Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Filler Post #7 2012

Say hello to another filler post. ^^

Before I go into the post lemme just tell you something super devastating. Last week I went to get new spectacles done. I've been wearing the same ol specs for like two-three years now.  It is so worn out that I was so shy to wear my specs out. You know what? I could tilt my head forward and the specs will fall right out. Hahaha~ Super loose dy.

So at the same time I decided to check my eyes. The first thing the optical salesgirl did was get my eyes checked digitally. She found out that my eye sight's power went down. From 500+ it dropped to 400+ which is like 100+ power. She was damn shock la. She went to get my optician and checked it manually. True enough my eye sight got better. I didn't know this could happen. She told me coz I'm in a less stressful environment so it'll decrease.

What's so devastating about that you ask? Well, the good news is my power went down but the bad news is my astigmatism increased T^T My optician told me the normal range of astigmatism power is below 200. But now my power is 250 T^T Because of that I had to get more expensive lenses for my spectacles. She also told me the maximum power for astigmatism is 600. If I exceed that, I'll be blind. Yes, I am a step close to blindness. T^T

There is not much hope for astigmatism to decrease coz we're in a digital age. My optician said unless I do not see computers, handphones, television or any electronic devices for years, it will make not much difference. T^T She told me to cut down on computers (and all electronic devices) and make sure I'm reading/working/doing stuff..etc. in bright areas at all times.

Sigh~~~ Damn sad la... I'll try to follow my optician said but its quite impossible la. I use electronic devices everday. I think without touching my lappie, tabbie and phone I'll probably die. But its better to die than be blind I guess wtf.

Please pray that my astigmatism won't increase the next time I go for my eyes check up. I seriously don't wanna go blind. The world is too beautiful for me to go blind. =(((((

Ok enough of emoness and wordy-ness. Let's just go into pictures.

Jayden had grown up so much. He could sit upright now.

These pics that he took with Ah Teck reminded me of an old man and his grandson. Hahahahahaha~ Teck ah Teck, Han is 10 years younger and had two kids dy wei. When are you going to get a gf???? tsk tsk tsk...

Jayden looked unhappy in the pics coz he dislikes Ah Teck. Hahahahaha~ No la... he was not well that week so he refused to smile even tho we tried so hard to make him.

But I think there might be a high possibility that he dislikes Teck coz when Sinren carried him. He was smiling a lot. And don't know why when he smiles he must look to the back. Hence why he refused to look at the camera for these shots. Its either we see him with a unhappy face or he will face behind and smile. Weird baby...

On the same day (I took the photos above), some of my church girlies decided to go out for dinner. So we decided to check out this new Western restaurant at Kota Laksamana.

Seow Wei (back row, left), Siew Fern (back row, right), Mum and Lydia (front row, right)

Siew Fern, Siew Ling and I

All of us

They had super fresh oysters there. Big and fat and juicy....even bigger than the ones I had at our (SR and I) favorite Western restaurant, Simply Fish.

What we had for dinner that night

From top (left to right): mayo mint lamb chop, garlic bread with basil, mushroom soup, rose tea, bolognaise spaghetti and grilled salmon steak.

All was super yummy. I think this is going to be my favorite Western restaurant for now. But it is a bit pricey so I think can only visit her for special  occasions.

Anyways, if you're ever in Melaka or if you're looking for a good Western restaurant in Melaka, I highly recommend this one.

Then another we had another church buddies gathering at All In steamboat...

New steamboat (not so new anymore la now...) at Malim. Recommended by John. He said there's a lot of different types of food here if compared with other places. True enough. There was different types of meat (mutton, beef, pork, chicken) and seafood.

I think its not bad la. But I prefer steamboat where you can fry/grill stuff right at your table. This one you had to go to the grill area to get your stuff grilled/fried. Sien~~~ I just wanna sit at my seat and eat the night away  wtf.

Alright that's all for this post.

December I'm gonna be so busy...with church stuff, part time job and my work place's concert. Other than that, wedding preparations are going on at full blast. I hardly have time for myself.

