Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wedding Preparation #2

Hello there,

Today I'm going to talk about the plans that we had for the wedding and also some latest updates. Are you guys excited? ^^

Everybody had been asking if we've set the date a.k.a book the venues. And the answer is NO >.> But we had in mind a few dates for the wedding. We planned a few coz we were afraid that the date that we want had already been booked. So just in case we thought of two more dates.

These are the three dates

Not sure if we can even get these three dates. Seriously gotta go meet the people at hotels or restaurants soon. Somebody please help us to get rid of the procrastinating spirit in us =P

Anyways, I've already picked my maid of honor and bridesmaid for the wedding ceremony. Can you guys guess who I've picked?

Parveen Jeram, the maid of honor

Jacy Cheah, the bridesmaid

Its not that I love Puff more that's why she's the maid of honor and not Jacy. Its just that I think Puff will be more available to help me in the wedding planning and everything. Jacy is always busy and hard to reach.

Puff had been helping me a lot with the planning and I really thank her for that. I know she's busy with work herself but she always take time to layan me on whatsapp and email.

Lame email I've sent her to ask her opinion about bridesmaids' dresses. LOL~ Click to enlarge to see how lame we are.

Since I've talked about the bridesmaids' dresses above, might as well talk about it right away. In the last update I've told you guys that our theme colors are mint, pink and gold right? So the color that I've decided to dress my bridesmaids is MINT and dresses paired with white heels

Pics from Pinterest for inspiration...
Mint dresses

White heels

Don't you think its so sweet? Both Puff and Jacy loved the idea. ^^ We've actually decided on a dress but its still too early to decide and get it. So we're still looking around for more options.

Sinren had not decided on his best man and groomsman yet. It'll probably be his brothers or his best friend la. Will update about it when he had decided.

I think in the last post I've also said that we've booked the bridal studio for our wedding gowns and suits and pre-wedding photography right?

We've booked with this bridal studio, My Wedding Gallery

The dress fitting for the photoshoot will be on 16th September (our anniversary!!!) and the photoshoot will be on 27th September. Super excited. Can't wait! Can't wait! One more month to keep fit for me and one more month to lose all the unnecessary fats for Sinren.

I'll post behind the scenes for the dress fitting and the photoshoot for sure. So wait for that post...either by the end of September or October.

In the morning of our wedding will be the traditional tea ceremony. If you don't know what tea ceremony is, you can read about it *here*. Before the tea ceremony, its a tradition for the groom to first come "pick up" the bride and he and his entourage had to face the bride's entourage who will "torture" him in order to win the bride. The "torturing" will be planned by my friends who are very enthusiastic to torture people so Sinren's entourage will have to face hell for sure. I will show no mercy to any of them including Sinren. So girls, you guys can have as much fun "torturing" them as you like =P

Anyways, the point of me talking about this is that Sinren and I had set the colors code the dressing for that morning. Those who are in my entourage will be wearing YELLOW while Sinren's entourage will be wearing PINK. So those who are turning up for the tea ceremony. Remember which color to wear so that we can know if you're #teamdookie or #teamsr.

Again pics from Pinterest...
Yellow dresses

Of course if you're a guy and you're #teamdookie, you don't have to wear a dress la wtf.

Oh, I nearly forgot if you're in #teamdookie, you'll be wearing a corsage. Still thinking if I should buy the corsage or make one. Depending which is cheaper la.

Searched for corsages on Pinterest and this came out...I've been thinking to get something similar. So ngam!!!

Pink shirts

Please do not get hot pink tops. I don't want my neighbors to be blind. LOL~ It doesn't have to be shirt as well. You can get polo tee or tee will do.

I've always wanted to decorate my bridal car with Stitch...for obvious reason la.

I've seen the dolls (its Stitch and Angel btw for those who live in a cave) above selling in Melaka. But at that time I didn't think of buying it coz...well, I was not planning for my own wedding yet. Manatau the shop no longer sell this. Damn sad.

I saw this exact one selling on a online shop and also my friend, Mel found one in KL. Not sure if I should buy it. I mean I want to but...let's just say its not cheap.

