Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why we ended our 6 years and 8 months relationship as bf and gf?

Because he asked me to marry him. *ques screaming* ^///^

Ooo~ I've got an extra ring on my finger ^^

Actually he proposed last month on 12 May 2012... I waited until now to announce it coz I wanted to make sure that I was ready to tell everybody about it.

Ok so you guys may be wondering how he proposed.

Its not as glamorous or romantic as what you guys may have seen on the tv and internet. Its not something I had dreamed about :p but its still sweet la...

So back on Monday (7/5/12) I called him to talk at around 11 something at night...our usual routine. He said he'll call me back coz he's not at home. I was a bit pissed coz its already so late. What is he doing outside without telling me? Usually even if he's outside he'll sms and tell me about it (so would I). Then he called me at around 12-ish. I asked him where did he go. He said "Erm...when to buy something at Sunway Pyramid with my friends". He apologized for not telling me and everything was all good after that and I didn't ask what he bought coz I thought it was some grocery or something la. Turns out he went to buy the proposal ring.

On 12/5/12 he came to fetch me from work and we went to his house to eat dinner coz his family was celebrating Mother's Day and also his brother's birthday. Then we went to a movie at Aeon. I felt he was a bit weird that day. All tensed and a little bad tempered. I didn't bother him much coz I think he's probably just sleepy or tired.

When he sent me home, he was like nagging all the way from Aeon to my house. He said that we shouldn't have watched the movie. I'm like: "Why? The movie was nice what..." (We watched Dark Shadows). He said: "So late edy. Later your mother not happy how?" (Coz I forgot to bring my house keys out :P). And it goes on and on. LOL~

Then when we reached my house. I hugged him and wanted to get down from the car asap. (coz mummy was already scolding from the house. Hahahaah~) But he didn't unlock the car for me to get down.

SR: Eh, wait awhile.
Me: *thinking* What the hell he wants?
SR: I got something to tell you. *pause* Will you marry me?
Me: Ha-ha. Very funny. Let me out la. (Seriously I thought he was joking coz I've always asked him when is he going to propose and he'll always answer by asking me that question -.-)
SR: You see what is this.

And he took out this...
And I know he's not joking.

I was too stun to say anything but just kept smiling like a stupid cow. I didn't expect he would propose suddenly. He was like: "Nah take la", gesturing me to take the ring. I didn't know what to do. Then mum was like screaming dy. So I just took the thing, got down and ran into the house. HAhahahahaha~

He also got me some flowers ^^

Ok, the story didn't end there. I didn't tell him my answer remember?

So few days later he asked me whether I accepted to be the ring's owner or what. I told him. "Ceh~ when you asked me to be your gf it was more romantic lor". He said: "Huh? Asked you using sms is romantic?" I told him yes. Hahahahahahaha~

After a few minutes I received this sms...
It said: "Dorcas Pang, will you marry me to be Mrs. Liow? I promise I'll do my best to give you happiness forever"


I didn't answer him straight away. I told him back when he asked me to be his girlfriend, I let him wait a week before I gave him the answer. So this time I'm gonna let him wait for a whole month. :P

But I didn't -.- I answered him on May 16...and the answer was obvious la kan?

I said: "Ok la... I'll marry you." Hahahahahaha~

Actually I had a video of me telling him: "Yes, I do" (he made me say Yes, I do coz he said it sounded better than Ok la, I'll marry you. LOL~) and him making weird celebratory sounds. LOL~ But I couldn't edit it coz my windows movie maker is not working :(

Anyways, so yeah...
I'm engaged

I later found out why he was so grumpy and naggy on the night he proposed. Its coz he planned to bring me to the beach and propose there. But I wanted to watch Dark Shadows so badly so he was not happy that the plan had to be changed. Hahahaha~ He should have just told me that he wants to go to the beach and I would have go to the beach instead of watching a movie with a grumpy old man.

For now we have no officially starting our wedding planning yet (Actually we had went to a few bridal studios and got some info about restaurants/hotels to do some surveying already) Coz he had not talked to my dad about it. Both our parents do know about our engagement (Yes, my father had already know about this and that is why I could talk about it now). But he had not ask my dad for permission for my hand in marriage and my dad is waiting for him to do just that so that he could officiate him as a future son-in-law. If you guys see him anywhere or has his fb, please pester him to faster do it. Also give him so encouragement coz he is very nervous about it. Hehe~ 尼尼,加油!!!

Soon the blog will have some new things to talk about which is our preparation for the wedding. Anyways, the wedding will be on next year. Not sure when yet coz our parents have not sat down together to talk about it yet. All coz SR had not talk to my dad yet. You see how important it is for you to talk to my dad, babe? If you don't do it, nothing can move on. Ish ish ish~

Ok la that is all I wanna talk about today. I'm still very high about the whole engagement thing even though it had passed for almost a month. LOL~

I'll update whenever there's something to talk about.

So I'll see you guys then.




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