Monday, December 31, 2012

Wedding Lendu Style

Hello there.

There's so many old posts that had lost photos. Don't know why. I can't remember what photos I've posted for most of the posts. So I can't re-do the posts. But I'll try my best to re-do the posts la...but I don't think I can re-do all la. I'm sorry if you guys read the posts and they are without any photos. Anyways if any of you read any of the posts have no photos, please let me know.

So on to today's post. I've decided to use photobucket to host my photos la. A bit mafan but I had not face problems like photos disappearing before when I was using photobucket. So I'll resume using it.

Anyways, last month Sinren's cousin Justine got married and I was invited. Super excited coz I was able to visit where SR grew up as a kid. Its a small town called Lendu. I've been to Lendu but only to El Sanctuary for camp. Never been to their housing area.

Justine had to wedding dinners. One on 10th which was her side's dinner and on 17th was her husband's side's dinner.

This first part are pics from 10th...
Random pic of my outfit details

Beaded necklace from 180 boutique, Malim
YSL Arty Inspired Ring from Vogue Maison
Clutch (the snake skin thingy in the background) is vintage from my mum's closet =P

Forgot to take a pic of my outfit. So fail la I =(

My hubs fetching me back from work ^^

Paiseh~ this is after work so I haven't doll up. This is how I look like when I work. Like shit right? LOL~

So after I dolled up, we drove 45 mins to get to Lendu.

The wedding venue which is at a community hall. SR said most "kampung" (village style) wedding are held at community halls. Kinda cool la I've not been to a "kampung" wedding.

Thank God I didn't dress until to glam. Summore thank God I wore sleeveless. Its kinda hot there. No aircon. Only fans and wind.

Hello there!!!

Now do I look better than before? =)

Me likey my makeup that day <3

BIL Jiun playing with SR's ipad and attracting a lot of kids' attention

MIL and fatty SR's half body

After eating, SR decided to bring me to walk around. He said he wants to show me places that he had played as a kid. So excited coz I can see what kind of things he used to play. ^^

This fat cat followed me around while we walked around. Tried taking a photo of it looking at me but whenever I took out the camera, it turned away.

Random pic of a stock

SR told me there's koi in this fake stream. I looked in it.... =.= Where is the effing koi????

He said he had not been here for years. So probably it died. LOL~ Kesian betul.

SR climbed up on this see saw and told me he used to stand at the center of the see saw and played. He was showing me how and suddenly he slipped and fell. Like literally rolled down the see saw. Super hilarious. Hahahahahahahaah~ Damn stupid can? There was so many kids laughing at him.

Should have taken his pic when he was lying at the bottom of the see saw. Hahahahahaha~

But the poor bloke scrapped his elbow and some parts of his hand. Quite kesian also la. But still cover the funniness wtf. Hahahahahahaha~

Went to another place to explore

He was telling me this is the exact spot he tore his pants when he was 3 or 4. Hahahahahahaha~ I think every time he's back to Lendu he must either get hurt or tear something or do something embarrassing. Kesian kesian.

This remains are where SR used to stay as a kid until he was 5. The house was torn down. Sigh~ So sad. Couldn't see how it was before this.

This is where his parents and his room was at. So small!!!!

After walking around, we went home.

Chillin' at my house ^^

Then these are the photos from 17th...

This dinner is more of the official one and more grand than the one on the 10th. So that had like toast and all.

Sinren introduced me to his big family that day. Happy to meet my future family but so sorry I can't remember of them. I promise I will over time =/

For the moment, I could intro to u guys some people from SR's little family la... Beside SR is Wen Feng, SR's second younger brother, whom you guys had probably seen in other posts. First row on the left is Jiun, SR's youngest brother. Beside him are SR's parents. And beside them are SR's relatives, whom I forgot who they are. So sorry...

More family members

The girl in yellow is the bride, Justine and beside her is her husband...whose name I forgot. So sorry. Beside Jiun is Wen Zheng, SR's younger brother. I think by now you guys might realized that they have nothing in common except all of them wears glasses. LOL~

Random photos while waiting for time to go home...
Le sexy back

So difficult to capture his lashes =p

Sorry so much spamming of his pic. Well, he should be grateful coz most of the time the posts here are filled with my face =P

Lil spamming of me ^^

And that was it. ^^

Today is the last day of 2012. What are you guys planning for today? I'm gonna be heading to my church for our annual countdown prayer meeting. ^^

Its already end of the year I still have lots of things to post up still. Ish ish ish~

Anyways, I hope u guys have a wonderful day today. Have a great countdown wherever you are. Have fun but be safe.

See you guys in the next post.


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Raindrops keep falling on my head

What's up, everyone?

Its almost the end of the year right? Once again I've started doing my year end review post like I did every year. I came to realize that a lot of my older posts had lost all the photos in the posts. Why did this happen arh? I'm trying to track down when does this start to happen. Can anybody tell me what to do? So weird.

Anyways, at the beginning of this month, SR and I made an impromptu decision to go to Singapore. So without much planning we jumped on a random bus...literally and went to SG.

We had so many bad experiences for this trip that I think we will never go SG for awhile now. The first bad experience is with our bus. We went to SG with S&S which was a bus that I've never heard of. It was all good along the way until we reached SG. When we were at the Malaysian custom the bus driver asked us if we want to be dropped off at Woodlands. SR told him no. He said ok he will drop us at the destination stop. But when we were at the Woodlands custom, the moment we came out from it we saw the bloody bus leaving the custom T^T We couldn't run to it coz it was so far away. Thank God it was not our first time there so we know how to get to Orchard on our own.

