Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My dearest Ah Gong

Today marks the 5th year my Grandpa Pang had left our family.

The last time he had an one-on-one conversation with me he told me that he will not be able to attend my wedding or be there when my child is born. True enough this year he will not be there to witness his youngest granddaughter getting married. But up in heaven I know he (and Ah Mah) will be looking down at SR and I with his kind smile, blessing our wedding.

It is still very difficult for me to look at his photos after all these years. Even now typing a post about him is difficult for me. Every time I thought of him I tear up.

I do not have many memories of doing things or going anywhere with him. But my fondest memories of him were the times we sat beside each other. He would flash his kindest smile and asking me random questions. I on the other hand would answer him in my very broken Teochew. Such simple memory but it is very special to me coz that's when I felt I was closest to Ah Gong

Ah Gong, 

This is the fifth year that you've left all of us. I miss you a lot. I know you are at a very happy place right now with Ah Mah. I hope you guys are not arguing as much as you did here. LOL~ I've graduated and found a job. I'm sorry I was not fast enough to earn money to give you guys angpow for CNY. I've finally found my darling and we will be getting married soon. We will not be able to jing cha to you but we hope you will bless us and our marriage. We will honor you by continuing to participate in church and serve the Lord as you had taught me to. We will teach our children the ways of the Lord and the Chinese tradition just as you want our family to. Papa and mama are very healthy and everything is well with the family. Have fun up there. We will meet again one day. Miss you lots. Love you~

p/s: I just realized that our wedding date, 11 May is just a day after his birthday...if he was still alive it would be his 90th birthday. This makes our wedding so much more meaningful. =)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Christmas Celebration Part 2: Mori Cafe countdown celebration

Hello everybody...

I've been sourcing my bridesmaids' dresses the whole day. Initially like I've said in our preparation post that I wanted mint dresses right? After much searching I've finally given up on it. Its not easy looking for a pastel mint dress. I've contacted two different manufacturers and they both said that because my amount (two) is too small, they can't help me to produce it. So I've given up. Another reason is coz mint doesn't go with my wedding hall's interior. The decorations and everything provided are mostly maroon. I don't think maroon and mint looks nice. So in the end I've changed the bridesmaids' dresses to pink. Now I'm talking with the owner of my favorite FB boutique and shop at DP about the dresses. Hopefully by today I can get the confirmation about the dress I want.

Ok enough update on my wedding. Let's continue with the Christmas celebration post. You can read part 1 *here*

After our church celebration at church, we headed down to Mori. During festivities remember to call to book  before going, we had to call to book before hand to get our seats. But of course if you are in groups of two-five I think should be ok la. Coz we had 10+. If we don't book they don't have enough place and tables for us to combine together.

Look at the amount of participants for our secret santa this year. Last year there were less coz we only involved the girls. This year a few boys joined as well.

Shane joined us this year for Christmas countdown ^^

Last year he was too young so Li Yee decided to bring him. I foresee the years to come Jayden will also join us.

Shane was still in the bad mood (he was in a bad mood since at church). He didn't want people to take pics of him. He caught me taking a pic of him and got angry. So I said: "Ok ok, what should I take pics of?" He asked me to take pics of the aquarium he was staring at.


Ugly pics of us courtesy to Joseph Ng -.-

As you can see I've been torturing SR by asking him to carry all my stuff =p Its caught on camera. Now everybody knows how evil I am =P

Our gift exchanging/secret santa game started...
This is mine ^^

Bloody Kelvin was so sad that he was included in the game that he had to photobomb Xiang Hui =P

Joyce said that its unfair that her gift is smaller than any of ours. Thats why she posed like that. But in the end her gift was the most expensive among us. So its true that they said that good things come in small packages.

