Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Genting GPM Family Camp Day 2 Part 2


I'm gonna finish up this family camp soon coz I've finished editing all the pics from various sources. Just hope that I'm not to lazy to do it la :p

Last post was about the breakfast and the Sunday Service. After all that we had our lunch at the cafeteria.

Food on the lunch table...
Eggs with least favorite dish

By least favorite I mean that I didn't touch it at all. For those who didn't know, I hate onion and garlic.

After lunch, we had a short moment of rest before we had some games session.

John borrowed me his DSLR and I started to take random pics of his son <3.

He can't really walk yet...even now after two months from the camp. Lazy bum refuse to learn to walk on his own. He just wants to depend on someone.

Walk little bit wanna sleep pulak -.-

I don't know who taught him to laugh like that but its damn cute ^^

This is how he usually laughs

Shane doesn't know how to call anybody's name yet. He just calls everyone: "Pa" LOL~ When he's able to speak, I'm going to train him to call Sinren, neney. Hahahhahahha~ Like how Joyce and Bernice is calling him...all thanks to me.

Sinren carried him around all afternoon while the rest of the church played some games both of us are not interested in. Shane refused to sleep even though he is tired and kept playing "put finger in kai ma's mouth" game. LOL~ He pulled my finger and put it in his mouth as well and he tried to chew on it. But he has no teeth so it was not painful. I don't know what's so funny about it but he just kept laughing.

At last he laid down on Sinren's shoulder, about to sleep off but still wanted to play. John asked me to sing songs to him and he'll fall asleep immediately. I did and he really slept off. What is he? A cartoon character from Disney? LOL~

At night nobody took any pics of the dinner coz all were tired. Some of them went to the themepark while I watched Korean drama with Jacy and Fay in the dorm. Haha~

Praise and worship

Didn't take any photos of the night's speak coz it was the same person giving the speak and also there's nothing interesting.

At night after our speak, we were given lots of free time. So the youth (plus two married people) spent sometime talking and acting crazy together ^^

My forehead without the bangs covering seriously cannot work :(

Then the adults decided to do some line dancing and all of us joined in

I was too busy dancing that I didn't record a video. Hehe~ We had lots of fun dancing with the adults and also some people from the other church. Didn't make friends 'tho coz we were all dancing on our own.

Then we had a mini concert with another church (I'm so sorry I forgotten what church they are dy).

Here's a video which I've recorded of all of us singing to a kid's gospel song:
This song is called With Christ in the Vessel. I've put the title wrongly :( Will correct it soon.

We were asked to stop making noises by the owner of the place *boo*. So we sat down and had a game of Truth or Dare again. Haha~

Super gross!!!

Jack had to put his hand into somebody's sock. LOL~ The sock was Wen Feng's. Hahahahahaha~

This is dumbest dare. Wen Feng had to had to make an angry face and that's all -.-

We got asked to go back to our rooms coz they had to switch off all the lights at the lobby. -.- So damn dumb right? I mean I know this is not a hotel but they should be more lenient right?

Spent the whole night chatting with my dorm mates till 4am or so. Then fell asleep while listening to someone snore. LOL~ The snoring was not loud like my dad's or Sinren's. It was more like a loud breathing with steady pulse wtf.

This ended day two...duh! LOL~ What else can happen after sleeping right? Haha~

Ok la... Now I have to do some laundry coz tonight I'm going to church. So I gotta go now. No grandmother's story for you guys today.

So see you guys on Friday.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

May Purchases 2011


I've nearly forgotten to post this up before June ends. I only realized that I haven't posted this up when I was going through my June Purchases.

May was dedicated to beauty shopping coz Sasa was having sale...Etude House was having sale... so I was there to get some supplies that I needed.

Ok let's take a look...

I've always wanted to buy stuff from Canmake but didn't until recently. Always read good reviews about them in Japanese beauty mags but didn't know if they are really that good or not. In March I've purchased their fake eyelashes as recommended and it was not bad. This month I've bought quite of stuff from them.