Us on the MRT towards Orchard Road

Reaching Orchard

So Christmassy.

This was way before it started raining. When everything was so happy looking.

Its a happy day even the statues are dancing. LOL~

There's so many statues around Orchard Road. Singaporean are so artistic.

SR and I went to have lunch at Food Village, Takashima Ngee Ann City.

Sinren ordered this beef stew from the Korean stall at the food court (yes, Food Village is actually a food court). Its S$8.90 (if I've remembered correctly) for the whole set.

There's three side dishes which comes in the set

The amount of this actually could feed the both of us coz the stew was quite big. Should have just bought another rice and share this with Sinren.

This is my steak set from Pepper Lunch

These two are probably the best food court food I've ever eaten. Can anybody tell me where in Malaysia can I find good food like this?

Went to walk around Ngee Ann City coz the last time we was here we didn't manage to walk around.

Bvlgari tree at Ngee Ann City

Mum told me next year our tree will be blue and silver themed. Ours had been red and gold for years. Quite bored of it la. Gotta change it up next year. This tree could be its inspiration.

The moment we stepped out of Ngee Ann City we got a shock. It was pouring cats and dogs =( That was how it is the whole day we were at Singapore. Bad luck no.2 has got to be this. We had to be indoors the whole time and couldn't move to anywhere else. Damn sad =(((((((

Us chilling at Wisma Atria thinking that the rain will stop after awhile

Look!!! Someone named their shop after me ^^ DP=Dorcas Pang. LOL~ No la... Its Dorothy Perkins. Tak malu betul.

Not sure whether I was too bored or waited for the rain to stop till I was sick on the head to think of this. Hahaha~

Le hubs before he was le hubs...hahaha~ I don't think anybody understood what I am crapping about.

After giving up hope in waiting, we took the underpass (the underground passage) to Ion Orchard. Sigh~ Why they don't have underpass for all the shops in Orchard? At least we could have gone to more places. But honestly connecting a few already very good lor. Better than none.

Saw a TWG in ION

Sigh~ Life of a tai tai. When will I reach that level you tell me? I also want to sip on tip and eat macarons all afternoon.

Chillin' outside another hi-tea place

If only we're chilling inside.... this other hi-tea place which I don't remember the name is super expensive. Minimum order for the hi-tea is S$20 per person!!! Each time u make reservations you have to reserve for two people.

Seriously I want to try this tai tai's style yamcha one day la. Just for the fun of it. I want to see if I really like it. Who wants to join?

We walked outside of ION and saw that their outdoor Christmas decorations had shade. So we could take some pics without getting wet outdoors.

Its purple themed. Anu will really like it here.

Artistic arch at Ion. Me very likey

Looks like a wedding ceremony venue with that arch huh?

Which reminds me that I need to think of ideas on how to do my wedding ceremony's arch.

Thanks to Ion's worker for taking this for us ^^

Sexy ass

I stood behind these laughing for about 5 mins. Hahahaha~

Christmas tree at Tangs

Yes we managed to find another underpass to get to Tangs. But there was nothing interesting at Tangs so we left after walking like 15 mins.

But this Christmas tree is kinda special. Different from the rest. Something more modern and artsy.

I wanted to go to Abercrombie and Fitch coz the last time I was there I fell in love with their perfume. So mati-mati kena drenched by rain also must go there.

In the end, the perfume was discontinued dy =(((((

But it was worth it la coz the guy at the front door was good looking and had super hot body. Wanted to take a photo with him but damn shy.

Instead of taking photos with a half naked guy, I took one with the Christmas tree outside of their store. LOL~

Before we left SG, we went back to Wisma Atria to get some dinner.
Sinren's mega big yao zha kwai

I wanted to try Jja Jang Myeon for the longest time after watching Korean drama. So went I saw it I decided to ordered it. But I didn't like it. I'll stick to Kimchi Jigae and Bibimbap. LOL~

After dinner, we went to back to JB. And our bad luck no.3 happened.

Because we went to eat dinner, we came back late to JB's bus station. To our dismay, there's no more bus ticket to Melaka. We could actually stay over but our friend is not JB so we couldn't. One of the seller told us the only way for us to get back to Melaka is to buy ticket to KL and ask the bus driver to drop us at the Melaka toll. We're like WTF????? How can they do this to us?

But we had no choice. So we bought it and stopped at Melaka's R&R. SR got his bro to come fetched us. We reached Melaka at 1am plus T^T

SR and I had decided that we won't be going to SG for awhile la. One of the reason is because of this trip la.  Also coz we will be taking a lot of leave for our wedding so there's not much leave left. =( Hopefully the next time we got to SG we could go to somewhere more fun la. I've got sick of Orchard Road dy.

Ok la I've got to go. A bit tired coz I think I've not fully recovered. Gotta go sleep le.

BTW, I think my photos disappearing has got to do with hosting photos with FB. I think I will switch back to photobucket for the moment. Let's see if things change. The next post I'll start using photobucket dy. Anything you guys can suggest just comment below la. I've seen so many posts with pics. Worrying betul.

Ok la really gotta go.



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