Thursday, August 25, 2011



I'm officially in a one week break. Woots!!! But I still had a few days of replacements to do (T.T). Seriously hates this.

Anyways I was so mad with a parent who called to ask (more like investigate) about why her daughter has so many holiday for her music lesson. Apparently she opens a tuition center and their center does not have so many holidays... "only one or two days (talking about her own tuition center) can you all make so many holidays out of a year?". Then she said that we could not do this coz music lessons are expensive. "You know I paid a lot of money for this lesson".

Well, I was really mad at that time but I kept quiet and let her talk. But in my mind I was shouting out tonnes of bad words. I didn't want to shout at her coz I ended up crying in the end. I always cry when I'm very angry. *shame*

  1. She talks so rudely to me. If you want to know the situation and wants to ask about anything, please be nice and don't talk like you're a bitch. You're a educated person. How can you talk like an animal?
  2. If you're not satisfied with the holiday system, why don't you call my boss instead of me?
  3. If the lesson is so expensive, why don't you go and learn something else? Like chess? Its free coz you can just grab and someone who's playing it and asked the fella to teach you.
For those who wants to know, most of the music centers have 46 classes each year. Some had more (47) or less (45). Our holidays are based on the school holidays, in this year's case, its 4 times. We sometimes consider public holidays as well but most of the time we don't. If you're saying that our lessons are too little, then would you like to ask the government for less holiday? She's a teacher herself. She should know the holiday system better than me.

Music lessons are always expensive...especially violin. Coz there are not many violin teachers out there (if you compare with piano). Plus its so difficult to learn. Is it wrong to pay more for something difficult? I'm not being mean but if you really think its too expensive and not worth it, then you should just stop and spend that money somewhere else.

Then at the end she said I could have explained it in the sms (that I've sent to her daughter to notify her about the holiday) so she didn't have to call and ask. I think she had never sms ever in her life. How many words do you want me to type in the sms? Should I just write you a letter? Calling your teacher about something is also considered a waste of money is it?

This is not the first time she was being rude to me. The first time was during the first day her daughter came for her lesson. It was partly my boss' fault coz she went to tell her (the student) that the violin lesson was 45 mins. It was supposed to be 30 mins. Because of that her mum marched right up our center, into my studio and spit saliva all over my face.

Argh~~~ Stupid parent!!!!

On her next lesson I'm going to tell the student straight to her face. "Dahling, if your mother is not satisfied with  our music center's system, please ask your mother to send you else where. I still have two person waiting to take your lesson's time". I may sound mean but this is how you deal with this type of people (coz the daughter is a bitch too). She'll probably tell her mother and her mother will come straight up to me and spit at my face again.

I've sms-ed all my students and parents about the holiday and none of them called to question me. Plus I've already explained it all to them about the holidays. How come all the other parents understood and this particular one doesn't?

Le sigh~~~

Felt slightly better after ranting.

Ok la... See you guys in the next post when I'm not so angry.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

June 2011 Purchases


Yes, as you can read from the title this is so overdued. I actually wanted to put June, July and August together but its too many things to post about in one post. So I've broken it up. But June is gonna be super long lor. Coz I've bought so many things on this month.

And most of it are beauty related products...erm~ actually all of it are beauty related products.

I don't know if I've talked about this ever but this is my HG (holy grail) item. I've been using this for like three or more bottles already. Oh btw, for those who didn't know, this is a makeup remover.

It cleans off any medium of makeup and does not leave me with any breakouts like some other did. Super good. I will definitely continue to use this until I find another much better one. But I doubt it lor. Coz I've tried a lot and this suits me the best. Highly recommends to anyone and everyone to use this.

If you're interested in buying, check it out at Sasa or Watson's.

The recent one I've bought came with this travel size cleansing lotion ^^ So convenient. No need to bring the big bottle around.

But then again, most of the time I would use the Biore Makeup Remover Sheets if I'm travelling. This is a good option too.

I first read about this item in Vivi as the most popular hydrating item. So I've decided to try it out. I don't usually use it except for Thursdays and Fridays. Coz I'm most exposed to the sun on those two days. It really those re-hydrate my face after being in the scotching sun (coz I had to travel a lot during those two days). My face became super refreshed after spraying.

But I'm not sure if I would buy it again coz I don't know if its useful for me. For those who are interested, check it out at Sasa and Watson's.

Got this from a beauty store in Midvalley. I was contemplating for a long time whether I should buy this coz I'm not sure if the makeup sold there are real or fake. They look pretty much like the real product (saw in mags) but somehow feels fake to me. But... I still bought it in the end -.-

Its an eyelash glue from Dollywink. I just wanted to try it since I've finished my 1000hour eyelash glue. I didn't really like that one. Even though it was long lasting but the texture was too thick and difficult to work with.

I don't know if I could write a review about this since I'm not sure if its real or fake. Will go get another one from Sasa to compare it and let you guys know.

This is a pair of fake eyelashes from Daiso

Falsies that accented on the outer corner

I think falsies that are accented on the outer corner are my favorite falsies. ^^

Anyways did you guys know that Daiso falsies are actually one of the favorite falsies for Japanese girls? I always see Daiso falsies being featured on Vivi and Mina. That's why I had to try it.