This is a cream blusher

I've always wanted to try this product when it first came out...last year I think. Felt so amazed with the cream texture (coz I've not tried any). But I still had lots of blusher left. So I waited for quite awhile till my blusher hit the bottom of the pan and purchased this.

Decided to choose this color coz its closest to my skintone

I love this product super duper a lot. But I'm not gonna talk much about it first coz I'll reserve this for my May Favorites post which I'll talk on and on about how great it is. So wait for that post ya.

Ok next thing from Canmake...
This is their lipgloss/liquid lipstick

This is everywhere in the Japanese beauty mags. So I had to get it to check out how good it is.

From the website, Nudy Glow Rouge is said to be...
A liquid rouge in nude-look shades that will add color with just one application
Which is pretty much thrue. The color is very pigmented. By just one swipe you get the true color right away. The last lipgloss that I had (from Renommee, a direct sale brand) is pretty sheer. It look more like a clear gloss if I don't wear it over a lipstick. But for Nudy Glow Rouge, it can go without any lipstick and it looked so nice.

The applicator is like a lipstick brush unlike some others who used spongey type of applicator. Made it really easy to apply.

The name of the color described the color very well. It really looked like a pink macaroon. Gawd!!! I wanna eat some macaroons. I've only tried it once but I really like it!!!

The lipgloss on my lips over MAC Pl!nk (if I've remember correctly)

I can't say if I like this lipgloss or not coz I'm not into pink shades lip product so I tend not to wear it as often. My bf pick this color up for me. ^^ I'm more into nude/brown-ish colors. Maybe I'll go pick up another color from this collection (if you're interested in nude/brown-ish colors, you should get #03 Brownie Chocolate, #04 Sugar Milk Tea or #05 Honey Latte) and decide whether I like it or not. But I must say I like the texture of the gloss which is not sticky at all...unlike my last gloss which was like glue to my lips. Can hardly talk with the gloss on.

Next few items are from Etude House...
Got some falsies coz they were 50% off :p

Simple criss-cross fake eye lashes which were said to be able to create volume

Which I had to disagree to. I don't think it adds any volume to my eyes at all. It didn't even create some dolly effect. It just they are not there. I can live with or without these. I mean that's just how I felt la... But weirdly I've got compliments from people whom I've never met in my life (a sales girl at Shins) saying the falsies looked gorgeous on my eyes. (TTT_TTT)

Lemme show you some comparison...
These are my eyes without the falsies but with mascara

Ok la...maybe a slight difference la... But I don't think it gave any volume lor. Probably some length la...

Compared like this you'll not see any difference right? It looked the same nie...

From the side you could see more difference. The lashes looked as 'tho it is touching my eyebrows.

I don't hate it but I won't be getting this ever again coz I need volume coz length is not something I have to worry about. I don't think I'll be getting any falsies from Etude House either coz they are mostly emphasizing on lengthening. But if you're interested in lengthening your lashes, do try it. The pros of these are they are really natural and the falsies' bone is soft and easy to shape according to your eyes, which is the best thing about it.

I forget to write in the shade. It is in shade #02, which is the darker one out of the two shades they had

Even though it is the darker shade it still looks a bit to light for my skin

At first I was thinking about getting Canmake's Color Stick in #06 Beige Ochre (coz the color looked just right for my skintone) but the sales person at Sasa said its dry and will make my skin look cakey. So I decided to get this from Etude House which costed cheaper than Canmake. Unfortunately this is super cakey lor and the color didn't suit my skintone. Sigh~ maybe I should have gotten from Maybelline which was the one I was using all these while. But that one is pretty cakey too. :( Maybe I should just splurge on a MAC one coz many people had been recommending it to me.

I've been looking for a perfume for a long long time. I wanted to get a floral EDP but it was so difficult to find one that I love. I didn't wanna get Estee Lauder's Beyond Paradise coz I wanna try some other ones first. Finally I've found one that I love to the max.

Will talk about this in the favorites post as well

Erm... missed out one Etude House item just now.
This is a body lotion to replace my finished The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Puree Body Lotion.

