Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mae Fenn's Wedding Dinner

Hello there chocolate cupcakes (I must be hungry wtf),

In September I went for my friend, Tricia/Mae Fenn's wedding dinner. Mae Fenn (I am more comfortable to call her that since I've been calling her that since high school) had actually been married since beginning of the year. She had her solemnization ceremony in Singapore. This time she came back to Melaka (she had been working permanently in SG) for the traditional ceremony and also wedding dinner.

I've not met her for years!!! I think the moment we parted in high school I've not seen her ever again. Well, I didn't bump into her at the mall once or twice but it was just a brief hello goodbye sorta thing. The first thing she did went I saw her at the ceremony was grabbing onto my hand shook it furiously. Like literally. I felt like my arms was going to come apart. She was so thin!!! Where did all those strength come from? LOL~

I sat on the same table as Ann and we were two of the earliest who reached the wedding.

I was bored so I took random stuff on the table. Ann refused to talk to me coz she didn't want us to start making stupid jokes and laugh like mad. Too embarrassing she said. Let's just say we tried not to laugh but...failed! Hahaha~

Cake pop that Mae Fenn gave to us a wedding favor

I know it looks a bit like 鲜花插在牛粪上 (literally means flower on a cow dung) because of the color. But it was yummy. Ann and my ex-classmate, Hwa Lii said they didn't want to eat it coz its so pretty. I nodded as I threw the thing into my mouth. LOL~ I appreciate the food by eating them not staring at their prettiness wtf.

They had a plate of erm... are they called refreshments? I think so la... They had a plate of refreshments which consist of a char siew pastry and... I can't remember what the yellow thing was. LOL~ Ann and I didn't dare to eat it coz we were scared that it was not nice and also we were afraid that if it was nice we might finish it before anyone comes (Note: We were the only two person at the table at the time)

I thought I was addicted to my phone until I saw Ann. She had the phone in her hand at all times. Awhile surf FB, awhile msg, awhile buat ini, awhile buat itu....tsk tsk tsk~

Was not happy with my makeup that day. =( Eyes not drama enough

BTW do you love my earrings? I got them from Jonkers. 3 for RM5. Dirt cheap!!!!

Every time I take pics with Ann I will want to start laughing. Don't know why. These two pics are my trying-very-hard-not-to-laugh-but-going-to-fail face. LOL~

Thank God there's one perfect pic of us.

Weddings are always a great place for reunions. Met up with some of the people that I've not seen for years.

With Hwa Lii who I've been friends with since primary school

From Ann's phone

Ai Fen (far right) asked to take photos together and I had to go make a stupid face like that -.-

There were other girls that I know from high school but didn't ask them for photos coz I was shy. Sorry ya if I didn't take photos with any of you. Hope next time got chance.

Haven't seen Carryn, Mae Fenn's sis for a long time too. The only time I see her was in pics in Instagram. LOL~ So pretty right!!! Sweetest girl ever.

One with the lovely bride

Sinren was at Mahkota doing his shopping for our pre-wedding photoshoot (yes, this was before the photoshoot). After he was done with his shopping he came over to pick me up. ^^ Sweetest bf ever *mwah*

We went to have supper at MITC McD. Samurai Beef Burger FTW!!!

I was not hungry la since I already had food at the dinner right? Sinren wasn't full from his own dinner so we went to have supper together. And guess what??? I ate even though I was already full. Please do not be surprised that I didn't manage to lose any weight. =P

I told him I looked hideous in the photo above and I wanted to take another photo but he was busy putting on salt and pepper. I didn't care and just took one. I still look hideous -.-

He was telling me not to kacau him when I took the pic. He looked so calm scolding me. LOL~ Mana I takut? Baby, 努力做事的男人最帅. Hahahahahahah~

We went back at around 1am and kena scold by mama coz ate so much. She was dead worried about me putting on weight before the shoot. LOL~ Its not like its a model shoot mum. Even so they have the technology to make me look like a super model.

A quick wedding update for you guys. We are finally going to book our venues this month. Like seriously coz the new pricing is out and we got details from both the venues that we had in mind. Now we just have to confirm with our parents and get the booking done. Yay!!!

Did you know there's only 6 months left to the wedding??? Crazy!!!! I'm starting to feel the rush of getting things done. Ganjeong max.

Alright I'm going off to cook lunch now. See you guys in the next post ya.


p/s: Happy Halloween whoever celebrating it ^^

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hong Kong Day 4 Part 5: High End & Seafood

Hello there,

This morning I was having a bad day. Sigh~~~ Some people can be so not understanding at times. I don't mean my bf. . I'm still pissed but I decide that I won't let that idiotic matter get on my mind. So I decide to blog.

The AirAsia free seats are up. Did any of you get any tickets? Initially I wanted to get tickets for Sinren and my honeymoon. But he said don't need to coz he's not sure went we can go for our honeymoon. So didn't go and try to get any.

Alright now let's start with today's post.

So we went walking around Avenue of Stars in the previous post. We didn't finish up the whole stretch of the Avenue of Stars coz it was too long and it was getting boring looking at people's palm. So we went to walk around the high end area which was outside Harbor City. They have every high end brand available on this street. Felt super atas walking at this street... Its like our Bukit Bintang but much more high end.