Then my friend surprised me with this...
Siew Ling got these two for me and she told me DIY wedding gown and tuxedo on them (she knows someone who does it) to look like the one above. It'll be so much cheaper.

Still not sure if I wanna do the DIY or get those wedding version ones. It'll depend on the price la. Still a lot of time to decide.

BTW, the whole bridal car decoration thingy will be done by My Wedding Gallery as well. All I have to do is pass the Stitch and the car we want to use as the bridal to them and they'll take care of everything. Still haven't decide what car to use and whose to borrow.

Last thing before I leave there's one last thing to talk about.

I've been working on the guest list coz I had to roughly know how many tables we had to book when we book the venue.

Thanks to this app I had on my tab its so much easier to do. For now about 50% done. Still waiting for list from Sinren's side.

Well for the moment that's all the updates for this month. Not much done >.> We seriously have to go book the venues.

Hopefully next week we will have more updates to share.

Tomorrow I'll be off to KL for three days. So there won't be any post updates. But I promise I will update once I'm back. More posts will be coming

So I'll see you guys when I'm back k?



Monday, August 13, 2012

August Inspirations

I've missed out July's Inspiration post coz I couldn't find things that I really like that month. But no worries...this month I've find a lot of it ^^

Cropped tops Hair color ombre Bright lipsticks Mint colored items Delicate jewellery Chiffon

Few of the things that I love this month <3<3<3

Pic credits to: Fashion Letter, October Origin, Rola's blog, Tsubasa Matsuwaka's blog, Eri's blog

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wedding Preparation #1: The Beginning

Hello there,

Its been like few months after our engagement dy. Like I said in some posts, we've already started some of our preparations for the wedding. From time to time I'll do some update for you guys about the wedding preparations. So you guys could know about what is going on.

At the earlier stage of the preparation, Sinren and I sat down at our favorite cafe and did some budgeting.

The table you see in the pic is the budget table that we've drawn. I copied it out from a budget table we saw on a website (sorry I forgot what website it was) and also from the wedding planning app we got from our Tab and Ipad. We crossed out a few items that we decided that we wouldn't be needing and came out with a budget table of our own.

For those who are interested, our show you guys how our budget table looks like...
We have filled it the estimated cost and some of the items we've already filled up the whole row coz we're done with it like the rings.

Some of my friends who saw the wedding planning notebook, they were like: "You are crazy organized." Yes, my dear friends, I have OCD. I can't let the most important event of my life that I'm planning go out of place.

Inside the wedding planning book, we've also planned and wrote things that we were going to do every month until the wedding.

Things that we were supposed to do in the month of June

We only did one of those four things which was surveying bridal studio. Oh I forgot we also determined our budget. So two of those four things. Not bad la kan?

Things that we were supposed to do last month

We were pretty productive last month coz we did more than one item wtf. We've picked up our wedding band (which you will see later on in this post), book the bridal studio and arranged pre-marital counselling classes.

We've been procrastinating from doing more important stuff like setting date and booking venues. >_> Just got scolding from mum and dad yesterday. Gotta do it by this month.

As for the body check-up we're still surveying which place to go for it. Our priority is making sure that the body check up fee will not exceed our budget. We've found one package which was RM800+ per person!!! Too expensive!!! But then again we had to make sure that the package came with everything that we want.

You guys must be wondering why do we need to do body check up right? I mean its not like we're afraid that we have STDs or AIDS or whatever. Its just that we want to see if we are healthy enough to have children in the future or not.

Went to find out about how to legally get married from the marriage registration office. They told me the things that we had to prepare and gave me this form to fill.

We're not having our ROM (registration of marriage) anytime soon. But just wanted to find out about it first.

For those who like to know, if you wants to get registered, here's what you'll have to do. First go to the marriage registration office or better known as Jabatan Pendaftaran Negeri in your state and then get this form. Fill it up, bring your (both you and your other half's) photostated IC, birth certificate and passport size photos of you and your other half. Then send in your forms. After two weeks-one month, you will have your ROM.

There's another rule about having IC from a different state. We didn't have that problem so didn't ask about it. So if you guys have IC from different state, make sure you guys ask for more details there.

We're probably having our ROM at the end of this year or after we finished our Pre-Marital Course which is around October.

