Thursday, December 29, 2011

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

November 2011 Favorites


I've been very consistent with my posting lately. Hahaha~ Its coz during the holidays students tend to take holiday from music lessons. So I had more free time to do my own stuff. In one way it is good but... I also have less income :(

Anyways, today I'm gonna post up my November favorites...which are mostly makeup this month.

I've been contemplating whether I should get an Urban Decay Naked palette or this. I actually decide on getting Naked but it was out of stock at Sephora :((((( So in the end I got this.

NYX is not sold in Malaysia 'tho. I had to order from a seller who orders from a friend in USA. I've been buying from this seller for a few times now and I'm very satisfied with her service.

This NYX Nude on Nude palette was not on her website but I emailed her if she could help me get it. She agreed of course and after about a month of wait. I got it.

If you guys are interested, you guys can check out her website *here*. Apart from NYX, she's also selling E.L.F and wet N wild makeup. She also sells makeup palettes and nail polishes. Do check her out.

I'm not paid to this but I really find her being the best seller online ever. Service super good.

Ok, now back to the palette that I've been loving...
NYX Nude on Nude is...what it said on the website...a classy medley of 20 neutral eye shadows...for every skin tone and every occasion
I think its a pretty accurate description. Coz these colors are very wearable for any occasion. Since its nude colors, any skin color could wear this. And that is why I love it. I could pair up any combinations of the eye shadow on my lids and they looked great. There's like a thousand of looks waiting for me to try with this.

It is also super convenient. If I need to travel (which I don't usually need to), I just have to bring this along. No need to bring like 10 different types of eye shadows. So gonna bring this for my trip next year.

They also had...10 vibrant lip colors

Which is even better. No need to bring 10 different lipsticks in case I feel like looking different on different days.

This is like the best travel set or what? No need to bring anything else dy la...well, except like mascara, eyeliners and...etc. But this already saved a lot of space in the makeup bag don't you think?

Ok now for the swatches...
The 10 colors on the left side of the palette are mostly brighter, cooler and lighter colors

One thing that I didn't like about this palette and also why I would prefer UD Naked is that they didn't name the eye shadow. So I've labelled for your convenience to compare.

My favorite colors from this side of the palette are no. 3, 7 and 9. Reason coz the colors are more pigmented than the rest. I have no idea why but most of the matte colors on this side of the palette are very chalky and washed out. Especially no. 10.

No. 2 is a shimmer color but its also very sheer and not as pigmented. As for no. 5, the color looked a lil too "dirty" for my liking.

These are from the top part of the right side of palette. Right side are generally darker colors as you can see from above and also pics below.

Love all the colors here. No. 1 is doing not bad for a matte color but still sheer. No. 4 and 5 looks quite similar when blended.

Favorite color: no. 8 and 9. Had been using these two colors a lot.

As for the lip colors I had forgotten to take a pic after swatching them *dumb* Will do it next time if I remember.

I had not used the lip colors yet. So I don't know how it will look and feel on my lips. But from swatching them I think they are very creamy.

So yes, I love this palette a lot a lot coz its so wearable and good for travelling. I've used it for a lot of times already. The rest of the eye shadows in my make up stash must be feeling jealous. Haha~

I don't know when I will finish this palette but I will totally consider to repurchase this if they don't discontinue it. Will probably try other NYX palette next time too coz they are really good as said in the reviews.

Next favorite is a mascara from Dejavu which I've briefly talked about *here*

I was supposed to talk about it in my June Favorites but didn't coz that post didn't exist :P

Anyways, this mascara is love. I never thought it would make my life so much easier when I first bought it. It saved me from all the fuss from putting fake eyelashes. Putting this on makes your lashes look like they had fake eyelashes on. Even my guy friends was like asking why did I put fake eyelashes every day now. I told them it was real lashes and they had to pull my lashes to confirm that I'm not lying. Haha~

Sorry I didn't up put up any comparison for with and without this mascara coz I ran out of it already :( Need to go get another one.

I specifically wanna point out how different the brush looks like from other mascaras. It was a thick bristles on one side (right) and very far apart bristles on the left. Gives you two different effects.

The down point is probably that it does clump a little bit. Other than that I have no complains.

Like I said I will be getting another one and also try other mascaras from Dejavu coz they are really as good as they said to be in Japanese beauty magazines.

For those interested, please check them out at Sasa.

Next is a lipgloss (which is also highly recommended by Japanese beauty magazines) which I've talked about in a post *here*. Do click it to know about the product coz I've talked about it very detail there.

BTW I've captioned the product number wrongly. Its #1 Rose Macaroon. Not #6.

At first I didn't know if I would like it coz at that time I didn't use many pink lip products. But I now realized I prefer pink lip products more than nude colors.

Because it is very pigmented I just had to apply a bit of it to my lips then dab it all our my lips with my fingers and it looked very nice. Plus its not sticky so I think it'll be my favorite for a long time.