I'll still try to blog whenever I can alright? Too many pending posts. =(

I'll see you guys whenever I blog.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wedding Preparation #6

Its been quite awhile since I last update on the wedding preparation. Before this we were having a halt to the preparations coz there's nothing much to do. Now that we're less than 6 months into the wedding, we've been going on full blast of doing preparations.

For those who had missed it...

We've officially booked our venue for the ceremony and dinner. It will be held at Orna Golf and Country Club. I know we've been showing so much interest at Tiara but in the end we decided to choose Orna. Its because we think that it will be too hot to hold the wedding ceremony at an outdoor venue. It is better to have air con for the ceremony.

Here's a preview of the dinner venue...
This can fit up to 50+ tables but of course we're not gonna book that many la

And this is the ceremony venue...
It looked scary coz they didn't switched on the lights. I bet it'll look awesome on the wedding day itself.

Anyways, we had to do the decorations for it ourselves for the ceremony venue.. For the moment I'm doing some intense planning for the decorations. Please read below for more details

After all had been set, we've been looking into a lot of vendors recently. Here's a few things we've been looking at:
1. Photographers/videographers:
We're still thinking about whether or not to hire a photographer and a videographer (the one who takes videos during the wedding). I know photographers are very important (I've read so much wedding sites and magazines to know the importance) but it is too expensive. We're trying very hard to keep within our budget for the whole wedding. Most photographers are like RM1300+ and above for a whole day shoot. So damn expensive. Half day also RM700+ dy. Probably will be asking our friends to take photos for us nie la to save budget.

2. Actual Day Makeup & Hairstyle:
We actually wanted to hire the person who did my makeup for our Pre-wedding shot, Xuan Xuan (look at the great job she done *here*). She offered us RM300 for the morning makeup and RM200 for the night...which was very reasonable. The morning session Xuan will come over to my place to do my makeup. But for the night I will have to go over to her workplace (My Wedding Gallery studio). I will be wearing three gowns for the night (1 for the ceremony and 2 for the dinner) I can't possibly make one look work for three gowns right? And I also can't be going to her place after the ceremony to get my makeup done coz the dinner is right after the ceremony. So I'll have to ask her if she could come over to the venue. I'm sure she'll be charging extra la...its only fair. If she doesn't wanna come over I will have to look for another option.

3. Decorations:
I've been looking at a lot of wedding inspirations site to get some ideas what to do for the decorations. I've got some ideas what to do dy but I still don't know what to do with the stage's backdrop. Still looking for the cheapest and easiest way to do an awesome backdrop. I've also started to look around for materials to start making the decorations stuff. Puff (my maid of honor), Siew Ling and Sheene will be helping me with decorations making. I'll post up the decorations making process if we've started.

Here are some things that we're done preparing/deciding...
1. Tea set:
So chinese lol~

Still deciding if we want to use this or something a lil more Westernized. But most probably gonna use this to save cost.

I wonder why does my mum keep a set of tea ceremony tea set. I asked her but she didn't answer. -.-

2. Bouquet:
We initially wanted white lilies which was my favorite flowers but white on white will look so wash out. Unless we're able to find pink lilies before the wedding we're sticking with red roses who looked so beautifully contrast with white gowns.

3. Pre-wedding Open House:
Usually there's this pre-wedding open house a day before the wedding. I don't know of its purpose but a lot people (that I know) does it. Maybe its the Chinese version of Hen's Night/Bachelor Night or something la... My family decided not to have it. Sinren's house will be having it 'tho coz SR's dad wanted it.

4. Groomsmen

The two groomsmen are going to be Sinren's brothers, Wen Zheng (top) and Wen Feng (bottom). SR initially wanted to ask his best friend to be his best men but turns out his best friend might not make it for our wedding coz he's working at China =( So Wen Zheng will be the best men and Wen Feng as the groomsman.

For the moment, we're busy settling our ROM stuff.

We wanted to register on our anniversary but didn't have time to get the things done coz we were both busy. Since end of the year both of us are quite free, we decided to get registered in December. Now we're gonna have three anniversaries (dating anniversary: 160905/ ROM anniversary: someday in Dec/Wedding anniversary: 110513) ^^.

