Friday, September 16, 2011

That night six years ago

Today is 16 September...

I don't know if the rest of you know what date it is today...

But here are some posts for you to read to know what day it is today...

3rd * 4th * 5th *

Yes, its that time of the year....its our anniversary ^^ *throws confetti*

This year's post I have a lil slideshow video made...especially for my neney.

I wanted to do a scrap book of photos actually. But the unromantic fella said he likes digital stuff -.-

I always told Sinren that he was the most random guy I've ever known. Coz he said the most random things at very random times.

Six years back I was in tears and telling him that I was so heart-broken that I've decided to not hold on to a crush that I know will never blossom into a relationship. He said: "Are you sure you are letting go of it?" Then he asked me to be his gf while I was crying like a mad woman.

I've never expected to be asked to be someone's gf in such situation. I've always imagined it a little more...romantic. Like... I don't know... something that is...not like how he asked la... But when I think back... he was sort of romantic also la... Coz he kept praising me wtf. (Yes, that's the way to my heart...praise me all the way haha~)

With that as a reference, his wedding proposal is supposedly going to be very lame also la... Or maybe I'll do the proposing coz I'm the one who is so romantic and the more manly one in the relationship. Haha~

But every year I thank God and thank him for this relationship. Coz I don't think there's anyone (a human) who is able to love me so much...I don't even love myself so much. Every other flaw is minimized and every good thing about me is magnified. I guess that's what love make you do. It covers up all the negative areas.

Today we won't be able to celebrate the anniversary yet. Coz we had to attend an event. Tomorrow we will hope to go on a dinner and then get my anniversary present. Effer already got it from me but haven't bought mine!!! But then again... I haven't done the card I wanted to give him. Hehe~ :P

Can't wait to see him in a few hours time. I pinch his fat chubby face and make him smile like dork (No, I'm not a bf abuser)

Before I leave (gotta sleepy!!!),




This line never gets old...even if I use it every year.

Ok la... see you guys in the next post.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hari Raya 2011

Last year I was not able to go for Hari Raya visiting with my besties coz I was at Genting for a Youth Camp. :( But this year I made sure that I have to make it coz its not like I can see these people every day. Now that more than half of them is working in KL, I plan to meet up with them every festive season if possible.

Because we only have one miserable Malay in our besties gang, so we only had to go to one house for Hari Raya...which was Umie's house.

Didn't take pics when we were eating coz its not a pretty sight wtf. But lemme tell you... Umie's mum's cooking is the best ever. I didn't wanna eat so much coz we were going for a dinner with our ex-teacher, Mr. Dennis. But I still whacked the food like mad...which didn't end up well coz I nearly vomited after dinner coz of overloaded tummy.

Photos taken after we've done with eating and about to leave...
That retarded looking person is one of my besties, Umie Sahad who is getting married this November. Hahahaha~ She said: "Alaa... next year probably going to be a mummy dy so might as well act retarded this year and be done with it" HAhaahhahahahaahahaha~

Ann looked so pretty here. *sayangs* Erm... not that Umie don't look pretty but the retarded-ness overshadowed it wtf.

Looking a lil normal for a change :p

The thing great about having a smart phone at hand is that you can cut down the fuss on editing pics. But then again...nothing can beat high resolution pics 'tho. So if I had my camera with me (I did bring my cam with me but it had not battery. Forgot to check before going out :P) I would rather take with it.

That aside...its Umie with Puff on the pic above.

Umie and Puff again

Why does my pic with her looks like its rotting? LOL~

BTW nice hair day that day... AWESOME!!! Hahaha~

Lizzie and Umie

Lizzie's so fair that I always think of Edward Cullen whenever I see her. Haha~ Its just that she doesn't sparkle 'tho.

Deepa and Umie

If you're wondering why I had a hat on, its called fashion wtf. Its also to cover my black roots which are growing at a painfully fast pace :(  So all the shit that I told my friend that I was going for the "beach theme" is a lie. HAhahahahahah~

I happen to just love this hat that I bought from Sandakan (ok fine. My mum bought it :p). Since I wore something which goes with the hat, I decided to wear it la...

Group pic at Umie's lovely garden

We left for dinner with Mr. Dennis. Umie didn't follow coz she was too tired after serving friends and relatives the whole day. Puff and Liz had to accompany their colleagues who were down to visit. So only Ann, Deepa and I went to meet Mr. Dennis with Anu and Peili.

 We went to The Seafarers which is a really nice restaurant by the seaside. But it was too dark so we couldn't see the sea. Too bad...

That is Mr. Dennis by the way. He's like our favorite teacher at school and also the only one we were willing to meet outside school. We made sure that every CNY we'll visit his house and we'll go out for a dinner every year.

Anu's forever camera ready

As always... -.-

Hahaha~ I think my flash was too bright till she had to close her eyes while taking a pic.

I wanted to camwhore but the flash was too bright for me to handle. HAhahahhahahaha~ I looked like I'm in pain.

They had this dance floor thingy in front of the band. They played oldies and many old people were there dancing. They were actually pretty good.

As for Ann and Anu here, when they played some line dance music, they went to join in. I wanted to but I was too stuffed to do anything. So I took pictures.

Oh and the man with the long hair there...he's a super good dancer ok? He was like gyrating to the line dance and adding his own moves. Some people did it and looked super gross. But he was actually really good at it.

Before leaving we took some pics with our Den Den ^^...
If you can't find me in the pic its coz I've cropped myself out. I looked like ass. Hahaha~ But I decided to post this up anyways coz the rest looks pretty and happy. And Mr. Den had a halo thingy that made him looked like he had grey hair. Hahaha~

So much nicer pic of all of us

The top pic was taken by a passer by. Sigh~ can never find a good photographer in passerbys. Then the bottom was taken with self-timer. In conclusion, always rely on a self-timer.

Anu, Ann, Deepa and I decided to go have a drink at Movida coz we still wanna hang out for a little while more.

We sat outside coz going to the club would require cover charge. Yes, we're cheap like that. Haha~

No la... since we're just there for a drink so why waste money paying to go inside right? We later regret it coz the music was so good inside that it felt like a torture just sitting outside and not able to go inside to dance. :(

I've finally over come the bright flash fear.  But I nearly went blind doing this lor. Why the hell my phone's flash is harsh arh? So damn bright lor...

BTW my skin's condition is not that good la... you can look at the other pics and see how bad it is. I used the beautify mode in my phone's camera to take all the Movida pics that's why it looked so good. Even my hair color looked so fabulous here. ^^

My hair doesn't stay permanently nice all day. Suddenly nie the hair became so messy... ish ish ish~

Anu Banu and I <3

Deepa and I

Ann Bent and I

Ok, if you're wondering what's up with the rhyming. Its our thing in the gang. Hahahaha~ I'm Dookie Pookie btw. Pookie...actually meant something 18-sx in some language so I've decided not to use it as my blog's name...hence, dookie kookie.

Don't know why but both of us looked kinda weird in this pic. But its hilarious to see Ann's face like that so I decided to post it up. Hahahahahahahahahah~

This one is a big fail but I've decided to post it up still coz I looked fab. Hahaha~

Last pic before we leave

Next reunion should be during Deepavali I guess? Sigh~ its kinda sad to not meet them often. But at least we still get to meet a few times a year.

Ok la... that's all for today's post. I had to go get going coz I have this event that I need to do some planning for. I didn't really wanna plan it coz some people are being a pain in the ass. But~ there's no choice to whether I wanna do it or not la... I HAD to do it.

Shall see you guys soon ya...



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