Sorry bout the bad lighting for the pictures. My camera can't take nice pic at night at all =((((

In case you can't see, this is a Tiffany & Co. store. Its very big and about half see through. Very nice design. So sorry the camera cannot capture that =(


The Dior store has a super big screen (the one on the right) showcasing their latest collection on the runway

I was trying to show you guys the big screen but failled kao kao. Hahahahahahaah~

Sorry I've made Hermes looked like a ghost haunted shop. LOL~

Salvatore Ferragamo

The Swarovski store had got to be the smallest store I've seen in the whole stretch

At that time H&M was still not available in Malaysia. So I just had to shop for awhile in there

Love the things there. I've bought a couple which I will shop later in the next post.

After that we left Tsim Sha Tsui and went for dinner at Hin Tin.

We went to this supposedly very famous Teochew seafood (my heritage ^^) cuisine place at Hin Tin

This signs said that they sell local 乌头鱼 (wutouyu) which I have no idea what it is. But I've googled it and found out that it is called Grey Mullet in English.

The said 乌头鱼 or Grey Mullet

 I can't remember whether this was steamed or what but it has like salt coated all over the fish. Very fresh. Even though there's a lot of salt it didn't cover up the freshness of the fish. Its weird that I can't remember how it was cooked but I can remember the taste. But its true.

I googled for grey mullet's pic and it something like the one in the pic so I guess I am correct in translating it to English la.

This is hilarious. Every one who ordered this dish will see a label on the fish. Its a proof to tell you that this is real Yuen Long Grey Mullet. So weird right? Even if its not from Yuen Long, you can just take any Grey Mullet and stick on this sticker right?

Wild irrelevant pic of me appears

Oyster Porridge

This is the first time I've heard of oyster porridge. Can't find it anywhere in Malaysia I think.

Look at the amount of oysters and the size of it

Last Sunday when we were out eating dinner, dad ordered a plate of oyster omelet. The amount of the oysters was ok la but the size of the oysters.... I told my dad that my boogers were bigger than it.

Anyways my point of the story is its so difficult to find big oysters in Malaysia's restaurants. Atas ones maybe la... But let me tell you that this restaurant that I went to is actually like a hawker stall. I was surprise at how fresh and good everything was. And the amount was huge. Super double thumbs up for this. Probably one of the most memorable makan place I've been to.

Scallop with glass noodles

You were supposed to top the scallops with the glass noodles and put everything right into your mouth

I thought the glass noodles were going to be blah but it was so good. It soaked up all the gravy and was fragrant with sesame oil. Ahhhh~ I love the smell of sesame oil.

The scallop lagi tak payah cakap. Fresh until I had tears in my eyes. T.T

My relative told me that this is the scallop's eggs. I don't know if its true coz I can't find anything about scallop's eggs on google. If you guys know what this is, please let me know.

BTW it was good...even though I don't know what it is.

One last look at the scallop

I'm sorry I don't know what is the name of this restaurant. On day 4 actually all the places that I've been to, we were brought there by my relative. So I didn't know how to get there by public transport. So on day 4 I couldn't give you all any help for any of you who are planning to backpack. So sorry.

So after the dinner, we dropped off at the MRT station. Before we return to where we stayed, we went to Carrefour to get some drinking water. Saw some really interesting drinks that we didn't have here in Malaysia. So I decided to buy it.

Melon/Honey dew flavored soybean milk

I thought it was going to be gross when mum decided to buy this. But she said she'll drink anything so *challenged accepted* we bought it. Turns out it was so good.

I thought it was going to be crazy water color green liquid but it turns out just a light hint of green looking milk. It tasted more like soybean milk but with a small hint of melon. Not sweet. I was so sad I can't find this anywhere. Not even in Singapore. Sigh~~~ I'll have to go back to HK to drink this again la I think.

We have Vitasoy in Malaysia but in a different packaging. Also I decided to buy this coz it said its malted soybean milk. I have to try it to know the difference.

It is not sweet like the Vitasoy that I always drink in Malaysia. You can taste like soybean taste with a tad sweetness. Super love. Also can't find this anywhere in Malaysia. =(

I wonder if I could stock up both of this when I return to Hong Kong and bring it back to Malaysia. Definitely had to bring back the biggest packaging one. LOL~

Ended the night with drinking various soymilk and watching latest Hong Kong drama in Hong Kong. Ahhhh~ What a life.

I was talking about honeymoon above right? Sinren and I had been thinking about where to go for our honeymoon (haven't even book venue wanna think about other things tsk tsk tsk~) We've been thinking about going to Hong Kong or Macau. But we didn't want to go there during summer. Doing touristy things in the hot weather is no good. Thought of going to Perth to visit my cousin but its too damn expensive =(((( So in the end we've decided to just go somewhere in South East Asia (at least the hot weather here is not as bad as the summer in the four seasons countries). We've actually decided that but we're gonna keep it as a surprise for you guys to guess. Where do you think we will be going? ^^ That will be revealed next year la...

Ok la... work's about to start.

I'll see you guys in the next post.

BTW the next HK post is going to be about Day 4's haul. So please wait for that. Don't know when I'll post it 'tho.

Ok la...ciao first.



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