Monday, July 16, 2012

Etude House haul

Its been a long time since I've last posted on the things I buy. Its cause I don't buy much stuff nowadays and I don't do as much shopping as I did. Even if I did buy something its something I've bought before this so there's not much to talk about.

But recently I went into Etude House and bought a couple of things that I thought I should try it out. So I'm gonna share it with you guys. This is not a review 'tho. I'll do one when I had used them.

 This was the amount of things that I got

Yeah it looked scary. How can I buy so much in one day you asked? Actually I only bought three things and the rest are free gifts. And its less than RM100. Can you believe it?

Ok the first thing that I bought is...
55 Kissful Tint Chou

I have to tell you guys that I didn't intentionally wanted to get this. The salesperson told me if I bought up to RM80 I'll get a free gift. So I asked her to recommend something. She showed me this.

Anyways this is a lip tint. Lip tints tend to last longer on your lips if compared to lipsticks. So you don't have to keep reapplying your lip product.

Before this I've bought the Etude House's Aloha 2 Kiss. Its a double end lip product with a lip gloss at one end and lip tint at the other. I really love the lip tint but it was ashamed that the amount of the product was very little and it was not a permanent product.

So neways, I was glad they came up with a tint. Don't know if its a permanent product but I hope it is. The color was quite nice.

Bought the tint in #4. So I assume there's other three colors la. But the salesgirl only shown me three colors including the one I bought. So I'm not sure. Couldn't find it at their official FB and their Malaysian website is closed down -.-

Another thing is I couldn't find this product in another outlet (I bought this from the one at Mahkota Parade) at Aeon Bandaraya Melaka. Weird.

Anyways, I will do swatches and talk about it more when I do a review on it.

Got something from the latest line which is the Dear My line

Heard some good reviews about the lipstick so decided to try out one of it.

Got the one in OR205 Exciting Orange

Wanted to try OR204 Bashful Coral which is a more coral pink than orange even though the code is OR (which means its orange color). I thought it would look better on me since its pink. But after swatching it on my hand it didn't look so nice. So I didn't get it.

Next I got the Aloha Sunset Soothing Pack

Clearer description on the product

The Aloha line is the previous line that they had before Dear My. They had more skin products for the Aloha line as for the Dear My line they had more lip products.

Anyways I got this coz I finished my moisturizing pack (mask) from Etude House and found out that they discontinued that pack. So I asked the salesgirl if they had anything similar to that and they recommend this.

Something I don't like about Etude House is that they discontinue stuff way too fast. I don't know if its because the sales was bad or what. Other things that I had not use or like did not seem to discontinue. Maybe its just my luck. LOL~

And that is the three things that I've got.

Now on to the free gifts that I got...
What I love about Etude House is that they always give you free gifts/samples. Even if you are just window shopping, you can ask if there is any products from them that you could try. The salesperson will happily give you some free gifts/samples.

This is Etude House's best selling BB Cream

I used to use this when I was using BB Cream but now that I don't I think I'll probably give it to someone who does. Should have asked the salesperson for another type of sample.

Anyways, now Precious Mineral line has many different types of BB Cream. If you guys are interested, you guys can check their fb (that I've linked above) or go to their outlets to check it out.

I am not sure what this is even after the salesperson explained it to me. But after watching a review on it I think its a liquid highlighter or something. Erm~ I'll let you guys know once I try it out.

Another free gift that I got...Got it from purchasing products worth RM80

This is from their skincare line skin...erm~ those words at the word I'm not sure how they work so I'm not gonna try to type it out. LOL~

I've always wanted to try out their skincare coz I heard their skincare products are kinda good. So its a good thing that I got this started pack skincare to let me try it out.

That set came with two moisture lotions which are basically toners but the one on the right could be used as mask when applied on the sheets that they gave (you could see the sheets on the right corner at pic before this one)

They didn't come with a cleanser. Don't know why.

This is the emulsion or better known as moisturizer la...

I've actually used some of the items. Not sure when I'll do a review but I'll tell you guys what I like and what I don't for sure.

I wanted to resume my monthly likes and don't likes posts but kept forgetting. I'll try to do one end of this month.

Ok la I've gotta go.

Will post something a little more interesting than this the next time coz I know guys will probably dislike this type of post :P

See you guys in the next post then.


p/s: if you guys are interested to read more beauty related posts on my blog, you can find it all right *here*

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


If you guys wondered where I've disappeared...from blogging and from fb-ing and all those online stuff...its because of...

This sexiness

Sorry Sinren, I think we're not getting married anymore. I'm flying to Seoul to search for my sexy prince charming.

Why didn't I fall in love him back when he's in TVXQ? I always thought Yunho was the best looking. But now coz I'm stalking him, I found videos of him back in TVXQ and he looked so effing adorable!!!!

I'll be back when I've finished all the dramas he acted in and stalking all his videos on youtube. Done with Rooftop Prince. Two more to go. Currently watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

See you guys when I'm back ^^

p/s: If you guys don't know who he is...he is Micky/Park Yoo Chun from JYJ. 26 years old, 180cm, 64kg and 100% oozing with sexiness. Look up on wiki for those who wants to know more about him. ^^


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