Friday, January 20, 2012

We Got Married

Hello there...

Don't be shocked by the title of the post. LOL~

Today's post is to let some of you know what I've been up to lately. And no... I did not get married. Recently I've been hooked up with a Korean TV show called We Got Married or in Korean, 우리 결혼했어요 (I don't know how to read that -.-).

Its a TV series to put two celebrities together (that are not dating...or so they say *lift brows* wtf) and go through married life. You could read about it more *here* (Protest against SOPA and PIPA!!! Even though I'm busying fangirl-ing I still care about the world matters)

I've heard of this show for a long time but haven't got a chance to watch it coz I don't know where to watch it from. Recently they had Lee Teuk (Super Junior member) on the show and since I had two ELFs (Ever Lasting Friends or what SJ fans call themselves) at my church...I think now there's like four I found this website where they would link you to the show. ^^

Apart from watching Lee Teuk and Sora (his partner in the show), I've finished watching an old season, which had CN Blue's Jung Yong Hwa and SNSD's SeoHyun. I've always liked Yong Hwa since You're Beautiful. So I had to watch that season...even though I didn't really like SeoHyun :( Why la must pair with her?

I didn't know that Yong Hwa was actually a super playful person. Coz in You're Beautiful and Heartstrings he had been always the cold, cool, boring person. LOL~ Summore in his band, CN Blue, he always acted damn cool and super rock. You know how rockers are right? I didn't expect him to be so some one who would had been my friend if he existed in my social life wtf.

As for SeoHyun, she's too ladylike and feminine. I just cannot take it wtf.

My favorite episode for the whole season had got to be their wedding photoshoot. Korean's wedding photoshoot is so much different than ours here in Malaysia. It was so much more flexible and not so posey as the ones we had. The photographer just asked them to act through the photoshoot, not pose and the photos looked so natural and sort of like candid. I love all the photos.

Here are some I found on the net to show you guys...
This is one of the few that I love. The photographer asked them to go back to the time when they first met and how they talked at the restaurant. During the shoot, they were really like talking and introducing each other and stuff and the photographer took this. So nice right?

So pretteh!!!

Both of them can play a lot of musical instruments so they had one photoshoot with several different musical instruments.

He can play guitar, clarinet, piano and recorder wtf. I mean almost everyone can play the recorder but he could play a song from SNSD with it. Its like super genius lor. Honestly I just thought he knows guitar and that's all. But he plays all of that pretty well.

As for SeoHyun, she could play the piano, recorder, violin and a little guitar. And she learns things at super fast speed. So it is true that I heard that she's the smartest in SNSD.

The photographer took this photo from the roof. Super geng!!!

They took super long to take this coz Yong Hwa was too shy to kiss her coz it was his first kiss on screen. WAhahahahahahaaha~ Eleh... in Heartstrings he kissed Park Shin Hye like nothing nie :p.

Also from the roof

These two are my least favorite. Don't know why. Don't like short wedding dresses like these gua...

I prefer like pouffy ones...with can can inside. So princessy.

I love this!!! They had one set which were like acting like children. SeoHyun said that Yong Hwa is very childish so she hoped that there's a set to display his childish side. LOL~

I really love all the photos they've taken lor. This is only like a fraction of it only. I can't find the rest.

Its kinda sad to see them ending the show. Sigh~ I like to see how Yong Hwa likes to tease her and sometimes act like damn man in front of her. It reminds me of... nobody wtf. Hahahah~

Currently I'm watching another old season...the famous Khuntoria couple...
f(x)'s Victoria and 2PM's Nickhun

Both foreigners (in Korea) so they are also called the international couple. Vic is from China while Nick is from Thailand.

I heard that the TeukSo couple... Lee Teuk and Sora (above) will come to an end soon coz Lee Teuk will be going into the military while Sora will be busy with her new drama series. :( But I've started to like them... why?!?!?!?!!?

Anyways, can you believe Lee Teuk is 29? I'm like... he looks like he's younger than me lor.

Ok la... kind of a wordy post today. ^^ But the pictures are quite worth it right? Coz I really like them lor. So well taken.

Anyone interested in watching We Got Married and has no idea where to watch them. Please tell me. I'll give you all the link.

I'm currently looking for one particular couple coz I can't find it on the site. Its the Adam Couple. They seem really cute. If anyone knows where to watch them, please let me know...

Alright... I have to go have lunch.

When I have something more interesting to blog about, I'll see you guys.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Resolutions

Hello everyone...

It took me awhile to post up this resolution thingy. Hehe~ Everyone probably already started living up to their resolutions and I'm just only started to post it up.

But I've already been living up to my resolutions. Let's hope that I could stay this way through out the year.

Last year I didn't post up any resolutions not because I didn't make any. Its just that I made monthly achievements instead of yearly ones. Its weird to post up resolutions every month right?

Ok let's get to my resolutions~

1. Be someone who leaves a (good) strong impression
Its kinda weird to do a resolution like that. But I am hoping that in no matter what I do and what position I am in (teacher, student, daughter, gf...etc) I hope I can leave a good impression. Last year I had some complains about my teaching by some parents. I had to admit that what the parents said was true. I need to change to be a better teacher and assure these parents that I will be the (near to) perfect teacher for their children.

2. Save more money than year 2011
I've successfully save quite some money in 2011. I didn't manage to do it the years before. I started thinking about saving money in uni but didn't manage to. Even when I started working, I didn't get to save much. But last year I did it!!! So proud of myself. This year hopefully I was able to save double the amount from last year. Also been thinking about getting a saving insurance since I don't have EPF and Socso.

3. Maintaining a more stable income
You have no idea how difficult it is for me (and the people who works in the same line as me) to get a stable income. But I will try my best.

4. Travel overseas
I'm gonna make sure that I could travel overseas every year at least once. Its been a life long dream. Finally came true last year. This year hopefully I could travel twice. One is already confirmed while the other one hopefully in August.

5. Lead a healthier life
Which is super hard...but I will try. LOL~

6. Maintain a stable spiritual life
I have to admit that I'm not all the religious but I do wanna keep in touch with God more often.

7. Be more punctual
Hahaha~ I almost always late to work last year. Gotta change that. I'm gonna turn up at least 5 minutes earlier. Just so that I could prepare everything before my students come. I look like a big klutz in front of my students every time I'm late. So damn paiseh.

8. Be a nicer and more patience teacher
I think I would die earlier if I don't control my temper well. LOL~

9. Pass my violin exam
This year I'll be taking my Grade 7. Super ganjeong. Hopefully I'll pass. (T^T)

10. Sponsor my child
Yes, the Sponsor A Child program. Not that I've given birth. LOL~

And that's all the 10 resolutions that I've made this year.

In a way it is very simple to achieve but I don't know if I can keep it up the whole year through.

How about you guys? Did you guys make any resolutions? I hope you guys will be able to make it happen and let's not wait for another year for things to happen. LOL~ Most important...keep up with it. gotta go out to work now.



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