So we're supposed to send in our registration form 21 days before our wanted ROM date. We initially wanted to get registered on 8 December. But we didn't know the 21 days rule and didn't have time to prepare the things needed in time. So we missed out the date to send in (which is 17 Dec). Now we're rushing to get our passport photo taken (because we're rushed the photos looked like shit =( ) and photostate our birth certificates and ICs. Hopefully by this weekend we could send in the form.

Last thing for this update is about our pre-wedding counseling classes...

We've done three classes now since 7 October. Damn slow I know... Coz there's some events at church that leads to cancelling classes. Sigh~ I don't think we can finish all classes before we get registered.

But classes were very informative. Some of the things Reverend's wife (our counselor) said were kinda old-fashioned but I guess sometimes things done in the old-fashioned is good. For the moment, she had been going through to help us to know each other better. Some of the questions that she asked I've never considered before like do we know what are our favorite subject in school. For me its recess wtf. For him, he said it doesn't matter coz he slept through all lessons. OMG we're the perfect match in heaven. Hahahahahaha~ Rev's wife must be vomiting blood deep inside to have us both in the counselling class. We must be the lamest couple she ever counselled.

Some of the pics I took of Rev's wife when I couldn't concentrate. Hahahaha~

There's actually more updates but I couldn't fit all in one post. I'll do another one soon to talk about other this la k?

I do hope everything will go well as planned. Not easy coz its not something that I have experience of. Of course la right coz this is the only time I'm getting married wtf. But thank God there's still some of my married friends who could help out especially John and Li Yee...they are literally 5 mins away whenever I need them.

Alright then. I have to go eat lunch now. I'll see you guys in the next post.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hong Kong Day 5: See You Again HK


Break just ended. So glad that I had a week of great rest and also meeting up/hang out with all my besties...both from high school and church. Will post those up real fast after I've done editing.

Looking forward to the next break coz its my favorite season of the year!!! Christmas!!! I love Christmas ^^

As for wedding updates will be up soon. I think everyone saw the SAVE THE DATE right? So important updates will be given out. So friends and family please take note here and also the fb event. Sinren and I will update here and there. No need to call all. LOL~

Today is the last post for my HK trip. Before I go into it, one last thing to update...we've booked our honeymoon. ^^ So damn happy. Sinren already took two weeks of leave for our wedding and honeymoon. So immediately after (he took his leave) we decided to book our honeymoon. Guess where are we going??? Its somewhere in Asia la coz that's what we could afford for the moment. I'm gonna keep it a secret until we're back from it. Muahahahaha~

Ok la.. now on to the HK trip post.

Last day in HK and I decided to look like crap. LOL~

Too lazy to do make up or anything at all. Just simply throw on clothes and a hat. Didn't even bother about my hair. =P

I forgot to bring out both my phone and camera out for breakfast. We had some typical Hongkie breakfast at the Char Chan Teng/茶餐厅. Super awesome. Then we went to get some Bo Lo Bun/波罗包.

I had some Bo Lo Bun in Malaysia and I didn't like it coz it tasted bad. I was skeptical to try it in Hong Kong at first. But after I ate it, I loved it so much. So different from the one in Malaysia. It was sweet. Crispy on the skin and the inside was soft. Super love. I bought extra three back to Malaysia.

Damn sad can't find the same one anywhere in Malaysia. Definitely gonna buy like two dozens back next time wtf.

After breakfast, we packed up everything and got ready to leave. Then we went to one last place before going to the airport.

Citygate Outlet

Citygate Outlet is the only outlet in Hong Kong at Tung Chung. Everything is sold after 30%-70% discount. More details can check *here*.

What I literally threw on myself...now I wonder why I wore that *forehead smack*

This Giordano outlet is where we spent most of our time at coz mum was helping my aunty get some stuff for her son. I nearly slept off there. Thank God there's free wifi. I chatted with Sinren while he worked. LOL~

There's so many things I wanted to get but mum was there. So money was saved. LOL~

After we're done with shopping we went to have light lunch.

