Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shake those shoulders

I've already posted this on Tumblr but here it is again just for laughs

I've laughed at this the whole afternoon. Hope it makes you laugh too.

If you're in a bad mood, go on....shake those shoulders like my bf. U'll feel better.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I'm actually really pissed right now. But I am gonna channel my pissed-ness into something lame.

I'm inspired by this video...

Nope, I'm not doing a "5 perks of having a boyfriend" post


1. You can lie flat on the front side of your body without two fleshy stuff blocking you. Its so damn comfortable ok? Doing exercise is super easy.

2. You can put stuff in your bra coz there's nothing to fill it up. You can be like Doraemon. Now you know where I always kept my handphone when I brought my handphone to high school.

3. You can pretend to be a man if you're bored being a girl.

4. You can play chess while lying flat on the bed with your boyfriend. Its called chest chess.

5. If your friends need a flat surface to do stuff and they can't find it, rent your flat chest to them. Remember to always charge per use.


That's how I entertain myself = making fun of myself.

I've been stressed and pissed over lots of things lately. I'm not sure whether it was the PMS or what. I'm just mad at lots of things. I wish this period will go away fast coz I don't wanna get old fast. But then again I think I will not get old fast coz I can make myself laugh so much like how I just did. Hahaha~

Normal posts will be up hopefully by tomorrow.

See you guys then.



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