Mum and her friend, Sew Cheng was there to yam cha. So IN la my mama. LOL~

This was what my secret santa gave to me

This person knows me very well ^^

Those who know me well in church are only a handful so it was not difficult to guess who got it for me. Definitely someone from my jimuis. And I was right. Joyce got it for me. Hahahahaha~

I'm not sure I'll be using it for the moment coz my room's theme color is not blue. Maybe I'll use it the next time I change the theme color. Or I'll just keep it and let me son use it next time ^^

LOL~ I don't know what is he trying to do

I can't remember what Ah Teck got but its from Li Yee

Teck bought Xiang Hui that torchlight. LOL~ Well it is a very thoughtful gift coz Xiang Hui's a part time rubber tapper. So its very apt.

It was nearly countdown time and Mori's boss started to giving out party packs. Teck decided that he wants to be the fat version of The Green Hornet *cue Jay Chou saying: "Want me to show you something cool"* LOL~ If you've watch Jay Chou's Green Hornet you'll know what I'm talking about.

Wen Feng feeling star struck wtf lol

Then he became a Green Hornet himself

I think we can all crown Kelvin as the king of photobombing -.-

I wanted to take a pic of this sweet couple but... sorry la k? =P

I think he was pondering about his life after getting married. LOL~

We left right after the countdown. A bit boring la the countdown this year. That's why la... don't invite us to sing summore. So boring your countdown event. =P

Next year I think we better find a better place to hang la... Mori is getting boring. Even SR and I had not been there for a long time dy. Maybe coz we've been there so many times dy that's why we think that its boring.

Ok la that was the end of the post.

I've counted and I have about 10 posts that I want to post up. Hopefully I'll be consistent enough so that I'll finish posting up all posts soon.

I'll see you guys in the next post then.

I'll end the post with a very pretty pic of mine...
Nah pretty not? =P


Monday, February 25, 2013

2012 post: Different type of Countdown

Hello tilly tally ^^,

CNY just ended. I've broke out (facial break out) lately due to all the gatherings...eating lots of heaty food, not drinking enough water, sleeping late and not taking care of my facial hygiene =( Hopefully I will be able to control everything now that CNY ended. Wedding is 2 months away. Can't have pimply face for my wedding right?

This coming week we'll be very busy. This coming Tuesday I'll have to accompany mum over to this costume shop at Malim to custom make her gown for our wedding ceremony and dinner. We wanted to rent actually but in the end dad said might as well make coz might have a lot of chance to wear this year... lots of wedding this year in our family. Other than that we have to go book our makeup artist and book our food tasting. Busy busy month T^T

Now for a short post of something from last year...

On 31 December 2012, I went to my church's countdown celebration since I've got no date =(((( SR is back in KL.

Didn't expect to be fun but not bad la... had some very fun activities. Got praise and worship, family sharing...etc.

This pic above is taken with Jacy who decided to come to countdown celebration as well. So happy coz every year she'll go out and celebrate it with her other friends. Yay!!! Sisters for life ^^

Siew Ling was also there ^^

This was during the countdown praise and worship...about to reach 2013. We were dancing Gangnam Style to Christian music. Hahaha~ So not appropriate.

Then after the countdown Pastor Yong passed papers around and asked us to write our names. After that pass that paper with your name around the hall for people to write messages on your paper.

This one is Iris'

I bet all of you can read the first line coz its in English. Let me translate the rest...starting from second line.

2. Love the Lord, Have a wonderful year. 3. May you and your husband love each other. 4. One person is saved, whole family is saved! Ganbatter!!! (I don't know how to translate the line 5 sorry). 6. May you have the next generation soon. 7. Have a wonderful family. God loves you. 8. Happy always. Have a peaceful family. 9. Jesus loves you. Peace. 10. Do more of God's work.

Her messages are very normal la... More church appropriate la right?

Next its Jacy's...
1. May God bless you with a good partner (LOL~) 2. Ganbatte! May God bless you and bless you with a better half. We want to go for your wedding dinner in 2014 ^^ 3. May you glorify God and bless the people. Jesus loves you and God bless you. 4. Depend on the Lord and be blessed. God bless you forever. God loves you. 5. Do you love Jesus? Jesus loves you. (Erm...this one a bit weird =/)

Hers also quite normal la right? Apart from all those people hoping that she'll get a better half. LOL~

This is mine

1. Have a wonderful marriage. 2. God bless you. 3. Give birth to a cute baby asap (-.-). 4. Serve and be blessed. 5. Have lots of babies. (With two likes wtf. Hahahahahha~) 6. Stay young and pretty. Never get fat ever.