Instead of a light lunch, we decided to have bibimbap ~.~

We went to the airport right after lunch...
HKIA...so empty I felt like breaking into a dance here. LOL~

Our hand-carry luggage

 Decided to let my hair down so that I could sleep in the airplane comfortably. Should have kept it down since morning. It looked better this doesn't it?

I really like the stockings that I bought just for the trip but it didn't match what I wore that day. Will try it match it up with something else. But don't know when I'll go to somewhere with cold weather again. =(

There's a Disney store at the airport for those who had missed out to buy anything from Disneyland. The price of the stuff is exactly like the price they offer at Disneyland. So don't have to worry if you're afraid of buying stuff more expensive from here.

I didn't get anything coz...mum was there =P

Still waiting till boarding time

The moment I saw this pic now (after 9 months of the trip) all that was going thru my head is: "OH GOD WHY" Why did I pose like that in public.? LOL~

I miss light colored hair T.T Have to go to the saloon for coloring soon. Time to kill some hair again =p

Heading to the boarding area

This was taken from the monorail that we took to the boarding area. Forgot to take a pic of the monorail coz we were afraid that we might be late.

Already reached the boarding area and that's our plane that we're going back to Malaysia with

Check out the crazy weather. Bad weather ahead which made me feel like I was going to die on the plane. T^T

Look at the line of people going back to Malaysia. I was at way back.

Saw the sunset on the plane. Beautiful~

I was not sitting near the window. Had to put my camera by the window after asking the girl sitting beside it whether I could. Damn shy. But thank God she was also taking pics la. Or else it'll be damn awkward.

Then it was dinner time...
I ordered the famous Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak

Heard so many people say that this is the MUST ORDER food on Air Asia. So I've decided I have to order this. Don't know why they didn't offer it for the Taiwan flight. Or else I might have tried it earlier.

Mum and I was too full to eat anything (thanks to the bibimbap) but I made sure I tried some of the nasi lemak. I loved the rendang. It was really good. Don't regret that I order this. The next time I'm taking a long flight I'll definitely order this.

Mum's sandwich which she didn't eat at all

That was all of our flight photos.

I've said earlier that I thought I was going to die on the plane right? This was coz the weather was very bad and there was a lot of turbulence. The plane swayed so much and went up and down so much. Damn scary. I went to the toilet and peed while the plane was shaking. T.T

Anyways our trip ended just like that. All that was left was...
 My boarding pass

Bunch of coins that I've thrown in a box somewhere in the house now

Some Hong Kong currency which my mum had changed back to Malaysian Ringgit already. Only memories of it is this pic =(

Don't you think HKD looks very nice? Especially that lion's head. Reminds me of Narnia wtf.

On the last day I've only bought one thing.
A pair of flats from Crocs

Those who had bought or had a pair of Crocs might know that Crocs actually are damn expensive. Its like RM100+ for a pair and if its limited edition then its like RM200+. This one that I've got from the outlet store is only RM80+ or somewhere near RM90. Super steal.

Even though its from the outlet store it doesn't look like it has any problems at all. It fits me well and like all Crocs, its very comfy.

In case you guys can't see the print of the canvas...
its filled with Hello Kitty

I am not a big fan of Hello Kitty (doesn't mean I'm not wtf) but don't you think this pair of flats is so damn cute? I've seen it in the normal Crocs store but didn't get it coz it was too expensive. Since it was so much cheaper at the outlet I've decided to get it.

There's a pink version of this but I think that would be too overly cute for me to handle. So I decided to get this green one which turns out to be my favorite shade of green. ^^

I've got so many compliments from people for these. ^^ So happy...

Alright finally I've finished my HK post. It took me 8 months to finish it. Ish ish ish~~~ teruk betul.

I think the next update on travel posts will be for my honeymoon dy la. Coz I'm not planning on going anywhere until then. Might be going to Singapore but its just for a short trip and its still not confirmed. Will see how la.

I'll see you guys in the next post ya.

Ganbatte to those who are working today...including myself.



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