This is non-sticky and smells great like real peaches. But I'm not a fan of fruits scents. Am still hoping I can find a great non-sticky body lotion with floral scent.

Last item is my favorite nail polish for the moment. Am not going to review it too coz I'm gonna do it in the favorites post too. But if you guys don't know what POTC collection is, its the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection. I'm also in love with Mermaid's Tears (based on the color shown on the website) which I'm wondering should I get or not. Probably get the mini size of all the colors then only decide if I'll like it big time.

That's the end of this post.

Actually I was hoping I could post Purchases by the end of each month but I'm always late. :p I'll try to do it la...

Now I have to take a shower and then wash toilet and then go to work.

See you guys on Friday or if I'm bored tomorrow la...


Thursday, June 9, 2011

De-potting a NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil


I figured I won't be able to post for two days coz I'll be away on Thursday to KL and on Friday I had an appointment. So I decided to do some scheduled posts. Am I awesome or what? ^^

Ok, so today is sort of like an informative post. A beauty information post. If you're not interested then, you may leave.

So during my March Purchases post I've talked about the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil and I've also promised to do a post on how to de-pot the eye pencil. Sorry it took me so long but here is the post as promised.

Actually you do not really need to de-pot it since there is a sharpener for these eye pencils. But I heard that the edges is a bit sharp after you sharpened it. So it'll hurt your eyes or tug on your lids. I won't want to hurt my eyes so I've decided to de-pot it.

Anyways, there's a few ways to de-pot this. You could find it on YT (like I did) easily. The way I'm using is de-potting using heat.

So here's what you need...
Containers that look like these

I've got these from Daiso. They are usually used to hold nail stuff like diamentes and stuff but I've decided to use this as my Jumbo Eye Pencil container.

A regular hairdryer

This is where the heat comes from.

Something to hold on to the eye pencil. The video I've watched used a scissors. I think scissors doesn't give a strong grip so I've decided to use a tweezer.

That's how you hold it

Last thing that you need is of course your jumbo eye pencil

So the only step you need to do to de-pot is plug in your hairdryer and blow the hot air directly at the tip of the eye pencil (like in the picture). If you want it to de-pot faster, use the higher heat. But if you're afraid it'll be too hot for your hands to handle, put lower. Another way is to hold the eye pencil further away so you won't get the heat.

By around 1 minute or so they eye pencil will start to melt like above

In awhile the liquid will start to drip into the container

Do this for about 10-15 minutes. It gets a lil tiring. You can rest for awhile 'tho.

After 10-15 minutes your Jumbo Eye Pencil will look like this. Its so empty you can see the other end.

And this is your container filled with creamy product for your eyes

So its done and you can label the container in case you forgot what this is like I did. BTW the date is the shelf life of the product.

For those who are interested, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil is...
A radiant eye liner that also doubles as an eye shadow. Made with a blend of mineral oil and powder, our creamy Jumbo Eye Pencils glide on effortlessly—no pulling, tugging or fading—and come in a rainbow of vivid hues.
Now I've de-potted it I think its gonna be a cream eye shadow/highlighter for me.

There's a whole variety of colors available. You can check it out *here*. You can check out about NYX if you're interested from the same website as well. Just click around ^^.

If you want to try out NYX products, like me, you can purchase it from *here*. We do not have it in Malaysia but this seller here sells authentic NYX products from US. Do check her out coz she's awesome.

I'm interested in getting the Nude on Nude palette from NYX. Planning to request it from the seller. But I'm still contemplating la. Coz its not cheap and I'm not sure if the palette will be in good use if I bought it. But I use lots of nude eyeshadows so... argh~~~ I really wanna get it.

Tomorrow I'm going to the saloon to get my hair done. ^^ Finally I pulled through 6 months. I'm gonna get the same hairstyle as usual :P Yes, I'm not as adventurous as the rest of you so live with it.

Ok la. See you guys in the next post.

Bubbye for now. ;P


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