LOL~ Mine's like more about having babies than anything else.

I've kept mine on my wall since that day (the countdown celebration day). People's wishes must remember forever mah right? Hahahahahaha~

Well that was it. Just a short one.

I've just received some very sad news. My friend's baby died this morning due to brain infection. Sigh~ The baby was not even one year old. Mummy must be devastated.

I cannot imagine anything like that happening. So damn sad. Here we are talking about having babies and I received such news.

I pray that the baby will rest in peace and my friend's family will be consoled by God himself. ='((((

Sorry to leave on such a sad note.

I'll see you guys in the next post.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Acting Touristy in KL Day 2 part 3: Pretty Lights

Hello peanut butter jellies...

I've been really busy nowadays. Like really really busy. Wedding is about two months plus away (Everytime I see the word two months I get into a panic attack). Lots of things are going on at a full blast. So ganjeong. Its so damn close right now. This weekend parents will be meeting up to plan on those traditional stuff. Don't know what's it gonna be like. I'll try to make time to talk about them after. We're a bit off schedule with food tasting and invitations printing. Ahhhhhh!!! Don't know if can get it out by middle of March or not. Shit shit shit.

On a lighter note, Siew Ling and Zi Jie's wedding is coming... on the 9th of March. I'm gonna be the head of ji muis (sisters). So I'm also busy planning the games for the moment. Le sigh... why did I sign up for this while I'm so busy already. But I think its easy la coz I've got lots of games in my mind right now. Thanks to watching too much Korean and Taiwanese game shows. LOL~ I'm gonna make sure the guys and also us ji muis will have lots of fun playing it.

Alright on to today's post...its back to the outdated KL trip..

If you missed out on any of the past KL trip series, here's the links for you:
Day 1: Getting there/Aquaria
Day 2: Lunch/National Science Center

Today's post is the third part of day 2. I have to tell you this part was the worst part of the whole trip. Please allow me to tell some grandmother stories before we proceed with the photos. So after going to National Science Center we headed to One Utama for dinner and a little shopping. I will post up all the food that I've ate and things I've bought during the 3D2N trip in another post. A bit outdated la but I think its worth posting so I'm not gonna skip those posts.

Anyways after dinner, we went to I-City. I-City was situated at Shah Alam. Most of us are not familiar with the road there. But since Zi Jie said he got the GPS set up so should be ok. After leaving One Utama, the worst thing happened. SR, mum, Siew Tin, Noah and I are in Auntie Yeow Hao's car while the rest are at Zi Jie's car. At one toll that we had to pass by, Zi Jie drove too fast and we was not able to follow. So we got lost. So SR being the only person who stays in KL decided to help out but he can only rely on his phone's GPS coz he wasn't familiar with Shah Alam as well. But Auntie Yeow Hao refused to let us use the GPS. She said she doesn't believe in electronics. In the end we got so lost that I don't even know where we were the whole time. But thank God we finally found our way there la...

By the time we were there, I was in a bad mood. Mostly because I'm already very tired.

Ok enough grandmother stories. On to the pics...

We've actually not reached I-City yet when I took this photo. But there's already light-up trees. So pretty right? We were in jam at this moment but looking at this made me feel a little better.

Getting closer

After an hour of jam, we've finally reached and stepping on I-City ground

The lights are so pretty. Seriously felt like I'm at somewhere overseas. So surreal.

Mum, Auntie Yeow Hao and Noah walking towards the entrance

Spot SR and I =)

We parked quite far from the entrance. We actually parked right behind of the whole I-City. So walking to the entrance took us quite a while.

