Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Instagram and mobile updates #10 2012

Hello everyone ^^

Another boring instagram/mobile update. Sorry la... I have no time for long posts. So I can only do short posts like so.

Please give me some time before I return to normal posts. I think starting from October I will be able to do so.

I'm not sure if I've posted this dy but I'm gonna post this nie la. Coz the cat is just too cute.

This is my neighbor's super manja cat, Love. It kind of always ran to my house. For three-four times dy. Once I forgot to close the sliding door and it came right into my house. Super cute lor. So manja summore.

Bernice, my student would always want to do some drawing while waiting for her mum. So I would give her some papers and then she would doodle. If you had read most of my updates, you will see I've posted quite a lot of her art work.

This time she decided to write the names of her family members. The chinese characters are written by me while the rest are by her. I'm included in the family. Haha~ How sweet. Well, so is her "bf" Ryan from kindie. So I think both of us are quite special to her. ^^ Happy.

She also suddenly wrote this on the same piece of paper

I have no idea why Spongebob is 7 years old. When I asked her how does she know that he is 7, she'll just said that she knows it for a very long time dy. LOL~

This is drawn on another day. I think she like Spongebob quite much. Haha~

These kids are not my students...but my nephew and niece, Ji Shun and Sam Yee who came to visit ^^

Its the fat baby again. Look at those chubby cheeks.(o'.'o)

Sinren and I love to go Mori Cafe at Bukit Beruang. If you ever go there on any Saturdays, you'll see us there at around 11. My favorite drink is the one above...which is called Witchery Ider Milk Tea. The black things you see at the bottom are not pearl but coffee pudding. Who knew milk and coffee pudding can taste so good together?

For the younger kids that I teach, whenever they did well in the practical, I would reward them with stickers. These are the collection that I got for them. Mixture of girly things and things that boys like.

I'll buy different stickers and put them in sticker books for them to peel it from. Much more easier to peel than in their original packaging.

The one on the left one is an old one which I had since I was a kid. The one on the right is a new one. Kids prefer to take stickers from the right one. Its either coz it looked more new or the colors on the right one are nicer.

That's all the updates for this week.

Photoshoot in two days. Ganjeong!!!

See you guys in the next post.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Wedding Preparation #3

Hello there,

Yes, as promised, I'm going to update on our wedding's preparation.

Can you believe that I have around eight months left to prepare? (T^T) Super ganjeong can?

BTW my dear friend, Siew Foong just told us the news that she is also getting married next year. ^^ But her wedding will be after mine. She was proposed later than me but she had already confirmed her date. I seriously need to hurry up.

Talking about dates, we had actually decided that our wedding date is going to be on 11th May. It is not confirmed yet coz we had to make sure that the place that we were going to book will be available on that date. But I'm 70% sure it will be on that date. We will confirm it by this week when we finally going to book our venue. ^^

Last month, I've told you guys that we've confirmed our maid of honor and bridesmaid right? This month we've decided on our page boy and flower girls.

Page boy is going to be the one who is going to hold on to our rings during the wedding ceremony. Plays quite an important role la. If he loses the rings... let's not think about that wtf. Hahaha~

Who else is more suitable to be the Page Boy than our Ng Ming Shane?

I actually did ask him if he wants to be my page boy. He said: "No" -.- Then I told him: "Dorcas jie jie (sister) will buy chocolate for you wor... will you be my page boy?" He said: "Yes" -.- Bribe...works like magic.

Li Yee, his mother, had actually bought his clothes for the wedding. More ganjeong than me can? LOL~ I asked her what if he couldn't fit into those clothes next year. She said she bought it bigger. LOL~

Anyways, I requested that the page boy to wear white shirt and whatever pants he likes...as long as its a long pants. You have no idea how much he likes short pants.

