Lutheran Church Melaka
22nd-Melaka Wonderland trip with church friends
28th-29th-Port Dickson trip with church friends *day 1* *day 2*
30th-Karaoke night with church gang

September 2010
3rd-Twister Night @YF
9th-11th- GPM Youth Camp @Gohtong Jaya *part 1* *part 2* *part 3*
16th-Family's KL trip
17th-Youth Fellowship Mooncake Festival
25th-5th anniversary anniversary

October 2010
9th-Yong Peng trip with YF members
10th-Sinren's accident
15th-YF's committee's voting
16th-IJC's 150th anniversary dinner
20th-Clubbing with church friends for the first time
23rd-Vila's hen night

November 2010
5th-Deepavali visiting
12th-YF's 1st Awards Nitez
13rd-14th-Back to JB for Yvonne's wedding *part 1* *part 2* *part 3*
23rd-TIM's visit
28th-Karaoke and movie night

December 2010
4th-Birthday celebration with church friends
10th-Adam's Night
12th-Moved into the new church building
12th-Vila's wedding *part 1* *part 2*
12th-Chong Yang's back to Malaysia surprise
14th-ATCL piano exam
20th-Christmas shopping
23rd-Christmas party at CY's
24th-Christmas eve celebration
25th-Christmas celebration

And that was my 2010.

I came to realize that after June I was a little too lazy to post up lots of posts. Probably because I was busy or because the Google Chrome kept crashing on me and I got mad.

This year I hope I could blog about everything. Coz now that I'm working there's nothing much interesting going on :( If there's something special and I don't blog about it, what will happen to my blog.

I hope everyone will have a great year ahead as well. I hope my year would be awesome and be filled with lots of new things and surprises.

Till the next post.


p/s: Sorry bout the delay of the post. Haha~ I was afraid blogger wouldn't save my draft so I did this. :p


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