So we decided to take photos along the way...since its already a very beautiful sight.
Please excuse my lousy camera at that time. I think if I was using a DSLR or a better camera at that time pics will look tonnes better.

See what I mean by a better camera? This is taken by Noah. So damn clear right?

I'm so sorry Siew Tin...all your pics turned out like that. =(

The ones taken with my Galaxy Ace looked better than the ones taken with my camera. Damn sad case

The moment we reached the entrance to meet up with the rest, everyone decided to have the urge to pee. LOL~ So they went to the nearest spot with a toilet which was... the famous Shah Alam KFC. Famous for its customer hitting workers. LOL~ (read about this *here*) We were making stupid jokes outside it. Zi Jie told the girls who want to go into the KFC to be careful. Manatau pinjam toilet kena beat up. LOL~ In the end nobody dared to go into the KFC...even my mum. Hahahahaha~ We ended going to a toilet in a mamak shop nearby.

We decided to go to the games area of I-City before entering the "lights" area. The games area has lots of games suitable more for kids la. But we went there just for walking around and taking some pics.

No captions coz I want you guys to enjoy the pics and also I can't think of anything to say. LOL~

Happynye Mama

SR was still in a bad mood because of the thing before

Awkward men LOL~

Lagi awkward LOL~

I called them three the awkward men coz everytime we asked them to pose, they'll make a very awkward face and then pose. Don't know why. Summore at the same time they will do the awkward face. Damn funny.

Behind the scene shot

Buncha red flamingos

Feeling another "OH GOD WHY" moment right now. Felt like shooting myself when I see I pose like sakai

The prettiest Old Town I've ever seen

You can also catch a glimpse of the crazy jam at I-City. Its been opened for a year I think. Still so jam. I guess coz its free thats why people don't mind coming back to take really nice pics here.

After this more trouble started. Mum, Auntie Yeow Hao and Noah was lost in the crowd. We called them and asked them to meet up at the entrance of "lights" area of I-City so that we could go in together.

On the way to entrance we continued to take some pics.

So CNY even though it wasn't CNY

BIL had to spoil our group photo -.-

LOL~ Me acting lame again

Like this photo so much. Should have put it in our Fotobuk. Sigh~ too late la... Already printed out.

Oooo~ this is nice too =)

Reached the entrance and all were already very tired. So we sat by the roadside while waiting for my mum, Auntie Yeow Hao and Noah.

Look at all those tired faces

We waited for them for a very long time... like about 30 minutes I think. So Sheena decided to call them again. And guess what? They said they are inside. So we said we'll go in and look for them. You know what Aunty Yeow Hao said? She said: "Tired dy lo. I think we want to go home now." We were like what the hell?!?!?!?!? We waited for them outside like a fool for 30 minutes and when we want to go in to have some fun, she said she's tired and wants to go back.

We HAD to obey coz half of us came from her car. If we don't go we can't fit into Zi Jie's car. Zi Jie also can't stay coz Auntie Yeow Hao doesn't know the way. He had to lead her back. So in the end all had to go.

I was about to cry. Honestly I've already teared up. All those stuck in jam, got lost and waiting just ended up with nothing. I can't take pics with pretty lights. =((((((

So we left...

Last pics taken OUTSIDE. Thank God my camera could zoom in so well =(

Le sigh... Don't know when I'll be back at I-City. My hubs hubs... please bring me there one day. =(

Forced smiles

Duck-faced cat and le bored and angry human

After we got back to where we were staying, I told mum the whole story (she didn't know anything coz she was with Aunty Yeow Hao the whole time). She felt bad for us coz she said the lights are really pretty in there. (Yes mum. Pour more salt on the wound please. LOL~) Then she said its ok la... It gave us a reason to make another trip to KL. True also la right? So all of us stopped sulking.

Alright that's all for today's post. As usual I'll try to post up some stuff whenever I'm free. I can't bear to let this blog be in hiatus coz I don't want le blog to be missing out on all the things that is going on.

Ok la I'll see you guys whenever I have a  new post up.



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