Close up

Much to my disappointment I didn't really like it. The bone (pictured above) is too hard. It was difficult to shape according to my eyes and the edges are quite sharp (coz its hard). That hurt the corners of my eyes. Super uncomfortable lor.

Now for a comparison of it on my eyes...
This is without the falsies. I re-used this pic from another pose :p

Sorry I forgot to clear my eyebrows coz I'm lazy like that. LOL~ And I've also forgotten to take a side view of it.

I actually really like the effect that it gave my eyes. But Y U No hurt my eyes?!?!!?!?!?

I'm not sure if I would purchase this again. Its cheap and looked nice on my eyes but at the same time it hurts and uncomfortable to wear it. Sigh~ will see how la...

I've also got another one which supposedly will enhance the iris of the eyes

Close Up

Haven't try this 'tho. Will update another review when I've tried it.

But here's a comparison of with and without the falsies.

I don't know if this enhances my iris but this falsies are super long lor... Already touched my eyebrows

This month is a super productive falsies purchasing month. LOL~

I've always wanted Dolly Wink's falsies coz there are so many good reviews from both J-beauty mags and also gyaru bloggers. So I've decided to get this limited edition one.

It comes with...
Two pairs of falsies. One top falsies and the other is bottom falsies. Also comes with a glue and...

An falsies case

I super love #2 Sweet Girly. Will be talking more about it in my June Favorites post. As for #6 Girly Cute, I have no idea how to put it on. Seriously I still have no idea how to put on bottom falsies. Gotta look up at Youtube more. The case leh... I haven't use it yet coz I think its more suitable for those who travel a lot with falsies. But I don't.

Forgotten to add caption to the picture :p

This is Dejavu Lash Knock Out in Dynamite Black.

Dejavu mascaras are super popular in Japan along side Maybelline mascaras. I've decided to give it a try after my Estee Lauder Turbolash finished.

I fell in LOVE with it!!! Its super good... will talk about this in my June Favorites as well.

This Dejavu Lasting Line Pencil Liner was a free gift from the Dejavu mascara. Super crappy eyeliner. Breaks so easily. I tried to swatch it and it broke -.-

Got this in replacement of my KATE eyeshadow quad's brown which finished for quite a long time. Had to get another KATE to replace coz can't find any better replacement and discontinued that quad.

The brown is not similar with the brown I had in the old quad but the texture is alike. So its ok la...

Top color: light beige named as light color (so not creative -.-)
Bottom: dark brown named as deep color

The color are really pigmented. Even more pigmented than the one I had last time. With one swipe, the colors looked so vibrant (pictured above)

But I don't know why but the light color looked a bit sheer on my eye lids.

Swatched on my hand

A look I did with the eyeshadow duo...

Will definitely check out the other colors of the duo coz this one's just amazing. Might be buying a back up of this too in case they discontinue it too -.-

Available at Sasa and Watson's. Or anywhere with KATE cosmetics.

Wanted a clear gloss so I went to try out one from Majolica Majorca (MJ)

It is actually not clear. It has a very light hue of pink with tiny sparkles

I didn't like it. It has this sticky feeling that made me felt like I was putting glue on my lips. But I'm impressed that it was extremely long-lasting. If I didn't wipe my mouth, drink or eat, I don't have to re-apply it for the whole day. Sigh~ why can't anything be perfect?

I will find for a better gloss which is both non-sticky and long lasting. For now, this will do.

Available at Sasa and Watson's if you guys wanna check it out.

Scrunchies from Daiso which I really like. Will talk about this in the favorites as well

Saw Bubzbeauty's video about face roller so I've decided to get this.

This is a thighs/legs roller. I didn't get a face roller coz my face is skinny enough. But my legs are...humongous!!! I don't know if it really makes my legs slimmer like it did for Bubz on her face. But it did feel a bit itchy on the legs after I roll them for like a few minutes.

I hate that its so its gonna break anytime soon.

Maybe I'll purchase another one from Daiso coz the one that my friend, Joyce got from Daiso looks more solid than mine here.

Available at Jusco's Wellness, Yokoso Japan, Sasa, Daiso...and I think there's a lot of other places selling if you guys wanna check it out. There's lots of different types of rollers to choose from too. From face, legs, arms...even boobs are available.

Another item that I'm gonna talk about in my June favorites is this...An organizer that I bought from IKEA to organize my makeup. Super useful.

The last thing I wanna talk about is a sponge detergent that I got from Daiso (Yes, I love shopping in Daiso)

I've been using this for quite awhile now and this is my second bottle of it.

I was not convinced that this RM5 thing was going to be good but I've decided to try it. But it was quite good coz it cleans up the sponge very well.

Here's a comparison of before and after...

It does really clean very well. Its just that I was in a hurry for the shot above so I simply washed it :P

All you need is a few drops and its enough to clean about two sponges. I've also use this to clean my brushes as well. Works fine as well.

I think I will continue to buy this until I find out about a better (and also cheap) one.

That's all for June's purchases. Really a lot if you compared with other months. July and August's will be posted up soon. Next beauty related post will be June Favorites. Wait for it ya...

See you guys in the next post.



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