The thing I'm "head-aching" right now is I wanted him to wear a mint bow to go with our gold, pink and mint theme wedding.
Something that look like this (credits to Pinterest)

I've been looking for the mint bow for quite some time. Coz not only do I need it for Shane, I also had to get it for the groomsmen. There's no shops in Melaka that sells mint colored ones. I'm planning to look for places/shops/people that could handmade them or I may have to DIY it myself (Note: I can't sew =( )

If anybody knows any places/shops/people who makes bow please let me know. Gotta get it.

Next its our flower girls...
Bernice Kho

Teng Yi Xuan (on the left)

Yi Le is so cute but too young for the job =(

I originally wanted only one flower girl. But I think it'll look better with two. Plus these two are best of friends and inseparable. So its better to put both of them as the flower girls.

The flower girls will be wearing pink dresses which I've yet to look around for. The one on the left is pic from Pinterest while the one on the right is from my cousin's shop. Could have got it from her shop but its sold out T^T I hope they have stock or new pink dresses by February next year.

As for our venue, we had actually gone for some surveying. Yay!

We went to only four places for surveying coz we only had time for surveying in one day. By the end of the day we narrowed our choices to only two places.

This is at Orna Resort's OGCC Chinese Restaurant. This was the big hall, which is able to house around 60-70 tables.

We told them that we need a place for our wedding ceremony as well. The assistant manger brought us to the ballroom. I wasn't able to take a pic of the ballroom coz it was dark. Plus it was super messy at that time.

The other one...
This is at Tiara Melaka's Court Royale Restaurant. We were so lucky when we went there for surveying they were preparing for a wedding dinner that day. So we had a glimpse of how they might be decorating for our wedding dinner.

They only had one hall and this hall could house to up to 50 tables.

We told the supervisor our request for the wedding ceremony as well. She brought us here...
It is a open air place...ain't it beautiful?

She told us on 29/9 they will be having a wedding ceremony here. So we could come over and take a look at how it is going to be.

So we will be choosing between these two places. The reason why we chose these two its coz...

  1. Its super near from my place. Like 5 minutes away near.
  2. It is so much cheaper from the other places that we gone to.
  3. They both could provide us a place for our ceremony. This saved us from looking for another place and spend extra cost for the ceremony.
  4. It is away from town. So we won't be stuck in the jam
We will post the last decision up in the next update. ^^

Next I'm going to talk about the Pre-wedding photoshoot's dress fitting.

I said that I was going to this in a separate post but I couldn't coz we didn't take any pics. Its not that we didn't want to take but it was not allowed to take =( But its all good coz I could keep my dresses a surprise until the photoshoot or till the photos are out ^^

But I could tell you guys some details la... So that day I picked five gowns. One of it I didn't get to try it. Only got a glimpse of it on a pic. Will only get to wear it right at the photoshoot day. 

It is a costume sort of gown. It is Navy/Army inspired. Something like the one you see in Goong (the Korean drama) I couldn't find anything online that looks like it. You guys will have to have good imagination or else just wait for the photos of it.

I chose two white gowns. One of it had a long train...
Looked something like that but with more diamante...typically me ^^ (pic from Pinterest)

It had a very long train. Super gorgeous. For my wedding ceremony, I think I will choose something similar...if the wedding ceremony's venue had aisle long enough for it la...

The next one is mermaid tail dress...
For those who doesn't know what a mermaid tail dress is... I'm not sure whether the correct term is mermaid tail dress but the girl who helped me for my fitting told me it is called mermaid tail dress. (Pic also from Pinterest)

I saw some mermaid tail wedding dresses on Pinterest before my fitting I think it looked beautiful. But I wasn't sure I could work it coz you know I have a big hip. But when I tried out one at the bridal studio I think it looked amazing and elegant on me. ^///^

The last two gowns are a mint colored princess gown (fits the theme!!!!) and a maroon colored cheongsam inspired gown. Loved how the maroon colored cheongsam looked on me. Elegant max.

That's all I could talk about the gowns. Super excited what makeup and hair are they going to do for me for the shoot.