We actually wanted to register on the day of our wedding during the ceremony. But we can't find an officiant to do it for us outside. So we decided to register earlier at the marriage registration office. I guess we will have two anniversaries then =/

Our wedding band is ready ^^

We ordered our wedding band quite early coz we wanted to include the rings in our pre-wedding photos.

Comes in this box

Which is similar to the box that holds my engagement ring but this one is a bit longish coz had to hold two rings.

Close look at it

Its a mixture of white gold and rose gold. We didn't get yellow gold rings coz we think it looked a bit hideous. But that's just our opinion la.

My friend, Siew Ling (who is also getting married next year) said she'll get a yellow gold ring since yellow gold had higher value/worth more than white and rose gold.

In the pic my rose gold looked brighter than Sinren's bcoz of the lighting. It had the same brightness for both.

Mine is a bit different from Sinren coz mine had a row of diamonds in the middle

We made a point that we didn't want any diamonds on the men's ring coz its not "MAN" to have diamonds on the men's ring (also our opinion la...).

There was another ring that we really like but it was out of stock at the time we were looking. We didn't want to buy something that we didn't try. So we settled with this.

We got our rings engraved ^^

We didn't plan on doing the engraving actually. Don't know why but we didn't plan on doing it. Then when my friends told me I should totally get it engraved, I asked Sinren if we should do it and he said yes. So I called up the salesperson to tell her to get it done.

Mine had SR <3 D on it and his had D <3 SR.

We ordered our rings in May and they said they would take about 2-3 months to do it. Coz they had a sample pair at the shop and then when confirmed then only they will make the rings for us according to our sizes. But they rings arrived a little earlier than expected. ^^

They only make like 20 of each sizes. After that 20, they don't that particular design anymore. Quite special la right?

Actually I think in Malaysia couples usually don't have two rings for the brides. Even my friends were like: "Wah, Why do you need two rings for yourself?". Usually they have the engagement ring for the bride then just get a ring for the groom and that's that. My married (girl) friends all had only one wedding ring. I actually didn't expect Sinren to get the wedding bands. I thought he will just get a ring for himself but when we went to choose the wedding bands I got a little touched and was tearing up a little. So sweet of him. <3<3<3

We've signed up with our church for a pre-marital counselling course which most of our church's married couple went to. It is free and we only had to pay for the textbook which is the one you see above.

Non-Christian couples can also go for pre-marital counselling courses like this at counselling centers. It is up to you whether you want to attend or not la.

Anyways, I've browsed through the book and some questions that I've found inside was quite difficult to answer. O.O!!! Don't know how. Maybe we're not ready for marriage yet???

If you have my FB, you might have seen I asked which ring pillow for the wedding

I have two ring pillows coz my godma borrowed me hers (from her wedding in 2009) and I got another one from the place I got my rings.

I've not decided yet even though a lot of people told me to use the one on the right which is my godma's. I'm in dilemma coz I like the flowers on the right one but I like the colors of the one on the left. How how how???

Clearer pic of the ring pillows coz my friends said that they cannot see clearer.

If you guys want, you guys can help me decide too ya. Just leave your opinion in the comments.

Like I said I like the colors on this one. It is off white, gold and pink. Suit our theme very well. But I didn't like the looks of the flowers. Not so elegant.

Love the roses. Looked like those pretty icing flowers on cakes. But the color is a bit plain. I was afraid that it might not stand out in pictures.

But then again I can still take my time to decide la. Since still damn long summore kan?

I've talked about the theme of our wedding above right? We decided since our wedding is going to be on April (hopefully we will be able to book the venues soon) which is Spring (in those four seasons countries) and I love florals and soft colors which is something very Spring like and... (thousands of ands -.-) our wedding is supposed to be, our theme is Romantic Spring. The colors we are going to use Pink, Mint and Gold. So everything will be in that color and according to that theme.

That's about all the updates on the preparation that we are doing for the moment. It isn't much but at least we are getting things done.

Eight months till the wedding so there's still quite a lot of time but we hope to get all things prepared earlier so we won't turn into bridezilla and groomzilla at the end. LOL~

Will update more on the preparations next time. So please look forward to it.

I'll see you guys in the next post then.

See ya.



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