I've also bought another gloss from Nudy Glow Rouge collection which is #6 Peach Milk. Haven't try it. Will talk about it once I get to it.

Here's the swatch of #1 Rose Macaroon for you guys again

If you guys are interested in the whole collection, click *here* or check out the swatches at Sasa.

My next favorite is not the product above but generally bronzers. I don't know why I've not used bronzers before this. I don't know which cave I've been living in.

Apart from being able to contour my face, I think bronzers also work better as a blush for me...coz you guys know I'm dark right? Its so difficult to find the right blush color for me coz of my skintone. But now that I've found bronzers... life is good for me. LOL~

Anyways, this bronzer that I've got is from Elianto. Don't really like it but it works ok for the moment. I lost my cream cheek bronzer from Canmake for a while so I had to make do with this for the moment.

But now that I've found my cream cheek bronzer... this can... retire. >_> LOL~

The last product that I've been liking a lot is this very cute item

Ok, I'll admit that its my favorite coz its cute. :P Not a fan of hello kitty but when things are small and pink like that, its too hard to resist.

So its a nail polish and I'll talk about how to use it below.

The back of the packaging teaches you how to use it

Although I can't read Japanese, the pictorial is clear enough on how to use it.

So the first step is to put on A to your nails

A is a light pink nail polish with tiny pink shimmers

Yes I took pics in my toilet coz the lighting there is the best. LOL~

How it looked like on my nail

Very sheer. Even with two coats I can still see my original nail color and brush strokes are very obvious.

Then apply B to the top half of your nail

B is a darker pink nail polish with bigger glitters

The outcome

Honestly I didn't like the texture of the nail polishes. They have bubbles in them...I have no idea why...but its freaking ugly when you look at them closely.

But I think they look very pretty together (from far) and looked like nails you do at the manicure parlor. That's like the only reason why I like them la. Haha~

I would say this would be my half a favorite la...coz I like the outcome/look of it but not the quality nail polishes.

I will not repurchase this coz I've seen cheaper alternative to this. They are expensive probably coz they had hello kitty on them. Why would I pay more for quality that is so meh?

But if you guys would like to try this out (they had a few other color selections like purple, blue..etc) and also they had the three color nail cocktail, you could check out Sasa.

That's like all of my favorite products for November.

This month I've been trying out a lot of new things as well. Like drinks, books, websites and especially makeup. Next month I hope I would write bout not only makeup just in case I have male readers...which I know I have one :P

Anyways, my birthday is around the corner :P (Its on 11/12...hahahahah~) This year I don't think I would do a wishlist post like I did for the past years. Wow! I think I've just grown up :P But then again that didn't mean I don't want presents. You can still send me presents coz that's what birthdays are for right? Haha~

This year I will get a present for myself...its a present to end all presents for myself. LOLWUT. I'm gonna sign up for UNICEF's Sponsor A Kid.

My church's youth fellowship had sponsored three kids from Northern Thailand and Cambodia. We've actually sent three kids to school who in the past couldn't coz their family couldn't support them. So proud huh?

I've decided to sponsor one kid (for the starters) on my own. So on this Sunday (which is my birthday) I'm gonna go fill up the form and start my journey of "adopting" a kid.

Its actually a very simple but meaningful thing to do. It won't cost you a lot. Each child need RM0.50 to survive each day. If you calculate it, it won't cost even half of the salary you are earning. But it will bring so much hope to these children.

I will tell you guys more in details about my "adoption" once I get everything done. I'm pretty excited about it. This "gift" is probably the best that I've bought for myself. ^^

Ok la... me gotta go now.

See you guys in the next post.


Monday, December 5, 2011

November Hauls and Reviews


Its been awhile since I last posted my purchases/hauls posts.

That's coz I haven't been purchasing anything and tried anything new.

But I could finally do one new haul post coz I've bought quite a lot of things in November.

I've lately completed my Sasa Stamp Collection card. Its a card where they will put a stamp to it every time you purchase something above RM80. Had to collect like 7/8 stamps to get a mysterious gift. Yes, I've already purchased like RM600+ in Sasa...I forgot since when la... but really a lot lor.

Anyways, the mysterious gift that I got from Sasa was a gift voucher which I purchased...
Yes, I bought a whole packed of mask with the gift voucher

I've already got A LOT of sheet masks but there's nothing I want from Sasa that I could purchase with the gift voucher. So I just grabbed this.

In case you guys have bad eye sight, this is the Bulgarian White Rose Mask.

Most masks from Taiwan are whitening ones. I have no idea why. Are they like obsessed with being fair?

Quite worth it huh? With a gift voucher I got 10 masks + 2 masks free

The two pieces of free masks are Japanese Cherry Blossom masks

Again its for whitening and brightening

I've not started using them yet coz like I said I had too many masks :P

But if you guys are interested in trying My Beauty Diary Masks, which are super hyped mask by a lot of people, you could check out Sasa or Guardians.