We've been busy with preparing stuff for the photoshoot lately. Had to get stuff like shoes, nu bra, socks, fake eyelashes, tuxedo shirts and black pants. I hope that's all coz that's all that I remember >.>

On 27th we will be going to four outdoor locations for our outdoor photoshoot. The only outdoor location that I'm sure we are going is The Stadhuys. The other three is going to be a beach, a field and an antique house. They didn't tell us exactly where. So I'm super excited. Hehe~ As for the indoor studio, I'm not sure if we could choose the backdrop ourselves or what. But through the examples that they've shown us, the indoor studios are beautiful.

Next I will be doing a post just for the photoshoot. They also didn't allow us to take any photos in the studio. So I could only post up stuff from the outdoor shoot la.

There's just two last things I wanna talk about before I end. My guest list is not done yet. So much headache for that. Me no like. Most of the problems are the guests from my church and dad's friends. So difficult to decide how many people to invite. Sinren's dad is also kind of busy lately so couldn't get from his side yet.

The last thing I wanna talk about is about our pre-wedding counselling course. It had not actually started coz a lot of things had been happening at church lately. So our class had been pushed back. But it will finally start in October. Reverend's wife told us to do our own reading first.

I've been reading this book by Rev. Stephen Tong. I'm not sure if I talked about it already or not. But it is a very good book for Christian couples..whether you are married or not.

This book is not mine but Siew Ling's. I've borrowed it for a very long time coz it is in Chinese. It will take me a longer time to read coz it takes me sometime to read chinese characters. I wished they had one in English.

Well, that's all the update for this time. Can't say there's lot of things to update but at least things are moving forward more this month.

Will update summore the next time. Probably at the end of the next month.

See you guys in other posts.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hong Kong Day 4 Part 3: Fei Ngor Shan & Sham Shui Po

Hullo everyone,

On Thursday, its the pre-wedding photoshoot. Super nervous. Just done preparing. Hopefully I didn't miss out anything. I will further more talk about this soon...in the preparation update post.

Ok, back to the Hong Kong trip posts. I'll give you guys a short recap. On the fourth day, we went for breakfast at Yuen Long Plaza. Then we went to Sai Kung. Today's post I'm going to talk about what we did after Sai Kung.

After we left Sai Kung, we decided to stop by Fei Ngor Shan (or better known as Kowloon Peak. More details *here*)

Look out point

We planned to see the entire Hong Kong from here coz we didn't get to see it at The Peak (too heavy fog)

Still extremely foggy so we didn't get to see anything again =(((

Eventhough we didn't get to see the whole Hong Kong, the wind there was very nice. A bit too cold but still ok la. The scenery around was also beautiful.

We left Fei Ngor Shan after awhile coz there's not much to do there since we didn't bring any stuff to picnic there. Its quite a famous place for picnic-ing it seems.

On the way to Sham Shui Po

One of Sham Shui Po's street

We came here to buy some souvenirs coz things are cheaper here. ^^

Saw a shop selling confectioneries. Went to try some authentic Hong Kong confectioneries.

Century Egg Biscuit 皮蛋酥

A bit weird. Didn't really like it even though I like century eggs.

Salted Egg Biscuit 咸蛋酥

No doubt my favorite ^^ This beats all the others I ate in Malaysia. So fresh and the pastry was so soft. Super yummy!!!

Also saw another stall which sells curry fishball...HK curry fishball is super famous so must try no matter what.

Mum eating the said curry fishball

Actually we tried curry fishball in Disneyland. But this is much better. Super good...

Curry Octopus Tentacles

I prefer the curry octopus tentacles. I thought it was going to be like hard but it was super fresh and softer than I thought. So gonna go back to this stall if I'm back in Hong Kong...if its still there la.

This part of the Day 4 is a bit short la... The next one I think will be longer.

