Friday, January 25, 2013

Birthday with SR 2012

I've not started thinking about my resolutions. At this rate of thinking I think this year I won't be having any resolutions, =P

Anyways, as promised, here's one of the many 2012 overdue posts.

My birthday last year was on a Tuesday...naturally SR and I couldn't celebrate it on the day itself. So he suggested that we celebrate it a little earlier on the 8th.

I was allowed to choose whatever I wanted to eat. So since I've been always wanting to go back to this Japanese restaurant called Wazen (I've been talking to him about this restaurant for I don't know how many times).

Wah... like so professional nie this portrait pic of me. Hahaha~

Aiyo I failed to do a professional portrait shot for him =/

Let me try again...

Not bad la right?

But had to admit that SR did a better job la right? In my defense the lighting at his side was a bit weak. But...yeah, he did better =P

I don't know why are we taking portrait pics of each other lol. We were waiting for our food to come and we had nothing to do other than talking.

SR suddenly thought of sms-ing his friend to asked if he wants to be our emcee for our wedding dinner.

And so that is the day that we've got both our emcees for our wedding dinner. We've got Anu (from my side) to be the English speaking emcee and Han Koon (from SR's side) to be the Chinese speaking emcee. Woots!!! Another thing crossed off our to-do list. =))))

Wazen's ambiance was really nice. Decorations were simple and I felt really homie here.

On to the food that we had...

First was our appetizer...
Seasoned tako

Cold seaweed

Sesame oil Jellyfish

I'm not a big fan of seasoned tako coz I have a prob with the taste. Don't know why. But its ok la... I still eat it. As for the other two...sesame oil jellyfish had got to be my favorite. The thing had the sesame seed oil fragrant which I love. Super duper good.

Main dishes...
SR's pork chop set

The pork was super tender and juicy

This is the whole set that came with the pork chop...there's salad, chawanmushi, miso soup, some sauce, some pickled stuff and watermelon.

This is the best sushi that I've ever tasted ever!!!!

This is actually beef sushi. (Erm... sorry we didn't remember the names of all the dishes. But if you're at Wazen just look out for these dishes la k. Paiseh... food intro fail. Hahaha~) We decided to order it coz we were wondering what beef sushi was going to taste like. The taste of it is....well, a bit weird. When you put a sushi in your mouth, your brain will definite tell you: "Ok, now we're going to taste raw fish" (LOL~). But the moment you put this in, it feels weird. Its like: "Erm... why doesn't it taste like the normal raw fish that I've been expecting" Very very weird. But don't get me wrong... It was weird in a good way. it was really really good. Definitely will order this if I'm back at Wazen.

My mixed sashimi rice

I tell you I was in tears eating this. Coz it was so good. There was so much sashimi (there's a crazy amount of sashimi and many variety too). SR was like: "Walao yours is so worth the price lor. The bowl itself looked like a basin" LOL wtf. But seriously the portion is big and the sashimi was fresh. Everything was good.

Overall everything at Wazen that we've ordered was worth it. The portions were big. The two of us regretted that we ordered extra coz we could hardly finish it. And for SR to hardly finish food is like a miracle. We definitely will be back at Wazen...hopefully soon *hint* Valentine's Day is coming Sinren Liow *hint*

Food aside...I was awed with the toilet at Wazen. Yes you guys must be thinking wtf. I went to the toilet 3-4 times. Not because I have a small bladder la k? Once was I wanted to pee but the toilet was full. Second time it was full again I think. 3rd I peed and 4th was to wash my hands. WTH am I explaining about my toilet trips? Anyways,as I was saying...the toilet is very nice. The toilet had a flat screen tv in it la please. I'm like: "WTH is there a tv?" I think coz its for people like me who is waiting for the toilet to be vacant la. Then in the toilet stall they've installed Coway Bidet. LOL~ Seriously I don't know why I'm telling this but I was so excited to try out Coway Bidet in their toilet Hahahahahaha~ I saw the ad at cinemas and I was like how nice if I could try it out. And yes, I've tried it out at Wazen. Hahahahahha~ I tell you... its an experience of a lifetime. If you ever see a Coway Bidet anywhere, go and try it out. You'll be enjoying it too.

I think I've gone cuckoo. I'm talking about toilet in my own birthday post. LOL~

So after we ate, we went to hang out at Graha Makmur...which is a public park-like place at Air Keroh.

Spent the whole night talking about random stuff, holding hands and shoulder-to-shoulder while listening to kids screaming, the fake stream flows and cars passing by. Simple but lovely night out with SR <3

Then we started to take random pics of stuff around us coz we were starting to get bored. LOL~

We call this piece... Leaves on grass LOL~

And that was how boring my birthday celebration was... LOL~ I think it comes with the age la... The food is more important than how glam the celebration was wtf. But still... I had fun coz SR dear was by my side ^^

Alright I've to go coz I have to go for lunch at daddy's shop.