Got myself a lip balm coz the weather change is making lips very dry

Before I didn't realize whether was my lips really dry during the end of the year. I do have drier lips when I'm gonna have my menstrual. But since November my lips are getting really dry and peeling. So I decided to try on a lip balm.

I usually use Vaseline which is a bit of a fuss to bring out to work or any outing coz its so bulky. Decided to look for a lip balm which is a better alternative to my Vaseline.

This is in Pink Guava

It is a tinted lip balm with a sheer color as seen on the tube. Its build-able to a darker color if you keep applying.

I didn't really like the color coz it looks a bit too dark for my skin tone. It made me look darker looking. :S

That's the amount of product which is actually quite a lot. Its really cheap too.

I didn't like the design of the tube. The product is not hidden in the tube like most lip balm/lipsticks. So its very difficult for me to put the cap on fast. Had to be extra careful or else I'll scratch the product. I did scratch it as you can see from the pic above.

I generally do not like this product. One reason is the thing I said above. Another reason is coz of the color. Plus its not really moisturizing. Had to keep applying coz it dries up very quick. They had small glitters (you could see it in the pic above) which felt very uncomfortable on my lips. Not gonna ever purchase it again.

Anyways, its available at all drug stores like Watson, Caring, Guardians if you care to try it out.

I've purchased two lipstick from Candy Doll: Ramune/Lemonade Pink (right) and Apricot Beige (left)

In case you guys didn't know, Candy Doll is a japanese makeup brand produced by Tsubasa Matsuwaka (who also produced Dollywink, which I've talked about recently *here*). It was recently brought into Malaysia by Sasa.

Big fan of Tsubasa so had to go get some items to try out.

Actually I now have all three from the lipstick collection. Coz I've bought the other lipstick (Vanilla Beige) in October and I forgot to talk about it :P

Don't know which is which coz they didn't put any label on the bottom or anywhere else...don't like. Had to open up the tube to check the color to know which is which.

My first impression on the packaging was that it looked very Daiso quality. Not even in par with the drug store products. But the prices of these makeup are super not cheap lor. Why are they using so cheap stuff to package it if its that expensive?

The quality of the product was ok la... its not moisturizing like the ones I love from Maybelline but its creamy and easy to apply. The color is super pigmented too.

Swatches of the lippies

My favorite is Ramune Pink... I didn't know what the hell is Ramune until I heard some Japanese pronounce it. Ra-mun-e is how they pronounce "Lemonade" (-.-).

Have not put on Apricot Beige out yet so don't know if I like it. Vanilla Beige is a little too light for me. It sort of turn my lips invisible after applying it.

Sorry can't seem to take a photo of them on my lips. I'll try again next time.

I do like them. But I'm not sure if I would keep using them. Will see how it goes along the way after using them for a longer time.

Got another item from Candydoll which is the lipgloss

They only carry like base products and lip products for the moment. I didn't get any of the base products coz most of them are too light for me coz Tsubasa (and probably half of Japanese girls and gyaru followers) is very very fair. Even their darkest color is still too light for me. Sad... I really wanted to try their concealer. :(

I like wand that look like this coz its easier to apply the gloss

Swatch on my hand

It was said in the Candy Doll website (and also their lookbook that they gave me when I purchased the products) *click here to see*, Milk Tea Beige gives you the mature lip look when paired with Vanilla Beige. But I tried it but it looked like crap.

I've paired it with my other nude lipstick like Soft Nude (from Revlon) it looked much better. I think it looked better with darker nude colors than those pale ones.

If you guys are interested in trying out Candy Doll products, you guys can check it out at Sasa or can purchase from their website which I had linked above somewhere.

Well, that was all that I had bought for last month. I think I've left out some. I'll post it in the next haul post if I found anything that I left out.

If you guys have any questions about these products, please do comment below and ask me. I'll try to answer them if I could.

Will post up my favorites soon and also some other posts which have been pending.

See you guys when I post next.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gone but not forgotten

December 1st was never the same since 2003...

Its been 10 years since she was sitting at the front row in my class shouting at us to shut the hell up or pass up our homework.

Its been 9 years since she last comforted me when I cried in front of the school porch.

Its been 8 years since she told me she will wear a super sexy bikini to our school prom.

Its been 8 years since she wrote in my autograph book and wishing me all the best for my SPM and future undertakings.

Its been 8 years since she left our high school on her motorbike with a loud honk and shouting bye to all of who were still taking SPM while she finished hers.

Its been 8 years since I saw her lying on the bed at the corner of General Hospital.

Its been 8 years since I say goodbye to a friend whom I've known for years.

Where ever you are now I hope you still bring laughter to everyone around you and still rempit-ing around.

Forever missed...


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