Anyways, I've just received news that my grandaunty passed away today. She was 101 years old. My family members were quite close to her. I remembered when I was younger she would sit there looking at me "driving" around in my toddler car. During my grandfather's funeral, I remembered she was 90+ and she was still shouting at people. I even remembered even though she is 90+ she still loved eating McD's Fillet-o-fish. LOL~ The last time I didn't go for her 100th birthday coz I was sick. Felt so regret right now. But then again I know she'll reunite with Grandpa Pang who is up in heaven waiting for her. Hope they'll have a great time there. ^^

Dad will be in JB for her burial (it will be on Thursday) on Wednesday. Mum and I won't be going coz we are busy. Mum had to take care of my dad's shop while he is gone. While I had the pre-wedding photoshoot on Thursday. So yeah...

I'll update about the wedding really soon and I'll try to post some pending posts asap when I'm not busy k?

Shall you guys in the next post.


Friday, September 21, 2012

The time has come

Hello there,

I feel the need to update a little coz I've not been updating for quite some time.

I've been busy recently...with REAL preparations for the wedding. Before this it was just the little things but now seems like everything Sinren and I had to deal with are big and important stuff. Everything had finally begun and its tiring. I've been working on the guest list for a thousand times...ok, I've exaggerated but I had gone through my side of the guest list for so many times I think I can memorize my relatives' names by now. I'm still waiting for Sinren's side's so that I could combine both together.

I'll post an update on the wedding preparation soon when I had the time.

I just got back from hair treatment and a trim. There's going to be a wedding dinner I'll be attending. So excited wtf. Its the first wedding dinner I'll be attending alone. Esther's wedding doesn't count coz there's no dinner wtf.

I'll see you guys real soon ok. I promise.

Please pray that Sinren and I will be able to finally book our wedding ceremony and dinner's venue this weekend.

See you guys real soon.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

GP Youth Camp 2012 Follow Jesus Day 2

Hello there,

Youth Camp post...So for those who had missed the first day of the camp can check out *here* Its mostly about how we got to the campsite, some intro about the campsite and stuff.

On the second day of the camp, we were asked to wake up at 7am. O.o I never woke up at 7am on a weekday...except for Thursdays. T^T

We were asked to gather in the hall to do some aerobics. OMG so healthy O.o!!!

Do you spot me aerobic-ing like a boss? LOL~

Here is the video of the whole aerobic session. Recorded by the official photographer of the camp.
BTW this song is from Shinchan -.- Super stupid song. But we couldn't stop laughing at it.

After the aerobic session, we separated into groups for our morning devotion.

The morning devotion notes...which I lost a few hours after -.- I can never keep things properly.

The lady on the far left is our group's leader...I forgot her name. So sorry. She is Reverend Tu's wife anyways.

We had breakfast. Then one sermon and one movie session.

Before we were left for our free time for that day, we took some group photos.

Its in gif version coz the photographer took multi-shots for both group photos. But as you can see not everyone did many poses.

For the free time guess what I did?

I slept the whole afternoon away. Hahahahahaha~ All two hours. When I woke up, it was time for dinner already.

All of us waiting for dinner to be served

Spot me wearing pajamas =P I didn't bring much clothes to camp. So whenever its freetime I'm in my pajamas. Hahahahaha~

Yes, we were super well-fed for three days and two nights ^^

Happy dinner time with the Moks and Siew Ling

Everyone was wearing the camp tee while I was wearing pajamas T^T

After the dinner, we had last session of the sermon. But before the sermon, our church had to lead the praise and worship.

Jacy was the song leader. Paul on the guitars, Nancy on piano and we asked Nancy's friend (sorry I don't know his name =/) to help us play drums. I was a tool there wtf.

Wah Jacy looks high. LOL~

Wei Yon was incharge our slides that night

The sermon and some discussion ended at around 11pm.

I went back to our dorm and chatted on the phone with Sinren for awhile. Then went out to meet up with the rest at Sheene's dorm.

We ate and chatted until 4am O.o!!! Finished all our food that was brought to the camp. Super geng.

After that we all went to sleep in our separate dorms.

It was nice knowing some new people last minute. All the laughter and memories made that night will be cherished forever.

In the next Youth Camp post, it'll be last one ^^ Day 3 and our goodbyes.

Alright, I have to go work now. I'll see you guys in the next post...which hopefully will be up tomorrow.

See you then...



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