Monday, November 28, 2011

New items from Dolly Wink

Hello there,

As promised I'm blogging today ^^

I don't know how many of you out there wears fake eyelashes.

I personally wear it when I'm not so lazy. LOL~ Or a lot of time to spare after doing my makeup.

Anyways, the one brand of fake eyelashes that I love a lot is Dolly Wink.

I used to use Daiso fake eyelashes. But it hurt my eyes coz it was very hard on the eyelash bone. Then I've also tried a few other brands like Kiss Me, Canmake, 1000 hour and Etude House. But nothing beats Dolly Wink fake eyelashes.

I'm talking like I'm selling the product. But no la...

I'm just really excited that Dolly Wink came out with a series of new fake eyelashes.

Before this they had a series of fake eyelashes to cater to gyaru style girls (See collection *here*)...which are younger Japanese girls. I own #01 Dolly Sweet (top lash) which I love to bits.

This time Tsubasa Masuwaka (the producer of this brand) came up with a whole new series to cater otona style girls...which are girls with more mature style. I think I should totally switch to this style coz... I'm not that young anymore. :P

I don't know if you guys seen these in other blogs but I'm super excited to intro these to you guys. Coz Dolly Wink is seriously the best and most comfortable fake eyelashes I've ever used. Gotta try it!!!

They came out with three new top lashes which are these...
#9 Natural Dolly

Please do not read the description there coz my stupid translator translates crap. LOL~

I recommend girls who are new to fake eyelashes to try these coz criss-cross fake eyelashes are the most basic ones and also it looks more nature on any eyes. I've started my own collection with these as well. But it does nothing to me coz they look to natural. I like dramatic looking lashes.

#10 Sweet Cat

I am definitely gonna get this. If you guys had read me long enough, you may know that I love fake eyelashes that has accent at the outer part. This one just suit my taste ^^

These type of fake eyelashes are suitable for those cat-eye looks and droopy eye looks which I usually does. If you are into those looks too, these are for you.

#11 Pure Sweet

These type of eyelashes are accent on the middle area...that's what they said... I can't really see it 'tho. It was supposed to give make your iris look darker.

Out of that three I think I'll probably expected :P The rest looks a bit too simple and probably will do nothing to my eyes. So no point getting also la...

They also came out with three bottom lashes....
I do not know how to apply bottom lashes. I've tried but failed. It looked so weird on me so probably I've done it the wrong way. But for those who knows how to apply. These are the three designs.

Next there's this eyelash case which I think is serious a waste of money to buy. Coz you can just store eyelashes in any box la. Don't have to go get one especially for eyelashes. Summore Dolly Wink products are not cheap here. I've got mine free from the Dolly Wink limited edition set. Haha~ No need to buy also can get. :p
The case kinda cute 'tho. But I still think the one that I had is cuter. Its pink with polka dots and bows. So girly ^^

Eyelash Fix is their fake eyelash glue. This time they came up with two types. The pink and black one is clear finish while the black and purple one is a black finish.

For the gyaru line, they had eye shadows, liners and mascaras. For the otona line, they had one whole series of eyebrow products.
These are eyebrow mascara and you'll have three colors to choose from: #1 Milk Tea- for blond or lighter hair colors, #2 Mocha- for medium hair colors...probably like mine la and #3 Cocoa- for darker hair colors.

Eyebrow pencil also come in three colors.

Same for eyebrow powders.

Out of all these new products, I only use the top lashes and eyelash fix. So those are probably my favorite. I don't actually give a shit about my eyebrows...except like pluck them to be in shape.

Anyways these are not available in Malaysia coz they just launched it recently in Japan. But I can't wait for them to hit here coz I really love their fake eyelashes. Other than that I also love their eye shadow and liquid liner...which I will talk about one day (hopefully if I remembered :P)

Well, today's just a short one to introduce to you guys these. If you guys are interested in finding out about Dolly Wink, click *here*. Its in Japanese but you could guess around your way like I did la... And if you guys want to try it out, its available in all Sasas.

Ok la... Gotta go now.

See you guys in the next post.



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