Saturday, July 2, 2011

May Favorites 2011

For the first time I'm gonna post a favorites of all the stuff I've been using/reading/watching. I hope I could include other stuff like food, books, movies...etc apart from makeup and skincare. But I'm so sorry that this month its gonna be all that. LOL~ But I promise soon to come it'll be mixture of a lot of stuff ok?

Ok let's get started...

The first thing I've love a lot is this cream blusher which I've already talked about a bit in my purchase post.

First of all I love the color of the blush. The name nut cream really just described the color very well.

I've been looking for a blush color that suits my skin color. I've tried pinks, corals, red-ish blush but all looks funny on me. But this color looked great on a lil glowy flush on my skin.

I'm not sure if it shows in this pic but I'm having it on. Its sort of bronzy color on my cheeks. Me love it lots. Suit the whole nude look that I usually wear.

There's 10 shades to this Canmake Cream Cheek if you guys want to know: #01 Peach Dream, #02 Cherry Pink, #03 Strawberry Whip, #04 Vitamin Orange, #05 Sweet Apricot, #06 Nut Cream (the one I've purchased), #07 Coral Orange, #08 Marshmallow Pink, #09 Pinky Rose, #10 Sweet Orange. All swatches can be viewed *here*

Like the description on its official website:
Blends in with your skin as though melting into it
It is pretty much true. Its so easy to blend. I was thinking that it was going to be dry and super hard to work with but its not. But I don't think its as long lasting as it said it was 'tho...sadly.

I'll definitely re-purchase this and I think if I can't find any better blusher than this, I'm going to just keep using this coz of the color and how easy it is to use. I just wished they make it more long lasting.

Next is the new fragrance that I've got this month...

The bottle is so pretty and its pink ^^  But that's not the reason I like it la... Hahahaha~ I like it coz its floral which is my favorite fragrance of all time. Plus its super long lasting.

Not sure whether I'll purchase this again the next time coz I like to try different scents every time I finish a bottle of perfume. But if I don't find anything I like I think I'll stick to this.

Another item from my this month's purchases

I usually do not purchase a full size OPI nail polish coz I wanted to try different colors from a collection. But this time the Pirates of the Caribbean's collection didn't really caught my attention except for this color. So I've bought the full size of this.

Its a pastel grey color. I basically loved this color coz currently I'm into grey color. My bf, mum and best friend said its ugly 'tho. :( What do you guys think?

I hope they don't discontinue this color coz I like it a lot!!! If they are gonna do it I'll probably buy a few as backup first.

I've been thinking to get another color from this collection which is the Mermaid's Tears coz the color looked so nice on one of the beauty blogs I've read. Will see how first...coz I'm afraid that the color doesn't suit my skintone.

The last thing I've like this month is this thing above which is a makeup remover sheet

It basically looks like wet tissue

I've tried Simple Makeup Remover Wipes before this but it was not as good as this. The remover liquid in this wet wipes is really a lot and can clean up all my makeup with just one piece of this. Plus it cleans whatever medium of makeup.

I bought this to bring to my Taiwan trip coz I didn't wanna bring the whole bottle of makeup remover there. Its super convenient for travelling. Coz its small and easy to pack. I don't use this at home mostly for bringing out travelling which is rare la... But its really good.

That's the four items I've really like on May. I've wanted to put May and June together but I didn't have time to take pics and edit them on time. So I guess I'll do another one this month when I'm done la.

Didn't work today because of the 1Malaysia Sport thingy. Sigh~ Will have to replacement like mad next time :( 1Malaysia, Y U No Have Mercy on Me? T.T

Tomorrow some of my uni mates are coming and I'm bringing them makan and shopping ^^ I hope I'll take lots of pics la. Hahahahahaha~ Looking forward to our short and mini reunion.

I'll see you guys on Monday k? Coz tomorrow I don't think I'll be blogging.



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