I'll see you guys next week I guess coz I don't think I have time to blog over the weekend. Busy with CNY preparation and also I have a Bridal Shower to attend this Sunday.

See you guys in the next post.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Reminiscing 2012

Some of you may already know that there had been problems with my pics hosting for the older posts. That is why I've been contemplating whether to do a review of 2012. The other reason being I have not done posting up all the posts for 2012 =P

Anyways, I've decided to just do the review without linking up the posts. So sorry if you guys want to read up on them. I'll just put up some photos from the events that I'm gonna put up so that you guys can get a glimpse la k?

So here's what I did in the year 2012...

In January it was CNY month, so there's a lot of gathering going on...

I went last minute CNY shopping with Puff coz she haven't got anything to wear on CNY it seems.
No, we did not buy that >.>

My family had our 3rd reunion dinner at home at Melaka.

SR and I went CNY visiting with my gang.

Went to visit my mum's family in KL

Then acted like kids and played firecrackers with my church friends

In February, SR and I celebrated our 7th Valentine's Day together

I also welcomed the birth of my second godson, Jayden, the fatty ^^
Not so much of a fatty on the day he was born huh? Check him out now at below...

In March I didn't do much except went toThe Oriental Pearl in Spring
If you want to read up on my travels there check out the "Dookie Travels" tab. Let me know if pics are missing =(

In April, we celebrated our Tecko's 36th birthday
Hahaha~ I'm so fabulous and sexy (NOTE: The exposed shoulder wtf)

Went to Kukup for a two days and one night trip with my Youth Fellowship

Met up with Vivian (my cousin) whom I've not seen in years

In May, somebody proposed ^^

My family celebrated Mothers' Day at Harvest Spot

Attended the first uni bestie, Esther's wedding at Perak.

Tried returning to a curly head that I was but failed =(
This was the day I've done my curls. I was really happy and satisfied

Few weeks later...curls completely gone =(((

I did not talk about this in any posts. Anyways, long story short. My hair couldn't make the curls stay. After two days (I did the curls at the saloon) I washed my hair and the curls went away on the same day. Damn sad =(((( So I'm back to straight hair till now la.

Said goodbye to my good friend, Siew Han who left to study in the US in June.
You can hardly see me but yeah I'm in there. This was taken during the farewell celebration

Nothing happened during July. Don't know why.

Then in August, went for Follow Jesus GPM Youth Camp at El Sanctuary, Lendu.

Went KL for an act-touristy trip for three days ad two nights with my church mates.
One of the many posts that I've not posting =/

I also became an aunty to my first nephew from Wong Family, Ezekiel <3

In September, our church lost a Youth and choir member, June =(

SR and I celebrated the seven years of our gf bf relationship at Simply Fish

Attended another wedding but this time its my ex-classmate, Mae Fenn's wedding ^^

Took our pre-wedding photos and learned the art of smiling naturally is to ask someone to make you laugh while you take pics. LOL~

Hang out with my church mates at Casa Del Rio for Mid-Autumn

Nothing happened in October again.

November is the month when SR turned 26

Own a last! ^^
I'm not sure if you guys realized pic's quality had improved since November and I've also stopped complaining about my Olympus camera. LOL~

Oh say hi to Nikon D3100... my new love <3

Last wedding of the year was Justine's (SR's cousin) two wedding dinners at Lendu.

Went for the annual Deepavali visiting with my friends <3

Moving on to December, I started my part time job as a violinist for Blue Wave Band.

Drenched in the rain at Singapore with Sinren

Turned 26 one month after SR
Post coming up real soon

Got legally married to someone I've dated for seven years

Celebrated Christmas with my crazy bunch of church mates
Pics are in editing process -.- Too many pics punye pasal. Post will come up when all is done.

Said goodbye to 2012 while dancing Gangnam Style to church music LOL~
Post coming up too

Well that was my 2012 for you guys. I think the biggest thing that happened this year is that I've got engaged and married. Other than that its pretty much the same from the other years. But nonetheless 2012 had been very good to me =)

I wanted to do a lil what I'm thankful for in 2012 but I guess I've already did it on my birthday so I won't repeat it. But instead I'll do in another separate post on my past resolutions and the new ones that I've set...actually I've not properly thought about my resolutions this year so I guess it'll take some time.

I know its a bit overdue but once again Happy New Year 2013 everyone!!!

More posts coming up. Wait for it =)

See you guys then.


p/s: Having flu right now. First 2013 sick FTW wtf. LOL~ Hopefully I'll get well soon.


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